Anime Showdown Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Master the craft of fighting with the mightiest characters and obliterate your enemies with ease!

 Some characters in Anime Showdown require a lot of practice to master, while others are easy to learn and get up to speed. For that reason, we have written this guide on Anime Showdown Tier List to help you determine which characters you should play, learn, and unlock by spending your hard-earned resources. 

Important: It is worth mentioning that Anime Showdown currently requires 200 Roblox to play, and this tier list is based on patch Update 1.5.
Key Takeaways
  • The Anime Showdown currently challenges players with up to 10 characters
  • The ranking of players from best to worst depends upon how good a character performs in matchups and how easy they are in terms of difficulty.
  • Here are some top-tier characters you should know about: 
    1. The Joker is one of the easiest picks for beginners due to his range attacks which deal a considerable amount of damage to enemies.
    2. Asta is an all-rounded character due to the combination of range, melee, AOE, and counter skills he possesses. In addition to that, he also gets health regeneration during the awakening mode, which makes it easy to survive.
    3. Jotaro is a simple and easy-to-use character with a lot of high damage-dealing grabs and a time-stop awakening skill that can be quite useful to turn the tide.
    4. Rimuru is arguably the strongest close-range melee damage character in Anime Showdown.
    5. Shinra and Ippo are some of the hardest characters to master in Anime Showdown because they struggle against ranged characters such as the Joker and are harder to master.

The Tier List is divided into 4 major categories from S being the best and C being the worst. You may have a different opinion about certain characters’ placement in the Tier List and that is fine.  With that said, let’s proceed toward our updated tier list and go through the best and worst characters you can play choose from in Anime Showdown in 2023!

S-TierRimuru, Joker, Ulquiorra, Naruto, Asta
A-TierJotaro, Tengen
B-TierIppo, Gon

Continue to read below for an in-depth analysis and explanation of the ranking of each character and tips on how to correctly use and make the best of each character.


Tengen Uzui in Anime Showdown
Tengen Uzui In-Game Preview (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

S-Tier List characters in Anime Showdown are the best and strongest in Anime Showdown because they have a lot of good skills that provide them an advantage over other characters in terms of damage or an easier learning curve. If you want to keep winning in Anime Showdown and have a better edge when fighting opponents in matches, you should consider picking any one of the characters from this list and rest assured. You can pick any character in this Tier and be on your way to victory!


For starters, Ulquiorra is one of the few characters that have multiple awakenings in Anime Showdown. Moreover, he is mainly a melee-type character but has no trouble dealing with ranged characters such as Joker due to his long-range abilities such as Finger Cero and Cero Oscuras available to him in both base mode and awakening. In addition to that, when compared to other characters, he has a lot of abilities that can break through the enemy’s super-armor and guard while making him super-armor.

Awakening Modes2
Super Armor SkillsJab Rush, Finger Cero, Cero Oscuras, insignificant
Guard Break SkillsCero Oscuras, Finger Cero, Insignificant

On top of that, Ulquiorra’s combos deal excellent damage and are not that complex to perform. Furthermore, his ultimate allows him to dish out heavy damage as well. For that reason, we have decided to put Ulquiorra on the list of S-Tier characters and we believe he is a solid agent who can be very rewarding without putting in a lot of effort.


Naruto is the only character in Anime Showdown that has four awakening modes; Regular, Mini Awakening, Awakening, and Super Awakening. He has obtained significant buffs over the past few patches, and due to the sheer amount of awakenings, he is considered to be one of the most challenging opponents to fight in Anime Showdown.

Awakening Modes4
Super Armor SkillsRasengan, Toad water pistol
Guard Break SkillsRasengan, Toad water pistol

Furthermore, he is considered broken due to his ability “Toad Water Pistol” which allows you to summon a toad and shoot a massive blue ball at your enemy dealing a ton of damage while breaking their super armor and guard. Through his abilities such as Rasengan and Shadow Clone Jutsu, he can constantly keep his enemies on their toes and deal a great amount of combo damage. For that reason, we have ranked him as an S-Tier character in our Anime Showdown Tier List 2023.


Joker is arguably the most-picked character in Anime Showdown by beginners. Due to his skills such as Infernal Powder and Blazing Card Slash, he is also the most annoying character to deal with, especially if you are a beginner and are not aware of the matchup. He is a ranged character with powerful abilities such as infernal Powder and explosive cards that you can spam all day from the other side of the map without having to worry about evading or dodging enemy attacks.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsBlazing card slash
Guard Break SkillsExplosive cards, Blazing card slash, infernal powder

On top of that, the cooldown for his abilities is relatively low considering that most of his skills break the enemy’s guard and the amount of damage they deal is quite high. The reason Joker is feared greatly by even veteran players is due to his last skill Infernal Powder which tracks the enemy greatly from across the map and breaks their guard as well. If you are a beginner, it can be very annoying to deal with the Joker but players with little experience do not struggle as much.


Asta is a very aggressive and all-in-your-face type character in Anime Showdown that uses two massive swords and will always be in your face striking you down. He has access to a number of both ranged and close-combat high-damaging skills. Furthermore, his skill Demon Slicer and Anti-Magic Deflect are very effective against ranged characters such as Rimuru and Joker as they can be used to cover great dance to catch range characters and deflect all kinds of ranged attacks back at the enemy.

Awakening Modes2
Super Armor SkillsDemon slicer
Guard Break SkillsDemon slicer, Hurricane (last hit), bull thrust, black divider

 On top of that, he has an awakening that allows him to heal himself and survive longer which can prove to be very beneficial. Another thing worth mentioning is that Asta has multiple awakenings and all his skill’s cooldowns are reset when he awakens. Asta is a well-rounded character with range, melee, AOE, and counter skills. For that reason, he can be used by players of all levels.


Rimuru has been a completely broken character in Anime Showdown since day one. Furthermore, he has a set of close and long-range skills making him a viable option against all kinds of opponents. Like the other characters in the S-Tier list, he is easy to learn, play, and even master. In addition to that, he continues to grow even more strong as the match progresses and you awaken him.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsAuto-battle mode
Guard Break SkillsBlack Flame Smash, Hell Flare (breaks guard with the last hit), Dark Thunder

His abilities such as Dark Thunder and Hell Flare can be used from across the map to break the enemy’s guard and deal a high amount of damage. On top of that, if landed correctly, his combos can take as much as 50 -70% of the enemy’s health.  Moreover, Rimuru has a counter-attack skill available in standard and awakening modes that can be used to get out of enemy attacks. With Rimuru, it is not unusual to finish off your opponents with one or two combos.


Characters from A-Tier List in Anime Showdown are not as good as the characters from the S-Tier list but they are still decent. They get the job done albeit with a little more effort. If you enjoy a character from this list, you can definitely stick to it and get wins.


Inspired by the infamous Anime Demon Slayer, Tengen is a decent character in Anime Showdown that has a lot of AOE moves and a Powerful ultimate. He is also one of the beefiest characters due to his ultimate that makes him immortal and other abilities that grant him super-armor. In addition to that, he is excellent for crowd control and extending combos due to his abilities such as Constant Resounding Slashes and String.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsConstant resounding slashes, string performance
Guard Break SkillsFirst-form roar, Constant resounding slashes (last hit only)

Tengen gets an insane amount of comebacks due to his skill called Musical Score which allows him to be immortal for a few seconds. During that time you can use all your skills, perform combos, and deal as much damage as you want. For that reason, he is a very strong character and easily takes the spot in the S-Tier list. 


Jotaro in Anime Showdown is a strong and simple character. He has two grabs; his second and third skills, and only one awakening. In addition to that, both his grabs deal a decent amount of damage while going through the enemy’s guard and perfect block and are used as combo extenders during combos. Furthermore, his ultimate is where Jotaro truly shines as he stops time for a short amount and deals extensive damage to his opponents.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor Break SkillsOra barrage, Full power slam, skull breaker
Guard Break SkillsOra Barrage, 

However, Jotaro has very few decent ranged skills which makes it really difficult to fight against opponents such as Asta, Rimuru, and Joker. Moreover, While the Time Stop is decent, his awakening could really use a buff. Also, time stop’s combo damage can easily be reduced if the opponent double jumps before the skill cast making it harder for Jotaro to connect combos. Needless to say, Jotaro is still playable if you enjoy playing him and are aware of the character matchup.


Characters in B-Tier are not great in terms of pick rate or survivability. The only time you should consider using these characters is if you currently do not possess enough cash to buy the characters from A or S Tier list or you simply want to learn the character to learn the matchup.


If you are a fan of boxing, Hajime-No Ippo, or simply love pounding your enemies to the ground while hearing gun sounds coming from your punches, this is the character for you. However, he lacks the required tools and kit to win rounds with ease. Moreover, he only has one skill (Gazelle Punch) that breaks the enemy’s super-armor. In addition to that, while his ultimate deals decent damage, it has a large cast time making it very difficult to land it.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsGazelle punch
Guard Break SkillsGazelle punch, Dempsey roll, Sakki combo

Furthermore, Due to the lack of good Range abilities, Ippo really suffers against characters such as Ulquiorra and Joker that can continue to deal damage from far away. For that reason, we have decided to put him on the B-Tier list.


Gon is a close-range character who also uses grabs to beat down his opponents. Furthermore, he recently got a buff and now has massive movement speed in awakening allowing him to run a lot faster. Also, If Gon catches you during awakening, you are done. In terms of skills in base mode, he only has four of them. However, Gon is not an easy pick and most of his skills require high cast time. But, if you manage to land his ultimate (JaJanken Beatdown), it is highly rewarding as it one-shots the enemy.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsJanken Scissors
Guard Break SkillsJanken Rock

While his awakening allows him a movement speed buff and an ultimate that practically one-shots the enemy, he struggles a lot against ranged characters such as Rimuru and Joker due to a lack of decent range skills. In addition to that, he is not easy to learn and requires a hefty number of hours and matchup knowledge to win matches.


Characters from C-Tier List in Anime Showdown can take a lot of time to learn and are harder to master. Therefore, they are not a suitable pick for beginners and are not recommended as almost nobody uses them in the game. Furthermore, you should only consider using these characters in order to familiarize yourself with them. However, that does not mean you cannot use these characters to simply have fun in Anime Showdown and enjoy.


Inspired by the renowned Anime Fire Force, Similar to Gon and Ippo, Shinra is a close-range combat-type character. Furthermore, he is a high-risk and high-reward character. In addition to that, to be able to win rounds with him, Shinra requires you to choose between using his skill Corna or awakening. However, if you manage to land Corna, it deals massive damage. Alternatively, if you manage to awaken and land the ultimate, it one-shots the enemy.

Awakening Modes1
Super Armor SkillsFlaming kick Furry
Guard Break SkillsFire Axe, Corna, Adolla Burst

Similar to Gon and Ippo, Shinra lacks decent range skills. For that reason, he really struggles and dies instantly against characters such as Rimuru and Smoker. On top of that, he is harder to use and master compared to other characters in the roster.

Tier List Criteria

In-Game Preview Of Naruto
Naruto In Anime Showdown (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

We have written this Anime Showdown Tier List after spending a lot of hours playing the game and testing all the different characters available in the arena. In addition to that, we have made sure to test all the character’s skills in different scenarios against different opponents and which skills work against what type of enemies. However, feel free to switch to using these skills according to your preferred playstyle and what works best for you in order to have the best experience.

The main objective of this tier list is to make players aware of the sheer amount of skills and ultimate abilities available to the characters and how they play a key role in different scenarios. Moreover, we have compiled this tier list guide based on many expert players who have spent a considerable amount of hours in the Anime Showdown. We acknowledge that the tier list rankings are subjective; for that reason, our tier list is open for discussion but not for criticism. 

About The Game

Anime Showdown is a Roblox game inspired by several renowned Anime and Manga characters developed by MelonRevenue. In Anime Showdown, you will mainly be fighting and testing your skills against other players in the arena and unlocking new characters. However, unlocking and obtaining your favorite characters require resources such as cash and gems, which is not easy to come by.

We would like to thank you for sticking with us till the end of our Anime Showdown Characters tier list. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with all the necessary information you need in order to get started in Anime Showdown.  If you found our guide helpful, you can let us know down below in the comment section! Also, make sure to check out our Anime Warriors Tier List.


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