Counterside Reroll Tier List: Best & Worst Characters [2023]

A complete guide to Counterside rerolling, so you get to your perfect hero in no time!

Who doesn’t like a decent RPG? And especially when it’s the king Counterside! Following the RPG tradition, it, too, houses an overwhelming character roster that’s hard to handle. Nevertheless, reroll tier lists have always been a remedy to such situations, which is exactly why we are here with the eXputer’s official Counterside Reroll tier list. 

Key Takeaways
  • Counterside, across all its different modes and metas, offers only 18 characters that are actually available for rerolling. 
  • General potency across all Counterside modes, including the SEA, Global, PvE, and PvP, remained the base criteria behind ranking each unit. 
  • We also looked at other defining factors like special skills and potential team compositions to rank Counterside characters. 
  • Units that fit easily to our ranking criteria and are definitely worth rerolling Counterside for include Serapel, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Gaeun, Administration Rifleman, and Evelyn Keller

On the split hand, a Counterside character that you must avoid rerolling at all costs is the Edith Twins. It is not worth even a single minute of your time.

Here are all our picks

Counterside Reroll Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-TierAwakened Seo Yoon, Serapel, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Gaeun, Administration Rifleman, and Nanahara Chifuyu
A-Tier Lin Xien, Kyle Wong, Lyudmila, Esterosa de Chevalier, and Sigma
B-TierElizabeth Pendragon, Seo Yoon, Alex, Regina MacCready, Nanahara Chinatsu, and Edel Meitner
C-TierEdith Twins
SIce Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Archer Queen, Barbarian King
AMiner, Skeleton King, Royal Champion, Mega Knight, Monk, Archer, Giant Skeleton, Lumberjack, Bowler
BGolden Giant, Wizard, Swordsman, Valkyrie, Electro Wizard, Dart Goblin, Shield Maiden, Magic Archer
CWave Master, Skeleton Guard, Spear Goblin, Prince, Countless, P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Barbarian, Battle Healer, Witch
DFisherman, Knight, Royal Ghost, Healing Ranger

The more you dig deep into the caste, the more wisely you’ll act at critical times. Keeping that in mind, we’ll adopt a similar manner of conduct as we did in our comprehensive Counterside tier list and Counterside Global tier list. The twist, however, will be the addition of a small how-to guide. 

Meaning you’ll be first toured through our ranking distinctions (S-C) which will tell you about who to reroll, and then finally meet the end section explaining to you how to reroll. Doesn’t it feel pretty comprehensive? So let’s get into it! 

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Counterside S rerolls
Counterside Reroll S-Tier

This rank of our Counterside Reroll tier list houses the most potent in-game heroes across all modes and metas, SEA or Global, PvE or PvP. The S-tier units stand so high, mainly due to their out-of-the-box skills and how well they sync in just about any team composition. 

They contribute generously to the team, taking the weakest of companions at least till the end game, if not past it. We will definitely recommend choosing these as your reroll priority unless your favorite one lies somewhere lower in our post. Nevertheless, these are the S-units: 

Evelyn Keller

This is hands down the best healer in Counterside across all metas and modes. In fact, she is the only all-in-one healer; hence definitely worth adding to any team, whether rerolling or not. 

Even today, she’s considered the best healer in the game. This is because despite being a healing unit, Evelyne Keller’s damage output is pretty impressive. Just make sure you grant the ASPD set to swell her skill potential even further. 

Players, however, mostly opt for the CDR set because that’s what will amplify the unit’s healing ability (the main reason why Evelyn’s in your team). Also, Evelyne Keller is fully geared with 72% Skill Haste, making her healing profile even ridiculous.

Anyways a cherry on top is that she’s an air unit. This means Evelyn’s defenses, too, are exemplary, or we’d say not needed so much since she remains safer in the air to continue distributing her healing bounties with ease. 

What’s more? Evelyn Keller is an apple in the eyes of especially the PvP users, as even the fiercest Awaken Na Yubin can’t tackle her. So yes, your team’s healing section will genuinely land in a good hand if you board Evelyne for that.

As far as the downsides of Evelyn Keller are concerned, she might sometimes struggle against anti-air ranged employees.

Administration Rifleman

Don’t let Administration Rifleman’s SR rarity put you down–this character is an even worthier DPS than your expectations (hence dwells in our Counterside Reroll tier list!). The robust DPS can single-handedly melt PvP Awakened Defenders, but don’t forget to pair him up with a fitting gear.  

Anyways, this Counterside unit is also the best-ranged fighter across both metas. Despite the low cost, Administration Rifleman renders insanely massive damage, consequently hailing as the perfect all-meta choice for beginners and all types of teams, even if they have Counters. 

Low deployment cost also makes it an ideal choice for many Counterside modes that carry a max cost cap, for instance, the Shadow Palace. However, there’s a significant downside to Administration Rifleman’s rather heavenly profile. 

It’s basically that this rerolling contestant will seem all nice and sturdy in the initial PvP stage, but not anymore once an Ingrid or massive AOE approaches. Administration Rifleman will quite easily fall in such a case. Therefore unless you are protected from such death calls, this is the Counterside buddy you can always look to. 

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Can you see the word Awakened with Gaeun? Of course, you won’t because she’s not one, but her abilities will force you to see her like that. Gaeun in Counterside is an Awakened character disguise who’s getting modified every now and then, especially in Global. 

She’s, however, one of the most famous playable employees of the game, given her fantastic performance as well as design. For a start, Gaeun houses good stats for a Ranger unit since she can cover almost everything else. 

Be that damage dealing, stunning huge bosses, or just debuffing them as a follow-up, Gaeun can do just about anything that renders a massive winning impact for the entire team. And did we tell you the deployment cost for all this? It’s just 3!  

All in all, this character’s a walking Counterside synergistic kit that everyone would love to have for a reroll. Gaeun survives way longer than most other units thanks to her High HP and DEF as well as great CC combined damage. 

Considering everything, Gaeun’s twice surpassed Ban Level 4 in SEA’s Ranked PvP for SEA as well as once in JP. However, do expect her to struggle a bit while having reached the end game. 

Awakened Lee Sooyeon

She is the best air-type unit players would want to reroll in Counterside. Wipe all those pesky air opponents off your game with Awakened Lee Sooyeon in an instant, thanks to her significant damage as well as buffing skills that never disappoint. 

The anti-air expert Awakened Lee Sooyeon extends her excellent buffing, especially towards the Ranger allies, taking every Ranged-oriented team to the next level. The unit owns the most robust ETB passive in Counterside. 

ETB damages the entire battling arena while also killing mighty air units like Lyudmila or Rosalia in just a single shot.  Keeping all these anti-fly skills in mind, ALSY is the best investment for guarding the ship in PvE’s Guild Coop. 

The punishing Shadow Palace Floor 3 of PvE will also seem like a piece of cake with ALSY since the raw force exerted by ground specialists can otherwise never advance there. Also, not to forget the Relic Dungeons that also aren’t achievable without air units like Awakened Lee Sooyeon. 

From the players’ side, all that ALSY needs to do her job is a five rarity deployment cost and some buffing of her Skill Haste. For PvP, too, the cost remains the same, consequently making ALSY pretty accessible for every type of team. 

For instance, players can deploy this anti-air unit against all Awakened Horizon abusers, who then will destroy them in a jiffy! However, make sure it’s done at the right time, as ALSY is undoubtedly not a  fire-and-forget kind of Counterside character. 

If you go with Awakened Seo Yoon or Awakened Yuna, you don’t have to worry about strategic deployment, but with ALSY, you have to. 


This one’s an SSR-classed Counterside hero plus a tank. How could you possibly resist rerolling her then? No one can, especially once we break down Serapel’s complete profile here. To start with, she is a famous masochistic tank of the game or the one who’s available on the banner.

Serapel’s most prominent reason for success is how positively she takes criticism (damage, we mean) that does better than harm in her case. With every hit, Serapel becomes even more vital and proves to be a team savior since she absorbs even the allies’ damage. 

The character is also proficient in self-healing (something hardly found in a damage-oriented unit) and inflicts massive damage in PvP. The same meta further benefits Serapel’s minimal knockback abilities and slow movement as it helps to camp decks efficiently.

In PvP, Serapel again proves helpful in gradually decimating the opposition via her map-wide burn. Anyways in PvE, too, Serapel will perform marvelously as she protects the team’s backline like none other, continuously healing and absorbing hits for them. 

Awakened Seo Yoon

This is one of the oldest Awaken in SEA, and despite the competition that comes as a consequence, it’s still able to hold a top spot. Yes, Awakened Seo Yoon is one of the best damage dealers in town who takes charge from the very beginning till it’s done getting the team past the demanding end game. 

The leading cause behind Awakened Seo Yoon’s dominating sheer presence is her ability to summon powerful rifles to support her ranged stance as well as amplifying her chances of survival. 

After all, killing a sniper rifle buddy, that too hard damage dealing one, is not a child’s play. Your best bid with ASY onboard, especially during the early story mode stages, will be deploying her behind a tank where she’ll kill almost every opposition faced. 

Players can also choose a more exciting route by coupling her with Awakened Yuna. This will help clear the entire Shadow Palace at once (leaving the levels where awakened characters are banned). As far as PvP is concerned, that’s the meta that will genuinely help ASY manifest the inner beast of herself. 

Though her damage in PvP is enough to scare off most bosses, what’s the real cause of tension for every opposition is her Healing Reflux. Via this skill, Awakened Seo Yoon inflicts a sturdy debuff to every enemy affected by her Special, which reduces their HP whenever being healed. 

Strange right? But for the bosses only because for the ally team, it’s genuinely a heavenly utility. Anyways, ASY is also a champion of Counterside Global, where she is basically immortal as no one can beat her so easily. Or unless Ingrid or maybe some other striker is called for action. 

For Raids, however, Awakened Seo Yoon ain’t a preferred Counterside unit, and that’s due to apparent reasons. For instance, ASY takes a very lengthy procedure to elevate her damage renderence relative to most others who then consequently stand a better chance in Raids. 

Other units also prove cheaper in that case for outputting similar damage. As far as the late game is concerned, there, too, ASY isn’t the best choice; however one can still use her as a support unit in Dive 50.

All in all, Awakened Seo Yoon is a worthy DPS with excellent damaging skills and on-point sustainability. However, the more the strong units join Counterside, the more completion gets built for ASY, ultimately forcing her to fall off. 

So until you can reap that winning potential from ASY, she’s all yours to reroll! 

Nanahara Chifuyu

A good SSR in Counterside, we must say. If the above best picks haven’t amused you yet, the simple yet very profitable Nanahara Chifuyu might be the best fit unit that you are in search of. She can be used as a striker across both metas, PvE, and PvP 


Counterside A rerolls
Counterside Reroll A-Tier

The party of Counterside’s powerhouses is over but not completely shut forever. A-tier buddies are real competitors only if you know how to tackle them well. Even if not handled well, these characters are definitely worthy of your attention but only a slight push, and you’ll add a new member to the S-tier from here. 

All in all, A-tier characters are pretty robust units for rerolling with impressive stats to mark your start with. 

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She’s the Mech you should be pulling in rerolls without a second thought (only when S-tier units aren’t available!). Sigma passive helps her pretty darn much in boosting role advantage and fighting against role disadvantage. 

Moreover, she has also got a sturdy overtime battery coupled with the fantastic skill of summoning a Daddy GAP defender. Together they’ll help Sigma and the team stall for a longer while than expected. 

Esterosa de Chevalier

Good news! Esterosa de Chevalier’s deployment cost is no more as hefty as before as it has been lowered to just four now. Plus, she’s also received a fantastic debuff after the recent update amplifying her stat profile even more. 

For a start, Esterosa de Chevalier has emerged as a perfect off-tank Counterside unit of the current times that’ll inflict a decent amount of damage. However, this doesn’t seem to work really great in Global hence causing her to rank a tier below S.


She’s hand’s down the greatest Counterside Snipers for rerolling. Lyudmila will not be amusing you with her massive damage rendering potential but also with the great utilities on board. Therefore she’s the best across both metas, PvE and PvP.

Kyle Wong

She’s extraordinary everywhere else in Global hence making for her A-ranking in our Counterside Reroll tier list. In Global, Kyle Wong gets overpowered by the other decent Rangers available.

Lin Xien

This one’s one heck of a Counterside battery everyone should opt for. Lim Xien is a must-have in PvE as being a battery, she can efficiently restore Deployment Resources, consequently easing the deployment of characters for all players.  


Counterside B rerolls
Counterside Reroll B-Tier

Neither too strong nor very feeble, this tie introduces us to those middle of the road type of characters of Counterside. They’ve got decent stats for a start that aren’t really strong to induce a significant impact in the game but will get you past some challenging situations. Overall, B-tier units aren’t the ones you should be dying for, but they are ok. 

Nanahara Chinatsu

This one’s a healer, slightly more compromised than Gaeun but still very worthy. Though healers don’t really stand a chance in rerolling conditions, we’ll recommend that you take the risk in Counterside as it will indeed aid your account in many ways. 

That said if you aren’t able to choose healers of lower rarity like Evelyn, Claudia, or Aurius, go with Nanahara Chinatsu without any second thought. 

Regina MacCready

Regina MacCready is an anti-Mech supporter type unit in Countryside. She fights them by not using as much damage (which is already acute in her’s case) as she avails her defense potential on board.

That said, Regina MacCready will be putting a lot of debuffs on her Mech foes to constantly keep them in a stunned state and shrink all their lethal stats. However, she’s viable against Mechs only and fails terribly if some other type of boss appears.


She used to be a below-average Striker until having been granted the new Rearm. Now Alex hails as a decent defender but not as good as the competitive contestants above, as a result lingering in the lower ranks. 

Seo Yoon

Seo Yoon will prove to be that excellent PvE game buffer everyone needs almost every time except the initial stage. And because players also have to go through a rescue mission against the reworked Newbie Missions in order to achieve her, Seo Yoon is not really worth the hassle. 

Elizabeth Pendragon

An okayish Counterside Reroll character who SEA players hardly employ. She might prove to be a decent enemy for the backline opposition in Global, though. 

Edel Meitner

A good PvE Counterside unit but definitely not viable in PvP. In the former meta, Edel Meitner will get you past the Story as well as through Shadow Palace in a pretty decent manner. In the rest of the PvE modes, Edel Meitner is just average, in our opinion.


Counterside C rerolls
Counterside Reroll C-Tier

Here’s where the issue starts. Refrain from choosing units that dwell here (it’s just one right now). 

Edith Twins

This Counterside Reroll tier list unit might grab your attention with the ton of cuteness on display but don’t fall for that. Other than looks, Edith is pretty useless and definitely not worth anyone’s time (at least in case of rerolling), no matter how much it may seem to favor your style. 

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How To Reroll in Counterside 

How to reroll cs
How to Reroll in Counterside

Rerolling RPG gacha games have always been a treat for players who want to start their journey stronger than their prior attempts. Or we would say this is only for the daring players who don’t have a problem investing hours to get to their best-fitting combination of Counterside employees.

Whatever your case and the daring factor in you, here’s a complete how-to reroll breakdown: Before we start, you must wipe away any expectations that your brain might hold and start fresh. 

This priming is necessary for Counterside as due to the game’s unique nature, rerolling it is pretty different than in most gacha games. For instance, rerolling players don’t get to reset their accounts in order to acquire any more rerolls. 

Instead, the mechanism aligns with a selective recruitment banner system that players will be given access to once they complete the in-game tutorial. This tutorial is pretty self-explanatory itself, given that it is basically purposed for that. 

What’s noteworthy here is, however, the chances you get for performing up to 30 rerolls. Meaning even if the entire process is strange, Counterside at least doesn’t steal your right to pick up the hero you want. But there’s a glitch here, too, as you can only get to keep just a single result while the rest are discarded into the virtual void.

So yes, practically, you can not opt back for any previous results when you pull again. Anyways, the reroll just doesn’t end on a sad note like this, as you’ll be able to wield quite a few free pulls via the in-game mailbox once you are done with the tutorial. 

Tier List Criteria 

After investing a ton of time rerolling ourselves and collecting information from credible sources, we have put together this comprehensive Counterside Reroll tier list and guide for you all. Every character available for rerolling was passed through strict scrutiny to rank them across tiers S to C finally. 

It’s important to note here that while our tiers (S-C) are placed in order of decreasing potential, from best to worst, the character listings done in each one of them carry no specific order. Also, let it be known that our tier list only ranks heroes that are actually available for rerolling in Counterside. 

Anyways, coming back to how we collected the relevant information, we stuck to eXputer’s standard code of conduct: effective collaboration with players as well as skimming through multiple reroll hierarchies found on the internet.

Also, the gaming community feedback that was most supported was also considered to induce as much general tone to the post while eliminating any biases that may exist. All in all, just know that you are getting the best, most up-to-date reroll treat from our side.  

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