BG3: The BEST Companions [Top 5]

This guide includes all details about the top 5 BG3 Best Companions, so make sure to check out all five before you head into the game!

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the ability to choose a couple of companions to travel alongside them in the world. These companions are not only there to provide company, but they help in combat, exploration, and even dialogue. This, in turn, helps the gameplay be more interactive and a more enjoyable experience for all players. This guide has helped put together a BG3 Best Companions list so everyone can help benefit.

Key Takeaways
  • Baldurs Gate 3 has ten different companions to choose from, all of which have their own pros and cons.
  • Players must choose the best companion for their team depending on their playstyle or personal preference.

The 5 Best BG3 Companion choices are as follows:

    1. Shadowheart
    2. Astarion
    3. Gale
    4. Lae’Zel
    5. Minthra

  • Each of these options has its own pros for choosing them and cons for not. 
  • Players must not choose two same companions or a companion similar to their own character. 

The Best Baldurs Gate 3 Companions

Finding the best companion in Baldurs Gate 3 can be a bit of a challenge, with there being ten different ones to choose from. Having the best companions is extremely favorable as they provide a bunch of help throughout the game. To help assist, this guide will boil down the top 5 Companions in Baldurs Gate 3.

The top 5 to choose from are as follows:

  1. Shadowheart
  2. Astarion
  3. Gale
  4. Lae’Zel
  5. Minthara

#1: Shadowheart

shadowheart in bg3
BG3 Companion: Shadowheart

Race: High Half-Elf

SubclassTrickery Domain
Intelligence 10

The top choice in the list of companions for Baldur’s Gate 3 is Shadowheart. It is a High Half-Elf Cleric, which not only makes it a great support for the team but also a great healer. A Cleric is also one of the best BG3 Classes, making this an even more desired option.

In the end, having Shadowheart as a companion may be for the best. Since it is the only companion with a Cleric class, it is in a prime position for any party compositions to be made. The table below has added all details about Shadowheart before picking her!

#2: Astarion

astarion as a bg3 comapnion
BG3 Best Companions: Astarion
RaceHigh Elf
SubclassArcane Trickster
Intelligence 13

Astarion, similar to Shadowheart, is the only companion of the Rogue Class. This makes this companion highly desirable and a great addition to the team if selected, which is why it is second in this list of BG3 Best Companions!

The High Elf Rogue offers not only DPS potential during Combat but also great Utility during Exploration, making it so strong. A Rogue class also offers its own benefits, and some of the leading ones include Lockpicking, Theivery, and Stealth, all great additions to the already great Astarion Companion. 

If your own character is also a Rogue, then using the Astarion as a Companion would be wasteful. However, if not, Astarion would be the best addition to the team, providing help every step of the way. Use its talents to their full extent and make well use of the team.

#3: Gale

gale in bg3 as a companion
BG3 Best Companions: Gale
Intelligence 16

This companion isn’t as Unique as the ones discussed before; however, it still has its own perks, which paved its way to third place in this list! Gale is a Human Wizard, so all spells are usually cast through him. All of the best spells in BG3 are easily available to Gale, allowing him to use them against any and all enemies. 

While having access to spells during a fight is great, that is not all there is to Gale. He can also use his Wizarding powers in social interactions, and as a Role Playing game, that comes in mighty handy! The table below has included all details needed to know about Gale, from his background to all in-game stats!

#4: Lae’Zel

Lae'Zel in bg3
BG3 Best Companions: Lae’Zel
Intelligence 11

The fourth in this lineup is Lae’Zel, a Githyanki Fighter. She is a great up-close fighter, providing as much damage as possible to her opponents, oftentimes leading to victory. Having a heavy bruiser such as Lae’Zel as a companion is a great addition to the team, as it will help win many battles to come! 

Similar to Lae’Zel, there is also Karlach, another companion. However, the reason why Lae’Zel is much more preferred is that it is a more easy companion to have. She is easier to recruit and also has great DPS potential as compared to its competitors.

#5: Minthra

The last companion to make this list is Minthra, a Drow Paladin. She is an extremely valuable ally and a much-wanted companion in many teams. However, recruiting Minthra is quite an ordeal which is why many choose not to do this, but nevertheless, one of the BG3 Best Companions choices there are!

Minthra combines her Melee powers with the Healing abilities that she earned from her deity to make one of the fiercest companions out there. She can take hits and blow them back, all while keeping the whole team alive and well. Below can be found a table with all details needed to know about Minthra!

Intelligence 12

That is all, folks; everything you need to know about BG3 Best Companions can be found in this whole guide! Make sure to check out the detailed readings below each heading before making a decision on what companions to choose.

A key insight is players do not want or need 2 Similar companions in their team, so if their own character is a Rogue, do not opt for a Rogue as a companion but rather a different Class. There are no bad Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, but choosing the best one for your own team is what needs to be focused on!

Make sure to leave a comment down below if there are any queries! Meanwhile, check out other guides on Baldur’s Gate 3, such as the Best Paladin Build or the Top 10 Best Build In Baldur’s Gate 3.

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