Project Polaro Codes [Working July 2024]

This guide lists all active and expired Project Polaro Codes and instructions on redeeming them.

If you’re looking for the latest codes for Roblox Project Polaro, our guide has you covered. With the newest active codes, you can earn free rewards like spins, rare pocket monsters, and more. You can collect pocket monsters, battle them, and take on gyms and trainers to gain EXP, badges, and money. 

Key Takeaways
  • Use these codes to redeem free rewards for Project Polaro.
  • The few active codes are 1KPLRAREBACK (Redeem for 3 Skin Spins, 3 Badges required), FREECODELOLEZ (Redeem for 2 Upgraded Spins, 3 Badges required), and JUSTAFREECODE (Redeem for 1 Ultra Spin, 2 Badges required).
  • To find more codes for Project Polaro, join the official Discord server for the game. 
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or you are facing any code-related glitches, dive into Ultimate Code Guide for all the necessary solutions!

Active Project Polaro Codes

You can redeem the following list of Roblox Project Polaro codes to get various items, including free rewards like spins, rare pocket monsters, and more. You can capture pocket monsters, battle them, and challenge gyms and trainers to earn experience, badges, and money.

  • Last Checked: July 1st, 2024.
Redeem CodeReward
SKIBIDI2K1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
SKRPAWPAW1 Ultra Spin (6 Badges required)
KH0R4ISG4Y1 Ultra Spin (7 Badges required)
BUGFIXED20242 Skin Spins
1OKEAR2 Skin Spins
CODNOU1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
MEOWMEOW2 Skin Spins (5 Badges required)
2KK2 Skin Spins (4 Badges required)
2KPLYZSkin Spins (4 Badges required)
1KPLRAREBACK3 Skin Spins (3 Badges required)
FREECODELOLEZ2 Upgraded Spins (3 Badges required)
JUSTAFREECODE1 Ultra Spin (2 Badges required)
CMONLETSGOGUYS1 Skin Spin (3 Badges Required)
WEAREBACKPOLARO3 Skin Spins (7 Badges Required)
TESTREUPLOAD2 Skin Spins (2 Badges Required)
JETMANENE2 Skin Spins (1 Badge Required)
CODE3KP2 Skin Spins (8 Badges required)
SAINTANDREI2 Skin Spins (1 Badge required)
TURK3Y2 Ultra Spins (4 Badges required)
THANKSGIVING2 Skin Spins (7 Badges required)
LEZZBACK1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
G4MER4UPLOAD1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
G4MER4UPLOAD31 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
WEFPED1 Skin Spin (5 Badges required)

Expired Project Polaro Codes

Listed below are expired codes that are no longer active. You may still attempt to use them at your own risk.

Redeem CodeReward
NEWUPLOADEDLOLSpins (2 Ultra Spins 8 badges required)
FIXEDLOLMB1 Skin Spin (3 Badges required, tradable)
PART2HALLOWEEN2 Skin Spins (8 Badges required)
WEAREBACKBOYS1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
50KMEMBS2 Ultra Spins (4 Badges Required)
POLAROEVENTS1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
ROBLOXISBACK1 Ultra Spin (2 Badges required)
P0LAROEVENTS1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
PAMPAMPAM1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
S4RRYGUYS1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
HALLOWEENUPD2 Skin Spins (2 Badges required)
BACK4FP1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
NEWGAMELINKLOL1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
C0UNT1 Skin Spin (2 Badges required)
FLYHIGH1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
S0RR42 Skin Spins (7 Badges required)
R33LP2 Ultra Spins (7 badges required)
47KMEMBERS2 Upgraded Spins (7 badges required)
ORIGINALEVENT2 Skin Spins (8 Badges required)
R3UPLOADED1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
LOVEYALL2 Skin Spins (8 Badges required)
45KMEMBERS2 Skin Spin (8 Badges required)
BYEBYE1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
5KPLRON1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
3KPLRON1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
NEWBOT1 Upgraded Spin (2 Badges required)
40KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
ON3K1 Normal Spin (1 badge required)
UPDHYPE1 Skin Spin (8 Badges required)
BETAPOLARO32 Casino Tickets (8 Badges required)
LEAGUE1 Ultra Spin (7 Badges required)
LETMECOOK1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
BETAPOLARO22 Casino Tickets (8 badges required)
BETAPOLARO2 Casino Tickets (8 badges required)
VERYCOOLNOW1 Casino Ticket (8 badges required)
39KMEMBERS2 Upgraded Spins (Badges required)
NEWBOTEZ1 Skin Spin (5 Badges required)
38KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
AURAUPDATE1 Skin Spin (6 Badges required)
NEWAURAS21 Ultra Spin (6 badges required)
NEWAURAS1 Ultra Spin (6 Badges required)
SORRYGUYS2 Skin Spins (6 badges required)
WEGOTDELETED2 Skin Spins (6 badges required)
37KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (5 Badges required)
GOOD5CODE1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
GOOD4CODE1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
FIXES4NOW1 Upgraded Spin (2 Badges required)
TRASHCODEB1 Upgraded Spin (2 Badges required)
36KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
MUSICSYSTEM1 Skin Spin (4 Badges required)
35KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
NEWGAMNOW1 Ultra Spin (4 badges required)
34KMEMBERS4 Upgraded Spins (4 badges required)
9KPEAKED1 Ultra Spin (4 badges required)
7KPLR2 Ultra Spins (7 badges required)
8KPLR2 Ultra Spins (8 badges required)
6KPLR2 Ultra Spins (5 badges required)
G4MEDOWN3 Skin Spins (8 badges required)
33KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (4 badges required)
GGUPD3 Ultra Spin (8 badges required)
1UPDATENEW1 Skin Spin (6 badges required)
8KONAGAIN1 Ultra Spin (6 Badges Required)
32KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (4 Badges Required)
31KMEMBERS1 Skin Spin (5 Badges Required)
SK7K1 Skin Roulette Spin (5 badges required)
30KMEMBERS3 Ultra Spins (5 Badges required)
SK6K1 Skin Roulette Spin (5 badges required)
SKINSPINS1 Skin Spin (7 Badges Required)
GO4UPD1 Ultra Spin (4 badges required)
UPNDOWN1 Ultra Spin (3 Badges required)
SORRY4SHUTD3 Ultra Spins (6 badges required)
LATE9K1 Ultra Spin (3 badges required)
THXGUYS1 Ultra Spin (5 badges required)
MOREPVPUPDRedeeming this code will get you rewards
ROAD2K1 Ultra Roulette Spin [Requires 5 Gym Badge]
N3WROULETTE1 Ultra Roulette Spin [Requires 7 gym badge]
NR1GAMEShint Yveltal [4 gym badge required] (NEW)
1KREACTS1 Upgraded Spin
100KMEMBERS2 Ultra Spins (11 gym badge required)
ERR0R3 Upgraded Spins (7 gym badge required)
N3WGROUP1 Normal Spin (4 gym badge required)
PVPSOON1 Upgraded Spin (4 gym badge required)
NEVERDELETED1 Upgraded Spin (4 gym badge required)
UPGR4D32 Ultra Spins (9 gym badge required)
H0ST1 Upgraded Spin (7 gym badge required)
N0TD0WN1 Normal Spin (1 gym badge required)
NewUpdateDelta Lucario
1KHYPEShiny Dragapult
MEGAUPDATEShiny Grimmsnarl
FreeShinyShiny Salamence
FreeSkinSolidified Bisharp
CoolUpdRainbow Victini
SHADOWShadow Lugia
FIXESShiny Darkrai
SP00KYHalloween Rayquaza
R3VAMPGalarian Lugia
F1X3SShiny Kyurem
2KPLAYShiny Kyogre
4NDR31Shiny Groudon
1MVISITSShiny Mewtwo
PR3S3NTPresent Crustle
S4NT4Santa Slaking
SN0WM4NSnowman Magearna
DEETERSUCKSShiny Terrakion
LOVERBOYShiny Virizion
L0VEYOUShiny Cobalion
10KMEMBERSShiny Keldeo
TR331 Gift
M0NEY3,000,000 Money
D3LETION1 Upgraded Roulette Spin
2KPLAYS1 Ultra Roulette Spin
4KPLAYS1 Ultra Roulette Spin
5KPLAYS2 Ultra Roulette Spin
WELOVEDRAMA1 Ultra Roulette Spin
HAPPYNEWYEAR3 Ultra Roulette Spin

How To Redeem Project Polaro Codes?

Make the most out of your Roblox Project Polaro experience by easily using the latest codes. To redeem codes, you can utilize the methods mentioned below.

The icon to select to redeem codes
The icon to select to redeem codes
  1. Launch Project Polaro on Roblox.
  2. Select the blue Menu option located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the Codes section.
  4. Input your valid code in the designated text box.
  5. Click on Redeem to acquire your rewards.

How To Get More Codes?

  • Stay updated on Project Polaro codes easily by following the developer’s social media accounts.
  • Interact with the developer and fellow players in the Discord community.
  • Bookmark this page to ensure you are informed about all new and relevant Project Polaro codes.

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