Anime Showdown Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2024]

Master the craft of fighting with the mightiest characters and obliterate your enemies with ease!

 Some characters in Anime Showdown require a lot of practice to master, while others are easy to learn and get up to speed. For that reason, I have written this guide on Anime Showdown Tier List to help you determine which characters you should play, learn, and unlock by spending your hard-earned resources. 

Important: It is worth mentioning that Anime Showdown currently requires 200 Roblox to play, and this tier list is based on patch Update 1.5.
Key Takeaways

In the Anime Showdown, players face off with up to 10 characters, and their rankings are based on performance in matchups and difficulty level. Here are some top-tier characters:

  • The Joker: An excellent choice for beginners with his powerful ranged attacks that deal significant damage to foes.
  • Asta: A well-rounded character, boasting a combination of ranged, melee, AOE, and counter skills. During the awakening mode, Asta also benefits from health regeneration, enhancing his survival.
  • Jotaro: A straightforward and user-friendly character with powerful grab moves and a time-stop awakening skill, offering great utility.
  • Rimuru: Regarded as the most potent close-range melee damage character in Anime Showdown.
  • Shinra and Ippo: These characters are among the more challenging options to master. They struggle against ranged characters like the Joker and require more skill to excel.

The Tier List is divided into 4 major categories from S being the best and C being the worst. You may have a different opinion about certain characters’ placement in the Tier List and that is fine.  With that said, let’s proceed toward my updated tier list and go through the best and worst characters you can choose from in Anime Showdown in 2023!

Tier Characters
S-Tier Rimuru, Joker, Ulquiorra, Naruto, Asta
A-Tier Jotaro, Tengen
B-Tier Ippo, Gon
C-Tier Shinra

With the rankings sorted, let’s check out the comparison between these characters:

CharacterTierDifficultyAwakening ModeSuper Armor SkillsGuard Break Skills
UlquiorraSEasy2Jab Rush, Finger Cero, Cero Oscuras, insignificantCero Oscuras, Finger Cero, Insignificant
NarutoSEasy4Rasengan, Toad water pistolRasengan, Toad water pistol
JokerSEasy1Blazing card slashExplosive cards, Blazing card slash
AstaSMedium2Demon slicerDemon slicer, Hurricane, bull thrust, black divider
RimuruSEasy1Auto-battle modeBlack Flame Smash, Hell Flare, Dark Thunder
TengenAMedium1Constant resounding slashes, string performanceFirst-form roar, Constant resounding slashes
JotaroAMedium1Ora barrage, Full power slam, skull breakerOra Barrage
IppoBHard1Gazelle punchGazelle punch, Dempsey roll, Sakki combo
GonBMedium1Janken ScissorsJanken Rock
ShinraCHard1Flaming kick FurryFire Axe, Corna, Adolla Burst


Tengen Uzui in Anime Showdown
Tengen Uzui In-Game Preview (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

S-Tier List characters in Anime Showdown are the best and strongest in Anime Showdown because they have a lot of good skills that provide them an advantage over other characters in terms of damage or an easier learning curve. 


For starters, Ulquiorra is one of the few characters that have multiple awakenings in Anime Showdown. Moreover, he is mainly a melee-type character but has no trouble dealing with ranged characters such as Joker due to his long-range abilities such as Finger Cero and Cero Oscuras available to him in both base mode and awakening. On top of that, Ulquiorra’s combos deal excellent damage and are not that complex to perform. 

Gender Male
Difficulty Easy
Awakening Modes 2
Super Armor Skills Jab Rush, Finger Cero, Cero Oscuras, insignificant
Guard Break Skills Cero Oscuras, Finger Cero, Insignificant


  • Multiple awakenings for versatility.
  • Effective against ranged characters with long-range abilities.


  • Limited information on stats or difficulty.
  • Complexity of combos not detailed.


Naruto is the only character in Anime Showdown that has four awakening modes; Regular, Mini Awakening, Awakening, and Super Awakening. He has obtained significant buffs over the past few patches, and due to the sheer amount of awakenings, he is considered to be one of the most challenging opponents to fight in Anime Showdown.

Gender Male
Difficulty Easy
Awakening Modes 4
Super Armor Skills Rasengan, Toad water pistol
Guard Break Skills Rasengan, Toad water pistol


  • Unique with four awakening modes.
  • Challenging opponent with significant buffs.


  • Limited info on difficulty levels.
  • Specifics on skills not fully detailed.


Joker is arguably the most-picked character in Anime Showdown by beginners. Due to his skills such as Infernal Powder and Blazing Card Slash, he is also the most annoying character to deal with, especially if you are a beginner and are not aware of the matchup. He’s a ranged character with potent abilities like Infernal Powder and explosive cards.

Gender Male
Difficulty Easy
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Blazing card slash
Guard Break Skills Explosive cards, Blazing card slash, infernal powder


  • Popular choice for beginners.
  • Annoying with powerful ranged abilities.


  • Limited info on difficulty.
  • Details on overall abilities not provided.


Asta is a very aggressive and all-in-your-face type character in Anime Showdown that uses two massive swords and will always be in your face striking you down. He possesses both long-range and close-combat high-damage skills. Furthermore, his skills Demon Slicer and Anti-Magic Deflect are very effective against ranged characters such as Rimuru and Joker as they disrupt enemies and deflect ranged attacks effectively.

Gender Male
Difficulty Medium
Awakening Modes 2
Super Armor Skills Demon slicer
Guard Break Skills Demon slicer, Hurricane (last hit), bull thrust, black divider


  • Aggressive and versatile character.
  • Excels in both long-range and close combat.


  • Medium difficulty level.
  • Limited details on specific abilities.


Rimuru has been a completely broken character in Anime Showdown since day one. Furthermore, he has a set of close and long-range skills making him a viable option against all kinds of opponents. Like other S-Tier characters, he’s easy to learn, play, and master. Additionally, he grows stronger as the match progresses and you awaken him.

Gender Male
Difficulty Easy
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Auto-battle mode
Guard Break Skills Black Flame Smash, Hell Flare (breaks guard with the last hit), Dark Thunder


  • Dominant character since launch.
  • Versatile with close and long-range skills.


  • Easy to learn and potentially overpowered.
  • Strength grows with awakening.


Characters from the A-Tier List in Anime Showdown are not as good as the characters from the S-Tier list but they are still decent. They get the job done albeit with a little more effort. If you enjoy a character from this list, you can definitely stick to it and get wins.


Inspired by the infamous Anime Demon Slayer, Tengen is a decent character in Anime Showdown that has a lot of AOE moves and a Powerful ultimate. He is also one of the beefiest characters due to his ultimate that makes him immortal and other abilities that grant him super-armor. In addition to that, he is excellent for crowd control and extending combos due to his abilities such as Constant Resounding Slashes and String.

Gender Male
Difficulty Medium
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Constant resounding slashes, string performance
Guard Break Skills First-form roar, Constant resounding slashes (last hit only)


  • Inspired by Demon Slayer with AOE moves.
  • Powerful ultimate and high durability.


  • Medium difficulty level.
  • Limited details on specific abilities.


Jotaro in Anime Showdown is a strong and simple character. He has two grabs; his second and third skills, and only one awakening. In addition to that, both his grabs deal substantial damage, bypassing the enemy’s guard and perfect block, serving as combo extenders. Furthermore, Jotaro truly shines with his ultimate, where he stops time briefly, inflicting extensive damage on opponents.

Gender Male
Difficulty Medium
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Break Skills Ora barrage, Full power slam, skull breaker
Guard Break Skills Ora Barrage, 


  • Strong and straightforward.
  • Two grabs for combos, and decent damage.
  • Time-stopping ultimate.


  • Medium difficulty.
  • Limited details on skills.


Characters in B-Tier are not great in terms of pick rate or survivability. The only time you should consider using these characters is if you currently do not possess enough cash to buy the characters from A or S Tier list or you simply want to learn the character to learn the matchup.


If you are a fan of boxing, Hajime-No Ippo, or simply love pounding your enemies to the ground while hearing gun sounds coming from your punches, this is the character for you. However, he lacks the required tools and kit to win rounds with ease. Moreover, he only has one skill (Gazelle Punch) that breaks the enemy’s super-armor. Additionally, his ultimate deals decent damage but has a lengthy cast time, making it challenging to land.

Gender Male
Difficulty Hard
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Gazelle punch
Guard Break Skills Gazelle punch, Dempsey roll, Sakki combo


  • Great for boxing and Hajime-No Ippo fans.
  • Punch-centric gameplay with gun sounds.


  • Lacks tools for easy wins.
  • Only one super-armor-breaking skill.


Gon is a close-range character who also uses grabs to beat down his opponents. Furthermore, he recently got a buff and now has massive movement speed in awakening allowing him to run a lot faster. Moreover, if caught during awakening, Gon spells trouble. In base mode, he has just four skills, but they often involve high cast times. However, landing his ultimate (JaJanken Beatdown) is highly rewarding, as it one-shots the enemy.

Gender Male
Difficulty Medium
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Janken Scissors
Guard Break Skills Janken Rock


  • Close-range character with grab moves.
  • High reward with one-shot ultimate.


  • Base mode skills have high cast times.
  • Difficulty landing the ultimate.


Characters from C-Tier List in Anime Showdown can take a lot of time to learn and are harder to master. Therefore, they are not a suitable pick for beginners and are not recommended as almost nobody uses them in the game. Furthermore, you should only consider using these characters to familiarize yourself with them. However, that does not mean you cannot use these characters to simply have fun in Anime Showdown and enjoy.


Inspired by the renowned Anime Fire Force, Similar to Gon and Ippo, Shinra is a close-range combat-type character. Furthermore, he is a high-risk and high-reward character. In addition to that, to be able to win rounds with him, Shinra requires you to choose between using his skill Corna or Awakening. However, if you manage to land Corna, it deals massive damage. Alternatively, if you manage to awaken and land the ultimate, it one-shots the enemy.

Gender Male
Difficulty Hard
Awakening Modes 1
Super Armor Skills Flaming kick Furry
Guard Break Skills Fire Axe, Corna, Adolla Burst


  • High-risk, high-reward character.
  • Massive damage with Corna and one-shot ultimate.


  • Hard difficulty level.
  • Strategic choice between Corna and Awakening.

Tier List Criteria

In-Game Preview Of Naruto
Naruto In Anime Showdown (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

I’ve written this Anime Showdown Tier List after spending a lot of hours playing the game and testing all the different characters available in the arena. In addition to that, we have made sure to test all the character’s skills in different scenarios against different opponents and which skills work against what type of enemies. However, feel free to switch to using these skills according to your preferred playstyle and what works best for you to have the best experience.

The main objective of this tier list is to highlight the diverse skills and ultimate abilities of characters in various scenarios. Moreover,  I’ve compiled this tier list guide based on many expert players who have spent a considerable amount of hours in the Anime Showdown. While rankings are subjective, this tier list is open for discussion, not criticism.

About The Game

Anime Showdown is a Roblox game inspired by several renowned Anime and Manga characters developed by MelonRevenue. In Anime Showdown, you will mainly be fighting and testing your skills against other players in the arena and unlocking new characters. However, unlocking and obtaining your favorite characters requires resources such as cash and gems, which is not easy to come by.

I would like to thank you for sticking with me till the end of my Anime Showdown Characters tier list. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with all the necessary information you need to get started in Anime Showdown.  If you found our guide helpful, you can let us know down below in the comment section! Also, make sure to check out our Anime Warriors Tier List.


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