Baldur’s Gate 3: Potion Of Everlasting Vigour Location

The Potion of Everlasting Vigour is useful if you want to increase your strength.

You might want to get your hands on a few potions throughout the playthrough. However, I recommend getting the Potion Of Everlasting Vigour in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a permanent strength buffing potion that is highly suggested if you are using a melee build. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Baldur’s Gate 3, The Potion Of Everlasting Vigour can give your character a permanent strength buff by 2. 
  • The Potion Of Everlasting Vigour can be found in the Moonrise Towers.
  • It can be obtained after a conversation with Oblodra, one of the merchants in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is The Potion Of Everlasting Vigour

baldur's gate 3 potion of everlasting vigour
Potion of Everlasting Vigour description (Image captured by eXputer)

The Potion of Everlasting Vigour will increase the strength of any character by 2 in BG3.

The quick, permanent buff is helpful during melee combat, especially for characters like Karlach and Lae’zel, who rely on physical damage much more. The potion works well for classes that depend on melee damage, such as Barbarians or Fighters

Potion Location

araj oblodra location bg3
Araj Oblodra location (Image by me)
Important: The Potion of Everlasting Vigour can be found inside the Moonrise Towers when you reach Act II.

You can obtain it during one of the interactions with Araj Oblodra, a merchant in Baldur’s Gate 3. You must also have Astarion in your party. Araj notices Astarion and initiates a conversation, inviting him to drink her blood.

potion of everlasting vigour location
Location of the room with the merchant (Image by eXputer)

Head inside the Moonrise Tower Main Floor and keep moving further ahead till you see the Absolute’s door; on the left side of the Absolute door, you can spot a narrow door; if you open it and go inside, Araj Oblodra can be found selling her potions. She is one of the merchants scattered across the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, and you can obtain the Potion of Everlasting Vigour from her.

obtain potion of everlasting vigour
Obtaining Potion of Everlasting Vigour (Image by eXputer)

Araj will tell you about her potion dealings and how she takes the blood from her customers and brews them suitable potions according to their traits. If you have Astarion with you, she will notice him and will proceed to talk about his vampire nature and how it is her dream to be bitten by a Vampire.

Oblodra will then make a trade offer that If Astarion agrees to bite her, she will give the player a powerful potion to give them everlasting strength. Astarion will hesitate to bite her but continue to persuade him till he agrees. Once he bites Araj, she will hand over The Potion of Everlasting Vigour to the player. However, you will get Astarion’s disapproval if you force him to drink her blood. 

My Thoughts

I think the Potion of Everlasting Vigour is definitely worth getting in Baldur’s Gate 3, considering how useful and handy it is for your melee-build characters. You will be able to increase the strength by +2 for any character, and the buff is helpful for classes like Fighter, Barbarian, and Paladin. 

Check out the Paladin and Fighter builds, since the Potion of Everlasting Vigour goes so well with these classes. Also, check out Baldur’s Gate 3 review to learn more about the entry. 

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