BG3: The 4 BEST Party Compositions [Expert’s Opinion]

In BG3, the best party composition includes a focus on a goal or playing style and how they work together to help in conflict.

The best BG3 Party Composition includes one that is focused on a goal or playing style and uses a team that has been selected and trained for that reason. The makeup of a squad in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves several different factors. From the mind-boggling 12 classes and 46 subclasses available to the many companions you may bring along and how they work together to help in conflict, interpersonal connections, and exploration.

Key Takeaways
  • The best Baldur’s Gate 3 party composition is based on your particular playing style.
  • Understanding the various roles and how they play into each play style is the key to creating a good composition.
  • Classes like Fighters and Barbarians might be more accessible to newer players because of their simplicity. 
  • Shadowheart is the ideal choice in a variety of compositions because of her versatility as a Cleric
  • For an exploration-based composition, keeping Astarion as one of your companions is highly recommended.
  • Gael the Human Mage is a great choice for damage-focused compositions, but he’s a bit of a glass cannon, so keep him safe in the backline. 

What To Know About The Best Party Composition In BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Best Party Compositions
BG3: Best Party Compositions [Screenshot by eXputer]
It might initially seem tough to decipher all your companions and their compositions, especially if you’re new to the Dungeons & Dragons genre in general. But it gets much easier when you realize they can largely be categorized into several important roles. Your Baldur’s Gate 3 party composition’s success will depend upon how well your party can perform at these roles, according to the type of playstyle you’re going for.

While the following list isn’t completely exhaustive, it does take into account the major roles you’ll need to keep in mind when playing the game:

  • Striker: Frontline damage dealer, excelling in close combat with high damage output. Examples include Karlach and Lae’zhel.
  • Control: Focus on altering the battlefield to your team’s advantage rather than pure damage. Use abilities like Web, Sleep, or Wall spells to hinder enemies while supporting your allies. Wizards like Gael excel in Control spells alongside damage-dealing ones.
  • Utility: Covers various support roles, including buffing, healing, crowd control, and other helpful actions for the party. Clerics, like Shadowheart, are classic Utility characters.

Best Overall Party Composition

Bg3 Team setup
A player-made Dragonborne character in Baldur’s Gate 3. [Screenshot by eXputer]
FlexiblePlayer Character

For a balanced party composition, aim for a bit of everything. While it can vary, a general rule of thumb is to have:

  1. A sturdy damage-dealer, suitable for frontline combat (e.g., Fighter or Barbarian for beginners).
  2. A magic user with spells and control abilities.
  3. A Cleric for support and utility.

Based on that, the best overall party composition in Baldur’s Gate 3 includes:


Since she’s a Barbarian, Karlach has a ton of hitpoints, making her a good frontline Striker for your team. She can deal a lot of damage and is fairly simple to play. Her natural ability to intimidate enemies gives her a nice boost in case your party needs to pass any Intimidation checks. So it’s not like she’s only useful when you’re in a fight. Karlach also has good Perception, which can reveal hidden items worldwide. 


Shadowheart, one of the earliest companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, is among the best. As a Cleric, she excels in healing, buffing, and weakening enemies. She’s got access to many healing spells and buff abilities. Her versatility makes her an essential addition to a well-rounded team unless the player character is already a Cleric.


Wyll, a Human Warlock, is another good option to consider. He brings Warlock spells and excels in Charisma and Persuasion Checks, aiding in non-combat situations. These characters cover essential roles in a balanced party. Avoid overlaps so you can freely choose your player character’s class based on your preference. Swap a character like Lae’zhel or Gael if you want to play a Barbarian, Cleric, or Warlock yourself.

Exploration Focused Composition 

BG3 best Party composition setup
Shadowheart and Gale in an early part of the game. [Screenshot by eXputer]
BardPlayer Character

Even with early companions, you can build an exploration-focused team easily in BG3.

Here’s a setup:

  1. Lae’zhel (Striker): A Fighter with excellent scouting skills for exploration.
  2. Astarion: A stealthy Vampire that is ideal for sneaking past enemies and is great for lock-picking and pickpocketing.
  3. Shadowheart: Her versatility makes her a valuable addition.

As for your player character, consider the Bard class. Focusing on Charisma helps compensate for the absence of Wyll, although there may be some in-party drama with Lae’zhel and Shadowheart initially.

Shadowheart remains a valuable addition due to her versatility. However, note that Lae’zhel and Shadowheart may clash initially, leading to in-party drama. For your player character, consider the Bard class in this setup. Its Charisma focus helps compensate for Wyll’s absence.

Pure Combat Composition 

BG3 Team
Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3. [Screenshot by eXputer]
Fighter/PaladinPlayer Character

Moving on with the BG3 best party composition list. I already know that players can choose their playstyle, be it pacifist or combat-focused.

If you prefer the latter, here’s a setup:

  1. Karlach (Barbarian): She excels in dealing with damage at the front.
  2. Fighter or Paladin: Pair Karlach with a Fighter or Paladin for a powerful tag-team duo. The Paladins offer excellent defense.
  3. Shadowheart: Her versatility remains a valuable addition.
  4. Gale: Wizards are potent damage dealers with numerous spells. This composition ensures both Shadowheart and Gale deal significant damage and receive support from the backline.

Though, other than her, Gale is a great consideration. Wizards in BG3 are among the best damage dealers because of their massive amount of spells. However, they’re a bit too squishy, and without some Strikers in the front to tank damage for them, they’ll often fall flat. Luckily, this composition considers that, allowing Shadowheart and Gale to deal tons of damage and support from the backline. 

The Dark Urge Composition 

FlexibleThe Dark Urge

If you’re role-playing as a Dark Urge character in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll want a team that aligns with your sinister actions. Consider these companions who are more tolerant of your malevolent deeds:

  1. Astarion: Astarion readily approves of questionable actions and is a great scout and melee combatant.
  2. Shadowheart: Despite her initial appearance, she’s grown accustomed to violence and suffering, making her a suitable companion for your morally questionable choices.
  3. Lae’zhel: A frontline Fighter with little sympathy for the races of Faerun, making her a good fit for a party embracing darker tendencies.

Consider adding Minthara as a substitute for Lae’zhel in later parts of Baldur’s Gate 3. This composition ensures that your companions are less likely to object to your wicked actions.

So there you have it, a quick descriptive guide on the bg3 best party composition! I have included multiple team comps that players can try out in the game. Out of these the “Overall Party Composition” seemed to work the best for me, however, you can try out the other options too and check what fits your style!

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