MultiVersus Tier List: Ranking All Characters [Mar. 2023]

We have ranked all MultiVersus characters from the best to the worst ones in the game.

MultiVersus is home to lots of lovable characters across many franchises. You can play as Batman, Shaggy, Arya Stark, Bugs Bunny, Iron Giant, or Reindog. Whatever character you pick and stick with, you will surely love this game. However, not all characters are designed to give you an edge in battle. That is why we have curated MultiVersus Tier List and ranked all the characters based on how they perform in the game.

Key Highlights
  • The MultiVersus features over 23 playable characters from multiple universes that features your favorite childhood characters.
  • Every character in MutliVersus has a unique style of combat and abilities and is ranked based on overall efficiency and playstyle in the game. There are 2 modes in the game, including Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player.
  • The characters that have made it to the top of our ranking are ( Taz, Finn, Batman, Harley Quinn, Stripe, Tom And Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Shaggy, Jake The Dog, Rick, and Black Adam )
  • Some characters in MultiVersus are rather specialized in their specific class and can be great team players, these are ( Velma, Steven Universe, and Reindog).
  • However, if you looking for a character that is an all-rounder in all situations in Multiversus then start playing characters like Taz, Batman, Jake The Dog, and Finn.

MultiVersus Characters Tier List Table 

S-TierTaz, Finn, Batman, Harley Quinn, Stripe
A-TierTom And Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Shaggy, Jake The Dog, Rick, Black Adam
B-TierGizmo, LeBron James, Wonder Woman, Steven Universe, Arya Stark, Morty
C-TierVelma, Garnet, Reindog
D-TierIron Giant, Marvin the Martian


MultiVersus S-Tier List

The characters we have listed in our MultiVersus S-Tier List are the best in the game right now. They have an excellent learning curve, and the combat feels smooth when you play with these characters. 

Name Class Max Jump Height Max Double Jump Height Max Speed Gravity 
Harley Quinn Assassin 825 60018255.25
Batman Bruiser85055023005.25
Finn Assassin 900575 20252.5
Taz Bruiser77560023005.25

Harley Quinn

Even though she does a lot of damage and moves very quickly in combat, Harley Quinn is susceptible to receiving a significant amount to herself. This indicates that you need to be deliberate in your tactics, waiting on the sidelines for opportunities to strike and dealing damage only when such circumstances present themselves. 

Once you have acquired the Confetti Explosion Signature Perk, it is highly recommended that you activate it as soon as possible because this may be an effective finisher when an opponent. Dropping a Jerk-in-the-Box and then chaining just five hits is all that is required to activate the Confetti Debuff. This is a technique that can be accomplished with relative ease using Clown Combo.

Whenever you need to instantly and efficiently build up some damage and then knock the opponent out of the ring, you can land pretty straightforward the chain Clown Combo into the mix. This strategy is also an excellent anti-air that can interrupt the pattern of opponents hoping to strike from the above.

Since Harley Quinn tends to do it alone and isn’t particularly strong, you might want to try teaming her up with another character who can assist protect her, like Wonder Woman. You could also want to consider adding other Defense Perks to her, such as Kryptonian Skin, to help smooth out the rough spots caused by her deficiencies.


Brawlers are heavy-hitting sluggers who focus on doing a lot of damage as rapidly as possible, and Batman is one of them. Batman is, without a doubt, the most nimble class, and he has a variety of different ways to beat an opponent from any direction.

This agility is going to come in useful since, in order for Batman to be used effectively, he has to be in the face of the opponent at all times. His neutral assault with the Batarang will destroy foes that are attempting to maintain a distance, causing significant damage and imposing the Weakened condition.

Grappling Hook is Batman’s side special move, which allows him to glide after jumping and sailing over the arena. When he uses his neutral special ability, he is armed with a Bat-Bomb, which, when it hits an enemy, causes them to get stuck.

Many of the most powerful weapons in Batman’s arsenal is the hero’s down special attack. Batman uses his Smoke Bomb ability to become invisible for a brief period of time. While being in the darkness, Batman and his friends will automatically avoid being hit by projectiles, and attackers will move more slowly.

Ninja Training is Batman’s passive ability, and it provides him with a significant boost while he is unseen. It gives him an already-powerful Smoke Bomb an extra boost in quickness, and each attack also grants further stacks of the Weakened condition to the target.

The scope for Batman’s combos is enormous. Holding jump in between strikes allows him to do a glide cancel, which may make him far faster and more dangerous. This glide gives him the opportunity to execute his vicious downward aerial spike many times, ensuring he will score a kill.

The Caped Crusader himself, the Batman, is one of the most well-known characters to appear in the MultiVersus. The protector of Gotham City is among the fascinating playable characters players can have right now in the game.


Since Finn receives 14 percent more damage than other character types, his inaccuracy tolerance is smaller than that of other characters of this category. Some of his passive abilities are one-of-a-kind: when foes are struck, they drop coins that he may pick up to strengthen his special attacks, and he can move while charging attacks, but the trade-off is that his charged attacks will only become stronger as he advances.

Although Finn’s special moves may, at first glance, appear to be difficult to master, this is not the case. Using the Ground Down Special enables Finn to enter a store and acquire enhancements to his speed and shield. Finn may improve his Side Special by using some gold on his Air Down Special to create a gem that can be upgraded with further power.

If Finn does not own any gold, he will instead hurl an apple item that does very little damage. There is a considerable learning curve for players to be creative while playing with Finn’s combo game. However, there are a few beginning spots that players should be familiar with.

When used in the corner of the stage, two strikes of Side Attack followed by a cancellation into Down Attack would knock the enemy down, either eliminating them or making them open for a follow-up attack.

Two hits of Side Attack into Up Attack, air Up Attack, and then Up Special will finish any enemy surprisingly early, and those that it does not kill will be ready for another chance to mix. If you’re in a hurry, you can reduce this combination into an Up Attack into an immediate Up Special.

Players should begin their combinations against super armor with a neutral air attack and then transition into either an air up or ground down attack.


Taz is yet another Bruiser class of character in MultiVersus, which indicates that the majority of his techniques focus on close-range melee combat. His Side Special, the Taz-nado, is quite strong, which is one of the reasons why he is becoming such a top contender among gamers.

There’s really not much that can be done to stop the tornado from traveling unless otherwise hit by a projectile strike, which is extremely unlikely. This ability is tough to resist properly.

You can definitely catch enemies with this technique, and you can keep doing it until they are prepared to ring out. This will be your primary go-to attack pattern if you choose to play as Taz.

Aside from that, Taz’s capacity to cause the status condition known as Tasty is his most notable and distinctive skill. The majority of his movements are leading up to Tasty. If you are successful in maximizing the impact, your enemy would become Cooked and transform into a chicken that has been roasted.

During this momentary state, they are unable to strike and can only flee, allowing you to cut off bits of chicken that can cure you. It is important to make an effort to improve one’s standing on Tasty on a regular basis.

Taz is also typically quite effective at avoiding projectiles and defending himself against them. If you maintain pressure on his Neutral Special button, he will absorb any incoming Projectile assaults. After that, you may fire this back out with his Down Special, which is a helpful means of turning the tables on your opponent.

Only one of the Looney Tunes characters, Taz, is known for being one of the craziest and most unexpected cartoons in the whole series. He is presented as a mad creature that is only passionate about food, and he babbles a lot; he gets this reputation. Taz’s signature move is a tornado spin, which not only grants him the ability to move quickly.


Stripe is an assassin type in the game. He may be from the same franchise of gremlins as gizmo but their playstyles are skies apart. Stripe’s whole deal relies on filling the enemies with dread and hopelessness. This mischievous reptile is up to no good as he has a chainsaw equipped and he does not have any trees nearby to cut with it.

With his quick and deadly aggressive attacks, Stripe is an excellent assassin-type character who can make you win games with his agility and ruthlessness. Stripe can not only deal damage, but he can also evade damage that much quicker by the usage of his handy skateboard which he has under his nose at all times.

Stripe is at his best when he is constantly attacking and is inside the enemy’s face. He can paint his enemies using Grudgeholder, which is his unique passive ability. This can, later on, be used with a sharpshooter and be used to hit enemies wherever they may be in the arena.

Stripe’s buzzsaw is definitely the top damage dealer for him. It throws his buzzsaw right at the enemies, creating a potential to make combos both on the ground and in aerial attacks. A few notable ones would be bouncin’ buzzsaw which makes us see Stripe hurl the buzzsaw right at the enemy. Another notable one is aerial buzzsaw which is much like bouncin’ buzzsaw but this one is chargeable and therefore it grants more damage potential.

Stripe may be the lead antagonist of the gremlin series but that does not mean he should be viewed in the same light as that. One can easily master this diverse fun-to-play assassin and own any match by mastering the arsenal of moves and skill sets that he has under his belt and easily climb the ranks of the world’s best.


MultiVersus A-Tier List

The A-tier list fighters of MultiVersus are ranked below, and they are almost perfect as the S-tier ones. However, they have a few weakness that drags them down and do not make them perfect in class. Don’t get us wrong, you will still win 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches easily if you play with A-tier list characters in the game. 

Name Class FranchiseMax Jump Height Max Double Jump Height Full Jump Height MaxWall Jump Height Jump Velocity Max Speed Gravity 
Jake the Dog BruiserAdventure Time 8006101410550340021002.5
Superman TankDC11007001800750425015505.25
Bugs Bunny Mage/Ranged Looney Tunes 9005501450575360021505.25
Tom and Jerry Mage/Ranged Tom and Jerry 9005501450500420022002.5

Jake The Dog

Jake the Dog is most effective when used as a melee or DPS style character who focuses on ranged attacks, despite the fact that his melee physical attacks are also very good. Jake is a guy that is not particularly tall, yet despite his size, he has a significant punch to him.

Because Jake is capable of holding his own in a fight, he would become an excellent pick for a one-on-one battle in MultiVersus or for any team battles; thus, gamers who are searching for a decent character that can do a little bit of everything should try leveling up Jake.

In MultiVersus, Jake the Dog is a melee and or DPS hybrid fighter. Therefore he can perform admirably either at a distance as an attacker or up front, where he deals the majority of the damage.

However, gamers should focus their attention on his ranged attacks since, in comparison to those of other melee fighters, they have an astounding reach. This gives him an advantage.

At the beginning of the game, players are allowed to take control of Jake the Dog at no cost; however, players may acquire the ability to control additional characters from within the game. It has been decided that MultiVersus will be released as a free-to-play game; but, in order to support this business model, there will be in-game monetization strategies.

The additional available heroes may be acquired by using the in-game money known as gold, which gamers can acquire via completing various tasks and quests.

On the other hand, some in-game currencies, such as Gleamium, may only be acquired by spending real-world money. This currency is required in order to unlock alternate skins and other configurable elements.


Shaggy is an adaptable combatant who shines when playing a game that involves vertical dueling. Although he has some passable aerial abilities, he doesn’t really do very well in the air in comparison to some of the other fighters, so you will always want to keep your feet on the ground in order to make the most of your powerful close-range attacks.

It ought to be a key consideration for you to charge Rage since it will provide a large boost to the effectiveness of your Special techniques. You must be equipped to handle some decent damage thanks to the Weakened effect, and the incredible distance covered by an Enraged Chiller Instinct Kick is a clear indicator of this.

A smart tactic is to hold off on using your Rage right away and instead focus on approaching your enemy in a way that keeps them guessing about which choice you will ultimately go with.

Although Shaggy is a versatile combatant, there are some foes that will be especially challenging for you to face. The projectile game that Velma plays can be challenging since she will likely have an advantage in range over you for most of her assaults. If you want to make use of your fast tilt choices, you should try to Dodge in close to her and then start fighting against her.

Fighters that have weapons, like Finn or Tom and Jerry, have a tendency to outrange you horizontally. Because of this, you should strive to keep as much of your weight on the ground as you can and attack these opponents with well-timed Chiller Instinct Kicks.

It is essential to make effective use of your Sandwich in order to maintain a safe distance from Superman, who, despite his sluggish speed, poses a threat when confronted in close quarters.

In the instance that you will not have learned the traits of any other fighters, this will be your default configuration while playing Solo. Other options include Make It Rain, Dog! from Reindog‘s Mastery, which also will improve the speed at which your projectiles travel.

However, this is mainly best utilized in Doubles, and Speed Force Assist, if you favor a few additional maneuverabilities over defense mechanisms. Both of these choices can be found in the Reindog’s Mastery tree.


In MultiVersus, the player can buy Superman through the in-game marketplace or store.  Since Superman is most effective when used as a tank, players in 2v2 or bigger matches should focus on leveling him up so that he can withstand attacks and do significant damage to enemies.

While playing the role of a Tank in MultiVersus, Superman is at his most effective when he is absorbing damage and supporting his comrades. Because he has some good attacks, gamers should pick moves that help him tank while still causing reasonable damage in order to maximize his effectiveness.

In addition, Superman possesses a number of useful Perks, sometimes known as unique talents. At any given moment, a player can make use of up to four different perks. There are two different kinds of perks: Signature Perks, which are exclusive to a certain character in the MultiVersus, and Universal Perks, which are available to any character.

Two of your character’s Signature Perks become available when they reach levels 8 and 10, respectively. Superman’s Signature Abilities are the Flaming Re-Entry, which deals elemental fire damage when touching down from a leap strike, and the Sniper Punch, which also stretches his punching range and does enhance damage and knockback the more the distance from the enemy.

Both of these abilities cause fire damage. Superman’s Signature Abilities are referred to as “Superman’s Superpowers.” Heat Vision and Ice Breath are Superman’s offensive and defensive superpowers, and they allow him to accomplish most of his amazing combos.

This is due to the fact that Superman’s fighting style puts his talents front and center. And obviously, the fact that he can really fly is fairly useful as well, as it enables you to maximize the most of approaching a target in the stage while simultaneously minimizing the likelihood that you will be attacked.

Because you don’t gain anything by hurling him physically into the battle beside the notion that he absorbs damage at a reduced rate, his real ability for Tanking is quite basic, just like the majority of the tank class of characters, this is because his true capacity for Tanking is extremely passive. 

Bruisers are the superior class when it comes to doing strong damage in close quarters; however, Superman is the best pick for a Tank if you really want a fighter with a high defense who is also capable of dealing a significant amount of destruction.

Bugs Bunny

Due to the fact that Bugs Bunny is a Mage class fighter, he possesses a rather distinctive moveset that depends on the popping in of items to assist him. If you want to get the most out of him as a combatant, you must definitely make use of his many talents, as he is a very flexible warrior who can land some excellent melee attacks.

By using Bugs’ Down Special, not only may one temporarily hide from danger for a few seconds, but one can also easily creep up on their enemies with this tactic. If you are successful in blocking his attack as he emerges from the exit tunnel, you will be in a perfect position to continue your combination. 

Furthermore, both his Up Special and his Air Side Special will fire a rocket in the direction of either up or forward, depending on which one is used. Remember to fire these rockets, even if they travel very gradually because of their size, which makes it probable that they may strike an enemy.

In contrast to their usefulness, Bugs’ Pies may also be remarkably efficient, particularly when combined with the Slow status effect. When you charge a throw, it causes it to move at a quicker speed. Bugs Bunny has a few attacks that, while they strike pretty powerfully, require a lot of wind-ups, which means you need to take that into account when you play against him.

This is one of his weaknesses. It is very difficult to connect with his Side Special, but when you do, it is highly helpful since it is effectively like getting a free hit. This makes it very useful.

Bugs Bunny is a fighter that should be considered by gamers who wish to focus in a ranged ability warrior in MultiVersus or team with a melee character for two versus two battles. He makes use of a variety of different projectiles in his assaults, which is an advantage in a fight.

Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry are most effective when employed together as a ranged combat team. They are not designed to be tanks like Superman, Wonder Woman, or melee fighters like Batman and Taz since their assaults come from a farther range than those of their opponents.

Players that are interested in improving their performance in two versus two matches, online PvP matchups with several teammates, or the local multiplayer mode of MultiVersus should explore increasing the Tom and Jerry’s levels so that they can withstand foes.

Tom and Jerry’s greatest techniques and tactics in MultiVersus include remaining back and making effective use of cooldowns in order to unleash a steady volley of projectiles at rivals. Tom and Jerry are a ranged combat team; hence in MultiVersus, they battle as a pair. They would be a very powerful fighter pair if they were paired with a powerful Tank or Melee or even a DPS class of attacker.

Additionally, Tom and Jerry each have their own unique Perks that are essentially special powers. At any given moment, a player can make use of up to four different perks. There are two different kinds of perks: Signature Perks, which seem to be exclusive to a certain player in the MultiVersus, and Universal Perks which may be utilized by any player.

The Slingshot Sharpshooter and Volley abilities that Tom and Jerry have are a great combination to do significant damage to the other side and to torment them from a distance. Controlling the battleground may also be accomplished through the use of traps and the fishing pole.

Trash Can Band is a strong move that could also progress to a combination of attacks or compel your enemy to retreat when you fight the battle in close quarters. It can also cause your foe to withdraw. It is recommended that you maintain spacing from the attacker and force them to approach you in order to force them to avoid being hit by your ranged strikes.


Rick is a situational character who has a kit that is very specific depending on different circumstances. He is a mage-type character in MultiVersus who is adept in the horizontal nature of attacks. He can attack as well as defend the player against any type of opponent because his kit is extremely versatile.

One thing to note about Rick is that his teleportation gimmicks can be used against a perfect offense against enemies but can also act as a support gimmick if one is playing with other players. This makes Rick a top-tier character both as a lonesome and in a match where he is there for support. He could be considered non-friendly to beginner players of Multiversus and even be considered weak or complex.

If you throw a Meeseek into battle, they can be controlled to mimic your moves and even be controlled to make certain moves for you. This makes up for you and the enemy having a distance between them enough to launch projectiles at them which they will not have enough time to dodge against.

Rick can launch laser attacks which can either be charged or normal. The normal one deals lesser damage but the charged ones deal higher damage and have a knockback as well. Furthermore, Rick has a variety of other projectiles and specials which can help cause debuffs to enemies.

Rick is the same nihilistic, super genius scientist who is also an anti-hero like in the cartoon. That also means that he has all the perks and tips and tricks up his sleeve and therefore the player can equip themselves with them and gain an advantage in the game by using this hard-to-master character.

Black Adam

Black Adam is a bruiser-type character in MultiVersus. As such, he heavily relies on specifications such as his speed and range. The projectiles that Black Adam throws cause shock damage to enemies and apply the shocked debuff to enemies. His movesets are quite easy to master and learn, this makes him a worthy addition as well as a worthy choice for many people.

 His neutral attack makes him do a Thunderclap which can produce a shockwave, it also electrifies allies which can grant them the ability to apply a shocked debuff to enemies. Another thing to note is that his own shockwave by default can cause shocked debuff to enemies. The defense which Black Adam excels at is surely his amazing speed and the quick time he takes to retreat from enemies to dodge their attacks or their potential attacks that may be coming towards him.

Black Adam’s specials are another case overall. One special of his grants him the ability to take flight in any direction on the map, which is extremely helpful in evading enemies which have their own specials equipped. Another special of Black Adam grants him the ability to create a forcefield that pushes enemies away from him and protects him from them as long as this forcefield stays active.

The Ruler of Kahndaq will not bow to anyone as he can make the likes of Superman kneel if he is at his best. Not a lot of anti-heroes can state that they can go toe to toe with Superman or even go victorious. One can be content in knowing that they can play as Black Adam and easily dominate enemies once they master his offense-to-defense ratio.  


MultiVersus B-Tier List

All the characters we have ranked in MultiVersus B-Tier List are not too good or bad in the current meta. They are alright, and it all depends on how good an understanding you have of the game. If you are a skilled player in MultiVersus, then you may be able to use these fighters wisely and can take down the S-tier ones. 

Name Class FranchiseMax Jump Height Max Double Jump Height Full Jump Height MaxWall Jump Height Jump Velocity Max Speed Gravity 
Arya Stark Assassin Game of Thrones 8005251325550340019755.25
Steven Universe Support Steven Universe 8007001500550330021755.25
Wonder Woman Tank DC8505501400550350022505.25
LeBron James BruiserSpace Jam 8007001500750360020005.25

Arya Stark

Arya is an assassin class of fighter, which indicates that she is quick and excels at fighting at closer range. Arya is the kind of person who likes to keep a low profile. Therefore, her melee strikes deliver greater damage if they come from behind and hit their target.

After obtaining Arya Stark, you will have a limited number of Perks available, or you’ll be required to make use of those Perks exclusively for a period of time. When you have a few levels under your belt, you will also have the ability to give your additional fighter flexibility.

When Arya successfully avoids an attack, she will also receive a brief “turn bonus.” This compels the enemy to retreat the next time she strikes, which ensures that she will hit the back of their head. Arya also possesses the peculiar power to take on the appearance of her enemy, which grants her the power to mimic a few of their attacks.

This may not provide her exactly the same degree of versatility as Kirby’s skill-replicating attack pattern from Smash Bros., but it does increase her possible arsenal of abilities.

Whenever Arya successfully takes out a foe, she conjures a pie. This may be consumed by other enemies to restore part of their vitality, but doing so will also slow them down. When her partner is knocked out of the fight, she also receives an anger boost, and in this state, her next successful strike grants her enemy the weakened status state.

When using her melee attacks, Arya does more damage to foes if she strikes them in the rear. When she successfully avoids an assault, she also receives a momentary turn benefit. When Arya kills an opponent, she will produce a pie that will not only cure her allies but also inflict a slowing debuff on her foes. 

When Arya’s friends or companions are eliminated, she receives a momentary bonus that increases her wrath and causes her next strike to deal with the maximum number of stacks of the weakened debuff.

Steven Universe

Steven has always been meant to be unique owing to the fact because he’s the only recognized hybrid of a human as well as a Gem. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he started developing into his own destiny as a warrior, despite the fact that he had spent the majority of his youth being fostered by a group of Gems who were hiding away on Earth. Owing to the size of his heart, the unwavering optimism he exudes, and the amazing Gem talents he has.

The distinctive playstyle of Steven Universe involves control of the battlefield, providing help to allies, and playing the tank role. Make extensive use of Steven’s shields to protect your teammates from the oncoming attacks of your enemies and to keep them from coming after you.

These may also be utilized to create a wall, which will allow you and your spouse to recover in an environment free from danger. It is not a good idea to concentrate on scoring knockouts with Steven. Instead, provide your spouse assistance by covering their tracks and helping them heal.

You and your teammate will have a much easier time setting up combinations and knockouts if you make use of the watermelon duplicate’s ability to harass and distract the other team.

The Support-class character Steven Universe has a reputation for being challenging to master but ultimately satisfying to play. He is capable of a wide range of supportive attacks, including shielding, healing, and even the creation of clones of watermelons. This is the walkthrough for Steven Universe in the MultiVersus game.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman belongs to the Tank class of fighters in MultiVersus. Because of this, her fighting mechanics or role focuses mostly on defense, relieving the pressure that is being placed on the other member of the team. Because her techniques are easy to execute and there is very nothing else that the player has to focus on, she is an excellent choice for players who are just starting out.

As stated, her Bracer Meter is most likely the most intriguing mechanism she possesses. Throughout the course of a match, you may fill up this gauge by either absorbing damage while armored or stopping projectiles with her side special.

The higher the level of your Bracer Meter when Wonder Woman uses her Down Attack, the more deadly it will be. Throughout combat, it is important to keep this fact in mind; Wonder Woman is one of the few fighters having a decent projectile barrier, so make sure to make effective use of it.

Aside from that, it is always a good idea to take advantage of her Down Special, which connects Wonder Woman to a teammate and grants each of you a Shield, which is comparable to Armor, except it can block damage and knockback only once.

It is not an extremely significant advantage, but it is an added benefit, and your squad should make frequent use of it in order to give themselves a benefit.

Wonder Woman is a tank character that gives her team with shielding, flexibility, and a few of techniques that deal significant damage. She is designed to be tough to knock out. Even while Wonder Woman’s combos aren’t as extensive as those of assassins or bruisers class of fighters, she continues to remain capable of doing a significant amount of damage. 

She has a special passive ability known as the bracer meter, which fills up whenever she deflects a missile or takes damage while she is armored. This allows her Amazon Shout Down Attack to be more powerful. Here are some suggestions and techniques that might help you get the most out of Wonder Woman.

LeBron James 

LeBron is a fighter added recently in July 2022 in Multiversus. He comes from the Space Jam universe and he is one of the best characters for team battles. With several NBA titles under his belt, his skills are second to none. His ground attacks like the Shoulder Check allow him to dash in a forward position while gaining armor. If he does not have basketball at that moment, he will charge ahead with a push.

In his Make Room attack, he will sweep the basketball around his waist and if he does not have one, he will use his chest to pound enemies out of the way. With his Dime Drop attack, LeBron can perform a deadly combo of swipes that will launch him up in the air. If he does not have a basketball he will perform a forward steel attack. In his check attack, he will pound his basketball on the enemies.

Furthermore, his Take It To The Rim attack allows him to spin his basketball and in case he does not have it he will leap in an upward position and swipe. We recommend using his perks like Leg Day Champ and Keep Possession especially if you’re playing in 2V2 game mode.  


The adorable fighter from gremlins was released on September 8, 2022. He followed his malevolent offspring known as Stripe into the Multiversus in order to defeat him once and for all. Gizmo is a hero that we all need whether it comes to saving Kingston Falls or taking on the intense battles of Multiversus. His neutral attacks include the Hunters Bow that will charge towards the enemy while aiming an arrow projectile.

When it is charged, the arrow will apply the Ignite status effect on enemies. In case you do not want to use the arrow you can store the charge for a letter use. When he is charging his bow, the gizmo will be able to move and jump around. He can also perform a combo of punch, dropkick, and a headbutt.

Furthermore, while performing his Fist Of Fury attack he will charge with a forward punch that can deal a lot of damage to his enemies. With his Pop Pop Pop attack, he can throw popcorn projectiles that can be controlled toward his enemy. He will inflict ignite status effect when the popcorn explodes. In his Widdle Claws attack, he can perform two swipes on the enemy overhead. 


Morty is the second half of Rick and Morty. When it comes to play style however, he is quite below Rick for a lot of reasons. Even though he is a bruiser type who is horizontal, he has support abilities such as healing and buffing up the projectiles of allies. The support abilities cause Morty’s own attacks as well as his abilities to get downplayed as a result.

Same as Rick, Morty has portal gimmicks which helps him teleport freely throughout the field. He also has projectiles which hit very odd angles in the field. Morty therefore has a few abilities which only mage type characters have. This all makes him a weird character who has the perks of different character types. It’s as they say, jack of all trades and master of none.

He does have a lot of range, this range can help you mess with enemies. One attack of his under the name of “Aw geez, Snakes!” will throw snake like lasers which travels up to half of the field and this homes in on any and every grenade on the field which morty had fired up earlier, detonate those grenades as soon as they take an impact on them. This is one of the most important parts of Morty’s kit and should be used at all costs if one is playing as morty.

This side kick from the cartoon may not be the flashy main character as Rick is with his off the charts anti hero vibe. You as a player can still choose to make him your main and use his different playstyles to your advantage by availing the best traits of all that he offers. 


MultiVersus C-Tier List

The C-tier list class of characters of MultiVersus performs below average, and they have a challenging learning curve. These characters do not offer much to the table and you will struggle winning against your opponents. 

Name Class FranchiseMax Jump Height Max Double Jump Height Full Jump Height MaxWall Jump Height Jump Velocity Max Speed Gravity 
Reindog Support MultiVersus 825 5501375550350021505.25
GarnetBruiserSteven Universe 8505501400550350022005.25
VelmaSupport Scooby-Doo7505751325600320022005.25


It’s quite likely that, out of all the fighters in MultiVersus, Reindog is the one with whom you have the slightest of prior experience. This is due to the fact that the Reindog was designed from scratch just for usage in the MultiVersus game and has never been used in any other cartoon, animation, or video game.

Warner Bros. claims that Reindog is from the realm of Zanifeer, in which its primary responsibility was to protect the royals. The appearance of the Reindog is that of a large, enormous dog with the head and antlers of a reindeer, as its name indicates.

Reindog is a unique character, but we have a hunch that it will get quite a following due to its adorable design and its MultiVersus combat style.

Because Reindog is made as a support fighter in MultiVersus, its major function is to offer assistance to its companion. Reindog, on the other hand, has a sufficient number of attacking moves in its repertoire to guarantee that it can also hold its own in combat, in contrast to other support types of fighters in MultiVersus.

Reindog is unpretentious and adorably likable, wearing a bland, charming expression and all the charisma of a young, well-trained pup. He is not arrogant in the slightest, and this endears him to others. In spite of the fact that it is said to be a hybrid of a dog and a reindeer, it possesses none of the elegance and composure of a reindeer but rather possesses all of the overwhelming clumsiness of a dog.

Reindog exemplifies the passion that went into the development of MultiVersus and the ambition of the developers to leave their imprint on the Warner Bros. canon by contributing their own original inventions.


Since Garnet is a fighter that excels in close-quarters combat, the term and class bruiser best describes her fighting style. As a reflection of this, the entirety of her close-range strikes are highly potent, and the rest of them can be charged to do an even greater amount of damage.

However, Garnet also has more than her good portion of projectile strikes, which is more than you would anticipate from a traditional bruiser class of character in MultiVersus. These strikes are more accurate and more difficult to dodge.

Garnet is one of the most flexible characters as a result of these factors, as she possesses the power to perform effectively in hand-to-hand combat, as well as sufficient diversity in her arsenal to hold enemies away with striking from a range.

However, her most significant weakness is that all of her ground-based offensive specialties have cooldown times, which means that there will be times when you are forced to rely only on your basic strikes.

Garnet’s attacks, particularly her up neutral strike both on the ground and in the air, may be extremely janky at times. Her side neutral strike while in the air may also be incredibly difficult to hit, needing you to carefully space out your hits in order for the last one to connect.

Aside from that, she possesses a command grab that, if executed correctly, has the potential to knock individuals off balance.


When controlled by a skilled player of MultiVersus, Velma may be a formidable foe. This is despite the fact that she does not possess much in the way of physical prowess. She cannot compete with Arya Stark in terms of speed or lethality, nor can she match Steven Universe’s power.

In spite of this, she is still superior than both of them whenever it pertains to becoming an appropriate member of a team. That’s the catch with MultiVersus, right there. Even though it offers a solo mode and a free-for-all mode, the two versus two-team battle style is the primary way of gameplay.

There is a level of compromise involved while playing as Velma in MultiVersus as you combine one’s own skills with those of a collaborator in order to conquer a challenge more effectively. That is really simple for Velma to accomplish.

During combat, Velma’s primary responsibility is to offer assistance because she is a support character. This is accomplished by providing buffs to friends and doing damage to or removing buffs from foes. One of the things that set her apart from others is the high degree of support that she receives, in addition to the general power of her many skills.


MultiVersus D-Tier List

We have entailed only one character right now in our MultiVersus D-Tier List because we think he is the only one that is not even worthy of C-tier as the performance is poor. 

Name Class FranchiseMax Jump Height Max Double Jump Height Full Jump Height MaxWall Jump Height Jump Velocity Max Speed Gravity 
Iron Giant Tank The Iron Giant 800n/an/a650350012505.25

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant, in contrast to the other fighters, doesn’t really possess a double jump but rather has the ability to hover. The wrath meter of the Iron Giant is the next thing to take into consideration. After doing considerable damage to the foes, he enters fury mode.

In addition to this, the amount of damage dealt by your companions has an effect on the rate at which your fury meter charges. Iron Giant’s side strike, like those of other fighters, is a three-hit combo. He deals the first two blows with his arms, then leaps onto the enemy and deals the third blow with his back. Furthermore, Iron Giant boasts unique air strikes.

Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian is an alien from the children’s cartoon “Looney Tunes”. He was one of the most anticipated characters for Multiversus. He is also the third character to come into Multiversus, the other two being Bugs Bunny and Taz. The hype around Marvin the Martian fell flat as he turned out to be a complete disappointment of a character mostly.

The majority reason as to why Marvin the Martian does not work as a character is because he is listed as an assassin in the game and he actually has movesets and skill sets which match that of a mage type. He has huge ability cooldown times, he relies heavily on projectiles and he lacks close type melee attacks which can deal damage to enemies. Marvin the martian is truly an example of how one should not be too excited for a character to appear in a game they like.

Even the passive ability of Marvin the Martian is not something too impressive. Other characters have passive abilities which perfectly match their character type while Marvin the Martian has a passive which allows him to walk while crouching allowing him to dodge enemy attacks of certain types. This is quite anti-climactic as assassin types are focused around doing sneak attacks rather than focusing heavily on defense.

Choosing Marvin is a hit or miss, if you can master the character and his complex yet mage-like abilities in a character that is classified as an assassin, you may win battles. But it is surely a gamble. If you’re a fan of the character though, nothing stops you from choosing him as the final bit of playing any game is to enjoy the game rather than playing it for competitive purposes. Not everyone wants to become a pro player.

2v2 Tier List For Multiversus

The tier list above is suited for overall gameplay. However, if you’re looking for a tier list that covers specific game modes like duel or 2v2 match in Multiversus, then we have got you covered. Below are the characters ranked from best to worst, for a 2v2 match of Multiversus. 

S Tier  

Following are some of the best 2v2 characters in Multiversus. 

  • Taz  
  • Batman 
  • Jake The Dog 
  • Finn 
  • Harley Quinn 

A Tier 

The characters below perform great in 2v2 matches of Multiversus. 

  • Bugs Bunny 
  • Reindog 
  • Shaggy 
  • Superman 

B Tier  

These characters are balanced in their performance. 

  • Steven Universe 
  • Lebron James 
  • Tom And Jerry 
  • Wonder Woman  

C Tier 

The characters belonging to this tier perform poorly in duel matches. 

  • Velma  
  • Garnet 

D Tier 

These characters are not recommended at all. 

  • Iron Giant 
  • Arya Stark 

1v1 Tier List For Multiversus

If you want to know what characters you should go for and what characters you should avoid in a 1v1 match, take a look at the tier list for the Multiversus solo match we curated below. 

S Tier 

If you plan on going solo, the following are the best characters in Multiversus to consider for a 1v1 match. 

  • Batman 
  • Taz 
  • Finn The Human 
  • Harley Quinn  

A Tier 

They are great characters and can perform well without any support. 

  • Arya Stark 
  • Jake The Dog 
  • Shaggy  
  • Bugs Bunny 
  • Lebron James  

B Tier 

Characters of this tier are balanced in their play style. 

  • Superman  
  • Velma 
  • Steven Universe  
  • Wonder Woman 

C Tier 

Going into a 1v1 match with the following characters of Multiversus will not help you progress much. 

  • Garnet 
  • Tom and Jerry 
  • Iron Giant 

D Tier  

These characters are not made for a 1v1 match and should be avoided. 

  • Velma  
  • Iron Giant 

Best Characters For Beginners  

When you’re starting out with Multiversus, it is crucial to start with a character that is easy to learn like Shaggy from our tier list. He has simple attacks and the mechanics are fairly easy to master. Moreover Shaggy has one of the best moveset in our tier list, even when it comes to 1v1 matches in Multiversus. 

For instance, his sandwich throws, uppercuts, and flying kick attacks are some classical attacks that work in every battle situation. Additionally, his aerial attacks make him take on duel matches with ease in Multiversus, making him the best beginner character in our tier list. 

Another great character for beginners is Finn in Multiversus which is an S-rated character in our tier list. His passive abilities make him significant and his attacks are easy to master as well. Since Finn is one of the best characters in our tier list, he possesses balanced abilities that work great for both 1v1 and 2v2 in Multiversus.

MultiVersus Tier List Criteria

The tier ranking and character placement in certain tiers are made after we have played and experienced the game for countless hours. We have also taken into consideration the players’ preferences taken from certain forums. 

The tier list we have curated entirely reflects our thought process. As a result, we are open to further discussion but closed to any criticism whatsoever.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about MultiVersus Tier List. Which characters is your favorite so far in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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