BEST Armor Pieces In Baldur’s Gate 3

Learn about Baldur's Gate 3 best armor, along with how to get it to dominate your opponents on the battlefield.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 comes with plenty of different armor that guards you during battle and helps you fight sturdy monsters. If you equip the best Greatsword with decent armor that complements your build, you can easily dominate the opponents and conquer the battlefield. So, make sure to know the Baldur’s Gate 3 best Armor that matches your playstyle and could potentially assist you the most. 

Key Takeaways
  • BG3 features different types of armor with various perks and capabilities.
  • Some Armor provides quite impressive perks while some act like a clothing item, so it’s crucial to learn about the stats of Armor pieces you’re wearing. 
  • You should build an armor set according to your class and character build that will complement it. 
  • If you have a bulky build, go for heavy armor such as Adamantine or Helldusk Armor.
  • However, if you have a fast-paced build, then lightweight armor such as Drow studded Leather will be a more suitable option. 

Best Armors In Baldur’s Gate 3 Compared

Baldur's Gate 3 best armors
Armor Types in BG3 [Image by eXputer]
Here is an overview of all the best armors showcased along with effects and rarity types.

Adamantine Splint ArmorThe enemy is sent Reeling for 3 turns if he casts melee attack. No AC Bonus from Dexterity.Very Rare
Helldusk Armor You are Proficient while wearing the Armor. The caster receives Burning for 3 turns whenever you succeed a Saving Throw.
Resistance against Fire damage. You take 3 less damage from all sources.
Adamantine Scale MailThe enemy is sent Reeling for 2 turns upon a melee attack.
Up to +2 AC bonus from Dexterity. Disadvantage on Stealth rolls.
Very Rare
Drow Studded Leather Armor+1 StealthRare

Adamantine Splint Armor

Baldur's Gate 3 best armor
Adamantine Splint Armor [Image by eXputer]
The Adamantine Splint Armor is heavy armor suitable for sturdy characters. It excels in close-quarters combat, enabling aggressive attacks and providing resistance against melee opponents due to its unique properties. This rare armor boasts impressive stats.

  • Grants 17 Dexterity and immunity to Critical Hits.
  • Enhances defense and offers reliable protection.
  • Wearing it may limit spell-casting abilities.
  • Obtain it as a quest reward in Grymforge through “The Adamantine Forge” quest.
  • Alternatively, explore and collect Mithral Ore and a Splint Mould to forge the set, although they are rare finds. 

Helldusk Armor Set

Flawed Helldesk Armor
Helldesk Armor [Image by eXputer]
The Helldusk is an 18AC Armor set in which you get Chest armor along with Gloves, Boots, and a Helmet. Any character can wear Helldusk Armor, as there are no class restrictions. The armor gives incredible close-quarter combats perks and allows you to cast enemies on fire within a two-meter radius. It also provides resistance against piercing enemies, making it a reliable close-range ally.

  1. The helmet offers magical durability and grants 12m vision in both magical and regular darkness.
  2. It prevents Critical Hits from enemy attacks.
  3. The gloves boost your Fire and Necrotic damage.
  4. The boots provide resistance against spell throws.
  5. Helldusk Armor is of Legendary quality and comes with impressive stats and benefits.
  6. To obtain this armor, you need to defeat a Level 12 Raphael in the House of Hope while pursuing the Orpic Hammer quest.

Adamantine Scale Mail

Adamantine Scale Mail armor
Adamantine Scale Mail [Image by eXputer]
The Adamantine Scale Mail is a rare, medium-weight armor that offers several benefits. It reduces incoming melee damage by 1, causes opponents to be Reeling for 2 turns when they strike you with a melee attack, and provides protection against Critical Hits from enemies.

  1. To craft the Adamantine Scale Armor set, locate a Mithral Ore and the matching Mould in the Ancient Forge.
  2. Put the Ore in the crucible and insert the Mould into the chamber of the Adamantine Forge to create the armor set.

Drow Studded Leather Armor

Baldur's Gate 3 best armor
Drow Studded Leather Armor [Image by eXputer]
The Drow Studded Leather Armor is great equipment for players who prefer sneaky and stealthy gameplay. It is undoubtedly one of Baldur’s Gate 3 best light armors. The special effect of armor makes you invisible and also provides resistance against Crowd Controlled Spells.

  1. The armor gives you +1 Stealth point, which keeps you under the radar and helps you to stay undetected.
  2. You can get the Drow Studded Armor in the Underdark, where you can find it inside a chest between the Tower and Salune’s Fort.

My Tips Regarding The Best Armor

In the 40+ hours I’ve spent lifelessly grinding in Baldur’s Gate 3, I didn’t have much trouble with how much damage my Monk was tanking. However, I still actively searched many dungeons for armor, just for the OP perks something like the Gloves of Soul Catching gives.

ibrahim bg3 save slot
My Baldur’s Gate 3 save slot (Image by eXputer)

The Armor is a very crucial part of strategizing in BG3, or just for feeding Gale so he doesn’t steal your boots in the night. You can boost your damage on casters, increase healing effectiveness on your Clerics (Thank you, Shadowheart), or just make your Karlach into a fire-breathing Adamantite-covered Tiefling with enough power to pulverize the Last Light Inn in one swing.

That sums up the guide on the Baldur’s Gate 3 best Heavy and Light Armors. You can test out different armor times and carry the ones that suit your build and playstyle. Now that you’ve learned about Baldur’s Gate 3 Armor list, make sure to check out the BG3 Companions guide, as it will surely help you.

Alongside that, you should also read the Baldur’s Gate 3 All Feats New Old guide as well. Lastly, make sure to have a look at Gandrel Choices and Baldur’s Gate 3 Classes Tier List.

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