Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List: Detailed Comparison

Do you the best and worst classes for PvP of Maplestory 2? No? Read our Tier list guide and learn everything.

MapleStory 2 is an MMORPG free-to-play game available on the Microsoft Windows platform. The game features PvE and PvP modes with 11 diverse character classes. Not all classes are equal regarding dominating fights in the PvP. That is why we have curated MapleStory 2 PvP tier list for the players who are still playing the game and desperately trying to win PvP fights.

Key Takeaways

Maplestory 2 houses a total number of 11 playing classes for both of its modes, PvE and PvP. 

  • Each character class is ranked into a specific tier based on the all-around viability on offer for the learning curve required to invest. 
  • Top-tier classes: Berserker, Knight, Heavy Gunner – Straightforward to master, high value.
  • Weakest class: Thief – Poor performance in PvP, challenging handling.

All Maplestory 2 Characters And Comparison

Here is a summarized table filled with PVP character’s stats in Maplestory:

ClassTierRoleAvailable WeaponsClass AttributesActive and Passive SkillsKey Stats
Heavy GunnerS+Ranged DPSCannonsPhysical, Electric, Lightning, and FireLock–On, Homing Missiles, Electric Blast, Suborbital Bombardment, M-Bomb, Bullet Spray, Gatling Fire, Jet boots, Rocket Launcher, Magnetic Bomb, and Stun grenadesDexterity, Physical Damage, and Strengt
KnightS+Tank, DPSShield and One-Handed SwordPhysical and HolyShield Mastery, Iron Shield, Iron Defense, Defender of the Faith, Bulwark, Shield Wall, Longsword Mastery, Warhorn, Drill Thrust, Divine Strike, Cross Cut, Typhoon Slash, Tornado Slash, Stinging Flurry, Shield Toss, Shield Charge, and Shield BoosterStrength, Defense, Full Defense, and Health
BerserkerS+Melee DPSTwo-Handed SwordPhysical, DarkVoid Slash, X Slash, Raging Slash, Death Spin, Dark Aura, Adrenaline Rush, Dark Breaker, Greatsword Mastery, Ground Breaker, Bloodlust, Dark Might, Deep Wounds, Warrior’s Instinct, Blood Price, Intimidation, Inhuman Endurance, and EarthquakeStrength, Health, Physical Damage
WizardSRanged DPSStaves and WandsElectric, Frost, Lightning, fire, and ice.Ice Spear, Flame Wave, Phantom Claw, Magic Armor, Arcane Blast, Mana Claw, Focus Sea, Thunderbolt, Ice Storm, Flame Tornado, Chain Lightning, Elemental Master, Electromancy, Cryomancy, Pyromancy, and Mana FontIntelligence, Magic Attack, and Critical Rate
RunebladeSMeleeTwo-Handed Blade and SwordFrost, Fire, and LightningImpact, Gravity Rune, Whirling Blade, Flurry, Echoing Blade, Illusory blades, Blade Chasm, Blink, Rune Balance, Flame Sigil, Blade Mastery, Storm Sigil, Rune Focus, Warding Rune, Frost Sigil, Honing Runes, and Elemental PotencyIntelligence and Strength
PriestADPS, Healer, and SupportA Spellbook, Codex, and ScepterHolySanctuary, Holy Relic, Holy Blast, Celestial Light, Smiting Aura, Scourging Wave, Angelic Ray, Disciple, Celestial Guardian, Celestial Blessings, Scepter Mastery, Holy Symbol, Heavenly Wings, Healing Prayer, Healing Mastery, Steadfast Faith, and Shield of the ArchonIntelligence and Healing
AssassinADPSOne-Handed Thrown Weapon TypesShadow and PhysicalDeath Sentence, Shadow Web, Thrown Weapon Mastery, Shadow Arts, Mirror Image: Dark Blade, Star Chaser, Shadow Burst, Mark of Death, Star Flurry, Soul Grind, Fragmented Stars, Lucky Stars, Shadow Chaser, Shadow Cutter, Dark Cloak, and Fatal StrikesCritical Damage and Luck
StrikerATwo-Handed KnucklesPhysical and FireTaunting Feint, Overflowing Fighting Spirit, Raging Flame, Ultimate Destroyer Kick, Ultimate Rush, Spiral Cannon, Vulcan Punch, Double-Fist Smash, Spin Kick, Meridian Flow, Dragon Kick, Pattern Break, Raining Blows, Setup Kick, Shockwave Punch, and Guillotine. Dexterity and Physical Attack
Soul BinderAUtility DPSTwo-Handed OrbExpansion Blast, Soaring Orb, Radiant Salvo, Shooting Star, Static Flash, Energy surge, Flash strike, Raging Tempest, Concussion Orb, Healing Bond, Orb Mastery, Light Barrier, Mantra Array, Illusion, Fountain of Renewal, Animus Focus, and Narubashan UnleashedMagic Attack and Intelligence
ArcherARanged DPSBowFire, Ice, and PhysicalIce Arrow, Rapid Shot, Evasive Salvo, Arrow Barrage, Arrow Stream, Screwdriver Shot, Bow Swing, Eagle’s Majesty, Eagle Claw, Arrow Storm, Agile Archer, Conditioning, Bronze Eagle, Snipe, Screwdriver Shot, Precision Shooter, and Sharp EyesDexterity, Critical Hit, and Attack Speed
ThiefBMelee DPSOne-Handed DaggersToxic and PhysicalPoison Vial, Somersault Kick, Poison Edge, Mind Stealer, Double Slash, Surprise Attack, Blade Dance, Vicious Cuts, Haste, Quick Step, Cunning Tactics, Mind Breaker, Spirit Thief, Meso Guard Plus, Deft Combatant, Ruthless Guile, and RetaliationDexterity, Movement Speed, Evasion, and Luck

S+ Tier

As we start without MapleStory 2 PvP Tier List, the first is the S+ Tier List. All the classes belonging to this tier ranking are the absolute best in the PvP and PvE modes of MapleStory 2. You can never go wrong with these characters; they are also easy to learn and master in the game.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
Splus PvP MapleStory 2 Tier List
Heavy Gunner Heavy Gunner excels in PvP combat with its versatile Cannon, dealing significant damage from both long and close ranges. With high dex and physical damage stats, Heavy Gunner can stay mobile while dealing ranged damage effectively. Its active and passive abilities, especially those unlocked after level 37, provide valuable tools for PvP engagements.
Knight Knight offers a balanced mix of offense and defense, wielding a one-handed sword and shield. Its ability to block incoming attacks makes it well-suited for close to medium-range combat in PvP. Dealing physical and holy damage, Knight’s primary stats include strength, dexterity, and defense. While slightly more challenging to master than Heavy Gunner, Knight’s skills require strategic use of both sword and shield for optimal effectiveness in PvP engagements.
Berserker Berserker is a high-DPS glass-cannon class specializing in physical and dark damage with a two-handed sword. With the highest strength stat, Berserker excels at causing chaos in PvP battles, although it lacks in defense and luck. Playing Berserker requires calculated aggression, as its immense DPS can quickly drain its health. However, its straightforward skillset makes it easy to master for close and medium-range combat scenarios in PvP.


All the classes of characters falling under the S-tier ranking are the second-best in MapleStory 2. They have a tad bit difficult learning curve, but nevertheless, if you learn how and when to execute their skills, you will be dominating fights in PvP and PvE.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
S-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List
Wizard The Wizard class excels in dealing with long-range attacks, utilizing fire, frost, and lightning-based spells to inflict damage on opponents. With high intelligence stats, Wizards cast powerful elemental attacks with area-of-effect and crowd-control capabilities.

While lacking in defense compared to other classes, Wizards compensate with teleportation abilities that can disorient opponents in PvP battles, making them formidable opponents when played skillfully.

Runeblade Runeblade combines brute force with magical spells, wielding a two-handed sword and casting elemental attacks. With balanced stats in strength and intelligence, Runeblades excel in close to medium-range combat, offering versatility in both physical and magical abilities.

Their proficiency with swordsmanship and elemental magic allows Runeblades to adapt to various PvP situations, making them a formidable class in the hands of skilled players who can master the combination of sword strikes and spellcasting.


Under MapleStory 2 PvP Tier List, The classes that come under A-tier ranking are decent enough to invest time and learn combat tactics in MapleStory 2. They are not as good as S-Tier ones; playing with them is fun.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
A-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List
Priest A ranged character with high intelligence and decent defense. Primarily a support class focused on buffing allies and restoring HP. Not suitable for close-range combat.
Assassin Deals damage from a distance with lethal precision. High luck stat and decent range, defense, and dexterity. Relatively easy to master.
Striker Excels in close combat, using two-handed knuckles. High strength and agility but lacks in defense and intelligence. Challenging for players preferring distance combat.
Soul Binder Utilizes magic-based attacks with a two-handed orb. High intelligence but weak defense. Suitable for ranged glass-cannon playstyle but challenging in PvP due to low defense.
Archer Boasts the highest range stat but lacks in defense. Requires precise timing and skill execution, making her difficult to master despite her potential


Sadly, Thief is the only class of character that belongs to the B-tier rank. According to what we experienced after playing the game, she is by far the weakest class in the game and offers little value in PvP. However, in PvE, she is an average class.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
B-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List


We think Thief is the only class of character in MapleStory 2 who severely lacks punch, and most of her attacks do not deal a decent amount of damage. Besides the low-strength stat, she also suffers from a lack of range-based attacks and a low overall defense stat. However, she does come with overwhelming luck and dexterity stat.

Mastering the playstyle in PvP mode is extremely difficult as most of the time if you use Thief against Heavy Gunner or another A-tier character, you are likely to lose the fight.

Now that you know about all character classes in Maplestory 2, you may have a question or two. We are here to answer the top three most searched questions players keep asking on the web.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the PvP MapleStory 2 tier list. Have you played with all classes in the game? Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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