Evertale Tier List – All Characters Ranked

The Ultimate Evertale SSR units Tier List that will give you an overview of the most efficient and the most useless units in the game.

There are more than 180 mysterious monsters out there that you have to catch, train and battle against in Evertale. You have to train the monsters after catching them to be able to fight the enemies. The game also features an in-depth PVP system for players that have a competitive itch.

You can build a team of up to 8 characters and compete against global players online. In our Evertale Tier List, we will be ranking the most powerful and the weakest SSR characters in the game.

Key Takeaways

The fantasy RPG Evertale puts up to 39 playing characters at your disposal. You are instructed to build a team of eight out of the horde. 

  • Tiamat, Elmina, Callen, Endless Rizette, Jeanne d’Arc, Ludmilla, Jeanne d’Arc, Fornaxos, and Norza are currently the best unlockable units in the Evertale game.

  • On the split hand, Imran (Storm), Rei (Water), Oumei (Earth), Yuki (Water), and Orzachron (Storm) are the weakest characters of the 39-unit Evertale fighting collection. 

Evertale Tier List Characters Ranking Table 

Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Tiamat (Water), Elmina (Fire), Callen (Blood), Endless Rizette (Dark), Jeanne d’Arc (Light), Ludmilla (Light), Fornaxos (Fire), Norza (Storm), Anya (Storm)
A-Tier Rolotia (Earth), Rizette (Water), Kaidaros (Water), Merdain (Dark), Elmina (Light), Elmina (Dark), Ludmilla (Water), Shirra (Earth), Altaireon (Storm), Kirin (Light)
B-Tier Maxima (Fire), Vonn (Dark), Lucius (Light), Astrid (Water), Astrid (Fire), Le Fay (Dark), Finn (Storm), Druke (Fire), Akatsuki (Fire), Artemeia (Light)
C-Tier Vesh (Earth), Grenzor (Water), Alice (Light), Nagi (Water), Rashanar (Fire)
D-Tier  Imran (Storm), Rei (Water), Oumei (Earth), Yuki (Water), Orzachron (Storm)

Comparison Between All Characters

Details & Comparison of all the Best Characters in Evertale:

Callen (blood)6.034.03550.017632.0378.0
Endless Rizette (dark)6.034.03828.016243.0369.0
Ludmilla (Light)6.034.02500.033236.071.0
Jeanne d’Arc (Light)6.034.03261.019076.0125.0
Fornaxos (Fire)6.034.03476.016353.0471.0
Norza (Storm)6.034.03454.016463.0326.0
Rolotia (Earth)6.034.02805.021358.073.0
Rizette (Water)3.016.0375.01780.0107.0
Kaidaros (Water)6.034.03063.020066.088.0
Merdain (Dark)6.034.03204.017715.0124.0
Elmina (Light)3.034.03151.019626.0147.0
Elmina (Dark)6.034.03314.017165.0303.0
Ludmilla (Water)6.034.02951.018980.0163.0
Shirra (Earth)6.034.03135.018085.0401.0
Altaireon (Storm)6.034.03580.017481.0158.0
Kirin (Light)6.034.02945.019007.0209.0
Maxima (Fire)6.034.03451.016477.0433.0
Vonn (Dark)6.034.03602.017371.0182.0
Lucius (Light)6.034.02912.019172.089.0
Astrid (Water)6.034.03138.018045.0191.0
Astrid (Fire)6.034.03300.018883.0216.0
Le Fay (Dark)6.034.03503.017866.0211.0
Finn (Storm)6.034.03308.017192.0414.0
Druke (Fire)6.034.03127.018100.0202.0
Akatsuki (Fire)6.034.03635.017026.0403.0
Artemeia (Light)6.034.02978.018842.066.0
Vesh (Earth)6.034.03107.018196.0412.0
Grenzor (Water)6.034.03484.017962.0302.0
Alice (Light)6.034.03426.016601.0133.0
Nagi (Water)6.034.03146.019653.0278.0
Rashanar (Fire)6.034.03151.017976.0322.0
Imran (Storm)6.034.02984.018815.0309.0
Rei (Water)6.034.01493.06946.0305.0

This is the Ultimate Evertale SSR units Tier List that will give you an overview of the most efficient and the most useless units in the game. In this Tier List, we will be adopting the “S” to “D” ranking format. S-Tier characters are the most effective units in the game that work really well when paired with optimal teams. And D-Tier units are the weakest units in the game due to their uselessness and cost.

S Tier

Evertale Tier List
S Tier

The best units in the game. S Tier units are deadly and carry the entire party by themself. They are at the top of our Tier List due to the fact that they can greatly improve any team regardless of any support.

Elmina (Fire) Fire Elmina is a top-tier SSR unit with unique skills and exceptional stats. She can revive herself with 1 HP under certain conditions and has powerful attack-all skills that ignore counter-stance and passive effects. With skills like Ignition Rage Heal and Burn Drain+, she offers significant healing and damage capabilities, making her an excellent addition to any Fire team.
Tiamat (Water) Tiamat is an exceptional overdrive offensive unit with quick self-enrage, making her a strong striker. While demanding spirit for allies to function properly, she excels in early-game scenarios. Despite her survival skill’s high TU consumption, her Suimori’s Spam provides a buffer and minimizes reliance on Overdrive, ensuring consistent performance.
Callen (Blood) Callen is a versatile and powerful unit with the ability to stun opponents, making her a formidable presence on the battlefield. With skills like Brash Strike, Purify Heal, and Survivor’s Fury, she boosts the damage output of Blood teams significantly. Her Revenge passive further enhances her effectiveness, making her valuable when built around correctly.
Endless Rizette (Dark) Endless Rizette excels at healing herself with Poison Devour, making her ideal for both beginners and advanced players. With low TU costs, high stats, and powerful passives like Poison Drain and Guard Destroyer, she synergizes well with poison and guard teams, offering exceptional utility and survivability in battles.
Ludmilla (Light) Ludmilla is considered the best tank in the game, utilizing passives like Auto-Guard, Desperate Drain, and Purify with low TU costs. Her ability to fit into any team and perform well, combined with her exceptional survivability, earns her a spot in the S Tier. With her versatility and defensive capabilities, Ludmilla is a valuable asset in any lineup.
Jeanne d’Arc (Light) Jeanne d’Arc is a powerful unit with advantages that make her a countermeasure for certain opponents. With skills like Attack, Holy Protection, and Survivor’s Fury, she provides defensive support and can conjure armor and poison immunity. Her versatility and ability to withstand enemy assaults make her a valuable addition to any team, particularly when facing threats like Endless Rizette and Endless Astrid.
Fornaxos (Fire) Fornaxos boasts high damage output and crisis armor, making him a valuable asset in crisis teams. With skills like Brash Strike, Energy Charge, and Charge Flare, he excels in dealing damage and disrupting opponents. His effectiveness in delay tactics, combined with his strong offensive capabilities, earns him a place in the S Tier, making him a versatile choice for various team compositions.
Norza (Storm) Norza is a versatile unit capable of fitting into many lineups with his stun skill, counter-attack, and time strike. He synergizes well with Storm, Time Strike, and Guard teams, offering incredible survivability and damage potential. His versatility and strong kit make him one of the best units in the game, particularly when paired with compatible allies.
Anya (Storm) Anya is a new SSR unit with unique skills like Allied Storm, Swift Strike, and Guardian Mode. With increased attack and HP stats, she provides valuable offensive and defensive support to her allies. Her ability to redirect enemy attacks and deal significant damage with skills like Retribution and Savage Force make her a formidable presence on the battlefield. Anya’s versatility and utility earn her a place in the S Tier of the Tier List.

A Tier

evertale tier list
A Tier

A Tier units are reliably good. They’re very close to S Tier and offer superb utility and strength.

Rizette (Water) Rizette is proficient in dealing with threats through her sleep, Dream Hunter, and Guard Destroy kit. Despite her high TU costs for the Sleep combo and lack of strong passives, she remains a handy unit against tough opposition.
Rolotia (Earth) Rolotia serves as a robust support unit with abilities like Chrono Command and Payback Strike, offering valuable utility to various teams. Her versatility makes her instrumental in most lineups, despite not synergizing with a specific team.
Kaidaros (Water) Kaidaros boasts a Savage Burst with 500% damage and useful passives like constant regeneration and poison immunity. While she suffers from high Spirit and TU costs, she excels in self-sufficiency and is effective against top poison meta units.
Elmina (Light) Elmina’s main move is her Healing Armor, providing 30% health regeneration, with Survivor’s Fury and Desperate Strike as situational moves. Her healing abilities make her valuable in critical situations, despite relying on specific conditions.
Merdain (Dark) Merdain’s kit is filled with usable abilities, making him effective with poison and minion teams. His passive ability punishes opponents for healing their poison status, making him formidable against certain opponents.
Elmina (Dark) Dark Elmina’s passives and Shadow Clone support stealth teams effectively. With the ability to grant stealth, regenerate for all stealth allies, and provide powerful attack options, she is a must-have for any stealth-oriented lineup.
Ludmilla (Water) Ludmilla excels as a powerful guard, becoming invincible with two stealth allies. Her abilities, including Give Turn and Purify, make her effective against teams that struggle to counter her Guardian mechanics.
Kirin (Light) Kirin boasts a mix of survivability and damage output with Vigor Impact, Vigor Armor, regeneration, and Survivor’s Fury. While he requires a Light ally for crucial regen, he can be dangerous against opponents who underestimate him.
Altaireon (Storm) Altaireon offers decent offense and survivability with abilities like Stun Skin and Hold Ground. His movepool includes a stun, time strike, and desperate strike, making him a valuable addition to teams, especially when paired with Time Strike units.
Shirra (Earth) Shirra’s ability to spread poison accurately, combined with her speed, makes her an excellent addition to any poison team. While she shines with good poison teammates, she struggles to reach her full potential without proper support.

B Tier

evertale tier list
Evertale B Tier

These units can perform well, but they require a decent supporting team to shine.

Vonn (Dark) Vonn earns his spot in the B rank due to his offensive options and defensive advantage with summons. Self-reliant with Poison Devour, his summon two passive entry and Blood Nova (350%) make him a decent unit overall.
Maxima (Fire) Maxima complements crisis and fire teams well with abilities like Crisis Armor and Crisis Avenger. However, her lack of stun guard makes her vulnerable to enemy stuns, detracting from her effectiveness in combat.
Lucius (Light) Lucius possesses two decent passives in Spirit Armor and Counter, although lacking Hold Ground like Norza. His Desperate Spirit grants 4+ spirit when under 50% HP, triggering Spirit Armor and enabling him to use Overdrive effectively. While his TU costs may be draining on teammates, he remains a strong contender for the A-Tier.
Le Fay (Dark) Le Fay’s Give Turn move provides spirit but is limited to once per kill. With two useful passives in Poison in Hold Ground and Passive Skin, she excels in a poison team setup. However, without any direct poison moves, she lacks uniqueness without poison allies.
Finn (Storm) Finn possesses useful moves like Thundering Entry and Time Strike, which synergize well together. While situational at times, Finn can be a valuable unit, although less successful against adept opponents.
Druke (Fire) Druke’s Healing Burn is a valuable passive, particularly effective in burn teams. While less useful without spirit regeneration, he boasts excellent synergy with burn teams and impressive damage output once Burning Frenzy is activated.
Astrid (Fire) Astrid excels in dealing with multiple enemies, serving as a spirit machine and gaining stun immunity when burned. Despite struggling against stealth and poison, she remains a strong contender with solid burn synergy.
Astrid (Water) A valuable addition to a stealth team, Astrid’s passives prevent poison and grant stealth to all allies upon her death. While less effective solo, her kit shines in a stealth-focused lineup.
Artemeia (Light) Artemeia boasts the best healing in the game with Overheal, although at a TU cost of 100. Her passives include Spirit+ and Thundering Entry, alongside a Purify move. Ideal for teams in need of healing support, Artemeia is a solid choice for bolstering survivability.
Akatsuki (Fire) Akatsuki’s passive skill, Burning Entry, allows for instant use of spread burns and Burn Blast. Despite lacking regeneration and self-ignition, his higher damage output and synergy with burn units make him a valuable addition to burn-focused teams, although vulnerable to strategic opponents.

C Tier

evertale tier list
Evertale C Tier

These units might work well, but other units do their job better or in a more useful way.

Alice (Light) Alice’s kit revolves around sleep mechanics, making her potentially useful, but her high spirit cost limits her effectiveness. While she can damage units after they wake up from sleep, there are better alternatives available.
Nagi (Water) Nagi boasts dream hunter, frenzy force, and overdrive in his movepool, with passives like lullaby entry and hold ground. While he has a high potential damage output, each of his methods has drawbacks, making him less versatile compared to other units. He finds his niche in sleep teams.
Grenzor (Water) Grenzor’s effectiveness relies heavily on spirit and turns, with moves like vengeance strike lacking utility. While he can deliver a big hit with spirit entry on his first turn, he becomes reliant on overdrive afterward. His dependency and limited versatility land him in the C-Tier.
Vesh (Earth) Vesh’s arsenal includes moves like desperate drain and survivor’s fury, which are powerful but situational. His effectiveness can be easily thwarted by opponents’ actions, limiting his overall impact on the battlefield and warranting his placement in the C-Tier.
Rashanar (Fire) Rashanar heavily depends on a burn team to function optimally, summoning minions for every burned unit on the field upon his entry. While he gains a second turn when burned, his reliance on a specific team composition and lack of solo effectiveness relegates him to the C-Tier.

D Tier

evertale tier list
D Tier

These are the worst units in our Tier List because they’re either too unreliable or aren’t worth the cost.

Imran (Storm) Imran’s kit appears promising with abilities like hold ground and stun skin, punishing opponents for attacking. However, he often underperforms and relies on enemies attacking him, which they tend to avoid. His reliance on another stun unit for optimal performance further diminishes his effectiveness, landing him in the D-Tier.
Rei (Water) Rei’s lack of useful moves besides sleep, coupled with weak passives like dreamy entry and drawback, relegates her to the D-Tier. She lacks versatility and strategy, making her a subpar choice compared to other units in Evertale.
Oumei (Earth) While Oumei has a useful spirit rest move and synergizes well with poison teams, she struggles when alone due to her reliance on specific conditions for her passives to be effective. This dependency limits her overall utility, warranting her placement in the D-Tier.
Yuki (Water) Yuki’s most useful ability is her ability to freeze an ally, reducing damage and healing them. However, the frozen status lasts for only two hits, limiting its effectiveness. This, coupled with her other average abilities, lands her in the D-Tier.
Orzachron (Storm) Orzachron possesses a stun entry and time strike, which could be useful, but he drains a lot of spirit and requires specific conditions to be effective, such as targeting the unit with the highest TU and needing multiple storm allies. His reliance on these conditions and his draining nature place him in the D-Tier.

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