Project Mugetsu Codes [WORKING Sep 2023]

This guide includes all details you need to know about Project Mugetsu Codes, how to redeem them and where to get even more codes!

Codes are a treat sent from the Developers to the players. They can be redeemed for cool in-game rewards that all players love, and have proved to be extremely helpful in certain situations. This guide includes all details about Project Mugetsu Codes, how to redeem them, and how to get your hands on even more active codes!

Key Takeaways
  • Roblox Project Mugestu has a tonne of codes that players can redeem for cool in-game rewards.
  • Rewards include Gold, Boosts, Resets, and Abilities.
  • New codes are added for milestones, issues with the game, and when the developers feel like it!
  • To redeem your codes, press M on your keyboard and click on the Codes Button. Enter your code and press Redeem.
  • Check out the Ultimate Game Code Guide if you encounter any issues whilst redeeming your codes. All solutions can be found here. 
  • Join the Official Discord of the game. Here new codes and upcoming news about the game can be found.
  • Bookmark this page and check back later on for more codes.

List Of Active Project Mugetsu Codes

  • Last Checked On Sep 11, 2023.

Finding an active code can be a hassle, especially when there is no indication as to what an active code looks like. This hassle has been overcome for now, and the list below only includes active Project Mugetsu Codes.

140KLIKESBOOSTSUse this gift code and acquire Mastery, Gold, and EXP boosts.
140KLIKESORBSRedeem this code and get your hands on 15 Orbs.
140KLIKESREROLLUse this code and get rewarded by the Ability Reroll.
140KLIKESSPINSRedeem this code and get 115 spins.
135KLIKESBOOSTSMake use of this code and get your hands on Mastery, Gold, and EXP boosts.
135KLIKESORBSRedeem this code and get your hands on 8 Orbs.
135KLIKESREROLLGet your hands on the Ability Reroll after redeeming this code.
135KLIKESSPINSRedeem this gift code and get rewarded by 125 Spins.
125KLIKESBOOSTSUse this code and acquire Mastery, Gold, and EXP boost.
125KLIKESORBSRedeem this code and get your hands on 3 orbs.
125KLIKESREROLLGet rewarded with the Ability Reroll after redeeming this gift code.
125KLIKESSPINSRedeem this code and acquire 85 Spins.
ULQRESUse the code to get your hands on the Ability Reroll.
ULQORBRedeem this and get 1 legendary orb.
EXCALIBURRedeem this code and get your hands on 75 spins and 2x boosts.
120KLIKESREROLLGet your hands on the Ability Reroll after making use of this code.
120KLIKESBOOSTSRedeem this code and get your hands on Mastery, Gold, and EXP boost.
120KLIKESORBSUse this code and get 3 orbs.
120KLIKESSPINS85 spins will be rewarded after redeeming this gift code.
JUICYRETURNUse this code and get your hands on 100 Spins and a Mastery Boost.
SUPRISEORBSRedeem this gift code and be rewarded by 5 Legendary Orbs.
UPDATESOONValid for a Rereoll Ability.
95KLIKESValid for a Rereoll Ability. (Must be in New Servers)
90KLIKESValid for a Rereoll Ability. (Must be in New Servers)
85KLIKESValid for 65 Spins. (Must be in New Servers)
160KFAVORITESValid for 15000 Gold. (Level 30+, Must be in New Servers)
EIDMUBARAKValid for 1 Hour Mastery Boost, Gold Boost, EXP Boost, 1 Legendary Orb, 35 Spins, and 10000 Gold. (Must be Level 30+ for Gold)
80KLIKESValid for a Rereoll Ability.
THANKSFOR200KMEMBERSValid for a Rereoll Ability.
HERESTHESPINSValid for 85 Spins.
SORRY4DASHUTDOWNValid for a Rereoll Ability.
70KLIKESValid for 85 Spins.
EASTERUPDATEValid for a Race Reset.
FIRSTWEEKISOVERValid for 1 Hour of 2x Mastery.
60KLIKESValid for 30 Spins.
HERESABILITYREROLLONEValid for a Rereoll Ability.
HERESABILITYREROLLTWOValid for a Rereoll Ability.
HERESABILITYREROLLFOURValid for a Rereoll Ability.
HERESABILITYREROLLFIVEValid for a Rereoll Ability.
SORRYFORPINGSValid for 75 Spins.
SOULSOCIETYISBACKValid for a Rereoll Ability.
10MVISITSValid for 50 Spins.
EXCUSETHESHUTDOWN2Valid for a Rereoll Ability.
50KLIKESValid for 35 Spins and 10000 Gold.
40KLIKESValid for 15 Spins and Reroll Ability.
EXCUSETHESHUTDOWNValid for a 30 Minute EXP Boost, 30 Minute Mastery Boost, and 30 Spins.

List Of Expired Codes

The list below includes all expired codes for Project Mugetsu. These cannot be redeemed for any rewards and will be a waste of time. It is recommended to stay away from these codes.

MothersDayLegendaryOrbndGoldValid for 2 Legendary Orbs and 75000 Gold. (Level 50+)

MothersDaySpinsValid for 65 Spins on every slot.
MothersDayMasteryValid for 1 Hour Mastery.
OneMonthLegendaryOrbValid for 3 Legendary Orbs. (Level 45+)
OneMonthLegendarySPINSValid for 45 Spins on every slot.
OneMonthREROLLAbilityValid for Reroll Ability.
OneMonthResetRaceValid for a Race Reset.
FINALLY100KLIKESValid for 1 Legendary Orb, 45000 Gold, 50 Spins, and 3x Boots for 1 Hour.
28MVISITSValid for a Rereoll Ability.
35KLIKESValid for 50 Spins on One Slot.
SORRYITSEXPENSIVEValid for 2x Gold for 2 Hours.
RESETRACEValid for a Free Race Reset.
20KLIKESValid for a Reset Shikai. (Only if you are a Soul Reaper)
15KLIKESValid for a 30-Minute Mastery Boost.
10KLIKESValid for a 30-Minute Mastery Boost.
100KMEMBERSValid for Reset Resurrección.
SHUTDOWNSPINSValid for 25 Spins.
EXPLOITFIXESValid for 15 Spins in each slot for 2x EXP.
RELEASEValid for 15 Spins in each slot for 2x EXP.
SORRYFORSHUTDOWNValid for 30 Minutes 2x Mastery, 30 Minutes 2x EXP, and 30 Spins.

How To Redeem Project Mugetsu Codes

Redeeming Project Mugetsu Codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming Project Mugetsu Codes.

Now that a bunch of active codes has landed in your lap, the next step is to redeem them for their Rewards. This is a fairly easy task that only requires a few steps. Check out the steps below, and redeem your codes!

  1. First of all, Launch Project Mugetsu on Roblox.
  2. Press to open the Menu.
  3. Click on the Codes Button.
  4. Input your code in the redemption box.
  5. Click on the Redeem Button.
  6. Enjoy your Rewards!

What Is Project Mugetsu?

Project Mugetsu is a Roblox experience that has been inspired by the famous Anime, Bleach. The game delves into the world of Bleach, and players have the option to create characters and experience life. Players also have the choice between becoming either Hollows or Soul Reapers, each of which has its own distinct traits. Codes help a lot, as they provide additional help.

That is all there is to know about Project Mugetsu codes for now; make sure to use all codes as soon as possible so they do not turn inactive. If you were unable to find an active code, there is no need to worry! New codes are added, like clockwork, and this page will be updated as soon as there is a code to use. Bookmark this page and check back later on for more active codes.

Whilst you wait for a new code, check out the Most Popular Roblox Games and find yourself a new game! You can also check out Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes or Anime Adventure Codes, games inspired by Anime that you might like. Leave a comment down below for any guides you may like, or queries you may have.

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