Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List [All Ranked]

This Tier List ranks all the breathing styles in the game based on their ability to provide boosts.

The Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List has ranks all the breathing techniques. Demon Slayer Legacy is a Roblox game, and there exists an anime series with the same name.

Key Highlights
  • The Demon Slayer Legacy Game has 7 Breathing techniques–some genuinely exceptional and some worst performing. 
  • Ranking of Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing techniques is based on the overall assistance each option offers and whether it is worth it during combat. 
  • The best of all Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing is Thunder. It has exceptional offensive moves and packs a collection of perks for players who like knocking down enemies through lightning effects. 
  • The weakest performing Breathing style of Demon Slayer Legacy stands out to be Sound Breathing. Other than quick displacements, the Breathing won’t let you do much. 
  • High-ranked Breathings will help you excel in every situation in Demon Slayer Legacy.

Breathing Styles And Their Comparison

Here, I have ranked the breathing styles from best to worst so you can pick the one for you:

BreathingTierMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
Thunder BreathingSThunderclap and FlashRice SpiritDistant ThunderRumble and Flash
Mist BreathingALow Clouds, Distant HazeEight-Layered MistScattering Mist SplashSea of Clouds and Haze
Beast BreathingASlice n DiceWhirling FangsCrazy CuttingSudden Throwing Strike
Serpent BreathingAKaburamaru’s ChildrenSlithering StrikeCoil BindSlithering Serpent
Insect BreathingBButterfly DanceDance of the Bee StingDance of the Dragon FlyThe Dance of a Centipede
Love BreathingBShivers Of First LoveLove PangsCatlove Shower-
Sound BreathingCRoarConstant Resounding SlashesIn String Performance-

Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List Breakdown

I have ranked the breathing techniques from S-Tier to C-Tier, which contains the best breathing techniques, while C-Tier contains the worst-performing breathing techniques. The Breathing Techniques available in the game are Sound, Love, Thunder, Mist, Beast, Serpent, and Insect.

S Tier Thunder Breathing
A Tier Beast Breathing, Mist Breathing, Serpent Breathing
B Tier Insect Breathing, Love Breathing
C Tier Sound Breathing


Demon Slayer Legacy S Tier
S Tier Breathing

The best breathing technique is ranked in S Tier. You can never go wrong by picking the S Tier breathing technique. In short, the boosts of Thunder Breathing are the best in Demon Slayer Legacy.

Thunder Breathing Stands out as the superior technique in Demon Slayer Legacy. Mirrors lightning with rapid movements that overwhelm enemies within seconds. Masters of Thunder Breathing adept at harnessing the power of lightning, creating thunderous vibrations in the air. Obtained by finding Zenitsu in front of a building in the rice fields during rainfall. Features powerful and dynamic moves during combat: Thunderclap and Flash, Rice Spirit, Distant Thunder, and Rumble and Flash.


Demon Slayer Legacy
A Tier Breathing

The breathing techniques raked in A Tier have an above-average performance. It means they perform better than most of the breathing techniques in the game but are not the best ones. 

Mist Breathing Offensive technique offering various buffs. Learn from Muichiro Tokito behind Hokkaido Town, with the seventh form granting invisibility for 2.25 seconds. Forms include moderate attacks, barrage of mist slashes, and long-range mist projectile. Combining forms maximizes damage potential, elevating Mist Breathing to A Tier.
Beast Breathing Causes players to deal significant damage using blades. Learn from Inosuke Hashibira. Passive increases damage dealt as HP decreases. Notable moves include Fourth Fang or Slice “n” Dice for moderate damage protection, Tenth Fang or Whirling Fangs for great damage, Fifth Fang or Crazy Cutting for tornado creation, and Sixth Fang or Sudden Throwing Strike for moderate damage.
Serpent Breathing Provides a blend of defensive and offensive buffs, mimicking serpents and snakes. Mastering this technique enhances serpent creation. Focuses on twisting and bending the sword to cause damage. Moves include Kaburamaru’s Children for venomous poison release, Slithering Strike for fast movement, and Coil Bind to immobilize opponents. Slithering Serpent involves a flowing dance surrounded by fellow snakes.


Demon Slayer Legacy B Tier
B Tier Breathing

The B Tier breathing techniques have an average rating performance. They perform noticeably better than the worst breathing techniques but are not the best option in the game. 

Insect Breathing Mimics insects’ stings and movements to attack opponents, created by Shinobu Kocho. Moves include Butterfly Dance for poison release, Dance of the Bee Sting for somersaults backward followed by poison release, Dance of the Dragon Fly for forward sword swing with poison injection, and Dance of a Centipede for short-distance forward movement creating afterimages and attacking.
Love Breathing Based on the emotion of love, providing flexibility and strong blows with whip attacks. Created by Mitsuri Kanroji. Moves include Shivers of First Love for dashing forward and winding around the target, Love Pangs for unleashing various AOE whip slashes with the final hit being the strongest, and Catlove Shower for wrapping enemies in a sword and sending them flying in the air (close-range technique).


Demon Slayer Legacy C Tier
C Tier Breathing

Lastly, the breathing technique in C Tier is the worst-performing in the game. Only a few players who think that this breathing technique goes well with their play style opt for these.

Sound Breathing

Sound breathing is not superior to other breathing techniques just because of its ability to produce and mimic loudness. It enables players to travel as fast as sound, along with using the human sense of hearing. Tengen created this unique technique, and thus can only be used with specific weaponry. The known techniques of sound breathing will make you realize the reasons for its ranking in C-Tier.

  • Roar involves players raising their swords and then slamming them down with great force. This will create an explosion with a bomb to cause damage.
  • Constant Resounding Slashes make users hold their swords and spin them rapidly, releasing the bombs.
  • In String Performance, users hold one sword moving forward and swing the other one attached with a chain, creating damage.

Tier List Criteria

I have prepared this Demon Slayer Legacy Breathing Tier List by spending hours playing the game and conducting external research. The ranking in the tier list may vary depending on the players’ points of view regarding a certain breathing technique.

I have made sure to test all the techniques in all possible situations and see which one works the best against enemies.

The main objective of the tier list is to let players of Demon Slayer Legacy know about the breathing techniques and moves that make some of these superior to others.

You can switch using these techniques depending on your play style or preferences, and the above-tier list will be a great help in this regard.

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