BG3: BEST Astarion Build [Weapons, Race, Skillls & More]

Learn everything from the BG3 expert about the best skills, weapons, armor, race, and feats for the best Astarion build.

As a Rogue, Astarion is one of the earliest prospective companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 who can join your party. The best build in BG3 for Astarion also demands minimal maintenance in terms of rests, making him a simple character to take with you on your adventure.

Key Takeaways
  • The BG3 best Astarion build involves either a melee-focused Fighter-Thief combination or a flexible ranged build with a mix of classes.
  • Astarion has excellent fighting skills with finesse weapons due to his 17 Dexterity, and his 14 Constitution is somewhat respectable.
  • The Fighter class is the most extraordinary melee class for making the best build for Astarion in BG3.
  • Players can choose their subclass at progression level 3, and Thief is the best sub-class for Astarion due to its unique characteristics.
  • After completing all 12 progression levels, players may employ additional gears to their advantage in battle, such as feats and abilities that provide momentary benefits.

Astarion’s Best Build In BG3

Here’s a brief overview of BG3’s best Astarion build, detailing his Class, Sub-class, and Feats at each level for his build, along with the proficiencies you’ll need.

RaceHigh Elf
FeatsAlert, Dual Wielder, Mobile, Sharp Shooter, Savage Attacker
ProficienciesAcrobatics, Perception, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, Deception, History, Stealth
WeaponsThe Joltshooter, Shortsword +1, Rapier +1
ArmorsDrow Studded Leather Armor, Spider Armor

Important: Astarion selected the Minor Illusion High Elf spell, which may be effective in disengaging opponents.

In my Opinion, Astarion has a decent stat spread. He has excellent fighting skills with finesse weapons due to his 17 Dexterity, and his 14 Constitution is rather respectable. He’s a capable Rogue who can handle most of your cunning requirements.

There are currently two main build philosophies for BG3’s best Astarion build: Melee or range.

Melee Build 

Astarion Best Build in BG3
BG3: Astarion Best Build [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • The Fighter is the most excellent melee class for making the best build for Astarion in BG3.
  • The Thief subclass is extensively emphasized in the Melee build. Rogues have always been thieves.
  • They get some fantastic enhancements for their Rogue archetype abilities, transforming them into machines that unleash incredible amounts of damage with Sneak Attacks.
  • Additionally, this construct switches from the Rogue class to the Fighter class, giving it five levels.
  • Astarion gains a skill that is immensely valuable at every level in the class, whether it is an enhancement to his movement economy or a boost to his survival.
  • Relatively higher damage
  • Outstanding capabilities at close range
  • Sneaky and Stabby
  • Lacks at ranged combats
  • Weak Durability

Astarion must carry two Finesse weapons, and that is extremely crucial. 

  • Give Astarion the magic goods that significantly increase his mobility, stealth, and light armor.
  • The Deathstalker Mantle is a particularly wonderful item that is only accessible via The Dark Urge missions.
  • The Disintegrating Night Walkers and the Haste Helm are also ideal for a sneaky, mobile construct like the following one.

Ranged Build 

Astarion BEST Builds In BG3
Spells in Astarion Ranged Build [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Due to the nature of BG3’s fighting engine, characters may instantly perform both melee and ranged attacks, making it challenging to design around “ranged builds.” 

  • It mainly depends on multiclassing and makes some odd thematic decisions, but the end result is a flexible ranger who can choose when to concentrate his damage bursts while always being valuable.
  • Good at all ranges
  • Interesting storyline
  • Reliable damage
  • Relatively lower damage
  • Lacks Spellcasting
  • Give him your finest longbow or heavy crossbow, whether magical or not, since they have a wider field of fire and do greater damage.

In comparison to other weapon types, there aren’t as many magic Longbows in BG3, although Spellthief is a good early-game option as you start earning Ranger spell slots, and the Joltshooter works well with Astarion’s high-attack count approach.

Best Sub-class For Astarion

Best Subclass of Astarion In BG3
Best Subclass of Astarion [Credit: eXputer]
In my opinion, the Thief Subclass is by far the greatest Rogue Subclass. Astarion must be built as a Thief Rogue if you want him to do the greatest damage, according to build. 

When choosing a feat in BG3, you may always choose to boost your ability score; doing so can be particularly beneficial for Astarion’s ability modifiers.

  • Alert: You have a +5 boost to Initiative and are immune to Surprise.
  • Dual Wielder: While holding a melee weapon in each hand, you receive a +1 boost to Armour Class and can utilize Two-Weapon Fighting regardless of whether your weapons aren’t Light. Heavy Weapons cannot be dual-wielded.
  • Mobile: When you Dash, your movement speed rises, and challenging obstacles don’t slow you down. After performing a melee strike, moving prevents your target from launching Opportunity Attacks against you.
  • Sharpshooter: It aids you in making potent ranged attacks when you transition between stealth and open battle.
  • Savage Attacker: You cast your damage dice double and utilize the highest result when performing weapon attacks

Best Skills And Level Progressions For Astarion

Astarion Level Progression in BG3
Astarion Level Progression: Rerolling Lucky [Credit: eXputer]
Astarion’s Race, Class, and Subclass provide him access to additional talents as he advances through the levels.

Here I will mention all you need to do at each level:

Level 1

Your companion will already have their fundamental abilities, class, and more at level one. The skill Vampire Bite is exclusive to Astarion.

  • Vampire Bite: With a vampire bite, you can restore 2d4 hit points by sucking the blood from a living thing. Except when you are Hiding, or the victim is unconscious, the target receives 2d4 Piercing damage. No creature can shatter stealth by biting it.

Class Feature and Mechanic:

  • Sneak Attack (Ranged & Melee): Deal more damage to an opponent.
  • Ranged Attack Recharge: Once each round for attacks and saves.
  • You must conceal, or that adversary must be engaged with another within 1.5 meters for you to gain an advantage.

Level 2

You will get extra health in BG3, the Cunning Action class feature, and the ability to choose your subclass at level two.

The Rogue Class Features include:

  • Cunning Action Hide: Avoid being seen by adversaries by passing Stealth checks, avoid opponent sightlines and stay in the shadows, and casting a spell or making an attack will make your position known.
  • Cunning Action Dash: This round, double your Movement Speed to cover more ground.
  • Cunning Action Disengage: Disengage in a cunning manner and retreat securely since movement will not invite opportunity attacks.

Level 3

You may choose your subclass at level three, and the thief is one that you should pick.

What to anticipate about the Thief Subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3 up to maximum level 12 is as follows:

  • Fast Hands
  • Second-Story Work
  • Supreme Sneak

Level 4

You must choose between a feat and an ability upgrade at level four. I recommend to choose the Sharpshoot feat instead of the ability enhancement.

  • Sharpshooter: The High Ground Rules do not apply to your ranged weapon assaults. Attacks made with ranged weapons with which you are proficient suffer a -5 penalty to the strike roll but cause an extra ten damage.

Level 5

Astarion Progressions In BG3
Completing the Astarion Progression Level 5 [Image Captured by eXputer]
You’ll acquire a class feature for Rogue at Level 5. Currently, the BG3’s gameplay has not altered. To increase damage, look for equipment, potions, arrows, and poison.

  • Uncanny Dodge: You only sustain half the damage normally when an attack hits you. Your chances of surviving will improve, and the sneak attack’s damage will rise to 3d6.

Level 6

It is advised to invest in the skills below:

  • Deception
  • Sleight of Hand

Level 7

Astarion Progressions In BG3
Astarion Progression Level 7 [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
The Rogue has access to Evasion at level 7 in BG3. Although the gameplay is the same, the Evasion class trait aids in avoiding harm.

  • Evasion: You can evade certain spells by using your agility. If you make an effective Dexterity Saving Throw, a spell or effect that would cause half damage instead does no damage; if you fail, the damage is reduced to half.

Level 8

  1. You receive access to a different feat at level 8. Put a +2 to Dexterity because you have chosen Sharpshooter at level 4.
  2. This will bring you to 18, enabling you to sneak attack at range and do a ton of damage.
  3. Although Mobile as well as Skilled are excellent choices for a feat, increasing Astarion’s Dexterity is the greatest option.

Level 9

The Rogue Thief has access to Supreme Sneak as a new subclass feature at level 9 in BG3.

  • Supreme Sneak (Level 9): Become invisible by totally blending into the surroundings.

Level 10

You must choose a feat or an ability enhancement at level 10, and I would personally recommend going for the Lucky feat in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Lucky: Gaining three luck points gives you the ability to gain an edge upon attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, as well as the ability to force an adversary to reroll their attack rolls.

Level 11

Astarion Level Progression in BG3
Astarion Progression Level 11 [Credit: eXputer]
You unlock the Rogue class feature at level 11. You now have access to the Reliable Talent skill, which is unrelated to fighting.

  • Reliable Talent: The lowest result you may roll on the dice when you perform an Ability Check using the Skill that you’re Proficient in is 10.

Level 12

Now that you have gained an additional +2 via Ability Improvement, your main ability, Dexterity, has reached level 12.

My Thoughts On Astarian Build

Astarion is a master of mechanics inflicting high direct target damage as a rogue, although playing well does need a lot of strategic thought. Being a Rogue, He performs well at melee as well as ranged attacks due to high Dexterity. You can focus on one of my recommended builds and progress the storyline efficiently.

Let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not check out the Best Gale Companion Build guide, which details everything about making the best build for Gale in BG3? Also, check out our guide on the Gilded Chest in BG3 and learn about its location and rewards. Be sure to check out this Subreddit Post to gain further insight into Astarion’s optimal subclass, as suggested by the community.

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