Insider Hints at Elden Ring News By the End of March

It's about time we hear something about this FromSoftware title

Games developed by FromSoftware are some of the best you’ll ever play. From the Soulsborne series to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this studio has a lot of stuff going for itself. Another FromSoftware project that was announced late at E3 2019 is Elden Ring – a dark fantasy action RPG on a much larger scale than Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Fast-forward to 2021, we have interesting news from a verified industry insider called Jeff Grub. He has a YouTube channel where he does podcasts on a weekly basis. In his most recent stream, Jeff has shed some light on the subject of Elden Ring and what we fans could possibly witness in the coming month. Hear it out from the man himself below.

Discussion on Elden Ring begins at 37:30.

To quote him, Jeff says, “They [the sources] gave me confidence that Elden Ring would be by the end of March.” He seems to be more sure about Elden Ring than another highly anticipated Bethesda’s very own RPG Starfield. That game has also been long announced, and there’s no word on it yet either.

Coming back to Elden Ring, Jeff continues, “I’ve said this repeatedly […] I’ve never had an exact date, I’ve had some reasons to be confident. That’s kind of how I try to phrase it and I know that it leaves gaps and people sort of fill those gaps and they think there is more behind that.”

Jeff is doing his best to stay neutral here. He adds, “I know enough to be confident, but if it were to slip into April I would apologize […] but I will continue to say you are not gonna wait long.”

All this definitely means that new announcements for Elden Ring aren’t far, even if something noteworthy doesn’t pop up in March.

Coincidentally, this perfectly falls in line with the rumored Microsoft gaming event that’s scheduled to be held on 23 March. If Elden Ring happens to get the spotlight in this Xbox event, fans would be outright delighted.

However, this is just speculation for now, but Jeff Grub’s claims are seemingly solid. Should you take this with a grain of salt is entirely up to you. For now, we’ll have to wait till the end of March.

What do you make of this news? Let us know down in the comment section.

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