All Star Tower Defense Tier List [February 2024]

A concrete Tier List is here, where you will know everything about the best to worst characters In All Star Tower Defense..

The game’s name gives a lot of information about its type, but if you still aren’t aware of what it is about, let us tell you. All-Star Tower Defense is a Roblox tower defense game but with a bit of a twist. Unlike the traditional tower defense games, in this game, you have a wide array of famous anime characters to choose from.

They are fundamental in your journey of completing the story or getting at the summit of the leaderboard in the infinite mode of the game. Our All-Star Tower Defense Tier List will help you complete the story mode with ease and also rank highly in the infinite mode.

Key Takeaways
  • All-Star Tower Defense boasts over 100 balanced playable units.
  • Characters are categorized into Ground + Air, Air Only, Ground Only, Hill, and Single types, defining their roles and efficiency.
  • Ranking of characters is based on their overall performance across 25 competitive levels.
  • Top Ground choices include Zazashi, King of Heroes, Bellma, ZIO, Kosuke, Tokens, The Boys, Ice X-Marine, and Death/Ryuk.
  • Among Air types, Old Will, Hashirama, and The Path stand out.
  • Units like Giant, Yoshage Kiryu, Togi, and Koku Black are advised to be kept at a distance.
  • Despite the influence of orbs, updates, and grind on gameplay mechanics, prioritize on-field effectiveness over colorful stats.

Here is the Tier List Summarized:

All Star Tower Defense Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Tier Ground Air Single Hill
S-Tier  Zazashi (PERFECTION), King of Heroes, Bellma (SMC), ZIO (ASCENDED), Kosuke (Full Samurai), Tokens, The Boys, Ice X-Marine, Death/Ryuk, Dark Wing, Old Will, Jin Mori, Hashirama, Zaruto, Expert Sorcerer, Orange Head Old Will, Hashirama, Ice X-Marine, Tokens, Kosuke (Full Samurai), King of Heroes
A-Tier  Gate, Bomba, Dungeon Queen, Joke Da Fool, Evil Shade, Maniac, Jackzon, Box, Kabuto, Kakuzu, Amen, Crow, Waifu, Maid Waifu, The Path      The Path, Waifu, Legendary Borul, Maniac
B-Tier  Super Boo, Paper Beauty, Blinding Lights, Martial Artist, Mountain Cannon, Red Eye Warrior, Zyaya, Shave, Blonde Esper, Flamin Tiger, Ming, Duhari, Future T, Tony Stark (Coyote Starrk) Blinding Lights, Lucky Green, Koku Black Pink
C-Tier  Airren, Dimensional Alien, Zio, Whitestache, Undertaker, Plant Man, Maskice, Xrxes, Mina, Humble Swordman, Boggi “The Clown”, Genie, Alligator Ikki (BW), Spade Grizsloth
D-Tier  Lami, Lex, Killer, Gash, Rodoroki, Anti Magician, Koro, Ruffy, Hammer Giant, Yoshage Kiryu, Togi Koku, Koku Black Ikki, Zazashi Uru

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All-Star Tower Defense Tier List

TierNameDamageSPADPSTotal CostUnit TypeATK Type
SZazashi (PERFECTION)8,568,0006.015.0Cash.png10,000,000GroundAoE (Full)
SKing of Heroes128,001.640.160.0Cash.png10,000,001GroundSingle
SZIO (ASCENDED)733,862.055.068.2Cash.png591,450GroundAoE (Circle)
SKosuke (Full Samurai)1,203,846.846.0159.0Cash.png1,155,315HybridAoE (Cone)
STokens1,945,578.608.065.0Cash.png738,300HybridAoE (Circle)
SThe Boys825,,502GroundAoE (Full)
SIce X-Marine1,720,784.277.1588.0Cash.png1,053,650GroundAoE (Cone)
SDark Wing48,169.3012.090.0Cash.png16,576GroundAoE (Cone)
SOld Will32,13015.0107.5Cash.png9,550GroundAoE (Full)
SZaruto11,995.202.025.0Cash.png10,375GroundAoE (Full)
SExpert Sorcerer19,813.505.0130.0Cash.png10,600GroundAoE (Cone)
SOrange Head1,481,942.705.047.5Cash.png920,150GroundAoE (Cone)
ADungeon Queen25,768.264.06,442.07Cash.png10,800GroundAoE (Cone)
AJoke Da Fool21,4204.05,355Cash.png8,200GroundAoE (Circle)
AEvil Shade35,889.215.56,525.31Cash.png10,950GroundAoE (Cone)
AManiac56,131.1111.05,102.83Cash.png13,325HybridAoE (Full)
AJackzon20,113.386.03,352.23Cash.png11,550GroundAoE (Circle)
ABox54,717.3910.935,006.17Cash.png9,550GroundAoE (Cone)
AAmen44,917.7415.02,994.52Cash.png23,550GroundAoE (Full)
ACrow23,615.557.03,373.65Cash.png7,350GroundAoE (Cone)
ALegendary Borul921.0616.057.57Cash.png7,350AirAoE (Full)
AWaifu57,041.469.06,337.94Cash.png18,050HybridAoE (Full)
AMaid Waifu28,272.265.05,654.45Cash.png8,650GroundAoE (Cone)
AThe Path124,964.285.024,992.86Cash.png14,235HybridAoE (Cone)
BMountain Cannon23,454.907.03,350.70Cash.png7,150GroundAoE (Cone)
BMartial Artist32,151.426.54,946.37Cash.png8,110GroundAoE (Circle)
BBlinding Lights1,103.136.0183.86Cash.png6,450GroundAoE (Full)
BKoku Black Pink1,563.667.0223.38Cash.png5,300AirAoE (Cone)
BLucky Green1,959.934.7417.01Cash.png5,795AirAoE (Cone)
BPaper Beauty2,249.104.0562.28Cash.png2,600GroundAoE (Circle)
BSuper Boo1,970.645.7345.73Cash.png10,270HybridAoE (Full)
BBlonde Esper58,508.737.57,801.16Cash.png21,400GroundAoE (Full)
BZyaya1,595.795.5290.14Cash.png7,755GroundAoE (Full)
BRed Eye Warrior1,0715.0214.2Cash.png6,700GroundAoE (Cone)
BTony Stark (Coyote Starrk)22,169.705.04,433.94Cash.png4,550GroundAoE (Cone)
BFuture T813.963.0271.32Cash.png3,980GroundAoE (Cone)
CUndertaker1,713.604.7364.6Cash.png7,810GroundAoE (Full)
CWhitestache529.074.017.2Cash.png11,130GroundAoE (Full)
CDimensional Alien75,933.905.094.0Cash.png16,050GroundAoE (Circle)
CHumble Swordman771.125.025.0Cash.png3,700GroundAoE (Cone)
CMina263.472.825.0Cash.png3,240GroundAoE (Cone)
CMaskice280.64.011.0Cash.png3,025GroundAoE (Full)
CPlant Man4,948.02100.06.0Cash.png3,690GroundSummon
CIkki (BW)835.384.029.0Cash.png3,700AirSingle
CAlligator177.794.018.0Cash.png2,550GroundAoE (Cone)
CGenie1,413.723.921.0Cash.png4,050GroundAoE (Cone)
CBoggi “The Clown”124.242.736.0Cash.png2,850GroundAoE (Cone)
DKoku Black503.379.055.93Cash.png3,025AirSingle
DYoshage Kiryu53.550.25214.2Cash.png4,075GroundSingle
DHammer Giant942.485.0188.5Cash.png4,150GroundAoE (Cone)
DKoro85.682.042.84Cash.png3,350GroundAoE (Full)
DAnti Magician224.917.032.13Cash.png3,350GroundAoE (Cone)
DRodoroki92.114.520.47Cash.png2,575GroundAoE (Cone)
All Star Tower Defense Tier List
Best Characters in the Game

Since we are done with explaining how we have categorized the characters, we will now begin our tier list. Our list is based on the latest game patch and provides a general introduction to each character that justifies our opinion on why we have placed them in their respective tier.


All Star Tower Defense Tier List
S-Tier Rank

The epitome of greatness in the game is in this list; they are very powerful and possess abilities that can make you win irrespective of the location and level. Picking them makes your life easy in the game, and victory comes quickly and efficiently, with effectiveness intact.

In this tier, you can see a lot of variance in the stars, but always remember that the stars don’t matter. Many characters in the game are 6 stars, but they are useless even with their special orbs. The upgrades in the game are also important, and some characters, like Bellma at full upgrade, are better than Mikato, even though Mikato is a 6-star character. At the same time, Bellma is only a 5-star character.

Character Tier Stars Type
Zazashi (PERFECTION) S 6 Ground
King of Heroes S 6 Ground + Air
Bellma (SMC) S 5 Ground
Kosuke (Full Samurai) S 6 Ground + Air
Tokens S 6 Ground + Air
The Boys S 6 Ground
Ice X-Marine S 6 Ground + Air
Death/Ryuk S 6 Ground
Dark Wing S 6 Ground
Old Will S 6 Ground + Air
Jin Mori S 5 Ground
Hashirama S 5 Ground + Air
Zaruto S Legendary Ground
Expert Sorcerer S 6 Ground
Orange Head S 6 Ground


All Star Tower Defense Tier List
A-Tier Rank

The A tier list of our All-Star Tower Defense Tier List consists of characters that are a level below the S Tier characters, but by no means are they bad, and some are on the verge of jumping into the S tier after the next major update of the game. At the same time, some might drop down to a tier below the B tier. But for now, they are in this tier for a reason.

The A Tier is always a tricky one, and here, there can be loads of room for subjectivity, so bear with us on this one. If our opinion varies from yours and if any constructive criticism is needed, do inform us in the comment section below.

Character Tier Stars Type
Gate A 5 Ground
Bomba A 5 Ground
Dungeon Queen A 6 Ground
Joke Da Fool A 5 Ground
Evil Shade A 5 Ground 
Maniac A 5 Ground + Air
Jackzon A 5 Ground
Box A 6 Ground 
Kabuto A 5 Ground
Kakuzu A 5 Ground
Amen A 5 Ground
Crow A 5 Ground
Legendary Borul A 5 Air
Waifu A 5 Ground + Air
Maid Waifu A 6 Ground
The Path A 6 Ground + Air


All Star Tower Defense Tier List
B-Tier Rank

These are characters that with moderate requirements for unlocking and can get you past the initial levels with little hardships. They are fairly good for a gamer who is just getting a hold of the game, and utilizing them in the right manner can help you in your defense of the towers.

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There are characters with higher stars than the Future T, but it made it in our list because of the glitch associated with this character. If you upgrade Future T to the max and then sell him alongside the yellow orb, the yellow orb will remain with you forever due to the glitch.

Character Tier Stars Type
Mountain Cannon B 5 Ground
Martial Artist B 5 Ground
Blinding Lights B 5 Ground + Air
Koku Black Pink B 5 Air
Lucky Green B 5 Air
Paper Beauty B 5 Ground 
Super Boo B 5 Ground
Flamin Tiger B 5 Ground 
Blonde Esper B 5 Ground
Shave B 6 Ground
Zyaya B 5 Ground
Red Eye Warrior B 5 Ground
Tony Stark (Coyote Starrk) B 5 Ground
Future T B 4 Ground 
Duhari B 5 Ground
Ming B 5 Ground 


All Star Tower Defense Tier List
C-Tier Rank

The C tier of The Star Tower Defense Tier List of Exputer is about characters that are below average but can be useful for some players. They are not that useful in the majority of the levels, but at easier levels, they can save loads of time in contrast to using characters from the lowest tier, which is the D tier.

Like the other tiers, over here, you will see that some 5-star characters are part of this tier. Still, with each upgrade, there are 5-star characters whose powers have gone down; the spade who two months ago would be part of the upper tier has been demoted to tier C because of him being useless in many scenarios in the higher levels, but never the less; in another update, he might jump to the upper tier.

Character Tier Stars Type
Spade C 5 Air
Undertaker C 5 Ground
Whitestache C 5 Ground 
Zio C 5 Ground
Dimensional Alien C 5 Ground
Airren C 5 Ground 
Humble Swordman C 5 Ground
Mina C 5 Ground
Xrxes C 4 Ground
Maskice C 4 Ground
Plant Man C 5 Ground
Ikki (BW) C 5 Air
Alligator C 4 Ground
Genie C 5 Ground 
Boggi “The Clown” C 3 Ground
Grizsloth C 4 Hill


The D Tier
D-Tier Rank

This is the tier where you will find the game’s weakest characters. Knowing them is vital as you have to use them when you are new to the game, and having strong fundamentals is important. 

Yes, they can be unlocked easily and are very important in the story mode. Some of them have been here for a long time, while others were recently demoted after the patch last month. There are some gems like Killer, a 4-star character on this tier, but he is much better than the 5-star version, so the D tier of Exputer’s All-Star Tower Defense Tier List is not meaningless.

Character Tier Stars Type
Gash D 4 Ground
Killer D 4 Ground
Lex D 4 Ground 
Lami D 3 Ground
Zazashi D 4 Single
Ikki D 3 Single 
Uru D 3 Hill
Koku Black D 4 Air
Togi D 4 Ground
Yoshage Kiryu D 5 Ground
Hammer Giant D 5 Ground
Koku D 5 Air
Ruffy D 3 Ground
Koro D 3 Ground 
Anti Magician D 3 Ground
Rodoroki D 4 Ground

Must-Have Characters In All Star Defense

Must Have Characters
Must Have Characters

These are some of the most notable and our favorite characters from the game. The reason we have them on here is because of total subjectivity, and some are must-have as a noob in the game while others are for loyalty to the game.

The one thing that we need to understand about All-Star Tower Defense is that the game changes and these tiers are not concrete; with each update, you will see amendments being made to these tiers, but the characters in this bonus are evergreen and will always be beneficial for you in terms of a headstart while being new to the game or for collection reasons, which you can boast in the future.

The Path

The Path in All Star Tower Defense
The Iconic Path

The Path is not the easiest character to unlock in the game; he can only be unlocked by evolving pang (pain). He is from the anime universe of Naruto Shippuden. 

How to unlock 

You will need 1 pang, 1 pang (human), 1 pang (demon), and 3 sound ninjas; only then can you unlock the Path.

General Info

There are 4 levels of upgrade for Pang; his deployment cost is 500, and the total cost is 9235. The tower type of Pang is ground and air.

Attack Stats

The attack type of the Path is single; the damage is 70 to 1080, while the attack rate is 3 to 5, and the range is 25 to 35.


The weakness of the Path that we found was that with the orb activated, he could only do 20000 damage.

Our Take

Even though many people believe he is the weakest 6 star in the game but we often forget that this guy is very old but easy to obtain in comparison to someone like Goku. So the reason he is in our S-Tier is that he is someone you can’t miss if you are new to the game, and for the story, he is very solid. The developers will at one point, buff him, the old characters do see a time period where their stats are upgraded, so his issue with orb will hopefully be resolved, so we recommend new players to grab this character with ease.

Blackstache (Timeskip)

The Scariest one in All Star Tower Defense
The Scary Blackstache

This is the meta unit. Meta units are absolutely the best in the game and tier above other characters. The Black Beard is from the anime One Piece.

How to Unlock 

You can unlock the Black Stache using 1 Black Stache, 1 Whitestache, 4 Pirate Agents, 3 Pirate Agent III,k 2 Pirate Agent IV, and 1 Pirate Agent V.

General Info

There are six levels of upgrade for the Black Stache (Timeskip); the deployment cost is 600, while the total cost is 7850. The tower type is ground. 

Special Abilities

The Black Stache is in the S-Tier of our All Star Tower Defense Tier List primarily because of his ability to slow down the movement of the enemies while they are attacking you; it helps you in good defense and a good retaliation.


He has no apparent weakness and is the second most powerful meta in the game, the only issue that you might have with this character is the use of Orb, which can be tricky and, at times, doesn’t do anything special, but other times it is necessary.

Our Take

The reason he is in our S-Tier is simple, he is the second most powerful meta in the game, and you can easily get him by playing smartly. For some people in our team, it took 5 hours while for others 3 hours were enough to get him. He is a must-have, and currently, he is very buffed.

Golden Supreme Leader

Supreme Leader Final Form
The Majestic One

This character is based on Golden Frieza from the world-renown anime Dragon Ball Super. He is one of the most valuable characters in the game, and his recent update costs $900 alone; unlocking him is tricky though.

How to unlock

You will need 2 Supreme Leader (Final Form), 3 Alien Soldier, 3 Alien Soldier II, 3 Alien Soldier III. You need an ORB to scale it, and for that, you need to beat trial one on the extreme mode of level 25 or above.

General Info

His deployment cost is 500, while the total cost will be 4,550 for this character. The Golden Supreme-Leader has seven upgrade levels, and his tower type is a hill. It can attack in a circle, and the maximum damage it can give to an opponent is 973.


The character’s true ability can only be unlocked with the orbs; without that, after the meta update, this character is not as good as it once was. So to use this character, you need to use the orb very wisely, as we have guided you above.

Our Take

The reason Golden Supreme-Leader is in the S-Tier of our All Star Tower Defense Tier List is because of his unmatchable ability in damages due to the shrewd use of the orb. Plus for the beginners in the game, this guy can be very useful even without the orbs, as he is beyond useful in the story mode.

Mikato (Beast Cloak)

Mikato in All Star Tower Defense
Mikato Namikaze from Naruto

Chakra Cloak, have you ever heard this name? If not, then let me tell you, this is a very famous character from Naruto, and it is a 6-star ground and AoE (Cone) unit in this game. Evolving him is a less tedious task, but the rewards are many.

How to Unlock

You would be needing 2 Mikato, 3 Sound Ninja, 3 Sound Nina II, and 4 Sound Ninja III. Scaling the character to increase the initial damage by 200% and to upgrade the overall damage by 250%, you would need an orb, and defeating Raids on an extreme level at level 50 or above is needed.

General Info

The deployment cost for Mikato (Beast Cloak) is 500, while there are four upgrade levels available for it. The total cost will be 4,400, while the tower type is ground for Mikato. The maximum range for this one is 47 after four upgrades with great damage of 941 at level 4.


He is very weak even with the orb and will not be a good character for story mode even.

Our Take

The reason behind him in this tier is that he is one of the first 6-star characters in the game, and many people want him for the collection. If you don’t have him in the collection, then you are not a long-time loyal to the game.

All-Star Defense Tier List Criteria

All Star Tower Defense Tier List

The world of All Star Defense consists of more than 30 characters which can be used around 3 worlds, and there are over 25 levels in the game. So much diversity in the game means that we need a good method to categorize the characters in tiers, to help you combat confusion because of a lot of variances in the game.

We will make four tiers in our All Star Tower Defense Tier List to help you clear any confusion and to assist you in your journey in the game. The 4 tiers will be, Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C and Tier D.

Tier A will have the most powerful and useful characters while as the tier decreases, the power and usefulness of the characters will decrease, so logically, Tier C will have the least powerful characters from the game. There is a direct relationship between the tier and the characters’ power. The higher the tier, the more powerful the characters are, and vice versa for the lower tiers.

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Final Thoughts

All Star Tower Defense Best Characters Ranked

All-Star Tower Defense is a game where a character’s abilities on paper might be too good, but at the end of the day, other factors like the updates, orbs, and grind make those characters useless, or they are placed in lower tiers. Certainly, this game requires a lot of grinding, and to have a concrete opinion, you need to invest a lot of time into these games.

You can waste cash on characters by not promptly researching them, or you can be confused by the abilities on paper. It is a good practice to see the tier lists, especially on Exputer, that are updated from time to time to save yourself from unnecessary grinding and waste of time.

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Ending Note: Our tier list is based on our personal experience with the game. We have put hours into this game, and after a big brainstorming session, we came up with this list. Still, despite the concrete justification backed by evidence, our tier list will differ from yours because human perception is different, and constructive criticism is always welcomed. Still, one thing is for sure: our tier list will help you gain value.

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