BG3: 12 BEST Heavy Armor [Expert’s Opinion]

Choose from a range of 22 heavy armor and enhance your defense with BG3 Best Heavy Armor, providing strong protection in battles.

The BG3 Best Heavy Armor is crucial for shielding your character in battles and encounters, as it significantly enhances your Armor Class (AC), indicating how challenging it is for enemies to attack you successfully. As such, one must require the best heavy armor sets for various builds in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Key Takeaways
  • BG3 offers a variety of 22 Heavy Armor for robust defense against enemy attacks.
  • Heavy Armor is usually for bulky builds who’ll do all the fighting in the frontline.
  • Each armor comes with its effects, such as damage reduction, bonuses to saving throws, and damage reflection.
  • Consider your character’s class when choosing armor, as certain armors enhance the abilities of classes like Fighters, Paladins, and Clerics in BG3.

BG3 Best Heavy Armor

Here’s a summary of all the best Heavy Armor in BG3, alongside their Quality, Effect, and AC.

1Helldusk ArmourLegendaryHelldusk Armour, Infernal Retribution, Prime Aegis of Fire21
2Adamantine SplintVery RareMagical Plate, Intense Adamantine Backlash18
3Flawed Helldusk ArmourRareLesser Infernal Retribution, Superior Plate18
4Reaper’s EmbraceVery RareMagical Plate, Reaper's Rigidity19
5Armor Of PersistenceVery RareMagical Plate, Legendary Persistence20
6Cerebral Citadel ArmourRareFrightened Immunity, Illithid Protection18
7Dwarven SplintmailRareSuperior Plate, Body Aid, Disadvantage on Stealth Checks19
8Armor Of DevotionRareEternal Devotion18
9Blackguard’s PlateVery RareMagical Plate19
10Ring Mail Armour +2RareSuperior Material, Body Aid16
11Plate Armour +2RareExceptional Plate20
12Chain Mail ArmourCommonN/A16

12. Chain Mail

Chain Mail
Chain Mail Armor [Image by eXputer]
Chain Mail16CommonN/A24.8400

The Chain Mail Armor is the best option for heavy armor early in BG3. It provides better defense and can be obtained from Roah, a vendor at the Shattered Sanctum.

  • Defense: With an Armor Class (AC) of 16, it offers better protection than Lae’zel’s medium armor or Githyanki armor.
  • Great for the early game: Particularly useful in the first act, making it a valuable choice for tough frontline tanks and well-armored healers.
  • Recommended Classes: Highly advantageous for Clerics, Fighters, and Paladins, boosting their defense and combat effectiveness.
  • Obtained from Roah: You can get the Chain Mail Armor from Roah, the vendor at the Shattered Sanctum.
  • Possible Enemy Drop: It’s also possible to find the Chain Mail Armor as a drop from defeated enemies.

11. Plate Armor +2

Plate Armour +2 bg3 best heavy Armor
Plate Armor +2 [Image by eXputer]
Plate Armor +220RareExceptional Plate20 Kg2400

When it comes to safeguarding your team in Baldur’s Gate 3, nothing surpasses fully-equipped tanks, and this is precisely what Plate Armor +2 offers. A Very Rare Armor adorned with intricate detailing presents a formidable Armor Class (AC) of 20, rivaling even more potent alternatives.

  • Armor Class (AC): With an AC of 20, Plate Armor +2 ranks among the highest for its type.
  • Efficient Heavy Armor: Plate Armor +2 is remarkably effective for Fighters and Paladins who prefer uncomplicated yet powerful defensive options.
  • Mid-Game Availability: Plate Armor +2 becomes accessible during Acts 2 and 3, making it a valuable mid-game asset.
  • Exceptional Plate: Reduces Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning damage by 2 points, adding to its overall resilience.

Plate Armor +2 is a reliable choice for those seeking substantial defense and durability in combat situations. Its straightforward effectiveness and availability in the mid-game make it a standout option for characters prioritizing protection.

10. Ring Mail Armor +2

Ring Mail Armour +2 bg3 best heavy Armor
Ring Mail Armor +2 [Image by eXputer]
Ring Mail Armor +216RareSuperior Material, Body Aid17600

Among the BG3 Best Heavy Armor selections available, players will come across Ring Mail as one of the initial options. Additionally, the gear’s most potent and rarest iteration is the Ring Mail Armor +2. With the appearance of metal rings reinforcing a vest, the armor represents a more civilian-friendly approach to Heavy Armor, preserving its durability.

  • Superior Material: The Ring Mail Armor offers distinct advantages, including mitigating Slashing damage by 1 point.
  • Body Aid: Wearers experience a noteworthy enhancement in their Strength Saving Throws and Checks, thanks to the +1 bonus the Body Aid effect provides.
  • Stealth Disadvantage: However, like other BG3 Best Heavy Armors, Ring Mail Armor +2 imposes a Disadvantage on Stealth Checks.
  • Armor Class (AC): The essential aspect of the Ring Mail Armor +2 is its 16 AC rating.
  • Mid-Game Value: Although falling behind more potent Heavy Armor options on the list, Ring Mail Armor +2 remains the highest-AC choice among lower-tier Heavy Armor accessible to tanks and melee specialists during the mid-game.

9. Blackguard’s Plate

Blackguard’s Plate
Blackguard’s Plate [Image by eXputer]
Blackguard’s Plate19Very RareMagical Plate206400

Within the Bhaalist Crypt, players have the option to eliminate That Which Lurks. Doing so during their Baldur’s Gate 3 journey might reward them with the Blackguard’s Plate, a distinctive Heavy Armor bearing the history of an Oathbreaker’s ownership.

  • Magical Plate: When worn, Blackguard’s Plate adds 19 AC to the player’s existing Magical Plate armor, permanently reducing incoming damage by 1.
  • Stealth Challenge: Equipping the armor imposes a Disadvantage on Stealth Checks, making delicate maneuvers requiring stealth more challenging.
  • Wisdom Save Advantage: On the positive side, the armor gives players an Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws, bolstering their resistance to mental and magical influences.

8. Armor Of Devotion

Armor of Devotion
Armor of Devotion [Image by eXputer]
Armor Of Devotion18RareEternal Devotion203200

The Armor of Devotion is a valuable acquisition due to its striking resemblance to regular Plate Armor. It can be obtained during Act 2 in Moonrise as part of a player’s Baldur’s Gate experience.

  • Versatile Suitability: Not only does it mimic full plate armor, but it’s also highly appropriate for use by Paladins.
  • Armor Class (AC): Boasting an Armor Class of 18, the Armor of Devotion provides substantial protection.
  • Eternal Devotion: Paladins wearing Armor of Devotion can restore their Oath Charge once per day without requiring an extended rest.
  • The provision becomes especially advantageous considering the limited resources that Paladins have in Baldur’s Gate 3.

7. Dwarven Splintmail

Dwarven Splintmail
Dwarven Splintmail [Image by eXputer]
Dwarven Splintmail19RareSuperior Plate, Body Aid191900

The Dwarven Splintmail Armor offers a balanced combination of defensive perks and strength augmentation, making it a fitting choice for characters who prioritize resilience and physical prowess.

  • Superior Plate: The trait reduces the Piercing damage you take by 1, bolstering your resilience in battle.
  • Body Aid: Enjoy a +1 bonus to Strength Saving Throws and Checks, enhancing your physical capabilities and prowess.
  • Disadvantage on Stealth Checks: Remember that the Dwarven Splintmail Armor hinders your Stealth Checks, making it more suited for direct engagements.
  • Constitution +2 (up to 20): The armor substantially boosts your Constitution, influencing your ability to withstand damage.

You can acquire Dwarven Splintmail Armor by purchasing it from Lann Tarv, a bugbear merchant located in the Moonrise Towers. 

6. Cerebral Citadel Armor

Cerebral Citadel Armor bg3 best heavy Armor
Cerebral Citadel Armor [Image by eXputer]
Cerebral Citadel Armor18RareFrightened Immunity, Illithid Protection203200

The Cerebral Citadel Armor is a strategic choice that offers protection from specific effects and enhances saving throws. While it may not be suited for stealthy approaches, its benefits make it ideal for Fighters and Paladins, especially in tadpole infection scenarios.

  • Frightened Immunity: Cerebral Citadel Armor guards against the Frightened Status effect.
  • Armor Class (AC): With an AC of 18, it provides solid protection.
  • Illithid Protection: Especially beneficial for characters dealing with tadpole infection as it grants a +1 bonus to intelligence, wisdom, and charisma saving throws
  • Stealth Check Disadvantage: Keep in mind that there are disadvantages to Stealth Checks.
  • Ideal for Fighters and Paladins: Due to the Stealth Check disadvantage, the Cerebral Citadel suits Fighters and Paladins.
  • Location: The Cerebral Citadel Armor can be found in the Emperor’s Hideout Wardrobe. To access the Emperor’s Old Hideout, you’ll need to eliminate tough Githyanki opponents.

5. Armor Of Persistence

bg3 best heavy Armor Armor of Persistance
Armor of Persistence [Image by eXputer]
Armor Of Persistence20Very RareMagical Plate, Legendary Persistence206400

The Armor of Persistence stands as a noteworthy selection, featuring a unique ability to mitigate incoming damage by 2—an attribute especially advantageous amid Act Three’s trials.

  • Armor Class (AC): With an AC of 20, Armor of Persistence offers robust defense, enhancing your battle survivability.
  • Legendary Persistence: The Armor of Persistence provides resistance against the three primary weapon damage types: Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing, ensuring formidable protection against various threats.
  • Magical Plate: The Armor of Persistence holds its ground, and all incoming damage is reduced by 2.
  • Fighter’s Excellence: Especially notable for Fighters, Armor of Persistence significantly elevates their combat effectiveness, making it an exceptional choice for dominating the battlefield.

4. Reaper’s Embrace

Reaper’s Embrace
Reaper’s Embrace [Image by eXputer]
Reaper’s Embrace19Very RareMagical Plate, Reaper’s Rigidity206400

Upon encountering Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3, players might be captivated by his distinct plate armor, particularly its chest plate resembling a ribcage. 

  • Armor Class (AC): Wearing Reaper’s Embrace yields a notable AC of 19. Crafted from Magical Plate,
  • Magical Plate: It grants a permanent -2 reduction to all incoming damage.
  • Reaper’s Rigidity: A distinctive attribute of the armor, Reaper’s Rigidity renders players impervious to involuntary movement caused by spells or actions. 
    • This immunity encompasses effects like telekinesis spells and protection against falls from Thunderwave spells. 
    • However, the benefit comes with a trade-off: it imposes a Disadvantage on Dexterity Saving Throws. 
  • Howl of the Dead Cantrip: Wearers gain access to the spell, which numbs all nearby creatures.

3. Flawed Helldusk Armor

bg3 best heavy Armor Flawed Helldusk Armor
Flawed Helldusk Armor [Image by eXputer]
Flawed Helldusk Armor18RareLesser Infernal Retribution, Superior Plate203200

Among the apprentices under the tutelage of the forger Carixim of Avernus, Dammon of the Emerald Grove stands out as an authority in infernal metallurgy beyond the fiery realms. When players engage with him in Act 2, he presents them with the Flawed Helldusk Armor—an emulation of an original armor, though its power is merely a fraction of the original’s potency.

  • Superior Plate: One of its attributes, the Superior Plate quality, diminishes all incoming attacks by -1 Piercing Damage.
  • Lesser Infernal Retribution: The armor’s Lesser Infernal Retribution inflicts 1-4 Fire Damage upon an enemy within a 2-meter radius of the player who struck you. 
  • This modest yet crucial damage becomes invaluable, as it can eliminate even a 1 HP opponent, proving particularly advantageous when facing overwhelming numbers.
  • Armor Class (AC): With an Armor Class of 18, the Flawed Helldusk Armor offers substantial protection to its wearer and is considered one of the Best BG3 Heavy Armor.

One of its most significant advantages is its availability; it can be purchased from Dammon early in Baldur’s Gate 3. While particularly advantageous for Paladins, the armor holds value for a variety of classes due to its distinctive attributes and defensive benefits.

2. Adamantine Splint

bg3 best heavy Armor Adamantine Splint Armour
Adamantine Splint Armor [Image by eXputer]
Adamantine Splint18Very RareMagical Plate, Intense Adamantine Backlash193800

Upon reaching Grymforge in their Baldur’s Gate 3 journey, players can forge potent Adamantine armaments using Mithral Ore and the Splint Mould. The Adamantine Splint Armor boasts exceptional early-game defenses among BG3 Best Heavy Armors.

  • Adamantine Backlash: An inherent property similar to potent Illithid Powers of Cerebral Citadel Armor, the Intense Adamantine Backlash engages when foes fail to hit the player. 
  • This causes the attackers to Reel for 3 turns, imposing a -1 penalty on their Attack Rolls.
  • The Adamantine Splint Armor is particularly recommended for Cleric and Fighter classes, aligning well with their roles and attributes.
  • Magical Plate: Once worn, the armor not only reduces inflicted damage by 2 but also offers protection against Critical Hits.

1. Helldusk Armor

Helldusk Armor
Helldusk Armor [Image by eXputer]
Helldusk Armor21LegendaryHelldusk Armor, Infernal Retribution, Prime Aegis of Fire208000

In the fiery forges of Avernus, the Helldusk Armor, a regal and demonically influenced creation, showcases the irresistible pull of demonic power upon players. Acquired at the House of Hope, one of the BG3 Best Heavy Armor boasts an impressive Armor Class of 21, coupled with the Helldusk Armor feature that immediately imparts Proficiency to its wearer. 

  • Prime Aegis of Fire: Possessing the Prime Aegis of Fire, the armor endows users with immunity to Burning, Resistance to Fire Damage, and a substantial -3 reduction to all incoming damage. 
  • Its Infernal Retribution inflicts the Burning status upon the caster of a spell that players successfully Save against.
  • Helldusk Armor: The Helldusk Armor is a remarkable choice well-suited for all classes, as putting it grants instant Proficiency in heavy armor.
  • Infernal Retribution: Upon a successful Saving Throw, the caster of a spell is afflicted with the Burning status for a duration of 3 rounds.
  • Additional Perk: A notable bonus is the grant of a Fly spell, which lets you or your ally the ability to fly.
  • Drawback: The absence of Disadvantage on Stealth and Dexterity Saving Throws—common drawbacks associated with heavy armor.

Some players on Reddit seem confused about whether it’s fine to wear Heavy Armor as a Paladin. It’s alright to wear Heavy Armor as a Paladin if you have gone for a low or preferably zero dexterity build. The BG3 Best Heavy Armor Class also takes into account the Dexterity bonus. However, choosing heavier armor can offset or eliminate this bonus, often leading to a disadvantage on stealth checks.

My Take On Heavy Armors

I have been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 for many months, and needless to say, Heavy Armor is as annoying as it is overpowered. It takes a lot to kill a user of heavy armor, but at the same time, moving to anything they want to hit is a challenge in itself.

My updated hours on Baldur’s Gate 3 (Steam ID: Ibzie)

From my own experience, I would suggest that you have at least one companion that boosts your mobility (or simply have Helldusk armor for flying.) Casters or rogues will take off enemies farther away, so try to use your Heavy Armor as shields for them and tackle stronger enemies head-on.

That’s it on the BG3 Best Heavy Armor to get the maximum protection in the frontline battle. After the Best Heavy Armor, you need the Best Greatswords in BG3. Make sure to keep an eye on the Races, as some grants advantages that will be best with your build. Furthermore, get the Best Companions, as you will need them even if you have the Best Armor available in Baldur’s Gate 3. 


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