Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Warlock Build [All Levels]

After spending more than 40+ hours in-game, here is my take on the best build for Warlock!

Making the best build for a Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3 can initially be daunting, mainly because Warlock is a spellcaster similar to a Sorcerer and a Mage. The only difference is that Warlocks get their abilities by making a Pact with an Otherworldly Powerful Entity.  Like every class, Warlocks has subclasses, but they get to select their subclass during character creation.

Key Takeaways
  • Warlocks are unique compared to other spellcasters because they gain their abilities from a Powerful Entity.
  • Compared to other spellcasters, Warlocks only need a small rest to refresh their spells.
  • Warlocks use Charisma as their primary damage stat; this makes it easier to pass through Charisma checks in-game.
  • Warlock is an excellent class for anyone new to spellcasting, but they can also become downright broken with the proper setup.
  • Why Trust Us: Moiz Banoori has over 40+ hours in Baldur’s Gate 3, making him highly trustable.

My Warlock Build Overview

The table below is a quick overview of the abilities for the Best Warlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3:

1Cantrips (Eldrich Blaster, Minor Illusion), Spells (Armor of Agathys, Hex)
2Seplls (Arms of Hadar, Eldrich Invocations (Agonising Blast, Repelling Blast)
3Spell (Misty Steps), Pact Boon (Pact of the Blade)
4Cantrip (Blade Ward), Spell (Hold Person), Feat: Ability Improvement (Charisma 18, Constitution 16)
5Deepened Pact, Spell (Fireball), Eldrich Invocation (Fiendish Vigour)
6Dark One's Own Luck, Spell (Grant Flight)
7Spell (Fire Shield), Eldrich Invocation (Devil's Sight)
8Spell (Dimension Door), Feat: War Caster
9Spell (Cone of Cold), Eldrich Invocation (Sculptor of Flesh)
10Cantrip (Friends), Spell (Flame Strike)
11Mystic Arcanum (Flesh to Stone), Spell (Hold Monster)
12Spell (Gaseous Form), Eldrich Invocation (Whisper of the Dead), Feat: Ability Improvement (Charisma 20)

Best Level Progression

Before you can start making the best build for a Warlock in Baldur’s Gate 3, the first thing to do is select a Race and Subclass. Any Race with a Cantrip works excellent with a Warlock, and I will be using a Mephistopheles Tiefling because it has access to Mage Hand.

After selecting your Race, it is time to Select a Subclass. I am choosing The Fiend subclass mainly because you temporarily get extra HP after killing an enemy, which is a big bonus for any spellcaster. After all, they are squishy.

Level 1

After selecting a race and subclass, you must choose a background and skill Proficiency and distribute your ability points.

  1. Select Acolyte for a Background.
  2. For skill proficiency, select Deception and Intimidation.
  3. You get to pick 2 cantrips, and I recommend choosing:
    • Eldrich Blast: Your main damage dealer, and it doesn’t use any spellslots.
    • Minor Illusion: Perfect for distracting enemies.
  4. For your 2 starting spells, in my opinion, you should pick:
    • Armour of Agathys: Deals damage and also boosts your HP.
    • Hex: Becomes a reusable spell if the enemy dies before the spell ends.
BG3 Spells: Armour of Agathys, Hex
Spells: Armour of Agathys, Hex [image by me]
Distribute the Ability points according to the table below:


Levels 2

Now, at level 2, you get to choose another spell, and 2 Eldrich Invocations with your build start to make some sense.

  1. For the spell, choose Arms of Hadar, which ensures enemies don’t use reactions against you.
  2. You get to pick 2 Eldrich Invocations, and I recommend picking:
    • Agonising Blast: Boosts the damage of Eldrich Blast.
    • Repelling Blast: Push enemies away with Eldrich Blast.
BG3 Eldrich Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast
Eldrich Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast [image by me]

Levels 3

At Level 3, you get to pick another spell and gain access to a Pact as a gift for your service to your selective patron.

  1. For your spell pick:
    • Misty Step: This spell makes it easier to get around the battlefield.
    • Pact of the Blade: Gives the ability to use your spellcasting modifier for melee damage.
BG3 Pact of the Blade
Pact of the Blade [image by me]

Levels 4

For level 4, you finally get to pick your first Feat to round out your stats, along with getting the option to select another Cantrip and a Spell.

  1. Pick Ability Improvement for the Feat to round out our Charisma to 18 and Constitution to 16.
  2. Blade Ward: This cantrip grants you extra survivability.
  3. Hold Person: Beneficial for holding tricky enemies in place.
BG3 Hold Person
Hold Person [image by me]

Levels 5-6

Things don’t change much for levels 5 and 6 because you get to select a spell on both these levels, whereas, at level 5, you get access to another Eldrich Invocation.

  1. Fiendish Vigour: This Eldrich Invocation gives you extra health.
    BG3 Fiendish Vigour
    Fiendish Vigour [image by me]
  2. Now for the spells at Levels:
    • Grant Flight: Grants Flight and makes it easier to move around.
    • Fireball: An excellent AOE spell for doing Fire Damage.
BG3 Spells: Grant Flight, Fireball
Spells: Grant Flight, Fireball [image by me]

Levels 7-8

Level 7 is pretty simple as you access another Spell and an Eldrich Invocation. However, Level 8 is significant not because you get to pick another spell but because you finally get to pick your second Feat.

  1. Devil’s Sight: is an Eldrich Invocation that allows you to see in Darkness, which is helpful for any ranged or spellcaster class.
  2. I recommend picking War Casteras a Feat at Level 8 because maintaining your focus to cast spells despite an enemy hitting you is ideal for any spellcaster.
  3. You can pick these spells in any order at Levels 7 and 8:
    1. Fire Shield: Provides you with resistance to Fire and Cold damage.
    2. Dimension Door: Allows you to Teleport to be a nearby ally.
BG3 Spells: Fire Shield, Dimension Door
Spells: Fire Shield, Dimension Door [image by me]

Levels 9-10

Your next levels are pretty simple. In Level 9, you get to pick another spell and an Eldrich Invocation. Meanwhile, Level 10 gives you access to another cantrip and a spell and unlocks Fiendish Resilience to gain damage resistance.

  1. Choose Sculptor of Flesh for your Eldrich Invocation to turn enemies into goats, giving you time to deal with other enemies or heal.
  2. You unlock Fiendish Resilience at level 10 and gain Damage Resistance to a specific damage type.
  3. Friends: This is an excellent cantrip that helps pass through charisma checks.
  4. For your spells at Levels 9 and 10, I recommend picking these spells in any order.
    1. Flame Strike: This spell deals radiant damage and is helpful against the undead.
    2. Cone of Cold: An excellent spell for doing Cold damage.
Spells: Cone of Cold, Flame Strike [image by me]

Levels 11-12

Around levels 11 and 12, you can finally complete and maximize the potential of your build. You finally get to pick a Mystic Arcanum for your Warlock at Level 11 and complete your build by choosing your final Feat at Level 12.

  1. Mystic Arcanium is a Level 6 spell for a Warlock, and they can only pick one Level 6 Spell, unlike other spellcasters. For this, I will pick:
    Flesh to Stone: Give you the ability to restrain or petrify any enemy.
    BG3 Flesh to Stone
    Flesh to Stone [image by me]
  2. Finally, pick Ability Improvement as a Feat to complete your build and max out your Charisma to 20.
  3. Whispers of the Grave: Speak with the dead.
  4. For my final spells at levels 11 and 12, I recommend choosing between these two in any order:
    • Hold Monster: You get the ability to restrain or hold enemies.
    • Gaseous Form: A multiple-purpose spell for exploring or escaping harm’s way.
BG3 Spells: Hold Monster, Gaseous Form
Spells: Hold Monster, Gaseous Form [image by me]

My Thoughts On The Build

BG3 My In-game Time
My In-game Time [image by me]
Honestly, this is the Best Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can spam Eldrich Blast as your primary damaging spell, which costs you nothing, but you also have access to really fun spells. I enjoyed going through the game, blasting doors broken with Eldrich Blast, or turning tricky enemies into sheep with Polymorph. I even had a glorious time Teleporting around the battlefield and casting Fireballs on top of Grease to create explosions.

Finally, I recommend you check out our review on BG3 by our expert Huzaifah. Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about the Warlock, I suggest checking out our guide for Warlock, which covers every subclass and ability for this class. If you want to look at another take on a Warlock build, I suggest checking out this video.


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