Baldur’s Gate 3: BEST Greatswords [Top 5]

Choose the Best 5 Greatswords in BG3 from 12 Unique Weapons, each catering to different playstyles, and learn how to acquire them.

Greatswords in BG3 belong to the category of Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapons. There are 12 unique Greatswords available for combat, each with its own stats and effects. Greatsword is considered some of the best melee options in BG3, catering to different classes and playstyles.

Key Takeaways
  • Greatswords in BG3 are categorized as Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapons.
  • There are 12 unique Greatswords in Baldur’s Gate 3, each with its own stats and effects.
  • Greatswords in BG3 are diverse and cater to different classes and playstyles.

The following are the Best Greatswords in BG3:

  1. The Sussur Greatsword offers enhanced capabilities with 2d6 slashing damage + 1d4 fire damage and a silencing effect.
  2. The Sword of Justice aligns with the Paladin‘s devotion to Tyr, offering protection and dealing 2d6+1 slashing damage.
  3. Balduran’s Giantslayer is a legendary greatsword that excels against large creatures and integrates the powerful Giant Form spell.
  4. The Githyanki Greatsword inflicts additional psychic damage when wielded by a Githyanki character, making it a unique option.
  5. The Everburn Blade’s fiery attributes and unsheathed appearance make it impactful in the early game.

Here are the best BG3 Greatswords Comparison table:

NameDamageRarityEffectWeapon Skills
Sussur Greatsword2d6+1 SlashingUncommonSilences targets on hit.Weapon Enchantment +1
Pommel Strike
Sword of Justice2d6+1 SlashingRareTyr's Protection, +1 EnchantmentWeapon Enchantment +1
Pommel Strike
Balduran's Giantslayer2d6 SlashingLegendaryGiantslayer: On a hit, double the damage from your Strength Modifier. This weapon grants you an Advantage on Attack Rolls against Large, Huge, or Gargantuan creatures.
Weapon Enchantment +3
Giant Form (Class Actions)
Githyanki Greatsword2d6 Slashing +1d4 PsychicUncommonPsychic Vengeance: When the wielder has 50% Hit Points or less, they deal an additional 1d4 Psychic damage.
Pommel Strike
Everburn Blade2d6 Slashing +1d4 FireUncommonEver-BurningCleave
Pommel Strike

5. Sussur Greatsword

Sussur Greatsword best greatswords bg3
Sussur Greatsword – [Image by eXputer]
NameTypeDamageWeapon Skills
Sussur GreatswordUncommon2d6+1 Slashing
  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Silences targets on hit.
  • Pommel Strike
  • Lacerate
  • Cleave

The Sussur Greatsword outperforms its counterpart, the Sussur Dagger, by offering enhanced capabilities. Proficient users can strike enemies with 2d6 slashing damage, complemented by an additional plus one from its weapon enchantment.

Key Features

Similar to the dagger, this is one of the best greatswords in BG3 and features the weapon skill to silence enemies. When utilized, it prevents foes from casting spells with verbal components. This ability proves invaluable when confronted with opponents who rely on spellcasting.

Acquisition And Crafting

  • Collect Sussur Bark: Venture into the Underdark to acquire Sussur Bark, a critical crafting ingredient.
  • Complete the Masterwork Forge Quest: Progress through the Masterwork Forge questline.
  • Combine Sussur Bark and Forge: Employ the Masterwork Forge by combining the collected Sussur Bark with it.
  • Craft the Sussur Greatsword: Incorporate the chosen weapon blueprint with the Forge to yield the coveted Sussur Greatsword.

4. Sword Of Justice

best greatswords bg3 Sword of Justice
Sword of Justice – [Image by eXputer]
NameRarityDamageWeapon Skills
Sword of JusticeRare2d6+1 Slashing
  • Weapon Enchantment +1
  • Tyr’s Protection Level 1 Abjuration Spell
  • Pommel Strike
  • Lacerate
  • Cleave

The Sword of Justice, obtainable through interactions with the Paladin Anders and his group aligns with their devout belief in the god Tyr, who stands as a protector rather than an aggressor. This philosophy resonates with the sword’s nature.

Equipping the Sword of Justice grants players access to Tyr’s protection ability. This special skill boosts the character’s armor class by two, akin to the effects of the Shield of Faith spell. Alongside its protective attribute, the sword remains a formidable option for frontline fighters due to its capacity to deal 2d6+1 slashing damage.

How To Obtain

  1. Depart from the Druids’ grove.
  2. Move past the Blighted Village.
  3. Jump across the broken bridge situated near the barn.
  4. Navigate past the ambushed caravan and the bloated hyenas on the road.
  5. Disregard the animals by going underneath the bridge and proceed to the trading post-turned-massacre site on the opposite side.

Interaction With Anders And Decision

Inside the trading post, players will encounter Anders, a Paladin of Tyr, who is on a quest to hunt down a one-horned devil named Karlach. Anders offers a deal: eliminate Karlach, and in return, he’ll bestow the Sword of Justice upon the player. Karlach can be located by the stream below the trading post.

Diverging Paths And Rewards

Players have two choices:

  • Siding with Anders: If players choose to side with Anders and defeat Karlach, they will obtain the Sword of Justice.
  • Siding with Karlach: Opting for Karlach’s side and defeating Anders also leads to receiving the Sword of Justice. Additionally, players can recruit Karlach into their party. Karlach, a formidable Zariel Tiefling, offers access to Barbarian skills and the Legacy of Avernus attacks, making her a suitable candidate to wield the Sword of Justice.

Ultimately, siding with Karlach is advisable, as it provides the sword’s acquisition while also opening the door to adding a powerful ally to your party.

3. Balduran’s Giantslayer

Balduran's Giantslayer best greatswords bg3
Balduran’s Giantslayer – [Image by eXputer]
NameRarityDamageWeapon Skills
Balduran’s GiantslayerLegendary2d6 Slashing 
  • Giantslayer: On a hit, double the damage from your Strength Modifier. This weapon grants you an Advantage on Attack Rolls against Large, Huge, or Gargantuan creatures.
  • Weapon Enchantment +3
  • Giant Form (Class Actions)
  • The Giantslayer legendary greatsword boasts impressive attributes that enhance your combat prowess. Double Strength Modifier Damage: Striking your target with this greatsword doubles the damage from your Strength Modifier, making your attacks even more devastating.
  • Advantage Against Large Creatures: When wielding the Giantslayer, you gain an Advantage on Attack Rolls when targeting Large, Huge, or Gargantuan creatures.
  • Giant Form Spell Integration: This greatsword is paired with the Giant Form spell, accessible through Class Actions, enabling you to tap into potent abilities.

How To Obtain

  1. Begin Act 3 and engage in a quest to rescue Grand Duke Ravengard from the Iron Throne Prison in Baldur’s Gate.
  2. Successfully accomplish the Grand Duke’s rescue mission, triggering the initiation of a new questline.
  3. Follow the questline to acquire one of the BG3 Best greatswords.
  4. This journey involves story progression and challenges.

Alternatively, you can choose to directly visit Wyrm’s Rock prison.

  1. Look for two Dragon Torches within the vicinity.
  2. Cast a Lightning spell at the placed Dragon Torches.
  3. Uncover a concealed secret door activated by the Lightning spell.
  4. Behind the secret door, the legendary Giantslayer greatsword awaits.
  5. Equip the greatsword in BG3 to benefit from its features.
  6. Enjoy doubled Strength Modifier damage on hits and an Advantage against larger creatures.
  7. Benefit from the integrated Giant Form spell for enhanced combat abilities.

2. Githyanki Greatsword

Githyanki Greatsword best greatswords bg3
Githyanki Greatsword – [Image by eXputer]
NameRarityDamageWeapon Skills
Githyanki Greatsword Uncommon2d6 Slashing

+1d4 damage Psychic (Conditional)

  • Psychic Vengeance: When the wielder has 50% Hit Points or less, they deal an additional 1d4 Psychic damage.
  • Pommel Strike
  • Lacerate
  • Cleave

Githyanki Greatsword Weapon holds unique attributes that enhance its effectiveness in the hands of a githyanki:

  • Additional Psychic Damage: When wielded by a githyanki, this weapon inflicts an extra 1d4 Psychic damage, making its strikes even more potent.

How To Obtain

  • Journey to the Mountain pass area of the Risen Road.
  • Encounter one of the three Githyanki Patrols located in the Mountain Pass.
  • Engage in combat against the Githyanki Patrol.
  • Defeat the Githyanki Patrol.
  • After emerging victorious, claim the Githyanki Greatsword as your reward.
  • Equip one of the BG3 Best Greatswords and wield its unique abilities.
  • Enjoy the additional 1d4 Psychic damage when using it as a Githyanki character.

1. Everburn Blade

Everburn Blade
Everburn Blade – [Image by eXputer]
NameRarityDamageWeapon Skills
Everburn BladeUncommon2d6 Slashing

+1d4 Fire

  • Cleave
  • Lacerate
  • Pommel Strike
  • Ever-Burning

The Everburn Blade possesses unique attributes that set it apart, such as Eternal Arcane Flame as the blade holds an arcane flame that can never be extinguished. While lacking the traditional +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, the Everburn Blade compensates with an additional +2d4 fire damage. This fiery bonus makes it particularly impactful during Baldur’s Gate 3’s early game.

Interestingly, characters appear unable to sheathe the Everburn Blade. Instead, they carry it unsheathed due to its captivating fiery particle effect.

How To Obtain

  1. Encounter Zhalk, the commander of the Tiefling forces attacking the Mind Flayer Nautiloid at the start of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Engage in a battle against Zhalk, who is of a higher level than your party.
  3. Upon successfully defeating Zhalk, you will obtain the Everburn Blade as a guaranteed drop.

That’s it on the BG3 Best Greatswords. However, to dominate the combat in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will also need Best Classes along with the Best Builds. To gain advantages in certain situations, you will need some of the Best Magic Items


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