Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]

MapleStory 2 is an MMORP free-to-play game that is available on the Microsoft Windows platform only. The game features PvE and PvP modes with a diverse eleven classes of characters. Not all classes are equal when it comes to dominating fights in the PvP. That is why we have curated MapleStory 2 PvP tier list for the players who are still playing the game and desperately trying to win PvP fights.

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We have ranked all MapleStory 2 classes of characters into four-tier ranking after playing the game for a reasonable amount of time. We understand that our tier ranking may differ from the players who have been or still playing the game. However, the tier ranking that we have come up with is subjective and is not official. That being said, the PvP MapleStory 2 tier list reflects our opinion about each of the classes in the game, and therefore it is not up for discussion or debate.

S+ Tier

As we start with out MapleStory 2 PvP Tier List, the first is S+ Tier List. All the classes belonging to this tier ranking are absolute best in the PvP and PvE mode of MapleStory 2. You can never go wrong with these characters, and they are also easy to learn and master in the game.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
Splus PvP MapleStory 2 Tier List

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner class, by far, is the best when it comes to beating other players in the PvP arena. The weapon of choice for this class of character is a Cannon, which deals an excellent amount of damage from a distance as well as when you are close to a target. Other than that, Heavy Gunner is best when it comes to dealing physical, fire, and lightning damage on an opponent.

Since dex and physical damage of this character class is a major stat, Heavy Gunner can stay mobile, and deal ranged damage effectively. Moreover, learning or mastering this class is also not that difficult as you can level up easily by utilizing the versatile active and passive abilities of Heavy Gunner.

Furthermore, apart from the active skills, the three passive abilities (Advanced Bullets, Advanced Pulse Weapons, and Advanced Missiles) that unlock after level 37 for this class of character are very much useful while fighting other players in PvP.


When it comes to a balanced class that offers defense and offense at the same time, the Knight character class is the first that comes into our head. This class wields a one-handed sword and, on the other hand, a shield, allowing the character to lead an offense or defend others or self without much trouble. In PvP, the ability to block incoming target’s attack is a major plus point, and that is why we think Knight is the perfect fit for close to medium ranged combat in PvP.

Furthermore, Knight is best in dealing with physical and holy damage. Other than that, his core or major stats lies in strength, dexterity, and defense department. If your playstyle suits ranged engagements, then Knight will be a poor choice of class. However, if charging into an enemy and blocking attacks is your forte, then there is no better match than Knight in MapleStory 2.

When it comes to the learning curve, Knight is a tad bit difficult than Heavy Gunner, and that is also the reason this class ranks at the second-best in our MapleStory 2 PvP tier list. It is because most of Knight’s active skills demand players to learn when to use the sword and shield.


Berserker is a glass-cannon-like class in MapleStory 2. This character class has by far the highest strength in the game, and it is also the reason he is unstoppable when it comes to causing mayhem in the PvP arena. Primarily, Berserker deals physical and dark damage, and he wields a long two-handed sword. Other than having the highest strength, he has an excellent amount of dexterity, HP, and mediocre range. Berserker is short in the defense, luck, and intelligence department, but he makes up for it by dealing an enormous amount of DPS to opponents in PvP.

Since Berserker has the highest amount of DPS in MapleStory 2, playing recklessly with this class can be risky and rewarding at the same time. You must calculate the outcomes of the battle before charging into combat, as the downside of playing with Berserker is that his health can be drained quickly.

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Furthermore, Berserker is very easy to master in MapleStory 2 as most of his passive and active skills are focused on controlling the combat via his two-handed sword. When it comes to close and medium-ranged combat, you can not really go wrong with Berserker while playing in PvP mode.


All the class of characters falling under the S-tier ranking are the second-best in MapleStory 2. They have a tad bit difficult learning curve, but nevertheless, if you learn how and when to execute their skills, you will be dominating fights in PvP and PvE.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
S-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List


Wizard is another excellent class in MapleStory 2, and she is the best when it comes to dealing with long-range attacks. Since she is a mage class in the game and her intelligence is also the highest stat, Wizard casts fire, frost, and lightning-based attacks to deal damage on opponents. Area of effect, crowd control, and slow but impactful attacks is the playstyle associated with this class in MapleStory 2. Wizard’s weapon of choice is Staff, and besides this, she does not wield any other sharp or blunt weapon.

Wizard is best at dealing damage by casting various elemental attacks. Her strongest point is the ability to teleport from one side of the arena to the other, and it can confuse opponents in PvP easily.

However, the only downside we encountered while playing PvP using the Wizard class in the game was that her defense was much lower than Berserker’s. This is one of the many reasons why we did not place her with the top-tier class of characters in our MapleStory 2 PvP tier list.


Runeblade is the best of both worlds when it comes to using a sword for brute force and magical spells. This class of character shares stats equally between strength and intelligence and hence has mastery over sword and sorcery. Moreover, unlike a Wizard class, Runeblade has an excellent defense, dexterity, and ranged attacks capability. He is the perfect class in MapleStory 2, who offers sheer strength via a two-handed sword and elemental infusing magic techniques by casting fire, frost, and lightning attacks.

Like Heavy Gunner, the three passive abilities (Rune Balance, Rune Focus, and Blade Mastery) of Runeblade allow this class of character to be better while fighting opponents in PvP. He is the perfect class for the players who not only want to rely on striking enemies with brute force but an occasional touch of magic as well.


Under MapleStory 2 PvP Tier List, The classes that come under A-tier ranking are decent enough to invest time and learn the tactics of combat in MapleStory 2. They are not as good as S-Tier ones; still, playing with them is fun.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
A-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List
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Priest is an above-average class of character in MapleStory 2 who is an excellent pick for ranged projectile attacks. She has a high range, intelligence, and a decent amount of defense and luck. However, other than that, Priest lacks severely in the defense and dexterity department. Her weapon of choice is a scepter and codex, which she uses to cast Holy properties-based attacks.

When it comes to learning the playstyle of Priest, she is not a difficult character to master. However, her playstyle is strictly reserved from a distance, and she is a poor choice of character if you are looking for a close-range class in the game.

Moreover, Priest is not an attacker kind of class. Instead, most of her skills involvers buffing allies or restoring HP. Priest is more of a support class of character in MapleStory 2, and players simply can not play as an attacker or tanky class of character with her in the game. Regardless of the role, she is a decent class who can keep herself alive and deal damage from a distance if you can pull off playing with her in PvP.


Assassin is the master of dealing damage from a safe distance, and she strikes opponents with lethal precisions. Her weapon of choice is the one-handed thrown weapons. Assassin is the only class of character to have the highest luck stat in MapleStory 2. Other than that, she also has a decent amount of range, defense, and dexterity. Like Priest, Assassin is also low on strength. However, unlike Priest, she is also low on intelligence as well.

Mastering the Assassin character is also relatively easy as you need to make yourself aware of all the whistles and blows of executing skills wherever required.


Striker class of character, in our MapleStory 2 PvP Tier list, is the true definition of taking a fight up close and personal. She uses two-handed knuckles as a weapon of choice and has the second-highest strength in MapleStory. Striker’s DEX stat is nearly equal to her strength, which makes her agile while executing skills at close ranges. Her defense, range, and luck stat are average, and she lacks in the intelligence department. For the sake of PvP, players who like to deal damage from a distance will struggle while playing with Striker.

Soul Binder

Soul Binder uses a two-handed orb and deals damage by unleashing magic-based attacks on her targets. Like most mage class of characters, she too has the weakest strength and the highest intelligence in MapleStory 2. Other than that, her luck, dex, and range stat are above-average, but she lacks heavily in the defense department.

Soul Binder can be a good alternate for a ranged glass-cannon-style playstyle. However, since she does not have a good defense stat from the get-go, playing with her in PvP can be a bit challenging.


Archer is the only class of character in MapleStory 2 to have the highest amount of range stat, giving the character liberty to approach its targets from multiple safe distance positions. However, her defense is underwhelming, and the arrows lack punch, making this class of character difficult to learn or even master. Still, many players make good use of Archer by learning to control or execute her skills on timing. Regardless of the downsides, she is still a decent class who has a difficult learning curve.

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Sadly, Thief is the only class of character that belongs to the B-tier rank. According to what we experienced after playing the game, she is by far the weakest class in the game and offers little value in PvP. However, in PvE, she is an average class.

Complete Maplestory 2 PvP Tier List [2021]
B-Tier Ranking MapleStory 2 Tier List


We think Thief is the only class of character in MapleStory 2 who severely lacks punch, and most of her attacks do not deal a decent amount of damage. Besides the low strength stat, she also suffers from a lack of range-based attacks, coupled with a low overall defense stat. However, she does come with the overwhelming luck and dexterity stat.

Mastering the playstyle in PvP mode is extremely difficult as most of the time, if you use Thief against Heavy Gunner or another A-tier character, you are likely to lose the fight.

MapleStory 2 PvP Tier List FAQs

Now that you know about all character classes in Maplestory 2, you may have a question or two. We are here to answer the top three most searched questions players keep asking on the web.

Who is the best-ranged class in MapleStory 2?

Heavy Gunner

Who is the best mage class in MapleStory 2?


Which is the most balanced class in MapleStory 2?


That is pretty much everything you need to know about the PvP MapleStory 2 tier list. Have you played with all classes in the game? Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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