Returnal: How To Increase Repair Efficiency

Surviving is already hard as it is in Returnal, but you would want to avoid decreasing your Repair Efficiency through different ways if you want to make it to the end!

The Repair Efficiency of your suit is the most important factor when it comes to survival in Returnal. Since the game is extremely difficult, it is important to maintain the Repair Efficiency if the players want to make it to the end of the game. The players will be able to increase the Repair Efficiency of their suit in the game by using different objects that they can obtain by exploring certain levels and biomes. However, while using these objects, they have to be extremely careful as there are some Malignant Objects that can do more harm than good. 

Key Takeaways
  • Repair Efficiency in Returnal is the amount of health that the players will replenish when using consumables like Silphium. 
  • It plays a crucial role in the integrity of the suit and is directly tied to the survivability of the game. 
  • Repair Efficiency can be increased through different consumables and upgrades. 
  • You will be able to increase the Efficiency through different Malignant Objects. However, they can cause malfunctions. 
  • Other ways of increasing the Repair Efficiency include using Repair Enhancers that can increase the integrity for 60 seconds in the game. 
  • Players can also use Repair Augments and needle tooth parasites that can increase the Repair Efficiency by 20%. 
  • In case the players get malfunctions, they can use certain parasites or ethers to cleanse them. 
Important: By increasing the Repair Efficiency of your suit, you will make sure that all your Silphium Pickups and Silphium Vials provide you the maximum boost in the game.

What Is Repair Efficiency 

Before we delve into the different methods by which you can increase the Efficiency of your suit, it is important to understand the concept of how Repair Efficiency works. 

Using Silphium
Using Silphium [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Increasing the Repair Efficiency will also increase and double the amount or percentage by which any item or Healing Object works on your character. Furthermore, you will also be looking to improve the Integrity of your suit and any Enhancers that you use on it.

So by an increase in the Repair Efficiency of your suit, you will also be increasing the effect your equipment and consumables have on your gameplay experience. Repair Efficiency is an important factor if you want to increase your survivability and make the healing items that you use along the way much more effective. 

How Malfunction Affects The Repair Efficiency 

Since in Returnal, your suit integrity plays a huge role in your life stats; you will have to maintain it as much as you can throughout the game. Furthermore, these factors will affect the health bar you have and can even improve it when used the right way. As soon as you die, all of the stats you have related to the integrity of your suit will reset.

Malfunctions decreasing the Repair Efficiency [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
With Repair Efficiency, you will be able to Repair the integrity of your suit and heal yourself in the game. If you use small Silphium, then you will get a small increase in your base health. However, if you use large Silphium, then the amount of health you will be able to restore in your base health will also be large.

An ideal situation for your suit and to increase the survivability factor is to collect at least Three Silphium Resins in the game. Doing so will allow you to expand the base health limit you currently have. 

Your health matters a lot, especially if you are going toward the location set by the White Shadow Broadcast, as the difficulty will increase significantly during this stage. 

The greater your Repair Efficiency is, the higher your adrenaline will be as well. Therefore, by doubling it, you will be able to fight against hordes of enemies without worrying about your health depleting all the time. 

Increasing Health

However, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes the suit you will be using can malfunction when enhancing the Repair Efficiency of it through Malignant Objects. Doing so will greatly affect the Repair Efficiency, and you might face a lot of troubles, especially if you are in a critical situation. Furthermore, any parasite debuff or malfunction during this stage can be quite fatal if not dealt with properly.

Even if you use Silphium, be it small or large, you will only be able to recover a very low percentage of your base health from negating the debuff obtained through parasite or suit malfunctions. So it is important to fix the core issue rather than using consumables to recover your health.

In case of a parasite or a malfunction, it is important to complete any task or objective related to it that will allow you to remove the malfunction or parasitic debuff from your suit and return it to its normal state. 

How To Increase The Repair Efficiency 

There are several ways of increasing the Repair Efficiency and improving the integrity of the suit in Returnal. Below you will see all the different ways of increasing the Repair Efficiency and ultimately increasing your health and survivability in the game. 

Using Malignant Objects

By using the Malignant Objects, it is no doubt that you will increase the Repair Efficiency and integrity of your suit. But sometimes you will also encounter a debuff or a malfunction while using them. When this happens, your survivability will increase, and your health bar will be affected a lot. A great solution to it is using Ether, which will allow you to cleanse these malignant objects. 

Returnal Repair Efficiency
Suit Integrity [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
You will be able to farm Ether in eternal from many places. You will have to mine the resource in order to use it. In order to obtain Ether, you can try to complete the Daily Simulation Challenges in Returnal. With each daily simulation you complete, you will be able to get at least five units of Ether each day. This is by far the fastest and easiest method to farm Ether.

You can also try to explore surrounding regions to look for Ether. Every map in Returnal will allow you to farm at least three ethers located in random locations. For the convenience of players, they will give a slight glow in purple color so you will know exactly where to look for. But make sure before you collect that you read the description of the item because you might end up collecting a malignant drop instead that will affect your health a lot. 

Finding Ether

You can also collect Ether by fighting different bosses that you encounter during your gameplay. They drop a significant amount of Ether as well. Furthermore, if you find a particular boss easy to fight, you can replay the fight again and again to farm Ether. You will get around five units of Ether in each boss fight that you complete. 

Another great way of getting Ether is to interact with the fabricator in Returnal. However, this method should only be observed when you are extremely short on Ether. 

You will need to collect Ether as much as you can in order to cleanse any debuffs from malignant objects in the game. Furthermore, you will also need them to maintain the Repair Efficiency of your suit. 

Using Repair Enhancers 

Repair Enhancers are one of the consumable items in return that will double your suit Repair Efficiency. However, it will only last for a minute in the game. On its own, it won’t be of much use to the players. However, when combined with other items, it can increase and enhance their Efficiency by 100%.

Returnal Repair Efficiency and how it works
Repair Enhacers [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
It is a greenish liquid stored in a xenotype vial that the players can access through their inventory. You can also try pairing the Repair enhancers with Silphium. Doing so will give you double the amount of Repair Efficiency in the game. 

Utilizing The Repairs Augment 

By using the Repairs Augments that augment, the players will be able to increase their Repair Efficiency by 20%. These Repair augments can be obtained from different fabricators that are located in random areas of the map.

Returnal How to increase Repair Efficiency
Using Augments [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The augments will allow the players to obtain bonuses and extra healing for a certain amount of time. However, these resources will mainly work to increase your maximum health instead of actually healing you. So you might want to consider them before using them. 

Finding The Needle Tooth Parasites 

Certain parasites in Returnal can also help increase the Repair Efficiency of the suits in the game. One such parasite is the Needle Tooth Parasite, which will allow the players to increase their Repair Efficiency by up to 20%. It is no doubt that parasites can offer both advantages and disadvantages in the game.

However, any needle tooth parasite that you use will increase your Repair Efficiency just like how a Repair Augment would do.

Returnal Repair Efficiency
Parasites [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
So it is important to read the description of any parasite you come across before you interact with it. However, you might want to avoid any Impairing parasites in Returnal because these parasites are notorious for reducing the Repair Efficiency by 30% in the game.

In case you are suffering from a malfunction using a malignant object to increase your Repair Efficiency, you can also look for some parasites to help you with it. A parasite called a wire-tailed parasite would help you decrease the malfunction probability significantly in the game. So these parasites can actually help the players out a lot. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Repair Efficiency and how to increase it in Returnal through different methods. To summarize, the players will be able to increase their Repair Efficiency by using Repair enhancers that can double up the Repair Efficiency for 60 seconds in the game.

Furthermore, the players can also use the Repairs augment and needle tooth parasites that can increase the Repair Efficiency by 20%. These parasites are located in random locations and can be picked up and utilized for different buffs. The players can also try using malignant objects that will help them increase the Repair Efficiency and integrity of their suit significantly. 

By doubling up and increasing the Repair Efficiency, the players will be able to maximize their base health as well, allowing them to survive for longer periods of time in the game. 

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