Persona 3 Reload: Hierophant Social Link [BEST Choices]

Players wanting to spend time with the old couple must know of the best choices for the Hierophant social link.

The Hierophant social link is personally the one I accidentally ran into while I was playing the original Persona 3. The sweet old couple who run the local bookshop are the representatives of this tarot card, and players wanting to unlock the ultimate Persona locked behind this relationship as soon as possible must know the best choices for the Persona 3 Reload Hierophant social link.

Author’s Note: I have more than 300 cumulative hours in every Persona game and have spent more than 15 hours playing Persona 3 Reload on my personal Steam account.

Key Takeaways
  • Before you can start the Hierophant social link, you will need to grab the Persimmon Leaf from the school and show it to the old couple in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Choosing the right dialogue will grant the player with affection points.
  • The location for this social link is the bookstore in Iwatodai Strip Mall.
  • Completing the Hierophant social link rewards you with the Persimmon Fruit and the ability to obtain the ultimate Persona Kohryu through fusion.
  • Players will also gain additional XP when crafting a Persona of the Hierophant arcana.

BEST Choices For Hierophant Social Link

hierophant social link persona 3 reload
Choosing the right dialogue [Image Credit: eXputer]
Choosing the right choices grants the players with affection points. These affection points determine how quickly you can jump to the next rank of the social link. But unlike most social links, the old couple’s social link also has a prerequisite, similar to Maiko’s social link.

  • What To Find: After visiting the old couple for the first time, they will mention a Persimmon Tree.
  • Tree Location: Go back to your school and head to the corridor that leads to the Track Team club, from where you can also start the Chariot social link. You will spot a tree there, go to it, and grab the Persimmon Leaf.
  • Starting The Social Link: Now, head back to the old couple and show them the Leaf to begin the Social Link.

Here, I have prepared a table enlisting all the best choices for the Old Couple Hierophant social link in Persona 3 Reload: 

RankDialogueBest Answers
Rank 1 to Rank 2What was your name again?-*Your Name*
Someone gave it to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead and take it,-“Thank you.” +3
Rank 2 to Rank 3I don't see it anywhere...-“Looking for something?” +1
I'm looking for my glasses- Er, not my glasses, my wallet! I can't seem to find it..-“Can I help?” +3
Rank 3 to Rank 4My wife just headed out to Gekkoukan.-“I should go too.” +3
-“I'll wait here.” +2
Rank 4 to Rank 5We've been feeling a bit guilty for troubling you about the persimmon tree…-“I wouldn't worry about it” +1
Why now? Why do they want to cut it down now...?-“Cheer up.” +1
-“It'll be okay.” +1
Rank 5 to Rank 6If we lose that tree... it would be like losing our son all over again-“Please don't fight.” +3
Rank 6 to Rank 7Ah..-“What happened?” +1
They say the tree is a memorial to their former teacher… They don’t want it to be cut down.-“That’s great.” +1
You must be the one who called them for this, right, Makoto-chan?-“No.” +1
-“That’s right.” +1
-“What are you talking about?” +1
Rank 7 to Rank 8Who do you think it was? Here’s a hint: ‘signature.’-“A petitioner?” +2
-“A fan of yours?” +1
I have to tell my son the good news!-“Sure, Let’s go.” +3
Rank 8 to Rank 9What, is that surprising? I'm actually quite the net surfer, you know!-“What does the letter say?” +1
-“Why a letter?” +1
Rank 9 to Rank 10We asked them to go ahead and cut the persimmon tree down.-“But... why?” +3

Hierophant Availability And Rewards

hierophant social link persona 3 reload
Location of Hierophant Social Link [Image Taken by eXputer]
The earliest date on which this social link is made available is 25th April.

  • Location: The location for this social link is the bookstore in Iwatodai Strip Mall.
  • Availability: You can spend time with the old couple every day of the week, except on Monday.
  • Ideal Time Slot: This also includes days off school; therefore, I recommend focusing on the Persona 3 Relaod Hierophant social link during the vacation days.
  • Completion Rewards: Completing this social link rewards you with the Persimmon Fruit and the ability to obtain the ultimate Persona Kohryu through fusion.
  • Passive Rewards: Players will also gain additional XP when crafting a Persona of the Hierophant arcana, depending on how high the social link is.

And with that, my guide on the old couple Hierophant social link comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you out. Persona 3 Reload is one of the best JRPGs released this year so far, and while I am on the topic, why not read my Persona 3 Reload Review? Do let me know what you think about Persona 3 Reload in the comment section below.


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