Evertale Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Updated Evertale SSR Characters Tier List

What are the Best SSR Units in Evertale?

Evertale Tier List

So far, the best SSR units in our Evertale Tier List are Jeanne d’Arc(Light), Endless Rizette(Dark), Fornaxos(Fire), and Ludmilla(Light). These units are compelling and can perform exceptionally well, even on their own. They are highly recommended for any type of team. That was the end of our Evertale Tier List. We hope that this Tier List will help you to choose the perfect units for your SSR teams and dominate the opposition.

Evertale is a fantasy role-playing mobile game released for the Android and iOS platforms in 2019. It has an impressive single-player experience that you can immerse yourself in. Evertale features a beautiful other-worldly environment with vast landscapes, vibrant towns, and mystical dungeons. There are more than 180 mysterious monsters out there that you have to catch, train and battle against. You have to train the monsters after catching them to be able to fight the enemies. The game also features an in-depth PVP system for players that have a competitive itch. You can build a team of up to 8 characters and compete against global players online. In our Evertale Tier List, we will be ranking the most powerful and the weakest SSR characters in the game.

Evertale Tier List

This is the Ultimate Evertale SSR units Tier List that will give you an overview of the most efficient and the most useless units in the game. In this Tier List, we will be adopting the “S” to “D” ranking format. S-Tier characters are the most effective units in the game that work really well when paired with optimal teams. And D-Tier units are the weakest units in the game due to their uselessness and cost.

S Tier

Evertale Tier List
S Tier

The best units in the game. S Tier units are deadly and carry the entire party by themself. They are at the top of our Evertale Tier List due to the fact that they can greatly improve any team regardless of any support.

Endless Rizette (Dark)

She can heal herself using her poison devour skill, making her the perfect choice for beginners and advanced players. Her passives are amazing when they are paired with her moves. She has low TU costs and high stats, and a guard destroyer that can shred light Ludmilla guard. Performs exceptionally well with poison and guard teams.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Ludmilla (Light)


By far the best tank in the game. She makes great use of her passives, auto-guard, desperate drain, and a purify move with low TU costs. Ludmilla deserves a spot in the S Tier of our Evertale Tier List due to the fact that she can fit in and perform well in any team, no holds barred.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Jeanne d’Arc (Light)


Jeanne d’Arc is a very powerful unit. She has a lot of advantages and can be a countermeasure for Endless Rizette and Endless Astrid if used wisely. She can conjure armor and poison immunity for a turn to help keep her alive until survivors’ fury.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Fornaxos (Fire)

Fornaxos can be put in almost any team because of his high damage. If you can fully charge him, he can kill 2 SSR characters Crisis armor as a passive give him a good place amongst crisis teams. He works great around delay tactics like sleepers, stunners, and guards.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Norza (Storm)

Norza is a very versatile unit that can fit in many lineups. He can use the stun skill that costs very few TU, and instakill some opponents by using the counter-attack and time strike. He’s nearly impossible to kill when he’s with 2 or 3 storm allies. His kit is really versatile and is one of the best kits in the game. He has very good synergy with storm/time strike/guards.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

A Tier

evertale tier list
A Tier

A Tier units are reliably good. They’re very close to S Tier and offer superb utility and strength.

Rizette (Water)

Evertale Rizette (Water)She is able to deal with a lot of threats due to her sleep, dream hunter, and guard destroy kit. A very handy unit overall with good moves that shine in overcoming tough opposition. Her lack of good passives and TU costs of sleep combo derive her of a spot in the S-Tier.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Rolotia (Earth)

She’s a robust support unit with Chrono command, a give-turn move that gives spirit. A powerful move in payback strike that is essentially a better version of vengeance strike She is instrumental on most teams, doesn’t have a specific team that she synergizes with.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Kaidaros (Water)

She has a savage burst with 500% damage. Two very useful passives, her constant regeneration, and poison immunity. She suffers from higher than average Spirit and TU costs, but she is very self-sufficient. Very effective against the top poison meta units like Endless Rizette and Shirra.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Elmina (Light)

Elmina’s main move is her healing armor, which regens 30% health. Her passive is stun revenge. She uses survivor’s fury or uses desperate strike when her Hp is low. But both of these are situational moves; luckily, her healing armor makes these situations much easier.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Merdain (Dark)

evertale tier list
Merdain (Dark)

His entire kit is full of good and usable abilities, which is very rare. He works well with poison and minion teams, but he works very well by himself too. His passive ability that punishes opponents for healing their poison status makes him very effective against Norza, stealth, and healers. He has various low-cost, good damage attacks.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Elmina (Dark)

Her passives and her shadow clone make her an incredible support unit for stealth teams. In addition, she can passively grant stealth, creating an auto guard clone that allows her to give stealth, regeneration for all stealth allies, and two powerful attack options. A must-have for any stealth team.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Ludmilla (Water)

A very powerful guard. Invincible when she has two allies with stealth. She also becomes a temporary guardian each time an ally gains stealth. She has a grant stealth x 2 and a life flip move. Ludmilla is very effective against teams that cant figure out how her guardian works.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Kirin (Light)

Vigor impact, Vigor Amour, regeneration, and survivor’s fury gives him a good mix of survivability and damage output. He needs a light ally to get a regen that is absolutely important for him to perform well. He can be very dangerous against an opponent that underestimates him.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Altaireon (Storm)

He has stun skin and hold ground.  His movepool includes a stun at the cost of health, a draining time strike, and a desperate strike (hits 2, usable at 50%). A very good unit with decent offense and survivability. He can pair very well with time strike units.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Shirra (Earth)

Her ability to spread poison accurately, combined with her speed, makes her an incredible addition to any poison team. She can deal with multiple opponents with her poison attacks. However, she isn’t nearly as effective without any good poison teammates.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

B Tier

evertale tier list
Evertale B Tier

These units can perform well, but they require a decent supporting team to shine.

Vonn (Dark)

His offensive options and defensive advantage of summons give him a spot in the B rank. He is self-reliant using the poison devour. His summon two passive entry and a blood nova (350%) make him pretty decent.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Maxima (Fire)

Maxima can pair well with crisis and fire teams. Her Crisis armor and Crisis avenger is a powerful combo that would benefit greatly paired with units like Oumei. Unfortunately, she does not have a stun guard, so it is effortless to become the target of enemy stuns.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Lucius (Light)

Lucius has two very decent passives in spirit armor, and counter. Although, not as good as norza’s due to lack of hold ground. His desperate spirit gives 4+ when you’re under 50%, which can trigger your spirit armor and can be followed by an overdrive that hits 2 for 350%, and grants counter. Maintaining 7+ spirit whilst using overdrive is a little draining on his teammates, else he would’ve been put in the A-Tier.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Le Fay (Dark)

She has a give turn move that gives spirit but can only be used once per one kill. 2 nice passives in poison in hold ground and passive skin. She has poison devour but no direct poison move.  A lovely addition to a poison team, but not so unique without any poison allies.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Finn (Storm)

Finn has some very nice moves that can sometimes be situational. Thundering entry and timestrike pair well together. Finn can be a very useful unit but isn’t very successful against a smart opponent.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Druke (Fire)

Druke’s healing burn is a very nice passive skill. He’s a bit less useful without his spirit regeneration. Druke has good synergy with burn teams and has an outstanding damage output once you get your burning frenzy going.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Astrid (Fire)

Astrid can deal with multiple enemies very well. She is a spirit machine, gets stun immunity when burned, and heals each turn. She struggles with stealth, poison but is still very decent with a good burn synergy.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Astrid (Water)

A nice addition to a stealth team, but nothing special when she is by herself. Her passives allow her to prevent poison and grant stealth to all allies upon her death. She has a stealth charge move, stealth raid, and a pushback move that will set a unit as the last reinforcement.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Artemeia (Light)

She has the best healing in the game with overheal that comes at a TU cost of 100; it heals two allies for 400% of your attack. Her passives are spirit+ and thundering entry, and a purify move. If you think your team needs healing, this is the right choice for you.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Akatsuki (Fire)

Akatsuki’s passive skill is a burning entry that allows him to instantly use his spread burns and burn blast move. His burn blast move has a low TU cost, and it goes very well with other burn units as it can deal 500% to 2 opponents at a time. He lacks regeneration and self-ignition but has a higher damage output. He has good burn synergy but can be easily beaten by smart opponents.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

C Tier

evertale tier list
Evertale C Tier

These units might work well, but other units do their job better or in a more useful way.

Alice (Light)

Her kit revolves around sleep. She can be a useful unit, but her spirit cost is high. Her ability to damage units after they wake up from sleep makes her a little better than a unit like Rei.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Nagi (Water)

Nagi’s movepool includes dream hunter, frenzy force, and overdrive. His passives are lullaby entry that triggers sleep on an enemy and holds ground.  He has a high potential damage output, but each of his methods has drawbacks. Nevertheless, it works well with a sleep team.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Grenzor (Water)

Grenzon requires a lot of spirit and turns to make him work. His vengeance strike lacks the utility of other moves. He can get a big hit off his first turn with spirit entry, but that’s pretty much all. After that, he is utterly reliant on overdrive.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Imran (Storm)

Imran’s kit seems pretty good at first; hold ground and stun skin punish opponents for attacking, and he can deal damage with time strike and stun combo. He works fine with another stun unit, but frequently underperforms and only does well when the enemy attacks him, which they usually avoid.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points
5204128309 12590

Vesh (Earth)

Vesh’s only decent attacks are desperate drain and survivors fury. Although these are great moves, they’re quite often situational and dependent on the enemies’ actions. Still, Vesh is a decent unit, but he can be easily outplayed puts him in the C Tier.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Rashanar (Fire)

Rashanar utterly requires a burn team to work properly. He can summons up to 7 minions for every single burned unit on the field upon his entry, and he gets a second turn when burned. His moves are blood nova and sacrifice heal that also gives burn. Unfortunately, he is one of the few units that just cannot work solo, which puts him in the C-Tier.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

D Tier

evertale tier list
D Tier

These are the worst units in our Evertale Tier List because they’re either too unreliable or aren’t worth the cost.

Rei (Water)

Rei lacks any useful moves besides sleep. Her passives are sleep, dreamy entry, and drawback, the only good one being sleep. She is ranked in the D-Tier of our Evertale Tier List due to her weak, limited strategy.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Oumei (Earth)

Oumei has a nice spirit rest move, and she goes well with poison teams. But she isn’t very good when she is by herself. Her passives are stun resist poison garden. Poison garden is good for raising spirit but has too many requirements.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Yuki (Water)

Her most useful ability is that she can freeze an ally for 120 TU, reducing damage by 90% and healing them on her turn. But the frozen status only lasts for two hits, which is not enough.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

Orzachron (Storm)

Orzachron has a stun entry that targets the unit with the highest TU.  His time strike is great because it hits two, but there wouldn’t be a second stunned unit most of the time. Frenzy force would be useful, but you will need to kill 2 units in order to use it. He drains a lot of spirit and requires too many storm allies to work effectively. Other units and teams can achieve the same damage output, more reliably.

RarityAttackCostSpeedHit points

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