New World Engineering Leveling Guide [Level 0-200]

Here is our best Engineering leveling guide for New World players, starting from level 0 all the way to level 200.

New World Engineering Guide will help you reach the maximum engineering level, 200, the fastest and easiest. If you don’t know what Engineering does in New World, it allows you to craft the best Ranged Weapon and Gathering Tools. Not only that, but the higher your Engineering level is, the faster you will gather materials. Maximizing engineering levels first will help you max out other skills, like Armoring, Furnishing, or Arcana. Because you need to gather materials to the max for every other skill, now that is out of the way, let’s start our New World Engineering Leveling Guide. 

Key Takeaways
  • Engineering in the New World allows players to craft higher-tier weapons depending on how high their engineering level is. The max level that can be reached in Engineering is Level 200. 
  • There are a lot of benefits to leveling up your engineering in the new world. Gathering materials faster, helping you in maxing out your other skills, etc.
  • To go from level 0 to level 50, you will need to craft 140 gunpowder, each of which provides you with 94 XP. The total XP needed to reach level 50 is 13,350 XP.
  • Materials you will need in order to craft gunpowder are 700x Charcoal, 280x Flint, and 140x Salpter.
  • An additional 168,600 XP is going to be needed to go from level 50 to level 100. This can be acquired by crafting 192 Lacquered Wood Bows each of which provides 810 XP points.
  • Materials needed for crafting are 2,496x Tier 3 Timber, 576x Leather, and 384x Cloth.
  • You can also go with crafting 1,618x Gun Powders to reach level 100, which are going to require the following materials which are 8,090x Charcoal, 3,236x Flint, and 1,618x Salpter.
  • 1,095,200 XP extra is needed to reach level 150 from level 100. This can be achieved by crafting either 344 Wyrdwood Fishing Poles or 344 Wyrdwood Spears, each of which provides 3,192x XP.
  • Materials needed for the Wyrdwood fishing poles are 4,186x Tier 4 Timber, 1,032x Leather, and 688x Cloth, and for the Wyrwood Spear, you will need 4,128x Tier 4 Timber, 1,720x Metals, and 688x Leathers.
  • Now for level 200, you will need to craft 577 Ironwood Fishing Poles or 577 Ironwood Spears. Each of which grants 10,080 XP. The total additional XP amount needed to reach level 200 is 5,607,000 XP.
  • Materials for crafting the fishing pole are 8,355x Tier 5 Timber, 1,671x Leather, and 1,114x Cloth. As for the spear, you will need 7,241x Tier 5 Timber, 2,785x Metals, and 1,114x Leather.

New World Engineering Leveling Guide


This guide divides Engineering Levels into four portions: levels 0 – 50, 50 – 100, 100 – 150, and 150 – 200. You can only read the part you need. Let’s say you are at Engineering Level 120, then skip to the Level 100 – 150 part. We have mentioned details for the materials in all the portions separately. Lastly, in the end, a brief material-gathering guide is provided for all special materials.

Here are the stats you can expect at different engineering levels in New World:

From LevelTo LevelXP RequirementItem(s) XP Per Item
Crafted Quanity
Of Item
Level 0Level 5013,350 XPGunpowder94.0140.0700x Charcoal, 280x Flint, and 140x Salpter.
Level 50Level 100168,600 XPGunpowder/Lacquered
Wood Bows
Gunpowder - 8,090x Charcoal, 3,236x Flint, and 1,618x Salpter
Wood Bows - 2,496x Tier 3 Timber, 576x Leather, and 384x Cloth.
Level 100Level 1501,095,200 XPWyrdwood Fishing Poles/
3192/3192344/344Fishing Poles - 4,186x Tier 4 Timber, 1,032x Leather, and 688x Cloth
Spears - 4,128x Tier 4 Timber, 1,720x Metals, and 688x Leathers.
Level 150Level 2005,607,000 XPIronwood Fishing Poles/
10,080/10,080577/577Fishing Poles - 8,355x Tier 5 Timber, 1,671x Leather, and 1,114x Cloth
Spears - 7,241x Tier 5 Timber, 2,785x Metals, and 1,114x Leather.

Level 0 – 50

We will be starting by going to Engineering level 50 from 0. To reach level 50 in Engineering, you will need 13,350 XP Points. Since it’s the initial level, the required amount of XP is not that much, and you can reach there quickly.

At level 0, there won’t be many items or things to craft. Gunpowder is the only item worth crafting at this level because it’s cheap, low on tax, and rich in XP Points. Many people advise crafting the Iron Arrow on the web, but it is not worth it because Iron is hard to get by and much more expensive. On top of that, the Iron Arrows sell for cheap. And that’s why it’s best to stick with Gun Powder.

The Gunpowder will give you 94 XP Points when you craft it. Since we need 13,350 XP, we will need 140 of them. Crafting Gunpowder is very easy with some easily gatherable materials. The tax you will pay for crafting 140 Gunpowders is 7 Gold Coins, which is very little.

Gunpowder Materials

Let’s look at the materials required to craft 140 Gunpowder to reach Engineering level 50 in New World. 

  • 700x Charcol: Charcoal is made from wood, which you can get from all over the map of the New World and then smelt it to get charcoal.
  • 280x Flint: Flint is also easy to find and gather.
  • 140x Salpter: Lastly, Salpter is not that hard to get by, so you should get your hands on plenty.

Once you gather all the materials required, head over to the Workshop to craft the amount of Gunpowders needed. If you are not at level 0, you will not need 140 Gunpowders. That is why calculate the amount you are going to need first. You can even buy some of the materials, but it’s better to farm for them in the long run instead of buying them.

Level 50 – 100

Things get a little rough after achieving Engineering Level 50. Still, we will get you through that and help you get to engineering level 100. To reach engineering level 100, you will need about 168,600 more XP Points on top of the ones you have just gathered to reach Engineering Level 50.

The item we will be crafting to reach Engineering level 100 is the Lacquered Wood Bow because the number of bows you need to craft is less. But the amount of Timber you require is a lot. We have a solution for that, and we will look at that in the Materials portion. But if you do not want to craft the Lacquered Bow for some reason, you can keep on crafting the Gun Powder.

Now, let’s look at the Lacquered Bow and what quantity of them you will need to reach Engineering level 50 in the New World. Each Bow gives you 810 XP Points, and with that calculation, you will need 192 Bows to get 168,600 XP Points or Engineering level 100. To craft 192 Lacquered Bows, you will pay 155.00 Gold Coins. While on the subject of bows, here are our Best New World Bow.

However, with Gun Powder, you need to craft around 1,618 Gun Powders to get to Engineering level 100. And the tax you will pay will be 80.90 Gold Coins, which is almost half of what you are paying with the Bow.  

Lacquered Wood Bow Materials

Now come to the materials required for the Bow and how many you will need of them.

  • 2,496x Tier 3 Timber: This is the hardest thing to get your hands on since you will need 2,496 Lumbers. You need Timber, Aged Wood, and Coarse Sandpaper to craft Lumber, but their number will be insane. Then for Timber, you need to gather Green-Wood.
  • 576x Leather: For leather, we can use Coarse Leather, which is easy and cheap to get.
  • 384x Cloth: The cloth can be either Linen or Sateen, but Linen is cheap, so go with that.

Coming to our tips to gather Timber. When you are crafting Timber, switch Coarse Sandpaper with Obsidian Sandpaper. This will reduce the amount of Green-Wood required by half. But it is recommended only when you can afford or farm for the high-tier Sandpaper.

Gun Powder Materials

The materials you will require to craft 1,618 Gun Powder is as follows:

  • 8,090x Charcol: The best wood to smelt for charcoal is the Green-Wood, which is very easy to come by.
  • 3,236x Flint: This is one of the easiest raw materials to gather.
  • 1,618x Salpter: And Salpter is easy is as well.

And once you collect all the materials needed for either the Gun Powder or the Lacquered Bow, go to the Workshop and get the XP points needed after crafting.

Level 100 – -150

The amount of XP that increases after every 50 levels of Engineering are unreal. If you thought getting to level 100 was a lot, you would be surprised. Now you need 1,095,200 in addition to the 168,600 you have. There are two items to craft to reach Engineering Level 150.

The first is the Wyrdwood Spear, and the second is the Wyrdwood Fishing Pole. The major difference is the extra metal requirement with the spear. The rest of these two items are pretty much the same. Still, we will explain the differences in materials in the material portion.

First is the Wyrdwood Fishing Pool, which we recommend, since gathering metal is difficult. To reach level 150 or 1,095,200 XP Points, you will need 344 fishing pools since each grants you 3,192 XP Points. The total amount of tax you will pay is 632.96 Gold Coins. 

Then we have the second option, Wyrdwood Spear, which is the popular option amongst the players to reach Engineering level 150. But the only good thing about it is the required amount of Tier 4 Timber is less. You will need 344 of these spears to reach 1,095,200 XP Points or Engineering level 150 since it also gives you 3,192 XP points each. The amount of tax is also similar, having only 632.96 Gold Coins.

Wyrdwood Fishing Pole Materials

To craft 344 Wyrdwood Fishing Pools, you will need to gather a lot of materials, and here they are:

  • 4,816x Tier 4 Timber: Wyrdwood Planks is the easiest Tier 4 TImber to get in New World. To make it, you will need Lumber, Sandpaper, and Wyrdwood. Then to craft Lumber, you will need a hefty amount of Green Woods.
  • 1,032x Leather: The cheapest leather is Coarse Leather, so it’s the obvious choice.
  • 688x Cloth: As for the cloth, Linen will be the best choice here.

Wyrdwood Spear Materials

  • 4,128x Tier 4 Timber: Again, for Tier 4 Timber, we need to go with Wyrdwood Planks.
  • 1,720x Metals: This is the main difference between the two options. For metal, the best and easiest option is Iron Ingot.
  • 688x Leathers: We are going with the Coarse Leather again for leather.

The difference between the material gathering is between cloth and metal and the extra amount of Tier 4 Timber. Either way, once you have the required materials for either of the items, head to a Workshop to craft to reach Engineering level 150 in New World. 

Before moving to the last phase, check out our Best New World Ice Gauntlet build.

Level 150 – 200

Moving on from phase three, we are now at the fourth and final phase of our Engineering levels in New World. For this phase, we are going to need another 5,607,000 XP Points. If the third phase was not enough, now we need to gather five and a half million more XP Points.

To reach Engineering Level 200, we will do something similar to the third phase. That is to craft two items, and one is a fishing pole while the other is a spear. But this time around, we are crafting the Ironwood Spear and Ironwood Fishing Pole. The materials needed will again be a major difference, and we will discuss that specifically in the material portion so that you can choose the one fitting to you. 

The required XP Points to get level 200 is huge, which is 5,607,00, and one Ironwood Fishing Pole gives you 10,080 XP Points each. With that calculation, you need to craft around 557 fishing poles. The tax is not too much, ranging at only 2500.93 Gold Coins.

Now coming to Ironwood Spear, which also grants you 10,080 XP Points. So to reach Engineering level 200 or get 5,607,000 XP Points, you will need 557 spears. The tax you will pay for crafting is the same as the fishing pole, 2500.93 Gold Coins.

Ironwood Spear Materials

Ironwood Spear requires you to gather up metal for you to craft it. To craft 557 Ironwood Spear, you will need the following amounts of materials:

  • 7,241x Tier 5 Timber: The hardest material to gather in this guide is the Tier 5 Timber. We will use Ironwood Planks for that. The Ironwood Planks are crafted from Ironwood, Wyrdwood Planks, and Sandpaper. You will have to craft Wyrdwood Planks first from Wyrdwood Sandpaper and Lumber.
  • 2,785x Metals: For metal, as always, go with the Iron Ingot, crafted from Iron Ores.
  • 1,114x Leather: Coarse leather, again, is the easiest option available. 

Ironwood Fishing Pole Materials

The Ironwood Fishing Pole, unlike the spear, requires cloth instead of metal but also slightly more Tier 5 Timbers. Here are the materials to craft a 557 Ironwood Fishing Pole.

  • 8,355x Tier 5 Timber: As for the Ironwood Spear, we will go with Ironwood Planks.
  • 1,671x Leather: Next up, cheap Coarse Leather is the best for leather.
  • 1,114x Cloth: Lastly, for cloth, the cheapest and best option here is Linen.

When all the required materials are gathered, go to the Workshop to craft the required amount of items to reach Engineering level 200 in New World.

Material Gathering

This section of our guide will briefly describe how you can easily collect some of the raw materials we mentioned in our Engineering leveling guide for New World. But keep in mind that it is a leveling guide. That’s why we will touch on every material only briefly. At the end of this section, we will share some tips to help you save or gather more materials.


The Green-Wood is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, materials to gather in the New World. You can find the trees to grab Green Wood in almost every part of the map.


To get a lot of Saltpeter, you can go to the Cave located northwest of Everfall. It is one of the best places in the New World to gather Saltpeter from.


Just like the Green-Wood, flint is one of the easiest materials to get in the New World. Flint is located in all the parts on the map, but the best route to get it is when you go and come back from the Saltpeter Cave in Everfall.


After the new patch 1.1.1 for the New World, gathering Wyrdwood has been extremely difficult. Before the patch, you could easily get those from Elemental Wolves, but not anymore. Still, you can collect Wyrdwood in high quantities in Brightwood and Edengrove.


Lastly, Ironwood is easy to farm in high-profile areas. The two best places are Shattered Mountain and the Northern areas of Edengrove to the farm for the needed amount of Ironwood.

Final Verdict

Reaching higher Engineering Levels in New World can undoubtedly be challenging, but it’s not impossible. With our New World Engineering Guide, you learn useful items to craft and how to gather the required materials to reach the maximum engineering level. If you follow it properly, you should reach a higher

Engineering levels easily. That does it for New World Engineering Leveling Guide. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below.

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