BG3: Gerringothe Thorm [Toll Collector Guide]

Here I covers all you need to know about Gerringothe Thorm and how to deal with her in battle or without fighting her at all.

The Thorm family is nothing but trouble in the events that take place in Act 2. In BG3, Gerringothe Thorm, who is more commonly known as the Toll Collector, is a potential boss who may give you some trouble. Beating her in a fight or otherwise is a tedious task if you don’t know her weaknesses or the best way to deceive her.

Key Takeaways
  • Gerringothe Thorm is one of the 3 Thorms appointed in the Shadow-Cursed Lands in BG3.
  • She is also known as the Toll Collector for anyone wishing to go to the Moonrise Towers.
  • Her body is mainly made out of gold and will explode into gold when defeated.
  • In BG3, Gerringothe Thorm can be defeated by battle after clearing all her Visages in the Toll House.
  • A player can also use Persuasion or Deception to defeat her without fighting her at all.

Who Is Gerringothe Thorm In BG3?

Toll Collector
The Gerringothe Thorm (Image Captured by Me)

Gerringothe Thorm is a boss entity that guards the Toll House in the Shadow-Cursed lands during Act 2.

Gerringothe Thorm is a beast covered in gold from top to bottom. You will most likely interact with her during the Shadow-Cursed Lands quests and witness the bizarre nature of her existence. She will continuously ask you for gold and will indefinitely fight you if you don’t satisfy her gold needs.

Some more exciting features of Gerringothe Thorm are listed as follows:

  • You can defeat her without actually engaging in a fight with her.
  • She is one of the three Thorm members that rule the Reithwin Town region in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
  • Malus Thorm appointed Gerringothe Thorm in the Toll House.
  • Her Job is to collect a toll from anyone wanting to go to Moonrise Towers.
Important: The following sections contain a lot of spoilers from Act 2, so tread carefully.

Gerringothe Thorm Location

As already stated, the Toll Collector is present at the Toll House in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Getting to Gerringothe Thorm is easy, but getting to the Toll House can be a little confusing. Before embarking on this journey, make sure you have protection against the Shadow Curse in any of the many ways you see fit.

The directions for getting to the Toll House are listed as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Reithwin Tower teleport point (X: 79, Y: 47).
    Reithwin Town In BG3
    Reithwin Town Waypoint (Image Credits: Me)
  2. Start moving south until you locate the Toll House.
  3. Enter the toll house and make a note of all the Shadowroot Sacs.
    Entrance Toll House
    Toll House Entrance (Image Screenshot Credit: Me)
  4. Navigate to the tree branches in the middle of the room, next to the staircase.
    Staircase Toll House
    Toll House Staircase (Image Captured by Me)
  5. Traverse up the staircase, and Gerringothe Thorm will be in the area in front of you.
    Gerringothe Thorm Toll House
    Gerringothe Thorm Location (Image Credit Copyright: Me)

How To Defeat Gerringothe Thorm

Defeating Gerringothe Thorm is not as easy as some of the other miniboss entities you may come across, like Auntie Ethel from Act 1. You can potentially skip the entire battle route altogether and get the experience and rewards. Consequently, you can choose blood and let your rage take her and all her little Visages out in an immense fight to the death.

Combat Route

Fighting Toll Collector
Gerringothe Thorm Combat (Image Captured by Me)

Strategy for defeating Gerringothe Thorm in battle:

  1. Try to pick up all the gold you can in the Toll House before you start a conversation with Gerringothe.
  2. These gold pieces may explode if you are near them or spawn new enemies during battle.
  3. Target the “Visage of X” entities during the fight before you go for Gerringothe Thorm herself.
  4. These entities contribute to Gerringothe’s high health stat and will cripple it as soon as they die.
  5. AoE damage is your best friend in this fight, so use spells like Fireball, Ice Storm, and Magic Missile.
  6. Non-Casters should use weapons like the Githyanki Sword or the Sword of Screams.
  7. After all the Visage entities are dead, Gerringothe will have just 6 HP, and her AC is lowered to 14.

Charisma Route

Decepting Gerringothe Thorm
Persuading Toll Collector (Image Credit: Me)

If you don’t feel like engaging in a fight to the death, you can always just talk to Gerringothe Thorm and make her destroy herself. Before opting for this route, make sure that the character/companion that speaks with Gerringothe Thorm in BG3 has a high Charisma stat for increased Deception/Persuasion checks.

Important: If your character does not have a high Charisma stat, try using Astarion and Shadowheart’s Guidance for better Persuasion and Deception Checks.

Dialogue Strategy for Defeating Gerringothe Thorm:

  1. Engage in a conversation with Gerringothe and simply ask who or what she is.
  2. Upon learning she is a Toll Collector, you can toss her a gold coin.
  3. She will continue to ask for more where you can give her all you have or start the perception/deception rolls.
  4. You will need to pass three checks in a row, so make sure you have a save file for every roll for your ease.
  5. The persuasion dialogue will make Gerringothe think she is no longer needed at the Toll House.
  6. Consequently, the deception route will make her think she is being replaced as the Toll Collector.
  7. She will become extremely distraught once you pass these checks and explode into gold.


Gerringothe Thorm Rewards
Toll Collector Rewards (Image Captured by Me)

Defeating Gerringothe Thorm will give you a bunch of rewards. They may vary based on whether you fought her in combat or used Charisma to defeat her. You can also apply some tricks to maximize the rewards you get from defeating Gerringothe Thorm.

Rewards include but are not limited to:

  • Anywhere between 1100 to 500 experience based on how much gold you give to Gerringothe
  • At least all the gold you gave to Thorm plus a few 100 to 1000 extra gold.
  • If you give her 5001 gold during her dialogue, you will get a secret trade passage item.

My Tips

The Shadow-Crused Lands is my favorite section in BG3 because of how much freedom you have in fights. The dialogue sequence with Gerringothe Thorm is one of the best examples of this scenario. I recommend that you make a save file before entering the Toll House and try out both routes to maximize your BG3 experience.

Bg3 Save Progress
My BG3 Save File

However, you can keep this strategy in mind when you explore deeper into the Shadow-Cursed lands. You can potentially apply it to future events like the one with Thaniel or against a certain someone in the Temple of Shar.

This is where the Gerringothe Thorm saga ends in BG3. Although it’s not the most story-centric quest, it still provides a good experience of the type of people you will be dealing with in later parts of Act 2 and Act 3.

You can check out Huzaifa’s review of Baldur’s Gate 3 for the basic gist of what the rest of the journey is like. Additionally, if you found this guide pleasant, try browsing some of the other Shadow-Cursed Lands quests in Baldur’s Gate 3, like the Best Jaheira Build for Act 2 or the House of Flowers quest.

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