BG3: BEST Feats For Rogue [Top 8]

Discover the best feats for Rogue in BG3 out of the huge selection in order to overcome any challenge that comes in your way

Rogues have always been a fan favorite in role-playing games due to their flexibility, agility, and the thrill of stealth. In Baldur’s Gate 3, they are adept in both combat scenarios and outside confrontations, excelling in deception and stealthy tactics. However, their true potential can only be unleashed with the best Feats for Rogue in BG3. Throughout levels 4, 8, and 12, you have the opportunity to acquire three Feats that can elevate the Rogue’s skills and competencies.

Key Takeaways
  • Rogues in BG3 excel in both combat and non-combat scenarios.
  • Feats help enhance a character’s stats and are crucial in unlocking a Rogue’s full potential.
  • Players can choose three Feats at levels 4, 8, and 12.
  • Several Feats cater to different playstyles, ensuring customization for every Rogue.
  • Following are some Feats that work well with the rogue:

Best Feats For Rogue In BG3

best feats for rogue in bg3
Rogue Showcase [screenshot by us]

Here’s an overview of all the best feats for Rouge in BG3, alongside their descriptions and benefits.

Dungeon DelverEnhances trap detection and resistance.Advantage on Perception checks for traps, Saving Throws against traps, and damage resistance from traps.
Ability ImprovementBoosts an Ability Score of choice.Add 2 points to one Ability or 1 point to two Abilities. Boosting Dexterity is recommended for Rogues.
LuckyGrants Luck Points for advantages in various rolls.3 Luck Points (renew after Long Rest) for better Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, Saving Throws, and forcing enemy rerolls.
MobileEnhances mobility and evasion.Increase movement speed, Dash bypasses difficult terrains, no Attack of Opportunity after melee engagement.
SharpshooterTailored for ranged Rogues.No penalties for high ground positioning, optional attack roll reduction for increased damage.
SkilledGrants additional Skill Proficiencies.Acquire 3 additional Skill Proficiencies of choice.
Savage AttackerMaximizes damage potential.Roll damage dice twice and select the higher result.
ActorEnhances deception and performance abilities.+1 Charisma and double Proficiency Bonus for Deception and Performance checks.

1. Dungeon Delver

Rogues often take the lead in a party when it comes to spotting and disarming traps

  • The Dungeon Delver Feat enhances this innate ability by granting you an advantage on Perception checks to detect traps and on Saving Throws to steer clear of them. 
  • Additionally, if a trap ever harms you, the resistance offered by this Feat will minimize the damage received. 
  • In a world filled with concealed threats, the Dungeon Delver proves invaluable for any Rogue.

2. Ability Improvement

best feats for rogue in bg3
Ability Improvement Showcase [image by eXputer]

Customization is at the heart of role-playing games. 

  • The Ability Improvement Feat allows you to add two points to a single Ability or distribute one point to two different Abilities. 
  • For a Rogue, boosting Dexterity is often the wise choice, enhancing prowess with Dexterity-centric weapons.

3. Lucky

Being fortunate often tips the scales in your favor during crucial moments. 

  • The Lucky Feat bestows upon Rogues 3 Luck Points that rejuvenate after a Long Rest
  • These points can be strategically utilized to gain an edge in Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, and Saving Throws
  • Furthermore, Rogues can use these points to force enemies into a reroll of their Attack Roll. 
  • By doing so, Rogues can ensure their Sneak Attacks hit the mark without needing to set them up in traditional ways, making it an essential Feat to consider.

4. Mobile

Mobility is Rogue’s best friend. The Mobile Feat doesn’t just increase your movement speed; it also allows your Dash to bypass difficult terrains effortlessly. 

  • Moreover, once you engage in a melee attack, you can move without provoking an Attack of Opportunity
  • Given that Rogues gain the ability to Dash as a Bonus Action from level 2, the Mobile Feat greatly amplifies their agility, especially when navigating spell-infested battlefields that modify terrains.

5. Sharpshooter

bg3 bets feats for rogue in baldur's gate 3
Best Feats for Rogue in BG3 – Sharpshooter [screenshot by us]

For those Rogues who favor ranged over melee combat, the Sharpshooter Feat is a game-changer. 

  • It eliminates the penalties associated with high ground, allowing for more strategic positioning. 
  • Moreover, you can choose to decrease your attack roll by -5 in exchange for a potent extra 10 points of damage. This Feat ensures that, even if you take a risk, the payoff in damage can be monumental.

6. Skilled

Expand your Rogue’s versatility with the Skilled Feat. 

  • It empowers you with three additional Skill Proficiencies of your choice. 
  • Given that Rogues already possess a plethora of skills, this Feat allows you to further diversify your capabilities and address any skill gaps in your repertoire.

7. Savage Attacker

Every Rogue cherishes the thrill of a perfectly executed sneak attack. 

  • With the Savage Attacker Feat, you maximize the damage potential of such attacks. 
  • When wielding a weapon, this Feat lets you roll your damage dice twice, selecting the higher result. 
  • It’s an exceptional way to ensure that your Rogue’s ambushes are always devastating.

8. Actor

Best Feats for Rogue in BG3 – Actor [screenshot by eXputer]

Avoiding combat is a strategy many Rogues swear by. 

  • If you lean towards deception and performance, the Actor Feat is tailor-made for you. 
  • It not only augments your Charisma by a point but also doubles your Proficiency Bonus for Deception and Performance checks
  • Such enhancements ensure you can manipulate situations without resorting to combat.

Rogues are incredibly versatile, and their potential skyrockets when paired with the right Feats. Whether you’re building your personal Rogue or optimizing Astarion, these Feats ensure that your character is equipped for any situation that Baldur’s Gate 3 might throw at you. Make your choices wisely, and may your Rogue always remain one step ahead of adversaries.

Besides just feats, there is so much more to discover in Baldur’s Gate 3. For example, you can learn about who the Guardian is and how to deal with Efrin. You can also learn more about the Necromancy of Thay and the effects it grants. There is also lots to learn about the Dark Urge and the Eldritch invocations!


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