Azur Lane Tier List [2023]

Azur Lane Tier List from Exputer is here to help you win your battles by deploying the best strategies with the right Waifu Ships.

Azur Lane is a very popular game centered around Waifus. The game has a good gameplay mechanism, similar to world war 2 Gacha game, but over here, the gameplay mechanics aren’t the focal point. The main center of attention is the Waifus, and in our Azur Lane Tier List, we will rank them from the best ships to worst.

Key Highlights
  • From Battleships to Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, and Submarines, Azur Lane features up to 400 obtainable ships of distinct types. 
  • The ranking is based on vigor, strength, and punch shown by each Ship during battle and how worthy they prove at different placements in Azur Lane. 
  • Nagato, the Battleship, Z23 the Destroyer, and Shinano, the Heavy Aircraft Carrier, are the most substantial Azur Lane ships. Formidable, Essex, and U-101 were the King Waifus in the past. 
  • The worst ships in Azur Lane are Anniversary Kizuna Al, U-556, Tartu, and Isuzu. 
  • Powerful Azur Lane ships look good and let you experience minimal grinding.

The Azur Lane has very simple gameplay. Your team consists of starter ships turned in Waifus and have FFFF elements from other similar world war 2 games.

There are basically seven ships that you have to deploy in a 3-1-3 formation. The backline consists of the main waifu, the middle has the flagship waifu, and the front has three vanguard ships, but these battleships are not all the same, and they overpower others, thus, picking the right ones is the key to winning battles. For this, we have ranked them in tiers to help you.

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Azur Lane Tier List

This Tier List is highly subjective and is a result of our time in the game. You have every right to comment on this, but it is not open to criticism as the nature of the tier list is based on no absolute truth. All things aside, starting with S-Tier, you will find Best Azur Lane Ships, and going down, there will be slightly worse battleships. 


Azur Lane Tier List
The Legendary Waifus

Unlike many other F2P games, the Azur Lane has an excellent system where you can easily unlock powerful characters, navigate easily in the battle, and have high stats.

The S Tier of our Azur Lane Tier List consists of the most useful Waifus in the game, making it an experience with minimal grinding. On top of that, these are some of the most skimpy-looking characters & ships whose designs can give you concupiscent dreams.

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BremertonHeavy CruiserVanguard
Warspite RetrofitBattleshipBack Row
SeattleLight CruiserVanguard
San Diego RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
RyuuhouAircraft CarrierBack Row
RoonHeavy CruiserVanguard
RichelieuBattleshipBack Row
OdinBattleshipBack Row
NagatoBattleshipBack Row
MonarchBattleshipBack Row
I-13Submarine CarrierBack Row
HoweBattleshipBack Row
HelenaLight CruiserVanguard
GeorgiaBattleshipBack Row
GascogneBattleshipBack Row
Friedrich der GrosseBattleshipBack Row
FormidableAircraft CarrierBack Row
EnterpriseAircraft CarrierBack Row
DrakeHeavy CruiserVanguard
ChapayevLight CruiserVanguard
CentaurLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
ShinanoAircraft CarrierBack Row
PerseusLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row


Azur Lane Tier List
The Second Best Waifus

Unlike the S Tier, the A Tier does have characters that are somehow on par in the majority of the aspects with the superior or best ships tier, but they do have some minor drawbacks, which makes you grind a little more in battles. These characters also have great looks and look amazing, but they aren’t as raunchy as the S Tier characters. 

ZaraHeavy CruiserVanguard
Z23 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Yat-Sen RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
VestalRepair ShipBack Row
UnicornLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
TosaBattleshipBack Row
SwiftsureLight CruiserVanguard
Saratoga RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
Saint LouisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Portland RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
Ping Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
NoshiroLight CruiserVanguard
Ning Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
NeptuneLight CruiserVanguard
MontpelierLight CruiserVanguard
MinneapolisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Laffey RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
King George VBattleshipBack Row
Jintsuu RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Jean BartBattleshipBack Row
IntrepidAircraft CarrierBack Row
IllustriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
Graf ZeppelinAircraft CarrierBack Row
EssexAircraft CarrierBackline
Duke of YorkBattleshipBack Row
CheshireHeavy CruiserVanguard
Bunker HillAircraft CarrierBack Row
BismarckBattleshipBack Row
An ShanDestroyerVanguard
AmagiBattle CruiserBack Row
AlabamaBattleshipBack Row
AkashiRepair ShipBack Row


Good enough waifu ships
Not so average characters

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The B-Tier of our Azur Lane Tier List consists of the average Waifu ships that you can unlock. They are not far away from the S and A tier characters. This tier list doesn’t follow the general trend, like in our Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List, where there is a huge gap between S and B Tier in terms of abilities because, as we said above, this game is more waifu centric than gameplay centric. Since it is a very good F2P with the aim to make the player grind as little as possible, the C-Tier is exactly for those casuals who just want characters with good abilities and don’t want amorous feelings (not sure any waifu fans would want that).

Newcastle RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Little BelLight CruiserVanguard
Jeanne D’ArcLight CruiserVanguard
HermioneLight CruiserVanguard
DidoLight CruiserVanguard
ColumbiaLight CruiserElite (Special)
ClevelandLight CruiserVanguard
BirminghamLight CruiserVanguard
AuroraLight CruiserVanguard
ShouhouLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Mogami RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
LondonHeavy CruiserVanguard
IbukiHeavy CruiserVanguard
Z1 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Nicholas RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
ValiantBattleshipBack Row
TirpitzBattleshipBack Row
Queen ElizabethBattleshipBack Row
North CarolinaBattleshipBack Row
LittorioBattleshipBack Row
ChampagneBattleshipBack Row
HoodBattle CruiserBack Row
Hyuuga RetrofitAviation BattleshipBack Row
KagaAircraft CarrierBack Row
CasablancaAircraft CarrierBack Row
Ark RoyalAircraft CarrierBack Row
AkagiAircraft CarrierBack Row


Average Waifus
You can pick them.

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From this tier onwards, the abilities tend to go down, and the gap between the Waifus in the upper tier and here becomes visible. These characters are average in the navigation and their overall abilities in the battles. They, despite this, are good, and if you have played the game enough, you can win battles, and yes these Waifus are not as hot as the ones in the upper tiers of our Azur Lane Tier List.

ArizonaBattleshipBack Row
GangutBattleshipBack Row
Shangri-LaAircraft CarrierBack Row
IzumoBattleshipBack Row
Little RenownBattleshipBack Row
ShoukakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
Souryuu RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
SurugaBattleshipBack Row
VictoriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
ZuikakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
AlgerieHeavy CruiserVanguard
BelfastLight CruiserVanguard
Curacoa RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Curlew RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Kizuna AlDestroyerVanguard
Prinz EugenHeavy CruiserVanguard
SheffieldLight CruiserVanguard
SiriusLight CruiserVanguard
WichitaHeavy CruiserVanguard


The Below Par Waifus
Think Twice

These are below average Waifus, and they do fall short in battles. There are some Waifus that one can debate being in the upper tier because of their abilities, but the way they are designed is, in less harsh words, a disgrace to the Waifus. Thus we had to put them in D tier.

AkagiAircraft CarrierBack Row
BataanAircraft CarrierBack Row
EagleAircraft CarrierBack Row
FumiruiruAircraft CarrierBack Row
MikasaBattleshipBack Row
Hiryuu Retrofit Aircraft CarrierBack Row
TaihouAircraft CarrierBack Row
BiloxiLight CruiserVanguard
KinuLight CruiserVanguard
RenoLight CruiserVanguard
Sendai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard


Worst Waifu Ships
Stay Away

The tier that you would want to avoid. The way the Waifus are designed is way below par, and they aren’t blessed by the developers with the strength, vigor, and punch to make you a victor during battles. 

Anniversary Kizuna AlAircraft CarrierBack Row
ChaserLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
ZeppyAircraft CarrierBack Row
IsuzuLight CruiserVanguard

Azur Lane Tier List Criteria

The Waifus in the Azur Lane is ranked in our tier based on two things where we have assigned different weightage to each. The first thing is how well the Waifus are designed, while the other aspect is their stats because this is a great freemium game, where you don’t need to spend to win.

Thus we have assigned 70% of the weight to the design of the Waifus and the remaining 30% to the overall abilities.

Ranking Based on Experience and Research

We have put a lot of our time into playing the Azur Lane. There was a clear pattern observed in our experience in the game and the research on the past behavior of the Waifus in the game.

The pattern leads us to the conclusion that the players of the game are more interested in how the developers and the graphic teams have paid homage to the basic purpose of the Waifus, which is how skimpy they are and the titillation you experience from them.

That is why the game is not like other freemium games, where you unlock special abilities with real-life money to win. In this game, the difference between the Waifus is not that big. The major way the developer of the game makes money is through skins and other things that make the Waifus look more attractive.

Why Trust Us?

We have played the game for very long and have taken into account not just the current situation of the game but the past as well. After conducting qualitative research online, we found the ranking factors and assigned knowledge according to that. We made sure we take into account that there is no one absolute truth when it comes to perception and then added our own experience in the game into the mix to derive a meaningful conclusion.

Quick Questions

Who is the strongest in Azur Lane?

Shinano is the best ship in the game; it has dethroned many famous waifu ships in the game like Essex, Formidable, and U-101.

Who is the best aircraft carrier in Azur lane?

Shinano is the best aircraft carrier in the game with her best proc skill and how she damages others in the game and has great defensive abilities.

What is the best battleship in Azur Lane?

Nagato is the best battleship in the game and is above every other battleship in many aspects.

How good is Z23 in Azur Lane?

Z23 is a great offensive destroyer and can grant you victory in no time.

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