Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Skills [Top 15]

Learn about the best BG3 skills that will enhance your character's capabilities and influence the world in this immersive RPG adventure.

Skills in Baldur’s Gate 3 provide players with the means to engage effectively with the world, enabling them to achieve a variety of tasks. These abilities empower players to influence the viewpoints and stances of non-player characters (NPCs), unveil concealed spots, and determine the outcome of choices they make. Read on to find out about the best BG3 Skills that you could make your character proficient in for maximum efficiency.

Key Takeaways
  • The best BG3 skills empower players to engage with the environment, influence NPCs, uncover secrets, and shape outcomes.
  • BG3 has a total of 18 skills placed into six categories called “Abilities.”
  • Select skills strategically; not all are equally useful, and covering a range of scenarios is wise.
  • Persuasion, Deception, and Perception are crucial skills, aiding in social interactions and uncovering secrets.
  • Survival aids wilderness navigation, revealing valuable resources and tracks.
  • Acrobatics‘ Dexterity focus aids balance, which is valuable for exploration and combat.

Following is a summary of the Best Skills in Baldur’s Gate 3:

SkillKey Aspects And BenefitsImportance
PersuasionCharisma-based; crucial for avoiding danger, resolving conflicts, and influencing NPCs through convincing dialogues.Social, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution
DeceptionManipulate situations by creating illusions or sowing doubt; useful for bypassing obstacles and swaying others in your favor.Subterfuge, Obstacle Bypass, Strategic Manipulation
PerceptionWisdom-based; constant awareness of surroundings, uncover hidden details, detect deceptive conversations, and identify threats.Environmental Awareness, Detection, Threat Identification
SurvivalSimplifies wilderness navigation; assesses surroundings for resources and tracks, aiding in gathering valuable items and clues.Resource Gathering, Tracking, Wilderness Adaptation
AcrobaticsDexterity-focused; crucial for balance, agility challenges, and combat situations, offering an edge in exploration and battles.Agility, Maneuverability, Combat Advantage
AthleticsStrength-based; essential for physical challenges, combat maneuvers, pushing adversaries, and creating tactical advantages.Physical Prowess, Combat Maneuvers, Obstacle Overcoming
NatureIntelligence-based; provides knowledge of local plants and creatures, aiding in survival, maneuvering, and informed decisions.Environmental Knowledge, Creature Understanding, Survival
InsightWisdom-based; uncovers hidden motives in dialogues, enhances interactions by revealing emotions, and predicts potential traps.Empathy, Emotional Perception, Trap Detection
HistoryIntelligence-based; offers contextual insights and past event recall, enriching understanding of the world and aiding exploration.Lore, Contextual Understanding, Exploration Enhancement
ArcanaIntelligence-based; essential for understanding magic mechanics, deactivating magical traps, and harnessing arcane knowledge.Magic Analysis, Enchantment Mastery, Mystical Insights
InvestigationIntelligence-based; aids in uncovering crucial clues, deducing solutions, and providing contextual depth to enigmatic scenarios.Analytical Thinking, Clue Detection, Problem Solving
StealthDexterity-focused; concealing actions extend beyond criminal intent, offering advantages in ambushes, tactics, and evading threats.Concealment, Ambush Preparation, Evasion Strategies
IntimidationStrategic use of fear to gain information or manipulate NPCs; be cautious of lasting consequences on future interactions.Coercion, Information Extraction, NPC Influence
Sleight Of HandDexterity-based; finesse in manipulation; used for delicate actions like picking pockets, planting objects, and executing tactics.Precise Manipulation, Object Concealment, Tactical Use
Animal HandlingEstablish bonds with animals, align intentions; useful for situations akin to Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation.Animal Communication, Mutual Understanding, Bond Formation

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players will have access to a diverse array of skills that come into play at various points throughout BG3’s world. However, it’s important to note that not all of these skills hold the same level of usefulness.

Some skills are highly situational and only applied in specific circumstances. To navigate this, it’s advisable to prepare for any challenges that BG3 presents and to ensure that you cover a broad spectrum of useful skills.

Here, we present the top 15 skills that you should consider incorporating into your party’s abilities.

1. Animal Handling

Animal Handling
Animal Handling Skill in Baldur’s Gate 3 (image credit: eXputer)

Should you find yourself struggling with a Nature check to identify the local wildlife, you can compensate by employing your Animal Handling skill. This particular skill enables you to relate to creatures in a manner akin to how Persuasion, Intimidation, and Deception function when dealing with human subjects. In a sense, it’s akin to “conversing without words.”

This interaction assists in establishing a bond with an animal, aligning your understanding and intentions. This rapport ensures mutual understanding between you and the creature, facilitating a harmonious connection.

2. Survival

Survival Skill in Baldur’s Gate 3 (image credit: eXputer)

Navigating the untamed wilderness can prove challenging and demanding. Fortunately, the Survival skill exists to simplify matters significantly. This skill operates in the background for the most part, actively assessing the surroundings. This provides you insights into valuable resources that could be in close proximity.

You might stumble upon tracks on the ground or come across edible fruits available for gathering, among other possibilities. Should you encounter an unsuccessful Survival roll and you have a recent save, it’s advisable to reload and make another attempt. This strategy is likely to yield favorable outcomes and is usually worth your time.

3. Acrobatics

Acrobatics Skill in Baldur’s Gate 3 (image credit: eXputer)

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, maintaining balance is crucial, often requiring characters to roll skill checks to stay on their feet. While this skill might seem less critical given Baldur’s Gate 3’s diverse problem-solving approaches, its value remains.

Dexterity is key, especially for classes like Rangers engaged in ranged combat. Proficiency in Acrobatics within the Dexterity category proves strategic. Skillful characters gracefully navigate agility challenges, not only in exploration but also in combat. Battles introduce shoving, a threat to recklessness. Those skilled in Acrobatics stand firm, avoiding deadly falls and gaining the upper hand against jostling foes.

4. Athletics

BG3 Best Skills – Athletics (image credit: eXputer)

Athletics, rooted in your Strength Ability Score, holds the key to success in various challenges. Throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s a skill that proves indispensable, ensuring triumph in physically demanding situations. Whether surmounting high ledges or persevering against opposing forces obstructing your path, Athletics plays a pivotal role.

In combat, its significance is undeniable.

  • Proficiency in Athletics provides not only enhanced defense against shoving but also empowers you to push adversaries to their downfall.
  • This skill’s versatile nature becomes evident as it finds utility even in scenarios where one might least expect – shoving goblins into fires, shunting enemies off cliffs, and creating space for spellcasting by thwarting demons.

Amidst a world teeming with magical prowess and weaponry, Athletics carves its place as a core skill in Baldur’s Gate 3. It signifies not just physical strength but a strategic advantage, encompassing both defensive resilience and offensive maneuvering.

5. Nature

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills – Nature (image credit: eXputer)

Nature, positioned as an Intelligence-based skill, unveils essential knowledge about particular plants indigenous to specific locales, unraveling insights into their characteristics and potential applications. Equally vital is the skill’s ability to illuminate the presence of formidable and potentially hazardous creatures dwelling in the vicinity.

  • As the journey unfolds, the mastery of Nature assumes a pivotal role in enhancing your survival and maneuvering strategies.
  • This proficiency opens the gateway to a realm of comprehension within BG3’s intricate ecosystem.
  • As adventurers traverse varied terrains, a myriad of distinct flora and fauna awaits discovery.

Proficiency in Nature empowers you to distinguish between these entities, understand their unique attributes, and make informed decisions. In scenarios where such discernment might appear inconsequential, the distinction between one plant and another can unexpectedly become a determinant of survival.

6. Insight

BG3 Best Skills – Insight (image credit: eXputer)

Insight, guided by the Wisdom Ability, exemplifies the wider scope of proficiencies outside combat. In dialogues, its significance shines through as a robust Insight score unveils the motives concealed beneath NPCs’ words. This proficiency adds depth to conversations by unearthing hidden emotions and pre-empting potential traps that might lie ahead.

  • When combined with social finesse, such as Persuasion, Insight transforms into a key to unexplored realms of possibility.
  • By delving into unspoken truths, it becomes a lens through which the intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3 gains clarity.

This dynamic synergy not only enriches gameplay but also immerses players deeper into Baldur’s Gate 3’s fabric. Beyond dialogue exchanges, Insight becomes a bridge linking characters’ inner worlds, shedding light on concealed intentions, and weaving a more finely textured narrative tapestry.

7. History

BG3 Best Skills – History (image credit: eXputer)

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the History skill takes on a crucial role, offering a gateway to contextual insights and understanding the game’s world. Proficiency in History, tied to the Intelligence Ability, empowers characters to recall past events, enriching their grasp of the present.

This skill proves particularly valuable when deciphering unfamiliar scenarios, like recognizing the significance of a dilapidated temple as a former shrine to a forgotten deity within Act One.

Intelligence rolls across BG3 unlock a wealth of knowledge, expanding the lore and unveiling intriguing details. This information opens doors to hidden objects, new dialogue options, and more. For players seeking an astute knowledge-seeker, assigning Intelligence-based skills, including History, to your Wizard character is a strategic choice, turning them into the group’s dedicated lore expert through insightful exploration.

8. Arcana

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills – Arcana (image credit: eXputer)

The Arcana skill draws upon your Intelligence Ability Score to determine success rates. It finds application in tasks demanding an insight into the mechanics of magic. This proficiency proves invaluable when dealing with magical traps or barriers, enabling their deactivation with informed precision.

Moreover, Arcana extends its utility to uncovering the essence of enigmatic artifacts and addressing inquiries concerning their magical attributes. This skill becomes a potent asset, arming you with the requisite knowledge to wield or nullify magical elements effectively. In a world brimming with mystical wonders, the mastery of Arcana stands as a pivotal key to unraveling and harnessing its arcane intricacies.

9. Investigation

BG3 Best Skills – Investigation (image credit: eXputer)

When navigating through BG3, players inevitably confront enigmatic situations that demand exploration. Proficiency in Investigation serves as a vital tool in such scenarios, aiding the search for crucial clues. While success might still be attainable without this Intelligence-based skill, proficiency significantly heightens the likelihood of uncovering solutions.

Investigation, akin to History, introduces contextual depth to certain scenarios. Unveiling clues before imminent threats arise fosters a sense of readiness for forthcoming challenges. Although seemingly less prevalent than combat skills, Investigation remains indispensable.

  • It consistently sheds light on concealed objectives and hazards, enriching understanding through deductive analysis.
  • While not in constant use, this skill holds immense value at pivotal junctures, offering a lens to discern hidden meanings and objectives.

With Investigation, mysteries within Baldur’s Gate 3 unravel, revealing layers of complexity as you explore. While not a constant presence like combat skills, this Intelligence-based proficiency ensures that no vital clue goes unnoticed. By linking fragmented pieces of information, Investigation paints a comprehensive picture that enhances exploration and problem-solving.

10. Stealth

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills – Stealth (image credit: eXputer)

Stealth, linked to the Dexterity attribute, transcends mere attempts at concealment, offering proficient individuals the ability to vanish in plain view. While often associated with covert activities, Stealth proves an essential skill extending beyond criminal intent, making it one of the most advantageous proficiencies for players.

  • By infiltrating spaces unnoticed and securing elevated vantage points, players can orchestrate ambushes or avoid confrontations entirely.

Stealth’s significance lies not only in its criminal implications but in its versatile role as a Dexterity-based skill. Proficiency elevates concealment to a dependable tool, offering an edge in various situations. Whether flanking enemies undetected, claiming the strategic high ground, or bypassing perilous encounters, mastering Stealth allows for calculated decision-making.

11. Intimidation

BG3 Best Skills – Intimidation (image credit: eXputer)

In the intricate fabric of Baldur’s Gate 3, moments often arise where you stand before an NPC whose decisions hold the power to mold subsequent events. These interpersonal encounters wield a profound influence over the unfolding narrative, casting ripples that stretch not only to the next scene but potentially throughout future chapters.

  • Harnessing the ability to instill fear in a weaker individual can prove a strategic advantage, compelling them to divulge desired information.

However, it’s crucial to recognize the dual-edged nature of this tactic. In contrast, it might pry open immediate pathways, the memory of intimidation can linger, potentially affecting their willingness to aid you in forthcoming endeavors. The choices you make in these social junctures ripple through the story, adding layers of complexity to interactions and shaping the course of events that follows.

12. Sleight Of Hand

Sleight of Hand
Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills – Sleight of Hand (image credit: eXputer)

Sleight of Hand, hinged on your Dexterity Ability Score, encapsulates the art of deft manipulation. It’s about finesse in actions like twirling a coin between your fingers or making an object appear to vanish from your hand.

This skill’s proficiency comes to the fore when delicate actions are required, like picking pockets or discreetly concealing items during NPC searches. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in more strategic maneuvers, such as planting an object on a target and subsequently alerting the guards about it.

By mastering Sleight of Hand, you enhance your ability to execute intricate feats with nimble precision, opening doors to strategic advantages and cunning tactics in the multifaceted world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

13. Deception

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Skills – Deception (image credit: eXputer)

Deception stands as another formidable social skill in your toolkit. When confronted by an obstructing guard, this skill empowers you to create the illusion of imminent turmoil that demands immediate attention, even if no real disturbance exists.

  • By skillfully sowing doubt about the security that guards their post, you can prompt them to abandon their station, opening a pathway for you to progress.
  • Deception’s utility extends beyond bypassing guards.
  • It enables the art of persuading merchants that seemingly mundane items hold greater value than they truly do.

This proficiency in manipulation fuels your ability to navigate intricate social webs, facilitating both strategic advantage and nuanced interactions within the rich tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3.

14. Perception

In the expansive realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, the skill of Perception shines as a vital cornerstone, transcending class boundaries. Regardless of your chosen path, proficiency in this Wisdom-based skill is a non-negotiable asset. Its significance lies in fostering constant awareness of your surroundings, granting the ability to unravel environmental secrets and pierce through deceptive conversations.

  • Perception proves invaluable in diverse scenarios, from uncovering hidden details that may hold secrets to discerning moments when an NPC tries to divert your attention while pilfering your belongings.
  • This skill extends beyond mere detection, playing a crucial role in identifying impending threats and foiling ambushes.
  • Its universal value encompasses exploration, social dynamics, and combat strategies, solidifying Perception as an indispensable element for any class.

With Perception, you gain the power to navigate Baldur’s Gate 3 with heightened intuition, uncovering concealed nuances and safeguarding against manipulation in a world teeming with hidden complexities.

15. Persuasion

BG3 Best Skills – Persuasion (image credit: eXputer)

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, being charismatic is akin to wielding a powerful weapon. Your words possess the ability to steer you away from danger and unpleasant encounters, making Persuasion a paramount skill intrinsically tied to the Charisma attribute. This skill resonates as the pinnacle of social interaction, adeptly navigating scenarios where lying or threats might sow seeds of future conflict.

  • Persuasion empowers you to unlock doors through reasoning, fostering alliances, and negotiating better terms.
  • It forms the bedrock of productive dialogues, enabling alternate outcomes that circumvent adversity without resorting to force.
  • The profound impact of Persuasion compels one to consider investing in the art of rhetoric as a cornerstone of their character’s development.

A skilled persuader possesses the means to alter the course of events, navigating the intricate tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3 with a silver-tongued grace that turns negotiations into a potent tool for success.

As you embark on your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3, remember that the skills you choose to develop can significantly impact your experience.

Each skill is a tool that empowers you to interact with the world in distinct ways, from mastering the art of animal communication with Animal Handling to navigating the intricacies of magic with Arcana. By selecting skills that resonate with your character’s strengths and preferences, you’ll find yourself better equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

As you explore the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3, your proficiency in these skills will determine your success in battles, negotiations, and uncovering hidden gems. So, choose wisely, hone your abilities, and embark on an unforgettable adventure where your skills become the key to unlocking the full potential of your character.

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