BG3: All Adamantine Forge Items [Stats, Pros & Cons]

After many hours in BG3, here are my recommendations for the Adamantine Forge Items

Among all the treasures waiting to be discovered in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Adamantine items stand out as some of the most overpowered and formidable pieces of equipment. Once you discover the mysterious location called Adamantine Forge, you will be able to craft unique armor and weapons at the location with the help of special ingredients. So, make sure to know about the BG3 all Adamantine items and how to craft them using the Adamantine Forge.

Key Takeaways
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 features six types of special Adamantine items.
  • To craft the items, you need to find the mold of the specific item along with a Mithral Ore; both items can be found in the Forge premises.
  • Everyone has a different playstyle and prefers different items according to their build, so you can select the best one for you by looking at each item’s stats.
  • Adamantine Longsword is a reliable weapon option and offers decent perks.
  • If you’re looking for the best Adamantine armor, then Splint Armor and Adamantine Shield will work for you.
  • Another good armor option with medium proficiency within Adamantine items will be the Scale Mail Armor.

All Adamantine Items In BG3

Here’s a quick overview of all the Adamantine items in Baldur’s Gate 3:

RankNameItem TypeEffectRarity TypeBest For
1Adamantine ShieldShieldWhen the enemy misses the melee attack, he's sent reeling for 2 turns. You can use the knock prone ability against a melee attack from the enemy. Immunity against Critical attacks.Rare ShieldVersatility
2Adamantine Splint ArmorArmorThe enemy gets the Reeling debuff for 3 turns if he casts melee attack. All incoming damage is reduced by 2. No AC Bonus from Dexterity. Attacker can not lands Critical Attacks on the wearer.Very Rare Heavy ArmorHeavyweight Armor
3Adamantine LongswordWeaponAny hit against an object is always critical. Resistance against Slashing Damage. Weapon Enchantment +1.RareCraftability
4Adamantine Scale MailArmorThe enemy gets the Reeling debuff for 2 turns if he casts melee attack. All incoming damage is reduced by 1. AC Bonus from Dexterity limited to +2. Immune against Critical attacks.Very Rare Medium ArmorMedium Weight Armor
5Adamantine ScimitarWeaponObject attacks are always critical. Resistance to Slashing Damage. +1 Weapon Enchantment.RareLightweight Weapon
6Adamantine MaceWeaponAny attack on an object is always Critical. Ignores Bludgeoning ResistanceRareEnchanting Abilities

1. Adamantine Shield

The Most Versatile Adamantine Forge Item In BG3.
Baldur's Gate 3 shield
Adamantine Shield [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Shield
Rarity Rare
Armor Class +2
Abilities Adamantine Shield, Critical Attacks Immunity, Knock Prone
Weight 2.7
Price 750
  • Why I Chose This: The most useful thing about the Adamantine shield is that it is not class-specific, and any type of character can wield it, irrespective of armor proficiency.  

Adamantine Shield is by far the most useful armor that you can get at the Forge. If you have a shield in your hand with reliable armor on your chest, then your defense and resilience are significantly enhanced, allowing you to fight sturdy monsters and advanced enemies effectively. With the shield, you’re immune to crucial hits while providing the Reeling effect.

If you plan to craft the shield, then make sure to keep it in the long run, as selling it will not give you as much gold as its value. Although you can use other types of shields in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Adamantine Shield will give some specific perks.

  • Grants+2 AC.
  • The enemy cannot cast Critical Attacks on the wearer.
  • Can use Reaction to knock an enemy who performs a Melee attack.
  • Gives Reeling debuff for two turns when the enemy misses a melee attack.
  • Could be wielded by all classes.
  • Somewhat situational.

2. Adamantine Splint Armor

The Best Adamantine Armor In Heavyweight Category.
Medium proficiency splint Armor
Adamantine Splint Armor [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Chest Armor
Rarity Rare
Armor Class 17
Weight Class Heavy
Abilities Intense Adamantine Backslash, Disadvantage on Stealth Rolls
Weight 19
Price 3800
  • Why I Chose This: For players who want to be as tanky as possible to target maximum damage reduction, this is my top choice.

Adamantine Splint Armor is undoubtedly one of the best armors in BG3. It enhances your defense and resilience against heavy attacks and offers melee buffs in return, making it a perfect option for close-range interactions. It is somehow similar to Scale Mail but has better stats in terms of damage reduction and Reeling effect. It also comes with 18 base AC.

Unlike Scale Mail, Adamantine Splint comes in the heavyweight category. The armor is quite rare and has a price of 3,800 gold pieces, but the item is something not to be sold but to be utilized in the best way.

  • Grants 18 AC.
  • Disadvantage of Stealth rolls.
  • All incoming damage is reduced by 2.
  • The enemy cannot land Critical Hits on the wearer.
  • If the enemy performs a melee attack, he gets the Reeling debuff for three turns.
  • Quite heavy to wield.
  • Disadvantage on Stealth Rolls.

3. Adamantine Longsword

The Best Adamantine Craftable Weapon In BG3.
Baldur's Gate 3 Best Adamantine Items
Adamantine Longsword [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Weapon
Rarity Rare
Damage 1d10 (1d8) Slashing
Abilities Diamondsbane, Lethal Weapon, Weapon Enchantment +1
Weapon Traits Versatile
Special Skill Pommel Strike, Lacerate, Rush Attack
Weight 1.35
Price 250
  • Why I Chose This: If you wish to become a true swordsman in Baldur’s Gate 3 and are looking for a reliable weapon that will help you showcase your best skills, then Longsword is an optimal option for you.

The weapon is a deadly sword that could slice the opponents in one sway. Adamantine Longsword shows impressive perks and can be wielded with one hand.

Longsword has better stats as compared to the Adamantine Mace Scimitar and some other Greatswords in BG3. You can also wield it with both hands and get some extra perks. Longsword is more versatile and features more types of attacks, including Lacerate, Pommel Strike, and Rush attacks. It also comes with Diamondsbane abilities like other Adamantine items.

  • Grants +1 Enchantment.
  • Reeling debuff for 1 turn on a successful one-hand attack.
  • Reeling debuff for 2 turns on successful two-hand attacks.
  • Resistance against Slashing damage.
  • All attacks against objects automatically become critical hits.
  • Gain the Lacerate, Pommel Strike, and Rush Attack.
  • Low selling price.
  • Could be outpowered at advanced levels.

4. Adamantine Scale Mail

The Best Adamantine Armor In Medium Weight Category.
bg3 Adamantine Scale Mail
Adamantine Scale Mail [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Chest Armor
Rarity Very Rare
Armor Class 16
Weight Class Medium
Abilities Magical Plate, Adamantine Backslash, Critical Hit immunity
Weight 12
Price 1300
  • Why I Chose This: The Scale Mail is quite effective in close-quarter combats as it provides melee buffs and reduces all incoming damage by 1, including damage from magic items.

Adamantine Scale Mail is an armor in Baldur’s Gate 3 that falls in the medium weight category. The reeling effect also makes it difficult for the attackers to strike you and prevent you from critical strikes.

The interesting thing about the armor is that it’s of medium proficiency, and most of the classes can wield it. If you want to get maximum AC out of the armor, it is recommended to have a character with at least 14 Dexterity.

  • Up to +2 AC bonus from Dexterity.
  • Reduces all types of incoming damage by 1.
  • The disadvantage of Stealth checks.
  • The enemy can not land Critical Hits on the wielder.
  • If the attacker performs a melee attack, he gets the Reeling debuff for 2 turns.
  • Disadvantage on Stealth Checks.

5. Adamantine Scimitar

The Best Lightweight Adamantine Weapon In BG3.
Baldur's Gate 3 Best Adamantine Items
Adamantine Scimitar [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Weapon
Rarity Rare
Damage 1d6 Slashing
Abilities Diamondsbane, Lethal Weapon, Weapon Enchantment +1
Weapon Traits Light, Finesse
Special Skill Flourish, Lacerate
Weight 1.35
Price 190
  • Why I Chose This: You can get some decent perks from the weapon, such as the Swift Hitter, which sends your enemy reeling for one turn on a melee attack.

Adamantine Scimitar is somehow similar to the Mace but with few exceptions. The first unique feature of the Scimitar is that it possesses Light properties, meaning you can dual-wield it. Other than that, it also features  Diamondsbane property and Lethal Weapon abilities, offering resistance to Slashing damage.

Although the Scimitar can be dual-wielded, it is not advisable to utilize both the Mithral Ores on two Adamantine Scimitars. You can find other Light Weapons later in BG3 that will serve the purpose, so you can use rare Ore to craft other useful Adamantine Items for you.

  • Grants +1 Enchantment.
  • 1d6+5 Slashing damage.
  • Applies Reeling debuff for one turn on a successful attack.
  • Resistance against Slashing damage.
  • Gain the Flourish and Lacerate attacks.
  • Turn all the attacks on objects into critical hits.
  • Comparatively less damage.
  • Lower selling price.

6. Adamantine Mace

The Adamantine Weapon With Enchanting Abilities.
BG3 Adamantine Mace
Adamantine Mace [Image by eXputer]
Item Type Weapon
Rarity Rare
Damage 1d6 Bludgeoning
Abilities Diamondsbane, Lethal Weapon, Weapon Enchantment +1
Special Skill Concussive Smash
Weight 1.8
Price 190
  • Why I Chose This: One major benefit of this weapon is the Bludgeoning Resistance, which you can use on certain walls or blockages.

Adamantine Mace is a magical weapon that possesses enchanting abilities. Although it seems like an attractive weapon, it can be outperformed by other non-magical firearms. For instance, it only provides you with +1 weapon enchantment, which you can get in alternative ways, such as by using the Longsword or Morningstar.

Like other Adamantine weapons, the Mace features the Diamondsbane trait, which turns your attack against objects as critical, but the trait is useful only in certain scenarios. 

As this feature is not so useful in combat, the Mace can be used more as a digging tool rather than a primary weapon. So, crafting the Adamantine Mace is least preferred as you can take much more benefits from other useful Adamantine equipment.

  • Grants +1 Enchantment.
  • Ignores Bludgeoning Resistance.
  • Triggers the Reeling debuff for 1 turn on a successful one-hit attack.
  • Concussive Smash attack.
  • All attacks against obstacles are critical hits.
  • Not suitable as an offensive weapon.
  • Not worth spending Mithal Ore.
  • Low selling price.

Which Adamantine Items You Should Craft – My Take

With my experience so far, Adamantine Splint Armor and Adamantine Sheild are the best Adamantine Items to craft.

There are six options available among Adamantine items, and you can only craft two, so it is crucial to make the decision wisely. I have focused on armor rather than weapons, as plenty of options are available with better stats.

The defensive capabilities of armor and the shield make them a reliable choice against sturdy enemies. While dealing with sturdy enemies, I can rely on Adamantine armor for its magical Plate Backslash and Sheild Bash abilities. It also saves me from any type of Critical Hits. 

That sums up the guide on the best Adamantine armor and weapons in BG3 that you can craft at Adamantine Forge. Now that you’ve got your desired Adamntine item, make sure to learn about different Companions that could be of assistance in your BG3 journey. In addition to that, you can also learn about different Classes, including Cleric, Githyaki, and Druid.

Alongside that, you should also check out the Baldur’s Gate 3 All Feats guide to learn about all the new and old Feats. Lastly, don’t forget to have a look at Gandrel Choices and Selune Chest.


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