Counterside Tier List: PvE & PvP [Global & SEA]

Whether you like the SEA server or the Global one, our post wraps Counterside from every aspect.

Did you see our Counterside Global tier list? The thrills of the Global server forced us to write about it first, but now that we are out from its bewitches, here’s a comprehensive Counterside tier list. The rankings below primarily address the SEA version (PvE and PvP meta both) while also giving flashbacks of Global. 

Update: This tier list reflects all adjustments introduced in the March 20, 2024 patch update.
Key Highlights
  • Counterside offers multiple competition gaming modes–SEA and Global, as well as two very different metas–PvE and PvP. 
  • Altogether, Counterside features more than 200 unlockable characters across all its modes and meta. 
  • The ranking is even more complex, but we did it.
  • We graded each playable unit based on Counterside critical partial ratings, including the Raid, Danger Close, Guild Croop, Shadow Palace, Relic Dungeons, Story, and Dive 45-50. 
  • Overall efficiency was seen as the most detrimental ranking factor. 

Counterside SEA Tier List 

sea tiers Counterside
Counterside SEA Tier List

For a start, here’s how employees rank in the Side South East Asia (SEA) server of Counterside. It’s an overall PvE and PvP tier list that takes into account all the critical partial ratings, including Raid, Story, Danger Close, Shadow Palace, Guild Croop, Relic Dungeons, and Dive 45-50. 

Meta  Tier  Counterside Characters
PvP S Evelyn Keller, Ifrit, Awakened Yuna Springfield, Ministra, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Awakened Seo Yoon, Rita Arsenico, Awakened Horizon, Serapel, Administration Rifleman, Awakened Jake, Gaeun, Lucrecia, Eins & Zwei, Investigator Kang, Horizon, Replacer King, Claudia Nelson, Spira, Awakened Yoo Mina, Amy Firstwing, Arti Lana, Awakened Na Yubin, Machine Collector, Lee Yuri, Ingrid Johanna, Raphaela Juri, Evolved One, Lily, Harab, Gremory
A Xiao Lin, Awakened Shin Jia, Nanahara Chifuyu, Replacer Queen, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Sigma, Rosaria le Friede, Lyudmila, Awakened Hilde, Veronica, Yamata no Orochi, Assault Trooper, Administration Shieldman, Kyle Wong, Kaci Bins, Dorothy, Administration Sword Fighter, Carlota, Kang Soyoung, Overflow, Ironside, Yen Xing Lanchester, Lee Jisoo, Best Streamer Miya, Replacer Bishop, Sparrow, Naielle, Bluesteel, Kang Minwoo, Glitch, ATF-35 Thunderbolt, Rhino 
B Yang Harim, Orca, Esterosa de Chevalier, Lin Xien, Karin Wong, Arius Esquede, Nanahara Chinatsu, Lee Yumi, Janus, Shin Jia, Orca, Esterosa de Chevalier, Frederick Doma, Joo Shiyoon, Regina MacCready, Hayami Sanae, Alex, Eddie Fisher, Choi Jihoon, Nicole, Cindy Looper, Maria Antonov, Jane Doe, Liona, Nayuka Minato, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Lee Sooyeon, Irie Alford, Agent Eujin, Joo Shiyoung, Goliath, Dracasia, Lycoris, Miya, Replacer Knight, Lumi
C Sky Layfield, Seo Yoon, Tarrasque, Roy Burnett, Edel Meitner, Lone Lee, Kim Sobin, Hilde, Mone, Laura Beatrix, Elizabeth Pendragon, John Mason, Na Yubin, Rivet, Gabriel, Ryan Ferrier, Yoo Mina, Lara Jaeger, Dominic King Reginald, Jaina Kropel, Buzzard, Shena, Mika Star, Arachne, Eujin, Hayami Kanade, Liv Allen, Lee Jin, Benedict Constantine, Reaper, Edith Twins, Recoiless Gunner, ACH-4 Clan
D Dash, Terminator, Lucid, Cathy Wade, Choi Ina, Stronghold, Fione Lowell, Han Sorim, Jake Walker, Peacekeeper, Woodpecker, Hound, Titan, Kim Chowon, Shieldman, Brownie Moore, Rifleman, Maya Hunt, Sweeper, Hirose Aki, ATL-1 Lincoln, Ballista, Adamant Sniper, ATAC-130 Gunship,  Cho Hojin, Tommy the Die-hard, Jessica Green, Tactical Transporter, Thaddeus Morgan, Frederick Yuma, Mortar Team, Kim Chulsoo, Suppressor, Charlie Rockwood, Amy Strickland, Stinger Gunner, Yuna Springfield, Bomi, ZSU Shilka, Shim Somi, Ogami Masaki, UBGL Rifleman, Sniper, Oh Saerom, ATB-1B Spear, Chariot, Estaque, Lee Minseo, PZH Mobile Gun, HM MRLS, Choi Gangsan, Nina Anderson, Scout, Yang Hansol, Park Hyunsoo, MA1 HMMWV, Black Tail, Lee Dafoe, Zena Bird
PvE S Evelyn Keller, Xiao Lin, Yang Harim, Awakened Shin Jia, Nanahara Chifuyu, Ifrit, Replacer Queen, Sky Layfield, Awakened Yuna Springfield, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Ministra, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Seo Yoon, Awakened Seo Yoon, Sigma, Rita Arsenico, Lin Xien, Rosaria le Friede, Awakened Horizon, Serapel, Administration Rifleman, Awakened Jake, Gaeun, Karin Wong, Tarrasque, Lyudmila
A Orca, Esterosa de Chevalier, Awakened Hilde, Roy Burnett, Lucrecia, Eins & Zwei, Investigator Kang, Arius Esquede, Horizon, Nanahara Chinatsu, Dash, Lee Yumi, Edel Meitner, Terminator, Veronica, Lone Lee, Kim Sobin, Yamata no Orochi, Replacer King, Claudia Nelson, Janus, Shin Jia, Spira, Orca, Esterosa de Chevalier, Assault Trooper, Administration Shieldman, Kyle Wong, Kaci Bins, Dorothy
B Awakened Yoo Mina, Hilde, Amy Firstwing, Administration Sword Fighter, Frederick Doma, Mone, Lucid, Joo Shiyoon, Carlota, Arti Lana, Regina MacCready, Kang Soyoung, Hayami Sanae, Awakened Na Yubin, Alex, Overflow, Ironside, Eddie Fisher, Choi Jihoon, Nicole, Cindy Looper, Maria Antonov, Machine Collector, Jane Doe, Liona, Cathy Wade, John Mason, Yen Xing Lanchester, Choi Ina, Lee Jisoo, Stronghold, Nayuka Minato
C Elizabeth Pendragon, Na Yubin, Rivet, Best Streamer Miya, Fione Lowell, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Lee Yuri, Han Sorim, Ingrid Johanna, Lee Sooyeon, Replacer Bishop, Irie Alford, Gabriel, Agent Eujin, Raphaela Juri, Joo Shiyoung, Jake Walker, Goliath, Ryan Ferrier, Peacekeeper, Evolved One, Sparrow, Woodpecker, Hound, Titan, Dracasia, Lycoris, Miya, Lara Jaeger, Dominic King Reginald
D Laura Beatrix, Yoo Mina, Kim Chowon, Jaina Kropel, Naielle Bluesteel, Replacer Knight, Buzzard, Kang Minwoo, Shena, Lily, Mika Star, Shieldman, Arachne, Brownie Moore, Eujin, Harab, Rifleman,  Hayami Kanade, Maya Hunt, Sweeper, Gremory, Glitch, Liv Allen, Hirose Aki, ATL-1 Lincoln, Ballista, Lee Jin,  Adamant Sniper, ATF-35 Thunderbolt, ATAC-130 Gunship, Benedict Constantine, Cho Hojin, Tommy the Die-hard, Jessica Green, Reaper, Tactical Transporter, Thaddeus Morgan, Edith Twins, Lumi, Frederick Yuma, Mortar Team, Kim Chulsoo, ACH-4 Clan, Recoiless Gunner, Suppressor, Charlie Rockwood, Amy Strickland, Stinger Gunner, Yuna Springfield, Bomi, ZSU Shilka, Shim Somi, Ogami Masaki, UBGL Rifleman, Sniper, Oh Saerom, ATB-1B Spear, Chariot, Estaque, Lee Minseo, PZH Mobile Gun, HM MRLS, Choi Gangsan, Nina Anderson, Scout, Yang Hansol, Park Hyunsoo, MA1 HMMWV, Black Tail, Lee Dafoe, Zena Bird, Rhino

Characters Comparison

Here are the complete stats: 

Evelyn Keller23,6672,965279246483696
Awakened Yuna Springfield53,3885,412706776578675
Awakened Lee Sooyeon32,6706,336418754823996
Awakened Seo Yoon38,0975,340695788920590
Rita Arsenico29,7554,028326531770641
Awakened Horizon39,1206,071783405762608
Administration Rifleman13,9242,808258657312204
Awakened Jake69,9774,7881,457285551600
Eins & Zwei29,5192,567489714399935
Investigator Kang26,5942,866372732747383
Replacer King69,0634,2701,851453987228
Claudia Nelson27,2462,151239223427427
Awakened Yoo Mina58,6207,291810486663690
Amy Firstwing44,0016,0146720906654
Arti Lana16,9633,320188556873164
Awakened Na Yubin70,8014,8071,2914344691,201
Machine Collector31,5003,448409677837474
Lee Yuri48,5994,111649677613240
Ingrid Johanna23,5312,751348717336951
Raphaela Juri54,9153,9841,009280688383
Evolved One81,8744,9921,7601928820
Xiao Lin19,5977,794388862,17156
Awakened Shin Jia42,1853,234495608585635
Nanahara Chifuyu51,7233,9841,234851572651
Replacer Queen31,4616,4393999331,953504
Awakened Joo Shiyoon60,4815,861989948434722
Rosaria le Friede18,2076,914116924669348
Awakened Hilde58,8933,8863,082261617549
Yamata no Orochi41,8475,2406386251,218374
Assault Trooper9,8682,295142559304135
Administration Shieldman27,8771,584972126171100
Kyle Wong27,2094,699187939702240
Kaci Bins53,4502,658975404361295
Administration Sword Fighter30,3043,060421710412904
Kang Soyoung22,8312,567297732747383
Yen Xing Lanchester41,6284,0704294083511,317
Lee Jisoo55,7553,532875277301
Best Streamer Miya24,1896,582387922,17154
Replacer Bishop41,9093,815456669699824
Naielle Bluesteel47,6914,735669807348625
Kang Minwoo38,5712,354906258303327
ATF-35 Thunderbolt26,2755,110129873662179
Yang Harim35,1763,868308425502616
Esterosa de Chevalier44,0714,1861,036766484628
Lin Xien45,4633,695270412333370
Karin Wong19,1815,9192897881,671208
Arius Esquede28,9152,295436236226226
Nanahara Chinatsu34,5332,779606540588246
Lee Yumi49,6313,9267174492451,046
Shin Jia30,0314,431427920562342
Frederick Doma40,0414,821355977405779
Joo Shiyoon21,8214,214157958399612
Regina MacCready38,5672,652683381489367
Hayami Sanae21,0176,6091907891,439201
Eddie Fisher19,4873,050264744498306
Choi Jihoon18,8814,6413577711,529509
Cindy Looper28,0463,716447587257824
Maria Antonov38,6023,532546672658162
Jane Doe42,2614,1142927355241,391
Nayuka Minato17,4903,980285913713193
Sylvia Lena Cooper12,3725,48408421,5010
Lee Sooyeon52,0634,405828466391870
Irie Alford38,8411,177747252299417
Agent Eujin40,3155,557772518945276
Joo Shiyoung44,6924,0705378315461,280
Replacer Knight50,2673,5181,010476426315
Sky Layfield30,2702,746372308824907
Seo Yoon25,5484,905315870879240
Roy Burnett39,0653,681500443286917
Edel Meitner25,7544,326351807531133
Lone Lee30,2612,732611394764257
Kim Sobin27,9445,586346794434133
Laura Beatrix24,7502,742254236456456
Elizabeth Pendragon32,0655,9621611,0056371,014
John Mason31,1384,012186939584524
Na Yubin34,1105,4883638281,151345
Ryan Ferrier54,1603,291869120348435
Yoo Mina31,6585,683430988850138
Lara Jaeger39,7114,2145816925780
Dominic King Reginald57,3654,0281,596228426199
Jaina Kropel19,1816,7122049261,86885
Mika Star29,4773,118245717436641
Hayami Kanade38,7934,0874307495051,023
Liv Allen41,8474,2445006313681,020
Lee Jin28,4012,595261474564217
Benedict Constantine54,1603,43386984348162
Edith Twins42,0455,73190340526467
Recoiless Gunner17,6563,363226788359148
ACH-4 Clan36,6562,313429271214120
Cathy Wade16,0083,872249660390158
Choi Ina24,6461,787274201378115
Fione Lowell37,4492,3261,22611522890
Han Sorim19,1593,349236758798509
Jake Walker42,4073,695678412619998
Kim Chowon13,4834,0702045131,09760
Brownie Moore20,6031,787303524378378
Maya Hunt14,6193,815237414714177
Hirose Aki37,9523,118939111236217
ATL-1 Lincoln51,5123,5391,097594611187
Adamant Sniper11,2394,1272596731,3390
ATAC-130 Gunship68,8242,88648722331485
Cho Hojin16,7072,609228944408336
Tommy the Die-hard29,5167521,05374147138
Jessica Green29,2332,624449458255533
Tactical Transporter48,36106060074
Thaddeus Morgan20,1833,801171756741442
Frederick Yuma52,9714,100550706245612
Mortar Team24,0893,6453903172920
Kim Chulsoo47,6152,5811,226120240213
Charlie Rockwood35,5031,816783297285267
Amy Strickland34,7113,2464895384001,005
Stinger Gunner10,4353,07820427075872
Yuna Springfield19,0213,539171890447220
ZSU Shilka22,5573,928354374438199
Shim Somi21,4372,411228429429358
Ogami Masaki46,6554,258713372191673
UBGL Rifleman11,9702,26974708233120
Oh Saerom33,6402,974600447352704
ATB-1B Spear6,6823,6738747136384
Lee Minseo21,5482,699155625427129
PZH Mobile Gun24,0892,8365824929215
HM MRLS28,2254,30210753147856
Choi Gangsan37,0382,02893015835854
Nina Anderson33,2773,631429492351819
Yang Hansol15,5513,891285755492293
Park Hyunsoo33,5533,404492551330551
MA1 HMMWV38,2912,880558270390330
Black Tail23,7705,226258381381364
Lee Dafoe35,6392,482894270258264
Zena Bird27,1473,503471708351876

Best Characters Of Counterside SEA 

SEA Characters
Best Characters of Counterside SEA Tier List

As promised with our every tier list, here are the characters you should look for in Counterside SEA. They are simply the cream of the crop and will help the entire crew surpass even the toughest of stages instantly. 


SEA PvE Rank S-Tier SEA PvP Rank S-Tier
Role Striker Type Mech
Rarity SSR Movement and Attack Style Ground
HP 28,642 ATK 4,807
DEF 1,075 CRIT 706
HIT 732 EVA 111
Skills Basic Attack, Accuracy Stabilization OS, Eternium Acceleration, and Reinforced Barrier Coating

*The table mentions numerical stats based on Counterside Level 100. 

Ifrit will take down every type of opposing frontline faced in PVP grounds while also being able to absorb a bunch of hits herself to keep Ingrid and Spira in check. Seeing how critical of a must-have unit Ifrit is when off ban? 

All in all, Ifrit possesses surprisingly extra tankiness for a DPS personality, even before the level 5 barrier. She’s also got DEF penetration as if her AIR-hitting ability wasn’t already amusing enough for a striker. 

Awakened Jake

SEA PvE Rank S-Tier SEA PvP Rank S-Tier
Role Defender  Type Counter 
Rarity ASSR Movement and Attack Style Ground
HP 69,977 ATK 4,788
DEF 1,457 CRIT 285
HIT 551 EVA 600
Skills Basic Attack, Stormbringer, Lightning Charge, and Man of Storm

*The table mentions numerical stats based on Counterside Level 100. 

He simply makes a Mech’s life unbearable by tanking them like a pro and inflicting crazy amounts of damage to ultimately CC them to their last breaths. Due to such Mech resistance capabilities, Awakened Jake can ace battles from various modes. 

In short, Awakened Jake doesn’t usually perform against anyone else, but that doesn’t make him weak. It’s just he’s more niche specific, and fortunately, that niche is pretty broad, so you don’t have to worry so much about that. 

Xiao Lin

SEA PvE Rank S-Tier SEA PvP Rank A-Tier
Role Sniper Type Counter
Rarity SSR Movement and Attack Style Ground
HP 19,597 ATK 7,794
DEF 38 CRIT 886
HIT 2,171 EVA 56
Skills Basic Attack, Falcon Insight, Mozambique Drill, and Door Knocker

*The table mentions numerical stats based on Counterside Level 100. 

Haven’t you experienced a thrilling show of pure damage dealing in Counterside yet? Then look no further than Xiao Lin, the most extraordinary hero of that kind. Players can literally stack up complete CRIT DMG and then see Xiao Lin send it off as damage skyrockets in an instant. 

Rita Arsenico

SEA PvE Rank S-Tier SEA PvP Rank S-Tier
Role Support  Type Counter 
Rarity SSR Movement and Attack Style Air
HP 29,755 ATK 4,028
DEF 326 CRIT 531
HIT 770 EVA 641
Skills Basic Attack, Omerta, Metal Disintegration, and Dark Matter

*The table mentions numerical stats based on Counterside Level 100. 

This one is not an offense-oriented Counterside character, but because of her hatred for Mechs, similar to Awakened Jake’s cases, she ends up outputting decent damage. Rita Arsenico is one of the best support for every type of team in PvP. 

Overall, Rita Arsenico packs massive perks for a support unit and absolutely shines against Mechs in PvE. Though she owns a low DEF, Rita’s ability to always lurk in the air saves her from most incoming damage, making her even favorite amongst all team compositions. 

Counterside Global Tier List 

CounterSIDE Global Tiers
Counterside Global Tier List

As said earlier, or maybe you have seen it yourself, eXputer already has a comprehensive tier list curated on the Global version of Counterside. But since you’ve decided to dig deep into Counterside and its world, refreshing memory is always a good idea. Here’s how the same characters that you just came across above rank in the Global version of  Counterside:

Tiers  Counterside Characters 
S Xiao Lin, Seo Yoon, Nanahara Chifuyu, Yang Harim, Evelyn Keller, Karin Wong, Gaeun, Rosaria Le Friede, Administration Rifleman, Lin, Xien, Nanahara Chinatsu, Lee Yumi, Arius Esquede, Terminator, Eins and Zwei, Awakened Hilde, Roy Burnett, Kim Sobin
A Administration Shieldman, Kyle Wong, Caludia Nelson, Orca, Assault, Trooper, Administration Sword Fighter, Frederick Doma, Shin Jia, Esterosa de Chevalier, Hilde
B Eddie Fisher, Ironside, Cathy Wade, Ingrid Johanna, Choi Ina, Stronghold, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Kang Soyoung, John Mason, Joo Shiyoon, Lee Jisoo, Cindy Looper, Hayame Sanae, Maria Antonov, Na Yubin, Jane Doe, Nayuka Minato
C Ryan Ferrier, Woodpecker, Elizabeth Pendragon, Miya, Dominic King Reginald, Peacekeeper, Sparrow, Brownie Moore, Jake Walker, Fione Lowell, Han Sorim, Kim Chowon, Joo Shiyoung, Titan, Lee Jin, Yoo Mina, Gabriel, Rifleman, Hound, Frederick Yuma, Lee Sooyeon, Miya, Shieldman, Adamant Sniper, Irie Alford, Eujin

Buzzard, ATL-1 Lincoln

D Ami Strickland, Liv Allen, ATF-35 Thunderbolt, Shim Somi, Ogami Masaki, Black Tail, Reaper, Suppressor, Arachne, Maya Hunt, Recoilless Gunner, Charlie Rockwood, Tactical Transporter, Thaddeus Morgan, Laura Beatrix, Sweeper, Scout, Cho Hojin, Bomi, Benedict Constantine, Mortar Team, Yang Hansol, UBGL Rifleman, Zena Bird, ZSU Shilka, Park Hyunsoo, Yuna Springfield, Lee Minseo, Jessica Green, Hirose Aki, Stinger Gunner, Oh Saerom, Kim Chulsoo, ACH-4 Clan, Nina Anderson, Sniper, Choi Gnagson, MA1 HMMWV, Chariot, Lee Dafoe, HM MRLS, Ballista

That’s all for our Counterside SEA and Global Tier List. Honestly, Counterside isn’t like any RPG. Instead, it’s way too unique, and so is the winning style it fosters. 

Counterside Tier List Criteria 

We have put in a lot of effort and, most importantly, tons worth of time playing and researching to construct this Counterside tier list. We’ve weighed every character way too carefully in order to highlight for you the best ones, so you don’t have to.

To choose the perfect spot for each in-game unit, we skimmed through a multitude of online resources as well as sat with veteran Counterside players of all servers and modes. 

This helped us gather reliable information and understand placements across different servers to put forth the most comprehensive overall ranking and guide ultimately. 

Feedback prevailing in the gamers community was also considered to induce as much general tone as possible so players of every style could be adequately catered. 

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that our Counterside posts are subject to frequent changes, given the constantly updating mechanics of the game. And because such can result in characters undergoing some serious jump of ranks, don’t miss checking back often! 

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