Tekken 8: Ranking System [All Ranks Explained]

The ranking system in Tekken 8 is basically a part of the competitive online mode where your rank indicates your skill as a player.

Ranked matches in Tekken 8 basically consist of a ranking system that shows the overall skill gap between players in the online community. The better you are at playing the game, the better your rank will be. It is very difficult to attain higher ranks as a new player unless you capitalize on using one of the best characters in Tekken 8.

Key Takeaways
  • Ranked matches in Tekken 8 are based on the ranking system where each rank shows a player’s skill level.
  • Higher ranks mostly consist of veteran players whereas earlier ranks are filled with beginners.
  • As players win ranked matches, they will accumulate more points and increase their ranks.
  • After reaching higher ranks, points will also get deducted for losing ranked battles in Tekken 8.

All Ranks In Tekken 8

Getting Promoted To A Higher Rank After Winning Ranked Battles (Image Captured by Us)
Getting Promoted To A Higher Rank After Winning Ranked Battles (Image Captured by Us)

Here is a list of all the ranks in Tekken 8 with how many total points you need to attain that rank:

Rank No.Rank TitleRank ColorTotal Points Needed
21st DanSilver400
32nd DanSilver1,000
19Mighty RulerPurple31,500
20Flame RulerPurple36,500
21Battle RulerPurple41,100
22FujinDark Blue45,700
23RaijinDark Blue52,300
24KishinDark Blue58,500
25BushinDark Blue64,700
26Tekken KingPurple+Gold70,900
27Tekken EmperorPurple+Gold79,100
28Tekken GodGold87,900
29Tekken God SupremeGold97,300
30God of DestructionPurple+Pink109,700
Source: Points needed to reach the highest ranks have been confirmed by Reddit user u/Competitive-Till4955.

How Does The Ranking System Work

ranking system tekken 8
Starting Tekken 8 With The Beginner Rank (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Increasing Rank: It is recommended for new players to start from the beginner rank and slowly level up as they win online ranked battles and gain points.
  • Points System: As you win matches, you will gain points and once your total points meet the threshold of the next rank, your rank will increase.
  • Demotions: Points are not deducted for losing matches in earlier ranks until you reach the Warrior rank where losing a battle puts a penalty on your total points.
  • Recommended Ranked Match Settings: Compete with players who are ±2 when compared to your rank so you don’t get matched with difficult-to-beat opponents.

Tekken 8 features a huge base roster and one of the best customization systems where you can use fight money to change the look of your main character completely. It also has an amazing story that finally brings some closure to a big plot point in the franchise.

This concludes my guide on the ranking system in Tekken 8 that ranks online players based on their skill level. I have included each attainable rank and mentioned the number of total points needed to reach that rank. Let me know if you’re enjoying the competitive scene of Tekken 8 currently in the comments below!


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