BG3: 8 BEST Classes For Githyanki [Definitive Guide]

After spending more than 80 hours of experimenting with builds, these are my top classes for the Githyanki race.

Venturing into the mystical realms of Baldur’s Gate 3, players will encounter the enigmatic Githyanki. Hailing from the Astral Plane and wielding unique abilities, these humanoids have profound lore intertwined with the formidable Mind Flayers. As you embark on your journey, understanding their strengths, history, and best class for Githyanki in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3) can offer a rich gameplay experience. 

Key Takeaways
  • Githyanki are renowned warriors from the Astral Plane with deep ties to Mind Flayers.
  • They possess unique attributes like +2 Strength, +1 Intelligence, and psionic abilities.
  • They are proficient with longswords, shortswords, greatswords, and light and medium armor.
  • Multiple playstyles are supported, allowing players to customize their Githyanki experience.

Best Githyanki Class In BG3

Here’s an overview of the best class for Githyanki in BG3, alongside their primary abilities, secondary abilities, dump abilities, subclass, and skill proficiency.

ClassPrimary AbilitiesSecondary AbilitiesDump AbilitiesSubclassSkill ProficiencyGithyanki Skill ProficiencyBest For
BarbarianStrength, ConstitutionDexterity, WisdomIntelligence, CharismaBerserkerAnimal Handling, PerceptionN/AThe best damage class
FighterStrength, IntelligenceConstitution, WisdomDexterity, CharismaEldritch KnightAthletics, PerceptionOne Intelligence skill (Nature, Religion, or Investigation)The most versatile class
WizardIntelligence, ConstitutionDexterity, WisdomStrength, CharismaEvocation SchoolReligion, InvestigationNatureThe best caster class
RogueDexterity, IntelligenceConstitution, WisdomStrength, CharismaArcane TricksterStealth, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics, and Intelligence skillsN/AThe stealthiest class
ClericStrength, IntelligenceWisdom, ConstitutionDexterity, CharismaKnowledge DomainReligion, History, Arcane, NatureInvestigationThe best healer class
PaladinStrength, CharismaConstitution, DexterityIntelligence, WisdomAnyPersuasion, +1 choiceDeceptionThe best oath class
WarzardStrength, IntelligenceConstitution, DexterityWisdom, CharismaEvocation SchoolAthletics, AcrobaticsAny not previously acquiredThe best multiclass
High LibrarianStrength, IntelligenceConstitution, DexterityWisdom, CharismaEvocation School, Knowledge DomainNature, Arcane, Investigation, ReligionAthleticsThe best Intelligence class

Githyanki Overview

Githyanki Overview
Githyanki Overview [image by Me]
Feature Description
Origin Astral Plane
Appearance Mottled yellow-green skin, long pointed ears, small noses
Known For Renowned warriors, history with Mind Flayers
Strength & Intelligence +2 Strength, +1 Intelligence
Weapon Proficiencies Longsword, Shortsword, Greatsword
Armor Proficiencies Light and Medium Armor (No disadvantage in combat and no hindrance to spellcasting)
Psionic Abilities Mage Hand, Jump, Misty Step

The Githyanki, renowned in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, hold a special place in Baldur’s Gate 3’s lore.

  • These distinct humanoids have a storied history deeply intertwined with the sinister Mind Flayers, once their oppressive overlords for countless eons.
  • The Astral Plane is their native home, a vast expanse from which these unparalleled warriors hail. Their appearance is marked by a unique blend of mottled yellow and green skin, accentuated by long, pointed ears and small noses.

While diving into the adventures of Baldur’s Gate 3, players may not initially select a Githyanki as their primary race, but they will surely encounter them.

Unique Attributes And Abilities

Githyanki are not just recognized for their history or appearance but also for their exceptional skills and capabilities:

  • Physical and Mental Prowess: Githyanki possesses an innate boost in their physical strength (+2 Strength) and mental acuity (+1 Intelligence).
    • This balanced blend ensures they are suitable for a variety of roles that demand both brawn and brains.
  • Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Githyanki warriors have a natural affinity with certain weapons and armor.
    • They are proficient with longswords, shortswords, and greatswords, enhancing their accuracy in battles.
    • Furthermore, their expertise in light and medium armor ensures that they remain agile and unhindered in combat and maintain their spellcasting abilities.
  • Psionic Abilities: Setting them further apart are their unique psionic abilities, granting them powers that mimic spells.
    • From the Mage Hand’s versatility, allowing interactions with distant objects, to the powerful teleportation ability of Misty Step, Githyanki holds an arsenal of skills to aid in various situations.
    • The Jump ability further augments their mobility, tripling their jump distance temporarily.

With such a rich backdrop and an array of capabilities, the Githyanki are sure to intrigue both novice and seasoned players. But that is why you must also consider and choose the best class for Githyanki in BG3 to make the most of the race.

Best Classes For Githyanki In Baldur’s Gate 3

Although Githyanki provides quite a lot of good attributes and abilities, you cannot fully maximize its use without picking the best class for Githyanki in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:


The Best Damage Class.
Githyanki: best class Barbarian
Best class for Githyanki: Barbarian [captured by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Constitution
Secondary Abilities Dexterity and Wisdom
Dump Abilities Intelligence and Charisma
Backgrounds Outlander, Sailor, Soldier
Subclass Berserker
Skill Proficiency Animal Handling and Perception

When playing as a Githyanki, charging headlong into battle is second nature, and the Barbarian class complements this aptitude with finesse. This class is my personal favorite as well as one of the more popular Githyanki class in BG3.

  • The inherent strength bonus of the Githyanki bolsters the Barbarian’s frontline capabilities.
  • Their psionic abilities further enhance their mobility on the battlefield, allowing them to bridge the gap between foes swiftly.
  • The Intelligence boost, while not a primary Barbarian trait, adds an extra dimension to their character.
  • Skills like animal handling and perception heighten their awareness, help you stay alive in most situation with out of combat checks (traps). 
  • That is why the Barbarian is considered one of the best class for Githyanki in BG3.


The Most Versatile Class.
Fighter in Githyanki
Githyanki Fighter [captured by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Intelligence
Secondary Abilities Constitution and Wisdom
Dump Abilities Dexterity and Charisma
Backgrounds Sage
Subclass Eldritch Knight
Skill Proficiency Athletics and Perception
Githyanki Skill Proficiency One Intelligence skill (Nature, Religion, or Investigation)

Githyanki are no strangers to battle, and their warrior spirit finds a perfect home in the Fighter class.

  • The Eldritch Knight subclass, in particular, plays to the strengths of the Githyanki, making full use of their Strength and Intelligence.
  • With the Sage background and added skills like Perception, you can sharpen their analytical prowess, turning them into warriors who not only dominate but also strategize.
  • You can see this class combo in effect if you keep Lae’Zel in your party.
Why I Chose This: The Barbarian Class synergizes well with the Githyanki Race nature, which often results in a beautiful harmonically chaotic build.


The Best Caster Class.
Githyanki best class: Wizard
Best class for Githyanki: Wizard [screenshot by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Intelligence and Constitution
Secondary Abilities Dexterity and Wisdom
Dump Abilities Strength and Charisma
Backgrounds Sage
Subclass Evocation School
Skill Proficiency Religion and Investigation
Githyanki Skill Proficiency Nature (Completing Intelligence skills set)

Githyanki brings a fresh approach to the Wizard class, adding an element of durability often lacking in some traditional best builds.

  • Their proficiency in Medium Armor, paired with a bonus in Constitution, ensures that they aren’t easily felled.
  • Their innate Misty Step ability offers strategic mobility, enabling them to retreat or reposition without expending precious spell slots.
  • When specializing in the Evocation School, Githyanki Wizards can control the battlefield and deal significant damage, ensuring their strength remains an asset, not a liability.
  • I don’t recommend building a Wizard Githyanki unless you’re just having fun.
Why I Chose This: The Wizard Class for a Githyanki is a perfect choice for INT saves and quick spell based damage with a little more sturdiness.


The Stealthiest Class.
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Dexterity and Intelligence
Secondary Abilities Constitution and Wisdom
Dump Abilities Strength and Charisma
Backgrounds Sage
Subclass Arcane Trickster
Skill Proficiency Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics, and Intelligence skills.

Emerging from a fusion of stealth and magic, the Githyanki’s prowess as an Arcane Trickster Rogue is undeniable.

  • With their inherent increase in Intelligence, they’re perfectly equipped to make the most of the Arcane Trickster’s abilities.
  • While their natural strength bonus might not perfectly align with traditional Rogue attributes, their additional proficiencies help create one of the best party compositions that you can use.
  • By leveraging the Rogue’s Expertise feature, you can truly customize your character to shine in areas typically outside a Rogue’s domain.
  • I recommend pairing this with the Sage background to ensure a comprehensive skill set, especially when it comes to dealing with any sort of traps.
Why I Chose This: A rogue Githyanki has all the makings of a fine warrior as it perfectly combines stealth and combat.


The Best healer Class.
Cleric in Githyanki
Githyanki Cleric [captured by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Intelligence
Secondary Abilities Wisdom and Constitution
Dump Abilities Dexterity and Charisma
Backgrounds Sailor
Subclass Knowledge Domain
Skill Proficiency Religion, History, Arcane, and Nature.
Githyanki Skill Proficiency Investigate

Githyanki, with its dual focus on strength and intelligence, aligns seamlessly with the role of a Knowledge Domain Cleric.

  • Tapping into their strength is a natural choice for Clerics, and the Githyanki’s intelligence boost further reinforces this alignment.
  • By choosing the Sailor background, you grant your Cleric proficiency in invaluable skills like Athletics and Perception.
  • With the Knowledge Domain, the Cleric can cover almost every Intelligence skill in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • From being the group’s primary source of hidden lore to their capabilities in healing, the Githyanki Cleric is a formidable presence, ensuring that very few secrets remain concealed.
Why I Chose This: The Knowledge domain pairs extremely well the nature of the Githyanki race, mkaing it a more than viable combo.


The Best Oath Class.
Paladin- Best class for Githyanki:
Best class for Githyanki: Paladin [image by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Charisma
Secondary Abilities Constitution and Dexterity
Dump Abilities Intelligence and Wisdom
Backgrounds Soldier
Subclass Any
Skill Proficiency Persuasion and one more of your choosing
Githyanki Skill Proficiency Deception

Daring players might find it intriguing to adopt a Githyanki Paladin build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Far from being a setback, such a choice offers an interesting take on the best race for the Paladin class.

  • With Githyanki’s inherent +2 Strength boost, Paladins benefit significantly.
  • Moreover, the race’s psionic capabilities, comparable to those of a Barbarian Githyanki, bring an array of tactical advantages.
  • The enhanced jump capability ensures higher mobility, while Misty Step lets you tactically intervene to protect allies. 
  • By opting for the Soldier background, you gain proficiency in Athletics and Intimidation.
  • Coupling this with a skill like Persuasion ensures you’re well-equipped for various social encounters.
  • For instance, when confronted by a guard who might be larger or predisposed against outsiders, you can rely on Deception, courtesy of the Githyanki proficiency.
  • Such skill in navigating social situations will undoubtedly yield numerous favorable outcomes throughout Baldur’s Gate 3.
Why I Chose This: A Paladin works with almost any race, using it with a githyanki just gives you more options in dialogue roleplay for an easier experience.


The Best Multiclass.
Githyanki Warzard [screenshot by Me]
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Intelligence
Secondary Abilities Constitution and Dexterity
Dump Abilities Wisdom and Charisma
Backgrounds Sage
Subclass Evocation School
Skill Proficiency Athletics and Acrobatics
Githyanki Skill Proficiency An Intelligence skill of your preference, not previously acquired

When seeking to maximize the inherent traits of a Githyanki, the Warzard multiclass emerges as a good option for the best class for Githyanki in bg3.

  • By initiating with a Fighter level, you set the stage for an effective melee presence. This foundation provides you with Heavy Armour, an apt fighting style, commendable Strength, and proficiency with martial weapons.
  • Following this, directing efforts towards Wizard progression will enable spell slots up to the 6th level—a remarkable feat when compared to the 22nd-level spell slot ceiling of Eldritch Knights.
  • Such a unique multiclass not only magnifies your influence on the battlefield but also guarantees prolonged survivability owing to an impressive Armor Class (AC).
  • While some may argue about missing out on a third feat between levels 11 and 12, the advantages provided by the initial Fighter level can arguably surpass the benefits of that singular feat.
Why I Chose This: The Warzard is the perfect multiclass option if you want the best of fighters and wizards with the natural Githyanki flair.

High Librarian

The Best Intelligence Class.
Attribute Details
Primary Abilities Strength and Intelligence
Secondary Abilities Constitution and Dexterity
Dump Abilities Wisdom and Charisma
Backgrounds Sage
Subclass Evocation School
Knowledge Domain Proficiencies Nature and Arcane
Class Proficiencies Investigation and Religion
Githyanki Skill Proficiency Athletics

Embarking on the journey as a High Librarian in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a captivating blend of cerebral prowess and versatile spellcasting.

  • By merging the strengths of a Knowledge Domain cleric with those of a Wizard, you lay the foundation for a character that’s both a master of intelligence-based tasks and an adept spellcaster.
  • The primary advantage lies in the synergy between the Cleric’s intelligence skills and the vast Wizard spell repertoire, allowing for unmatched versatility on the battlefield.
  • With access to a Divine Domain at the first level, Clerics offers a seamless integration when multiclassing with Wizards, ensuring that a sixth-level spell slot remains within reach. 
  • Additionally, proficiency in medium armor and shields, along with two skill proficiencies, further amplify the High Librarian’s effectiveness.
  • And when you focus on a Cleric’s best spells that don’t depend on Wisdom rolls, you can afford to minimize the importance of the Wisdom stat, ensuring optimal performance.
Why I Chose This: The High Librarian is a mental powerhouse which is complemented by the Githyanki class actions and armor proficiencies.

My Thoughts

ibrahim bg3 save slot
My Baldur’s Gate 3 save slot (Image by Me)

In my opinion Githyankis are one of the most lore rich races you can play. Combining them with any of the classes I mentioned above will result in a good time fighting against the forces of the absolutes. However, if you are looking for ease then I suggest building the Fighter or the Barbarian and let your blade do the talking.

With that, you know all about the best class for Githyanki in bg3. There are many to choose from, and depending on which kind of playstyle you’re going for, you can choose any that meet your requirements. 


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