Marvel Contest Of Champions Tier List [Sept. 2022]

Started playing MCOC and don’t know which Champion to choose? Our Marvel Contest of Champions Tier list is here to guide you! In our tier list, we are ranking all of the playable characters in this Marvel Fighting Game. Marvel Contest of Champions is an adrenaline-fuelled fighting game for Android and iOS. The game received great reviews after its debut in December 2014, with many Marvel fans giving it a go. The familiarity that comes with playing as your favorite Marvel character is a big part of the appeal.

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Marvel Contest of Champions has over 200 characters from the Marvel universe, with more to come as the game gets updated. In our Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List, we rank each character in the game depending on how viable they are in the current meta.

With such a wide roster of champions, gamers may be confused as to which character to choose from. In the Tier list, it’s simple for gamers to choose a character based on:

  • S-Tier: Overpowered Champions!
  • A-Tier: A fantastic performance with a few flaws.
  • B-Tier: Average performance.
  • C-Tier: Champions who perform at a Below-Average level.
  • D-Tier: It’s really hard to win with these Characters
  • E-Tier: Worst Performance Overall

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List.


Mcoc Tier list

Our S-tier comprises the strongest champions to choose from. This layer of champions is the most effective, strong, and valuable, as well as the most adaptive, of all the tiers.

Cyclops (Blue Team) 

Available as a three-star, four-star, and five-star Champion, Cyclops from Blue Team is one of the best characters in our Marvel Contest Of Champions tier list as of August 2022.  The mutant class champion has the ability to form a synergy with 13 other characters in the game. His mutant agenda can be with either Colossus or Wolverine. Add Bishop to a team with him to activate the Energy Conduit Synergy bonus. With Cable, he can activate the Family synergy bonus. 


Another great Champion in our Marvel Contest Of Champions tier list for August 2022 is Cable.  He is familiar with Cyclops and Phoenix and his teammates with Rogue.  Furthermore, he is one of the greatest enemies to Deadpool.  If you add Cable in a team with Deadpool it will activate the Enemies synergy bonus. He forms a Unique synergy with  Mr. Sinister, called the Genetic Masterpiece. 

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) 

She is one of the best Cosmic  Champions in our Marvel Contest Of Champions tier list for August 2022. Since she is a Cosmic Champion she has a class bonus against all the Tech Champions. However, she is fairly weak as compared to the Mystic Champions. For the recommended Masteries, you should go for Extended Fury and Enhanced Fury. 


Archangel is a Champion from the Mutant class who works with 9 other characters to build synergy. He is available as a 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star champion. One of the best Marvel Contest of Champions in the entire tier list.

Captain America (Infinity War)

Captain America (Infinity War) is a champion of the science class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions as a Science Champion, but he is vulnerable to Skill Champions.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s ability to absorb energy attacks lets her get access to the strong Binary Ignition by using her opponent’s attacks against her. She deals a huge amount of her damage as Energy Damage in Binary Ignition. She is one of the best Marvel Contest of Champions characters in this tier list.


Colossus is a Champion from Mutant Class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is vulnerable to Tech Champions.

Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive is a champion from the cosmic class. He possesses a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions as a Cosmic Champion, but he is prone to Mystic Champions.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is a champion from the Mystic Class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions as a Mystic Champion, but he is susceptible to Science Champions. He is the all-rounder Marvel Contest of Champions character in the entire tier list.


Domino, also known as Neena Thurman. She refined her Mutant talent to manipulate probability and joined the mercenary squad known as X-Force after escaping a top-secret facility with her mother. She belongs to the Mutant Class.


Ghost is a champion from the tech class. She possesses a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions as a Tech Champion, but she is prone to Cosmic Champions.

Guillotine 2099

Guillotine 2099 is a champion from the tech class. She possesses a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions as a Tech Champion, but she is prone to Cosmic Champions.

Human Torch

Johnny got the power to make and control fire when their ship was exposed to cosmic radiation. He can encase his body in plasma, giving him the capacity to fly, in addition to releasing tremendous flame blasts. The Human Torch is a champion from the Science Class.

He possesses a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions as a Science Champion, but he is susceptible to Skill Champions.


Hyperion blasts lethal rays of tremendous heat from his eyes. Each hit from the Special Attack has an X% chance of Incinerating the target, delivering X% of Hyperion Attack as Energy Damage over 10 seconds. While this effect is active, it also eliminates Perfect Block Chance and decreases Block Proficiency by 50%.

Hyperion is a single-fight ramp-up champion who, like many Cosmic heroes, obtains a slew of bonuses as the battle progresses.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty’s kit’s gameplay revolves around rushing back and forth to Phase through opposing assaults, preventing receiving damage, and inflicting massive bursts of damage to the opponent!

For Kitty Pryde, staying Phased as much as possible is the name of the game, and those who can do so efficiently will push her to the next level and get the most out of her gear.


Namor is a Champion from the Mutant class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is vulnerable to Tech Champions. Namor is a powerful attacking fighter. When he fails to impart a debuff on his opponent, he passively gains stacks of Outrage.

Nick Fury

Throughout the fight, Nick Fury is continually accumulating tactical charges. The more he possesses, the more skills he can use, making him a greater threat as the battle progresses. Nick’s disguise also allows him to skip death once every mission, giving him access to some tremendously high damage potential in his actual form.

Nick fits seamlessly into numerous team combinations by offering outstanding utility. He is a formidable leader with a lot of team synergy. He is among the top-tier characters in the Marvel Contest Champions Tier list.

Omega Red

When playing as Omega Red, keeping a close eye on your surroundings is crucial; more Death Spores equals greater damage and a lower likelihood of those pesky Skill Champions Purifying your Stuns from a Parry.

Additionally, Ability Accuracy decrease does not affect his most essential skills, making him a little more dependable in specific matchups.


Daisy Johnson, alias Quake, had her earth-shaking abilities unexpectedly awakened while she was a teenager as a result of her mother’s Inhuman lineage. S.H.I.E.L.D. took notice of her destructive abilities, and Nick Fury took her under his wing to teach and nurture her.

She is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most competent and powerful agents due to her ability to target seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy.


Shang-Chi performs Wushu Strikes combos with his Medium and Light Attacks. He may use them to gain access to tremendous utility and land Guaranteed Critical Hits. Shang-Critical Chi’s Damage Rating rises as he scores Critical Hits, making him strike harder as the fight progresses.

Summoned Symbiote

Summoned Symbiote is a Combined champion that may be played. He has a Class Bonus versus Champions of all classes except another Combined because he is a Combined champion.


Sunspot has a limited quantity of Solar Charges at the start of each fight, which he uses up every time an attack connects with his opponent. He boosts the damage of his attack by a large amount for each Solar Charge eaten. He Incinerates his opponent if the strike is effective.


All Nullify, Stagger, and Fate Seal abilities do not affect Thing. As a result, any Champions that rely on these, such as Symbiote Supreme or The Hood, will find it difficult to defeat him.


Void is a champion from the science class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions as a Science Champion, but he is vulnerable to Skill Champions.


Warlock is a Champion who belongs to the Tech class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions as a Tech Champion, but he is vulnerable to Cosmic Champions.

Wolverine (Weapon-X)

Wolverine (Weapon X) was initially published as an unplayable Mutant Champion in the Story Event X-Men: Terrigenocide as the first Quest’s boss. As a reward for Legends runs in Act 6, he was released as a playable trophy champion in March 2020. He possesses a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is vulnerable to Tech Champions.


marvel contest of champions A-tier

We have champions in the A-tier who put in a solid effort but have some minor flaws.


Apocalypse’s goal is to get enough genetic code to strengthen himself or his fellow Mutants. He achieves this by simply winning fights. Apocalypse has the option of keeping his Genetic Code to improve his skills or spending it in the Pre-Fight screen to strengthen any Mutant partner! Apocalypse is all about massive Special Attacks in battle!

Special Attacks 1 and 2 will cause a Debuff to be applied based on the last attack landed; these Debuffs may be upgraded with Special 3! Finally, if Apocalypse’s trademark Ability is unlocked, he enters a deep slumber if he does not engage in combat, allowing him to regenerate health dependent on how many bouts his team wins while he sleeps!

Black Widow (Claire Voyant)

Claire is concentrated on cycling through her many curses during the fight to keep one step ahead of the Opponent.

Claire’s three curses have diverse functions: the Curse of Blood focuses on regeneration, the Curse of Plague focuses on power control, and the Curse of Hellfire focuses on the damage. Claire may alter her current curse by terminating a combination with a light strike, letting her modify her utility set on the go during any fight.


Another Skill champion in our Marvel Contest Of Champions tier list for August 2022, Hawkeye has great abilities To counter his enemies. He is known as the greatest marksman in the world. Furthermore, he has mastered Bow and Arrow with this signature ability being Hemorrhage.  His special attack like an EMP arrow can inflict Bleed with a probability of 100%. 

Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

Black Widow is an assassin Champion who excels in Critical Hits, Shocks, Defensive Ability Accuracy reduction, and Evasion. Her Widow’s Insight ability triggers whenever her opponent leaves themselves open to an attack and allows her Basic and Special Attacks to strike with enhanced effectiveness.

Her ability to Shock and reduce Defensive Ability Accuracy increase dramatically while Widow’s Insight is active, and also allows her to enhance her critical rating with each combo.

Opponents also have to be aware of her subtle Sabotage Debuff, which deals bonus damage each time Black Widow (Deadly Origin) causes a Defensive Ability to fail. She is a defensive character ranking her A-tier in this Marvel Contest of Champions tier list.


The blade is a Champion of the Skill class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions as a Skill Champion, but he is prone to Mutant Champions.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Playing Cosmic Ghost Rider is like a Buff’s version of “Choose Your Adventure.” Buffs are triggered by various actions, while Judgments are triggered by Buffs. He is chasing Judgments since they raise the Duration of future Buffs until he consumes them and the circle begins again.

Controlling the sequence in which Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Buffs are activated is crucial to getting the most out of the high-impact buffs and then combining them with Armor Breaks to maximize their potential.

Cull Obsidian

Cull Obsidian is a strong, bruiser Champion who continues to improve as he wins more battles. He can easily evade Auto-Block now that he has access to his new Rout Buff.

Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)

Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen) is a Skill class Champion. He possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions as a Skill Champion, but he is vulnerable to Mutant Champions.

By controlling your combination and employing his skills to shrug off debuffs, dip, and dive through the fight to punish your opponent, the Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen) may cause huge Bleed and Critical damage.


Deadpool slams into objects that should be slammed. He Bleeds the opponent when he uses his sword. When it comes to his face, he cures the wounds. Deadpool is a member of the Mutant class of Champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is susceptible to Tech Champions.

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo is one of the Mystic Class’s champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions as a Mystic Champion, but he is prone to Science Champions.

Dragon Man

Dragon Man is a momentum-based Champion that wants to corner his opponent and bash the crap out of them. He maintains his momentum by continuously knocking his opponent down and generating Unblockable for a brief period.

Once he has the Opponent cornered, he earns tremendous Attack bonuses and decreases the Opponent’s Power when struck.


Elektra effortlessly disables her adversaries’ Defensive Ability Accuracy. With well-timed combinations, abilities that could trigger when struck (for example, Magik’s Limbo, Iron Man’s Regeneration, the Unblockable Finale Node, and so on) can be avoided.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost’s Heavy attacks make it simpler to switch into and stay in Telepath Form. She will create more Power in Diamond Form than the opponent. Opponents are taunted into utilizing their Special Attacks when in Telepath Form.

She will almost certainly finish up with more Power than the opponent in both circumstances, prompting the transformation into Telepath Form.


Guardian utilizes his Force Field to boost his defenses and absorb Special Attacks from his opponent. With his Electromagnetic Beams, he may unleash his accumulated Force Field energy on his opponents.


Gwenpool belongs to the Skill Class and is a Champion. She possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions as a Skill Champion, but she is prone to Mutant Champions.


Alexander Summers, aka Havok, is Scott Summers’ younger brother. Havok, like his brother, can project plasma energy blasts; however, his blasts are emitted as concentric waves of energy, and Havok must use considerable effort to focus them into directed blasts.


Hercules is a damage-dealing machine that focuses on smart fighting by executing Feats of Strength and intercepting with Special Attacks to inflict the ultimate flex on his foe! As Hercules completes Feats, he obtains a huge increase in his base damage output and may significantly lengthen the duration of all buffs.

Hit Monkey

Hit-Monkey is a nimble assassin that can dispatch his targets swiftly while avoiding their defenses. His basic nunchaku blows are guaranteed to be Critical Hits, and getting three Critical Hits in a row allows him to transition between two battle styles.

Hulk (Ragnarok)

Hulk (Ragnarok) likes to use his Heavy Attack since it allows him to receive a significant Attack boost if it SMASHes. When combined with the Unstoppable that Hulk (Ragnarok) acquires after a SMASH strike, he may utilize his Heavy Attacks to safely smash through the Block that Mordo prefers to hide behind.


Iceman, alias Robert “Bobby” Drake, was the second original X-Men and youngest member. His mutant abilities allow him to drastically reduce his inner and outer temperatures, turn into biological ice, and freeze any moisture in the air around him.

Iron Man

Iron Man is a member of the Tech class of champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions as a Tech Champion, but he is vulnerable to Cosmic Champions.

Iron Man (Infinity War)

Tony Stark’s Bleeding Edge suit utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology to change shape and mass at whim, allowing for extraordinary mobility and a diverse arsenal of weapons like Blade Arm, Hammer Arm, and point-blank Repulsor strikes.

Jabari Panther

She dresses in Jabari armor particularly to gain the favor of Ghekre, the gorilla god, in combat. She is a master huntress who likes nothing more than a good fight. When she’s not hunting, she’s a pleasant and friendly company, but get on her bad side and you’ll be on the receiving end of her spear in no time.


Jubilee may burn, subdue, and concuss her opponents with her Orange, Pink, and Blue Fireworks, among other things. She may use a Firework Surge to amp up her already potent Firework powers.


Killmonger is protected with Vibranium Armor. Each time he is hit with a Debuff, he gains an extra Armor Rating and a passive power gain of 15% of his lost power. If Killmonger has an Armor Break Debuff on him, Vibranium Armor is deactivated.


Longshot is particularly good at blending attacking and defensive play styles. When he plays defensively, he earns Good Karma, which unlocks additional skills in his Special Attacks. When he plays aggressively, he may transform this Good Karma into Bad Karma on the opponent, resulting in massive bursts of damage.


She can teleport anywhere in the globe as Magik (and occasionally, anywhere in time). She wields the terrible Soulsword as the Darkchilde, the sorceress supreme of the demon planet Limbo. Illyana is Colossus’ sister, Kitty Pryde’s best friend, and a harsh instructor at Cyclops’ mutant school.

Magneto (House of X)

Magneto (House of X) is a member of the Mutant class of champions. He has a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is prone to Tech Champions.


Man-Thing is all about punishing Buffs, whether they originated from the opponent’s kit or were bestowed on the opponent by Man-Thing. It is accomplished by Nullifying Buffs, which changes them into Toxic Pustule Buffs, which may then be Nullified into both Poison and Armor Break, preferably in conjunction with Man-Heavy Thing’s Attack for added power.

The loop is fairly similar while assaulting Man-Thing, but the Nullify is more likely to occur from Man-on Thing’s Contact chance to Nullify, which scales off his Agitation.


Mangog is the physical manifestation and totality of a billion beings’ hatred of a race that was imprisoned by Odin and the Norse Gods through a magical enchantment. He is physically unstoppable and practically unbreakable, and he can feed on psychic emotions like hatred, fear, and devotion.


Masacre wants to spend as much time as possible with his bat Ignited. Increasing his up time will need more critical hits with his bat. He can stack a lot of Incinerate and a little Bleed. He should be able to keep Inequity active for the majority of the battle.


Medusa belongs to the Cosmic class of champions. She has a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions as a Cosmic Champion, but she is vulnerable to Mystic Champions.

Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic is one of the game’s most flexible and utility-focused Champions, with several abilities that aid his whole team just by being present. During battles, his major purpose is to stack as many Debuffs on the Opponent as possible, because he possesses skills that become stronger as the quantity of Debuffs increases.

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister is one of the Mutant Class’s champions. He has a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is prone to Tech Champions.


Mojo belongs to the Mystic class of champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions as a Mystic Champion, but he is susceptible to Science Champions.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight belongs to the Skill class of champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions as a Skill Champion, but he is vulnerable to Mutant Champions.


Morningstar belongs to the Mystic class of champions. She has a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions as a Mystic Champion, but she is prone to Science Champions.

Ms. Marvel

With a powerful Fury bonus and even more damage with her Awakened Ability, Ms. Marvel is all about hitting hard and quickly. Her Poison Immunity lets her deal with Defenders like Abomination and Diablo who have Poison debuffs.


Nimrod is a Mutant Hunting Champion with a tanky build and the ability to deal massive bursts of Energy Damage. He features two modes: offensive and defensive, which may be switched manually or on a timer. Protocol charges are earned by properly using both modes, allowing him to engage both at the same time.

Peni Parker

Peni’s Sp/dr suit produces a strong Sync-Shield, offering protection, Power Control, and a safety net for her block. Peni can opt to Power Burn her opponents or melt their health bar with Incinerate Debuffs by using her Spider-Sense charges.


Proxima Midnight belongs to the Cosmic class of champions. She possesses a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions as a Cosmic Champion, but she is prone to Mystic Champions.


Psylocke is a member of the Mutant class and a Champion. He has a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is susceptible to Tech Champions.

Red Guardian

Red Guardian is an excellent damage dealer who benefits from some excellent damage mitigation when his shield is active, but his basic health is low, making each blow he receives extremely damaging.


Sabretooth is a champion who belongs to the Mutant class in the Contest of Champions and works with 13 other characters to build synergy. He is available as a 3-Star, 4-Star, or 5-Star champion. Wolverine’s half-brother Victor Creed is best known by the alias “Sabretooth.”

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is a defensive, chance-based Champion who thrives on the mayhem she causes. When you use Special Attacks, you produce Instability, which improves the likelihood of either Champion getting a strong Buff when Chaos Surge is active.

Scarlet Witch (Classic)

Scarlet Witch (Classic) is a champion who is from the Mystic class. She works with 14 other characters to build synergy. She is available as a 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star champion. Wanda Maximoff, called the Scarlet Witch, the master of chaos magic, should be avoided at all costs.


Sentinel is a tank-like Champion who uses Armor Up and Critical Resistance to strengthen his defenses. Sentinel is left to be ripped apart after Armor Up is removed from the equation.


Her adversaries are frightened by She-Hulk’s intellect and tremendous might, which increases their likelihood of launching a Special Attack by 15% for each of her Passive Fury effects. Full tolerance to the Poisons of the Battlerealm is provided through a stronger immune system.

Silver Centurion

He is an ambitious soldier who wears armor in the form of the Silver Centurion to respect his family’s heritage, but he also enjoys the vintage aesthetic. Using his Drones, he specializes in Recon.

Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd gave up his life to become the Silver Surfer, a Galactus Herald, to save his world from annihilation. The Silver Surfer, now endowed with the Power Cosmic, wanders the cosmos in quest of new worlds to satisfy Galactus’ insatiable appetite.

Sorcerer Supreme

Power Gain, enhanced Energy Resistance and Attack Rating, Perfect Block, Power Steal, Regeneration, Slow, and a slew of other effects are all available to Sorcerer Supreme. Whatever the Contest throws at her, she’ll be able to counter it with a spell.

Spider-Man (Classic)

Spider-Man (Classic) is a champion in the Science class. He has a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions, but a disadvantage against Skill Champions as a Science Champion.

(Stark Enhanced)

The Tech class includes Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced). He has a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions as a Tech Champion, but he is vulnerable to Cosmic Champions.

(Stealth Suit)

Spider-Man starts the battle with a Spider-Sense Charge, which gives him a passive 70% chance of evading incoming Basic Attacks when he isn’t blocking.


The Cosmic class includes Spider-Man (Symbiote). He possesses a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions, but a drawback against Mystic Champions as a Cosmic Champion.

Storm (Pyramid X)

Storm (Pyramid X) is a champion from the Mutant class who works with 12 other characters to build synergy. She is available as a 3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star, and 6-Star champion. This isn’t the Storm you’re used to. Her God Apocalypse has brainwashed her into Pyramid X.

Symbiote Supreme

The monster known as Symbiote Supreme holds an unnatural power due to Symbiomancy, the consequence of an unholy mating between an alternate world Doctor Strange and a particularly vicious Klyntar specimen.

Thor (Ragnarok)

Thor Ragnarok is a master at stacking Debuffs on opponents to disable them and cause significant damage to them. His Special 3 affords him a Buff that allows him a chance to inflict a Shock Debuff with each attack he lands, as well as a Shock Debuff.

Vision (Age Of Ultron)

Vision, a synthetic humanoid, has powerful artificial intelligence that allows it to provide superior tactics amid combat. Super strength, flying, intangibility, and energy blasts are all provided by his synthezoid physique.


Venom is a part of the Cosmic class of champions. He has a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions since he is a Cosmic Champion, but he is vulnerable against Mystic Champions.

Venom The Duck

Venom the Duck is an abomination created by the Symbiote Supreme from the Contest’s chaotic energy.


Yellowjacket has a new and updated kit. With a well-placed Petrify, you can manage your Nuclear Cores, do huge burst damage, and reverse your opponents’ healing abilities. On Defense, keep an eye out for Yellowjacket, as his new kit poses some new risks, particularly to those pesky Mystic  champions


Yondu uses his Yaka Arrow, during his first and third Light Attacks, as well as his Heavy and Special Attacks.

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Marvel contest of champions B-Tier

We have champions in the B-tier who are neither particularly good nor particularly bad, and who put up an average fight.

Abomination (Immortal)

Abomination (Immortal) specializes in doing enormous amounts of damage, especially in areas where he may poison his opponents.


In battle, Air-main Walker’s goal is to build Dark Tide on the opponent.


Leader of the Hunt, Guardian of the Galaxy, Queen of Hel, Angel, and Goddess are some of the titles that have been given to her. Angela is a woman with a lot of titles.


Bishop is a force to be reckoned with in terms of strength and prowess. He will receive a tremendous quantity of Prowess by fighting opponents that are dumb enough to utilize energy attacks against you, or from the Skill class.


If you’re looking for a Cosmic Champion in our tier list with balanced abilities and skills in the Marvel Contest Of Champions, then Ikaris might be a good option for you. Even though he is weak against Mystic Champions, his signature ability Always Active can deal Energy Damage to his enemies, increasing your chances to win the battle. 


He is another great Champion in our tier list and his abilities Armor Break and Degeneration can make him a worthy ally on your team. 

Luke Cage 

He is one of the Science Champions in our tier list and his Signature Ability Tough It Out can make him Indestructible in the battles of the Marvel Contest Of Champions. 


He is one of the Mystic Champions in our tier list who has a Class Bonus against Cosmic Characters in the Marvel Contest Of Champions. The Signature Ability of Mordo can summon Mystical Barrier where he can block any incoming Energy Damage. 


He’s one of the Mutant Champions in our tier list and his Signature Ability can make him switch faster in the battles of Marvel Contest Of Champions. Additionally, he can strike a Deep Wound where he can get increased ATK for a period of time. 

Red Hulk 

Being a Science Champion he has a class bonus against the Mystic Characters in the game.  His Signature Ability called the Second Strike allows him to gain extra Physical Resistance for every two Heat Charges he gets. 

Black Panther

King T’Challa’s birthright is not just to reign but also to assume the mantle of the Black Panther. He is the King of the secluded yet technologically superior African country Wakanda.

Black Widow

She is a talented fighter with incredible agility and a knack for weaponry, yet she is typically cloaked in mystery.

Captain America

Cap is a leader of mankind, heroes, and gods, with tremendous strength, speed, reflexes, and an impenetrable shield.

Captain Marvel (Classic)

Captain Marvel is a multi-talented champion that develops additional abilities as she takes on more damage.


Carnage focuses his Bleed effects on dealing incredible damage.


While in Null mode, Darkhawk is double-immune, safe to play, and capable of doing massive damage.

Ebony Maw

Thanos’ most loyal henchman, Ebony Maw, is a skilled manipulator and all-around wicked genius who has never let Thanos down.

Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of famed vampire hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, and she is the second of her name.


Gamora is the Queen of Buffs Stacking. Stack her Fury and Cruelty Buffs to continuously enhance her damage during a fight.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider can perceive his opponent’s wrongdoings and pass judgment on them.


Hela has complete control over the Spirits of the Dead, and she uses them to fuel her Fury Buffs, which have an endless duration as long as she possesses Spirits.


Hit-Monkey is a nimble assassin that can dispatch his targets swiftly while avoiding their defenses.


He is a Poison-Immune, Gamma-Powered Champion who depends on his Special Attacks to nearly always land a Stun Lock.

Hulk (Immortal)

He is a dead shell of Bruce Banner during the day, but the night is his time.


Hulkbuster is a Champion who deals a lot of damage and has a lot of power control.

Invisible Woman

The fearsome heroine Invisible Woman protects Earth with her invisibility powers and serves as the Fantastic Four’s dominant mother figure.


Mephisto is an extradimensional demon whose main purpose is to enslave the souls of noble Champions by breaking their will.

Mister Negative

Mister Negative can go back in time and change all of his buffs into Light Energy at any point.


Mysterio puts his special effects skills to the test by projecting a series of illusions at the opponent and concealing his whereabouts.


Nebula is one of Thanos’ two adopted daughters, who was cybernetically enhanced at birth and was raised to win at any costs.

Night Thrasher

Night Thrasher’s fighting armor helps him to concentrate on the crucial parts of battle rather than minor scratches and burns.


Odin is the King of Asgard and the All-Father of the Asgardian Gods.

Professor X

Xavier is a brilliant prodigy and a renowned authority in genetics. He is one of the world’s most powerful mutant telepaths.


Psycho-Man is a brilliant scientist and the dictator of the Microverse’s technocratic global order.

Punisher 2099

Punisher 2099 is a trained martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. Motorcyclist and expert marksman


Morningstar was ultimately able to beat Guillotine and reclaim her blade in another universe, Purgatory is a warped, demonic entity from that timeline.

Red Goblin

The gameplay of Red Goblin revolves around combining Special Attacks with various Basic Attacks to generate Buffs.


Ronin is an aggressive damage dealer with a focus on Critical Hits and Bleeds.


Sasquatch is a tank in every sense of the word. Using a strong healing factor to repair his wounds and stacks of Rage to lessen incoming damage


Spider-Gwen has a tool in her arsenal that she can use in several confrontations.


Spider-Ham’s powers as a science class character are Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, and Taunt.

Spider-Man 2099

Next up we have Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O’Hara, a talented geneticist from the year 2099, has a sequence of events that result in his genetic code being spliced with spider DNA.

Squirrel Girl

High Bleed Damage, Bypasses Physical Resistance, Prevents Evades, and Auto-Block is among Squirrel Girl’s strengths.


Star-Lord (Peter Quill), the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, has a snarky sense of humor while safeguarding the cosmos from dangers.


Ororo Munroe has worn many hats in her life: mutant, thief, leader, and goddess. The storm has complete influence over all parts of the weather on a massive scale.


Stryfe builds Telepathic Charges with Heavy Attacks and his Invisibility Cloak.

The Overseer

Every time the Opponent acquires a bar of Power, the Overseer gains Gamma Power, enhancing his Attack Power and the strength of several of his Debuffs.


Cut off from his familiar surroundings and robbed of his powers. Thor’s only hope is to summon the warrior within himself and battle his way back.


Three special attacks and one signature attack are included in Tigra’s toolkit.


The Vision is a cunning robot built by the evil Ultron, and its powerful artificial intelligence lets it think and strategize better in the heat of combat.

Vision (Aarkus)

Vision, whose real name is Aarkus, is an extraterrestrial police officer from the Smokeworld dimension.


Hope van Dyne, armed with a cutting-edge Wasp costume, is eager to make up for a lost time as a superhero.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes gave his life for his nation during World War II, or so Captain America thought. The Soviets discovered his frozen body and transformed him into a deadly, terrible assassin and their puppet! Bucky is now fighting on the side of the good and virtuous, having been freed from Russian influence.


The Wolverine is a mutant with rapid healing, indestructible adamantium bones, and retractable claws who is unstoppable.

Wolverine (X-23)

X-23 can easily cut through her opponents, but if she can’t Bleed them, she’ll find another means to defeat them.


The Champions in the C-Tier do not have a good record. They are below average in terms of efficiency and are not good enough characters for you to play if you are looking for the top-tier ones in marvel contest of champions tier list.


Ægon has a habit of defying his family’s rigorous non-violence ethic. He covertly trained as a gladiator to win the Contest and rescue his people, motivated by love and duty.

America Chavez

She may use her special strikes to unlock parallel dimensions, which will also boost her basic stats. Chavez strengthens herself by using the buffs of her opponents.


He was a private investigator that became a test subject of a brutal scientific experiment. Scorpion can deal Poison Debuffs on enemies. 


She is eternal and her Always Active ability protects her Regeneration Rate from being lowered. 

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) 

Miles Morales is the Spiderman in an alternate reality where Peter Parker died. His Signature Ability called the Venom Blast can incapacitate his enemies. 


Annihilus is a defensive champion that thrives when putting his opponent in a corner.


Scott Lang, the size-changing hero known as Ant-Man, overcomes his criminal background to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor as the size-changing hero known as Ant-Man!

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is a traditional, easy-to-use Cosmic Champion with Poison Immunity, frequent Buffs, and quick Armor Break access.

Captain America (WW2)

Captain America (WWII) has a chance of Perfect Block, which rises with Signature Ability level, particularly against opponents that are under the influence of Buffs.


For high raw damage, Crossbones’ gameplay centers around building Fury Buffs in favor of Critical Hits.

Cyclops (New Xavier School)

He was a fierce protector of mutantkind, projecting powerful optic blasts from his eyes. Summers has gone from exemplar to pariah after murdering Xavier under the power of the Phoenix Force, forming his secret mutant school apart from his former comrades.

Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius had a difficult childhood, suffering from an abusive father at home as well as severe ridicule from his friends.


Dormammu is a member of the Faltine, a race of strong creatures created of pure magical energy that has only one ultimate desire: power.


Goldpool is a Champion from the Mutant class. He possesses a Class Bonus against Skill Champions as a Mutant Champion, but he is prone to Tech Champions.


The enigmatic Guillotine is the last in her dynasty to receive “La Fleur du Mal,” a mythical sword with dark supernatural abilities, born of a mixed French-Algerian origin.


As the gatekeeper of the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall oversees access and transit between Asgard and the other nine realms.

Mole Man

Mole Man makes use of Stand Your Ground since it allows him to block both unblockable and heavy assaults.

Old Man Logan

One of the few Mutants with Armor Break in his arsenal is Old Man Logan. This Special Attack is your best bet if your opponent is Bleed Immune.


Before each combat, Platinumpool draws three cards. Each selected Card is revealed at the outset of the duel, offering a random effect.


Rogue acquired a mutant/Kree physiology after absorbing the power of Carol Danvers, the first Ms. Marvel.


Ronan the Accuser is the Kree Empire’s Head Accuser and the Supreme Intelligence’s right hand.


The Super-Skrull homeworld continually provides Cosmic Energy to Super-Skrull.


Taskmaster is an expert at timing his strikes to break his opponent’s rhythm.


Terrax’s stony physique makes him resistant to the effects of Shock and Bleed.

The Champion

The Champion is all about traveling through space in pursuit of a good battle against the universe’s best warriors.

The Hood

The Hood establishes some distance by summoning his supernatural firearms and emptying the magazines into his prey.


The D-rank characters of our marvel contest of champions tier list are bad and hard to handle. It’s really hard to win a fight while you are using these characters.

Agent Venom

When launching his Special Attacks, Agent Venom is a proficient symbiote carrier who has a chance to shrug off whatever Debuff and Bleed the opponent has placed on him.


Hank was born a mutant with exceptionally enormous hands and feet, making him one of the world’s leading authorities on mutations and evolutionary human biology.

Black Panther (Classic)

You’ll be able to keep Panthers Might for a long time against opponents who are prone to bleed and have an aggressive play style.

Civil Warrior

Civil Warrior is immune to Nullify and Stagger effects thanks to his Super Soldier Serum and superior Stark Tech.

Daredevil (Classic)

Daredevil (Classic) can avoid all projectile-based strikes after he gets a high signature level.

Deadpool (X-Force)

During combat, Deadpool X-Force specializes in insulting his opponent to inflict Taunt Debuffs that weaken them.


Diablo has entered The Contest, driven by an unquenchable ambition to become as strong as a god.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a member of the Mystic Class of Champions. He possesses a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions as a Mystic Champion, but he is prone to Science Champions.


Drax, the green-skinned warrior, was born Arthur Douglas, a human who had lost his family to Thanos. He was transformed into the Destroyer, a tough brawler and Guardian of the Galaxy, after being supercharged by cosmic entities!


Max Dillon was simply doing his job as an electrical engineer. However, a lightning strike transformed him into the terrifying supervillain Electro!


A former air force pararescueman who now works with recovering veterans. 


Gambit, who can supercharge items with immense kinetic energy, now fights with his fellow mutants to safeguard humanity.

Green Goblin

The Grandmaster gathered six villains to seek down a younger version of Spider-Man because he despised him. The Green Goblin was one of them.

Iron Fist

Danny Rand is a bright millionaire who studied martial arts in the heavenly city of K’un Lun.

Iron Patriot

Iron Patriot is a Champion that can take a few strikes and find a way to cope with them. When struck, he gains Armor Up Buffs and activates Arc Overload when his health drops below 15%.


Kang is a powerful Champion that can Heal Block and deplete an opponent’s power with a single special strike.

King Groot

Groot, the mighty ruler of plants and King of Planet X, rises from beneath the canopy of a mysterious alien forest to conquer everything!


Wilson Fisk, New York City’s criminal lord, runs the underground with brutal efficiency.


Korg is resistant to Bleed and Shock, therefore the Champions’ potent damage-over-time effects will have little impact on him.


Loki, a skilled fighter, like to use throwing knives and other tiny blades.


M.O.D.O.K. is a hideous genius set on the ruin of the planet, the horrifying outcome of an evil experiment.


Magneto has ascended to the throne of Prowess and Blood in The Contest.


Nova is a strong and mobile Defender who gains strength by traveling around the arena.


Although Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force have been apart for a long time, their relationship is unbreakable. Jean is more than just a host; she is a part of the Phoenix, and she is a part of the Phoenix.


Punisher is a traditional Skill Champion who can use Bleed and Fury.

Red Skull

The Red Skull has managed to assassinate his opponents, maneuver his way to power, and lead Hydra in a plot to annihilate the world’s most powerful nations.


Rhino’s defensive skills are outstanding, featuring Armor, Unstoppable, and even Unblockable assaults!

Rocket Racoon

He’s a gadget genius with a penchant for heavy weaponry, and he’s always ready for a robbery, especially if it entails blowing stuff up.

Superior Iron Man

Superior Iron Man is a cosmic variant of Iron Man who has many of the same skills.


Thanos previously ruled space and time with the Infinity Gauntlet, which was fueled by near-unlimited cosmic energy, owned by great intelligence, and driven by terrible passions.

Thor (Jane Foster)

Dr. Jane Foster, a frequent ally of Thor and consultant physician for Tony Stark, was born a mortal in Midgard and has shown herself able of wielding the legendary hammer Mjölnir.


Ultron is a member of the Tech class of champions. He possesses a Class Bonus versus Mutant Champions but has a drawback against Cosmic Champions as a Tech Champion.

War Machine

As the armored War Machine, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a distinguished US Air Force pilot and longstanding ally of Tony Stark, fights evil and injustice.


The Marvel Contest of Champion characters in the E-Tier are the worst champions out of everyone in the entire tier list. It’s just a mistake trying to win with these champions.


Emil Blonsky, a Russian spy, was irrevocably turned into the horrific Abomination after he was exposed to gamma radiation!

Black Panther (Civil War)

a great warrior who serves as a symbol for his tribe. T’Challa will zealously protect his land and people from any threat, no matter how dangerous.


Groot is a Champion that can go the distance in a fight due to his increased vitality, perfect block, and physical resistance. He is the worst-performing Marvel Contest of Champions character in the entire Tier list. 

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck is a big believer in playing the long game.

Joe Fixit

Fixit appreciates the good things in life, such as money, ladies, gambling, and shooting his foes with his dual Tommy Guns.


Juggernaut starts the battle unstoppable, and if his Signature Ability is activated, he will continue to be unstoppable after each Special Attack.


Karnak has spent his time meditating on The Contest and honing his martial arts to exploit the Battlerealm’s flaws.


Sentry can fly, is quicker than a normal human, and is more powerful than a typical human.

Unstoppable Colossus

During the incident known as Fear Itself, the X-Man Colossus touched the demon Cyttorak’s Crimson Gem, winning the demon’s favor in place of his sister Magik.


Venompool belongs to the Cosmic class of champions. He has a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions as a Cosmic Champion, but he is vulnerable to Mystic Champions.


Adrian Toomes became a black market power player after a botched business venture left him destitute, collecting advanced technology and extraterrestrial weaponry left over from past Super Hero fights.

MCOC Tier List Criteria

It took a long time and a lot of effort to compile our Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List. The abilities and skills required for each character to succeed in gaming were extensively explored. This Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List was created to aid beginners in choosing the ideal Champion for them.

Furthermore, we try to make tier rankings that are as fair as possible, depending on the character’s fighting skills and battle potential.

While tier lists are largely subjective, our crew spends a significant amount of time, effort, and expertise evaluating a character’s potential and assigning them to ranks. Tell us who your favorite Champions are in the comments box below.

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