BG3 Pact Of The Blade: Warlock Subclass Changes

The Pact of the Blade is one of the Warlock Pacts that gives you the upper edge in offensive utlity with some armor to help in melee combat.

In Baldurs Gate 3, you have access to a number of different classes that you can pick from. If you pick the Warlock class, you can go for special boons, spell casting, or a melee DPS threat with a lot of offensive utility for your pacts. Our BG3 Pact of The Blade guide will go over most of what one of these new pacts offers and how useful it is.

Key Takeaways
  • The Pact of the Blade is a new Baldur’s Gate 3 build route for the Warlock Class.
  • It makes the Warlock Class much more viable because of its utility and usefulness.
  • The Pact of the Blade will allow you to summon a weapon or bind one you already own.
  • The damage of the weapon will scale off Spellcasting ability rather than Strength or Dexterity.
  • This pact allows you to attack with a weapon more frequently than with other builds.
  • The Pact may replace the Hexblade build path and merge with Thirsting Blade.

What Is The Pact Of The Blade In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Warlock Leveling Image
Warlock Class in BG3 [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Warlock Class in Baldurs Gate 3 is somewhat odd. In a world of Mages and Special Beasts, the Warlock stands out and has faced many issues in the competitive scene. Recent changes to this class (in the pacts and modifiers) have made it way more favorable to pick among all the other classes.

If you opt for the Warlock class in BG3, you must build among three different pacts. These pacts are based on providing different types of utility. The Pact of the Blade is one that focuses more on the offensive utility with weapons, damage, a little bit of armor, and skills to give you the upper hand in melee or spell-casting fights.

The main pact for the Warlock is the Hexblade. It basically allows the player to enhance his weapons and deal more damage. In Baldurs Gate 3, The Pact of the Blade is somewhat replacing the Hexblade with additional attacks rather than damage. This is to make up for the relative lack of damage this pact used to offer.

Key Features Of The Pact

Warlock Pacts Image
Pact of the Blade [Image Credit: eXputer]
The aspects of the pact that we will discuss in our Baldurs Gate 3 Pact of the Blade review may not necessarily be present in the release immediately. This pact will be in place of the Hexblade pact, which most of the players despised. However, a martial class will be available for you to enjoy until the Pact of the Blade rolls out.

Firstly, you will be able to summon a weapon for use if you don’t already have one. If you have a weapon you like, you can bind it with the Pact and empower it. Based on the player’s stats, this new weapon will have increased attack speed and other damage utility. The damage will scale off Spellcasting, so if you have strength or dexterity like any normal Warlock, this Pact may fail you.

In addition, one most important changes are the one we already discussed above, the ability to perform an additional weapon attack. It will allow players to combat burst damage and make the most out of keeping ranged entities in melee range. Overall, this will make the Warlock much more viable for play now.

To conclude, you only want to go for this Pact if you’re running a melee-based party. Some heavy charisma mixed builds are surfacing that look far more than promising regarding damage and sustain. However, if you opt for this pact for your frontline, give them a spell-like Hex to stay alive, as this pact does not give a lot of armor.

That is it for our BG3 Pact of the Blade guide. If there is something you wish to let us know, feel free to leave it in the comments below so other players may benefit from it.

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