Tapping Simulator Codes [October 2023]

Your go-to guide for all information regarding Roblox Tapping Simulator Codes.

Freebies are always welcomed with open arms, no matter who we may be. Today, this is exactly what we have here for you. This guide will include all information regarding Roblox Tapping Simulator Codes, from redeeming your codes to getting your hands on even more codes!

Key Takeaways
  • Roblox Tapping Simulator codes are redeemed for rewards such as Cash, Tap & Luck Boosts, and Random Pets. 
  • Cash is the in-game currency and can be used to purchase stuff in the store.
  • To redeem your codes, navigate to the bottom of the Shop Menu and enter your codes. 
  • If you are looking for more codes, join Discord and check out the Official Roblox Group.
  • Any issues with your codes not working can be resolved by visiting our Ultimate Code Guide where we have all information you will need.
  • Bookmark this page and visit back when you need more codes!

List Of Active Tapping Simulator Codes

Having to check whether codes are active or not is not a task for the faint-hearted. To ease the burden, we took this task upon ourselves and the list below only features active codes for Tapping Simulator.

  • Last Checked on October 3rd, 2023.
90M Valid for Luck Boost and 3x Taps.
VOID Valid for Boosts.
secretfreepetcodeValid for an OP Secret Pet.
UPD23Valid for a 3x Tap Boost.
FREEPETCODE2Valid for a Pet.
FREEPETCODE123Valid for 3x Taps Boost and 2x Luck Boost.
UPD20Valid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
UPD19Valid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
UPD18Valid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
65MValid for a 15-Minute Taps Boost.
UPD17Valid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
SPOOKYValid for 10 Minutes of 2x Cash.
UPD16Valid for Boosts.
UPD15Valid for Boosts.
SPACEValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
55MValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
50MValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
UPD12Valid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
45MValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
UPDATE11TYValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
40MValid for a Taps Boost and a Lucks Boost.
FANTASYValid for Boosts.
35MValid for Boosts.
30MValid for Boosts.
SECRETValid for Taps Boosts.
MAGMAValid for Taps Boosts.
UPDATE4Valid for Taps Boosts.
UPDATE3Valid for Taps Boosts.
UPDATE2Valid for Taps Boosts.
RELEASEValid for a Boost.
TESTINGValid for Taps Boosts.

List Of Expired Codes

The list below only features expired codes which will not be able to redeem any rewards. We would recommend not redeeming these codes and saving your precious time. 

UPDATE1Valid for Free Rewards.

How To Redeem Tapping Simulator Codes?

Redeeming Tapping Simulator Codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming Tapping Simulator Codes.

Now that we’ve gotten ahold of the codes we so desperately desired, we get to redeem them for their rewards. Thankfully, redeeming codes is a fairly easy task, and with just a few clicks, you can redeem your codes. Follow the steps below to redeem your codes. 

  1. First of all, Launch Tapping Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Click on the Shopping Cart icon on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the pop-up window and enter your codes in the redemption box. 
  4. Press the button labeled “Enter.”
  5. Enjoy your Rewards!

Final Thoughts

This is all there is regarding Roblox Tapping Simulator Codes for now, and we hope it helped you. If you, however were unable to get some codes for yourself, there is no need to worry. This page is updated regularly, and you will find a working code soon enough. In the meantime, check our guide on the Best Roblox Games From 2018 to 2023, and find yourself another Roblox Game to obsess over. Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one. 

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