SMITE Best Hunter: All Hunters Ranked [2023]

Players can choose between Mages, Guardians, Warriors, Assassins, and Hunters in Smite. We think hunters, which usually deal in ranged carriers and fighters, are an interesting class to master in the game of all the playable classes. That is why we have curated the top five gods or SMITE best hunter guide for the new and existing player base who want to main a viable hunter in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • In Smite there are a total of 5 classes for players to choose from which are Mages, Guardians, Warriors, Assassins, and Hunters.
  • Hunters are the class that is going to be discussed today as we have listed down the 5 top hunter gods that players can use.
  • It is an exciting class in Smite which consists of ranged carriers and fighters.
  • The 5 top gods for this class are as follows:
    • Hou Yi – Defender of the Earth.
    • Chernobog – Lord of Darkness.
    • Cupid – God of Love.
    • Heimdallr – The Vigilant.
    • Danzaburou – The Legendary Tanuki.
  • Each of these gods has unique stats such as health, mana, speed, range, and attack/second as well as unique abilities like normal abilities, passive, and ultimate abilities.
  • Keep in mind that this list is based on our personal preference and others might have different preferences.

Ranking the game’s diverse hunter roster into the top five picks mentioned below is entirely based on how we think each hunter performs in SMITE. We played with each hunter in the game, and based on our playtime, we came up with the top five rankings.

With that said, here is a brief look at the comparison between the Best Hunters in Smite:

RankHunter NameHealthManaSpeedRangeAttack Per SecondAbilities
5Hou Yi – Defender of the Earth480 (+78)240 (+38)370 (+0)55 (+0)0.95 (+1.2%)Richochet | Mark of the Golden Crow | Divebomb | Suntouched | Sunbreaker
4Chernobog – Lord of Darkness450 (+80)220 (+38)365 (+0)55 (+0)0.95 (+1.7%)Crystallized Curses | Vicious Barrage | Into Darkness | Heart of Cold | Living Nightmare
3Cupid – God of Love445 (+72)230 (+39)365 (+0)55 (+0)0.95 (+1.8%)Heart Bomb | Share the Love | Flutter | Lovestruck | Fields of Love
2Heimdallr – The Vigilant480 (+80)230 (+34)365 (+0)56.5 (+0)0.96 (+1.5%)Piercing Sight | Gjallarhorn | The Bifrost | The Vigilant | Through the Realms
1Danzaburou – The Legendary Tanuki460 (+78)230 (+38)370 (+0)55 (+0)1 (+1.4%)Fool’s Gold | Alluring Spirits | Tanuki Trickery | Dubious Savings | Uproarious Rocket

5- Hou Yi – Defender of the Earth

Hou Yi is the fifth-best hunter in SMITE that we think offers consistent damage to a single as well as multiple targets in an area. His passive gives the hunter some room to not get hit by a critical strike for the next few seconds. Moreover, Hou Yi’s 2nd ability is by far the best one in the entire game as it depletes an enemy’s health faster whenever it is marked. The ultimate is a tad bit slow and sometimes gets underwhelming. 

SMITE Best Hunter
Hou Yi Hunter

Character Stats

Health480 (+78)
Mana240 (+38)
Speed370 (+0)
Range55 (+0)
Attack/Sec0.95 (+1.2%)


  • Ricochet: Hou Yi can fire a powerful shot that can ricochet from walls. The further the arrow travels, the higher damage it does once it hits a target. The arrow does 40% bonus damage to the gods if it bounces two times and stuns smaller targets if they have the Mark of Golden Crow.
  • Mark of the Golden Crow: Hou Yi marks a target that deals more damage for every 10% depleted health of that enemy through the hunter’s abilities. Each mark lasts for 10 seconds which also reveals enemies and stealthed gods.
  • Divebomb: Hou Yi launches himself into the air and does a divebomb to a distant enemy, dealing an area-of-effect attack. Targets marked with Mark of the Golden Crow get knocked back as well.


Suntouched: The passive ability of Hou Yi saves the hunter from getting a critical hit for three seconds only after he has been critically hit before.  


Sunbreaker: Hou Yi shoots an arrow barrage consisting of nine arrows in the sky on a sun. Each sun rains down on enemies in a small area, slowing their movement speed and dealing damage over time. Targets marked with the Mark of the Golden Crow are slowed down 20% more.

4- Chernobog – Lord of Darkness

Chernobog comes at number four on our list. His highly damaging combos are one of the many reasons that make this hunter outshine most ones in the game. Moreover, he can double dash and get out of conflict or tense encounters by going inside a wall where Chernobog practically becomes invulnerable to attacks.

SMITE Best Hunter
Chernobog Hunter

Character Stats

Health450 (+80)
Mana220 (+38)
Speed365 (+0)
Range55 (+0)
Attack/Sec0.95 (+1.7%)


  • Crystallized Curses: Chernobog throws cursed crystals on enemies, each dealing damage to a target upon impact. When the crystals explode again after a short time, they deal damage in an area. The cursed crystals can be detonated before their due of 3 seconds time by shooting at them.
  • Vicious Barrage: Chernobog fires a large crystal shard that deals damage after piercing the targets using the second ability. The shard can detonate Crystallized Curses and applies Heart of Cold to enemies it hits while passing through. The hunter also gets increased attack speed.
  • Into Darkness: The 3rd ability of Chernobog allows the hunter to dash forward to enemies to deal damage and slow them down for 2 seconds. If the hunter does not hit an enemy and instead hits a wall, he goes into shadow mode and becomes untargetable by enemies.


Heart of Cold: Each basic attack Chernobog lands on a target impales the enemy with a brittle crystal. When the Heart of Cold stack reaches three times, that marked enemy explodes and does AoE damage to nearby enemies.


Living Nightmare: Chernobog’s ultimate allows the hunter to summon shadows at enemies’ locations. He can select to summon wherever his shadows are. Doing so gives Chernobog a reset on cooldowns, extra movement speed, and resistance from damage.

3- Cupid – God of Love

Cupid comes at number three on our hunter list. He is by far the top choice for players who want a hunter to be a damage dealer and, at the same time, a team healer as well. Moreover, most of his abilities can control the crowd easily as they deal area of effect damage on targets.

SMITE Best Hunter
Cupid Hunter

Character Stats

Health445 (+72)
Mana230 (+39)
Speed365 (+0)
Range55 (+0)
Attack/Sec0.95 (+1.8%)


  • Heart Bomb: Cupid’s first ability allows the hunter to shoot an arrow of love on a target. The arrow slows down the target and explodes after a short while, dealing AoE to nearby enemies. All minions take 50% more damage as compared to enemy gods.
  • Share the Love: Cupid throws three hearts on the ground, which heals allies on pickup. Moreover, when allies receive health after picking up the hearts, Cupid regenerates the lost Mana. The second ability has 14 seconds cooldown.
  • Flutter: Cupid’s 3rd ability has dual effects; active and passive. When activated, Cupid leaves behind a trail that when allies walk on it, they receive increased movement speed. Moreover, Cupid passively receives increased attack speed.


Lovestruck: Every arrow that lands on a target buffs Cupid’s damage-dealing and healing abilities. The passive stacks for eight times, and after that, Cupid gets additional effects.


Fields of Love: Using the ultimate ability, Cupid fires a barrage of arrows on enemies’ location, slowing their movements and limiting the ability usage. Each arrow grows and then explodes, which deals mesmerizing effect. The ultimate has a 100 seconds cooldown.

2- Heimdallr – The Vigilant 

Heimdallr stands at number two in our SMITE best hunter list. His first ability is pretty much useful to reveal enemies and attack from a distance. Heimdallr’s strong point is that he can pretty much teleport and get out of tight spots very easily. It makes this hunter by far the safest one in the game.

SMITE Best Hunter
Heimdallr Hunter

Character Stats

Health480 (+80)
Mana230 (+34)
Speed365 (+0)
Range56.5 (+0)
Attack/Sec0.96 (+1.5%)


  • Piercing Sight: Using the first ability, Heimdallr throws his Hofuð sword in the air, which spots and reveals nearby targets. When you re-trigger the ability, the hunter calls back the sword, which hits the enemy(s) first and returns back to Heimdallr. The ability has a 14 seconds cooldown and does 70/130/190/250/310 (+85% of the hunter’s Physical Power) damage.
  • Gjallarhorn: Heimdallr’s second ability is an Area of Effect attack. He blows Gjallarhorn for two seconds, and enemies near him instantly get their movement, and attack speed is reduced significantly. When he finishes blowing the horn, all enemies near him take blast damage and are knocked back by the hunter.
  • The Bifrost: Heimdallr manifests a crystal that connects two points and allows the hunter to teleport back and forth between them. All enemies that teleport using the Bifrost get revealed to Heimdallr. The range is practically unlimited, and the ability to cool down depends on how far each crystal is from another.


The Vigilant: Heimdallr’s passive allows the hunter to receive more physical power when he gains a vision of an enemy god. The effect can stack up to five gods. Moreover, even when an enemy god disappears from vision, Heimdallr continues to see for four seconds.


Through the Realms: Using the ultimate ability, Heimdallr charges with an axe. If he strikes an enemy god, Heimdallr stuns the enemy and swings an axe as well. Then he launches the enemy into the air, which is teleported by Bifrost to Muspelheim and Niflheim, dealing burn and slow status effect upon returning the enemy back to the ground.

1- Danzaburou – The Legendary Tanuki

This leaves us with Danzaburou, whom we consider the best SMITE hunter. He is a formidable hunter with high damage output. One of Danzaburou’s strongest features is his ultimate ability, which allows the hunter to get into the middle of a team fight or flee away without breaking a sweat. Not only is he a good damage dealer, but he can also self-heal as well.

SMITE Best Hunter
Danzaburou Hunter

Character Stats

Health460 (+78)
Mana230 (+38)
Speed370 (+0)
Range55 (+0)
Attack/Sec1 (+1.4%)


  • Fool’s Gold: Danzaburou’s 1st ability allows the hunter to throw three money bags, damaging small enemies via explosive and toxic damage. Moreover, when these bags hit Gods, they drop gold which the hunter and other teammates can collect. The ability has a 12 seconds cooldown and can be reused again.  
  • Alluring Spirits: The second ability allows Danzaburou to heal 30/50/70/90/110 (+20% of the hunter’s Physical Power). Moreover, after receiving the health, the hunter hurls the sake bottle toward enemies, dealing damage to enemies in a radius. Depending on the level, this ability has a 16/15/14/13/12 seconds cooldown.
  • Tanuki Trickery: Using the third ability allows Danzaburou to create a field where the hunter moves faster but slows down enemies by 20%. Whenever the character steps outside the field, he turns into a leaf and mimics his movements to that of decoys.


Dubious Savings: The passive of Danzaburou allows the hunter to store 10% of acquired gold into one of the money pouches. The hunter gets a permanent increase in physical power and receives bonus gold whenever the pouch gets filled completely.


Uproarious Rocket: Danzaburou’s ultimate ability is an Area of Effect attack. When triggered two times, the hunter turns into a rocket, or if not, he summons a magical leaf that transforms into a rocket instead of Danzaburou.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the top five SMITE best hunter. Which god has been your favorite since the recent patch? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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