Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Lae’zel Build [All Levels]

I will cover the best possible build for Lae'zel in BG3, including her progression, feats, and extra items.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game with multiple companions, with Lae’zel being one of them, and making the Best Lae’zel Build can be daunting. Lae’zel is a Githyanki Fighter with several melee-focused abilities to create an ideal build for her. I recommend you go for the Battlemasterm, Fighter Subclass for Lae’zel.

Key Takeaways
  • Lae’zel is one of the several companions in Baldur’s 3 and can be recruited as soon as Act 1 Starts.
  • At Levels 1, 3, and 5, Lae’zel unlocks her racial abilities: Githyanki Psionics: Mage Hand, Jump, and, finally, Misty Step.
  • After reaching level 3, players should choose the Battlemaster subclass.
  • The Battlemaster Subclass offers you Superiority Dice, which can be spent on Combat Manuvres.
  • It is also important to note that you get an additional Feat at Level 6 as a Fighter.

BG3 Best Lae’zel Build Overview

The Table Below is a quick Breakdown of the Best Lae’zel Build in Baldur’s Gate.

1Great Weapon Master, Acrobatics, Perception
2Action Surge
3Githyanki Psionics: Jump, 4x Superiority Dice, Manoeuvres (Trip Attack, Riposte, Disarming Attack)
4Feat: Ability Improvement (18 Strength and 16 Constituion)
5Extra Attack, Misty Steps
6Feat: Sentinel
7Superiority Dice+1, Manoeuvres (Precision Attack, Pushing Attack)
8Feat: Ability Improvement (Strength 20)
9Indomitable, Superiority Dice (increases from 1d8 to 1d10)
10Manoeuvres (Rally, Commander's Strike)
11Improved Extra Attack
12Feat: Savage Attacker
  • Offense-focused abilities
  • Build shows versatility, allowing personal preferences
  • Can assist in getting Shadowheart approval
  • A powerful companion to keep
  • Lacks at magic abilities
  • Requires high progression to unlock best abilities

Best Lae’zel Build And Level Progression

For Best Lae’zel Build, start by choosing the Fighter sub-class Battlemaster with abilities that normally allow you to attack 2 to 3 times a single turn. Without the Superiority Dice, and with them, you can make up to 5+ attacks on a single turn.

Now, I recommend you reset your stats at the Withers to make your stats more balanced. Otherwise, you must spend one of your Feats fixing this.


Note: This Guide is made under the assumption that you respec Lae’zel at the Wither NPC.

Level 1-2

Lae’zel starts as a Fighter with an Armor class of 16, making her excellent in front-line and close-ranged combat. While respecting, you can change her class, but I will stick to the fighter class.

  1. For Fighting Styles, stick to Great Weapon Fighting.
    Ability Great Weapon Fighting
    Great Weapon Fighting [image by me]
  2. For Skills, I recommend going for Acrobatics and Perception. Which will help deal with getting shoved and checking out hidden objects.
  3. At level 2, as a Fighter, you get Action Surge, which gives you an extra action on your turn.
    Ability Action Surge
    Action Surge [image by me]

Level 3

Things change a lot at Level 3 because this is the point where your build starts coming together.

  1. You get Githyanki Psionic: Jump for your racial ability, which triples your jumping distance, making reaching those tricky high places easier.
    Githyani Jump
    Githyanki Psionics: Jump [image by me]
  2. The Battlemaster subclass gives you 4xSuperiority Dice(d8), which fuel your Battle Manoeuvre and are exhausted.
    4x Superiority Dice
    Superiority Dice [image by me]
  3. These Superiority Dice are recoverable upon short rest.
  4. You get to pick 3 Manoeuvre. I recommend picking the following three for the best Lae’zel Build.

Trip Attack allows you to spend 1 Superiority Dice to make an attack that deals an additional 1d8 damage while making your target suspectable to Prone.

Manoeuvre Trip Attack
Trip Attack [image by me]
Riposte makes it so whenever an enemy misses its attack, you can spend a Superiority Dice to retaliate and deal 1d8 damage as a result.

Manoeuvre Riposte
Riposte [image by me]
Disarming Attack allows you to expand a Superiority Dice to deal an extra 1d8 damage and disarm the opponent by making them drop any weapon they hold.

Manoeuvre Disarming Attack
Disarming Attack [image by me]

Level 4-5

Level 4 is important for your character as it helps you round out your stats, making you survive longer and hit harder. Not to mention, soon after, at Level 5, you get the ability to make Extra Attack, which, along with your ability to Manoeuvre, makes it easier to take out enemies. Finally, you also unlock the Racial ability to use Misty Step, making it easier to move around.

  1. For Feat, I am picking Ability Improvement to round out Strength to 18 and Constitution to 16.
  2. Having the ability to attack more than once in any game is good, and at Level 5, you get the ability Extra Attack, which makes it possible for you to do so.
    Manoeuvre Extra Attack
    Extra Attack [image by me]
    Note: You only get Extra Attack if you have picked the Subclass Battlemaster for Fighter.
  3. Maneuverability in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be hard in some places. But thankfully, this racial ability Misty Step you get at Level 5 solves this problem for you. Even though you have to take a long rest after using it.
    Racial Ability Misty Step
    Misty Step [image by me]

Level 6-7

You get to pick an extra Feat at Level 6 as a fighter, with Level 7 giving you access to two more Manoeuvers.

  1. For Feat, I will go with Sentinal. Dealing damage to an enemy as a reaction by making an Opportunity Attack on their turn and stopping them can help you immensely in your party’s survivability.
    Feat Sentinel
    Sentinel Feat [image by me]
  2. At Level 7, you get 1 more Superiority Dice, giving you a total of 5.
    Ability Superiority Dice: 1
    Superiority Dice:1 [image by me]
  3. But the main thing about this level is that you can select 2 more Manoeuvres, and I suggest you pick the following for the Best Lae’zel Build

Precision Attack: Adding extra damage to your Attack is worth going for, especially if you lack the required damage to kill a boss with minimal health. This lets you do that by spending a Superiority Dice.

Manoeuvre Precision Attack
Precision Attack [image by me]
Pushing Attack: Some enemies can be annoying to deal with, so having the ability to push them back can be beneficial in some scenarios.

Manoeuvre Pushing Attack
Pushing Attack [image by me]

Level 8-9-10

 You get to pick another Feat at Level 8 while gaining even more abilities to boost your damage in Levels 9 and 10.

  1. I will pick up Ability Improvement as a Feat once again to max out the strength to 20, allowing you to maximize your damage.
  2. When you reach Level 9, you will get the Indomitable ability, making it possible to reroll your failed Saving Throws.
    Ability Indomitable
    Indomitable [image by me]
  3. Finally, at Level 9, your Superiority Dice upgrade from 1d8 to 1d10,
    Ability Improved Combat Superiority
    Improved Combat Superiority [image by me]
  4. You get to select 2 more Manoeuvres at Level 10 for the best Lae’zel build.

Rally: Making your Healer or any Party Member survive can be important in turning the tide of battle. By spending 1 Superiority Dice, you can give any ally temporarily 8 Health Points.

Manoeuvre Rally
Rally [image by me]
Commanding Strike: Directing your allies to finish off a tricky enemy can make some in-game battles easier. You can spend 1 Superiority Dice to make your allies make an extra weapon attack as a reaction on their turn.

Manoeuvre Commander's Strike
Commander’s Strike [image by me]

Levels 11-12

Finally, at Levels 11 and 12, you will maximize the potential of your build. With you unlocking Improved Extra Feat ability, you can do even more attacks, which can be finalized by picking up the Feat Savage Attacker at Level 12 to maximize your damage output.

  1.  You get the ability Improved Extra Attack at Level 11, making you do two more additional attacks after making an attack with your main-hand weapon.
  2. Not only this is incredible for the build. But with your Superiority Dice, you can do up to 5 attacks in a single turn.
    Ability Improved Extra Attack
    Improved Extra Attack [image by me]
    Note: You must take a Short Rest to recover the Superiority Dice after use.
  3. Finally, complete your build by Picking Savage Attack Feat at Level 12. This will make it possible for you to be able to do as much damage as possible to deal with enemies swiftly.
    Feat Savage Attacker
    Savage Attacker [image by me]

My Personal Thoughts on the Build

In my personal opinion, this build is fun to play with, and you can do multiple attacks in a single turn. During my playthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3, Lae’zel saved my skin multiple times with her multi-attacks ranging from 3 to 7 attacks in a single turn. Heck, if you are really close to a Boss, with HP around 300. You can basically deal around 70% damage to the Bosse HP with Lae’zel’s multiple attacks and manoeuvres.

That covers the BG3 Best Lae’zel Build, covering her Level Progression, Feats, and Manoeuvres. Also, the build can dish out damage and make extra attacks each turn.

If Lae’zel isn’t up to your style, I recommend you check our Karlach build in BG3, which is straightforward and easy to use. Check out our Best Builds in Baldur’s Gate 3 guide if you want to look for other builds. Finally, I recommend checking out this subreddit post if you are in the mood for experimentation. It contains some really niche stuff from the community on builds.

Also, consider reading Huzaifa’s thoughts on Baldur’s Gate 3, where he calls the one of the greatest RPGs of all time.


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