Roblox: Voxlblade Race Tier List [2023]

Learn which races reign supreme in Voxlblade with this comprehensive Voxbalde Race tier list, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

With its own set of rules, Voxlblade is a game having traces of “Dungeons and Dragons.” The role-playing game offers a handful of races to the players, and players are to opt for one of these. All races have their own pros and cons, and to be able to use them at their maximum potential, this Volxblade Race Tier List is going to be a great help. 

Key Highlights
  • Voxlblade has 9 races in total
  • S Tier marks the best races in Voxlblade Race Tier list
  • A Tier has races that are capable of influencing the game in a powerful way
  • B Tier contains very average races 
  • C Tier contains the weakest races of Voxlblade

All Voxlblade Races Comparison

Here is a summarized look at all the available races in Roblox: Voxlblade Races. 

Race NamesBonuses
HumanDamage Reduction by 15%

Damage Boost by 15%

Half-OrkArmor Penetration by +10
ElfRune Cooldown Reduction by 40% or more
Dark ElfAllows to apply a random de-buff
Dragon Blood+0.5 Warding

+0.5 Protection

OrkPhysical Boost by +12%

Health increase by +5%

High ElfPhysical Defense decreased by -20%

Hex Defense increased by +10%

Kitsune Jump Boost increased by +2

Speed +10%

ArborianMagic Defense decreased by 15%

Heat resistance decreased by 50%

Voxlblade Races All Tier Rankings

While writing this tier list, different aspects of each race, including their defenses, attacks, powers, and weaknesses, are considered. Every tier has been listed with an in-depth evaluation of each race.

The Voxlblade tier list has been divided into four tiers (S-C).

Tier RankingAll Races
S TierArborian, Kitsune
A TierHuman, Elf, Ork
B TierHigh Elf, Dark Elf, Half Ork
C TierDragon Blooded


The below-mentioned races are the best races that you can find in Voxlblade Race Tier List

S Tier
Voxlblade Race S Tier [Image Credits: eXputer]


Arborians are resilient tree-like warriors with druidic powers, excelling in fire defense and regeneration.


  • Immense 100% fire defense makes them effective against fire-based attacks.
  • Regenerative abilities in the sun allow for self-healing and prolonged battles.
  • Druidic powers provide unique abilities to protect all forms of life.


  • Vulnerable to other elemental attacks due to their focus on fire defense.
  • Limited mobility compared to other races.


Kitsune are nimble warriors in Voxlblade with a focus on agility, speed, and swift attacks.


  • Swift movement and evasive tactics
  • Agile and quick in combat


  • Lack of defensive capabilities compared to other races
  • Vulnerable to crowd control 


Races in the A Tier of this Voxlblade Race Tier List can help you change the power dimensions of the game.

A Tier
Voxlblade A Tier [Image Credits: eXputer]


Humans in Voxlblade are determined warriors who can tap into their inner strength in times of need.


  • 15% damage reduction and damage boost when below 50% HP.
  • Versatile and well-rounded race.


  • Lacks any unique abilities or attributes compared to other races.


Elves in Voxlblade are a regal race with a strong affinity for magic and spellcasting.


  • Elves have powerful spellcasting abilities 
  • Can change the course of a battle.
  • Their passive ability grants them a 40% rune cooldown reduction


  • Not as physically strong or durable as other races
  • Vulnerable to anti-magic attacks or spells.


Orks are brutes with incredible strength and impressive tenacity in Voxlblade.


  • Additional physical damage type to their weapon
  • Impressive Tenacity
  • Base +0.2 boost and an additional +0.1 for each active buff
  • High strength and power


  • Impulsive nature can lead to mishaps
  • Lack of subtlety


B Tier of this Voxlblade Tier Race Tier List has the average races and can be put to good use. 

B Tier Voxblade Tier List
Voxlblade Race Tier List B Tier [eXputer]

High Elf

High Elves in Voxlblade are an intelligent and arrogant elven tribe that excels in reducing weapon art cooldowns.


  • High Elves have exceptional intelligence
  • Formidable force in battle.
  • Weapon art cooldown reduction ability 
  • Can unleash powerful moves more frequently


  • High Elves can be arrogant and difficult to work with
  • Challenging to form alliances with
  • Not impressive physical strength

Dark Elf

Dark Elves in Voxlblade are a mysterious and powerful race, wielding hex magic to surprise and debuff their foes.


  • Possibility of activating random debuffs on opponents with hex energy
  • Skilled in close combat with blades
  • Mysterious and enigmatic, adding to their allure


  • Origin story and hex energy not fully explained
  • Hex energy activation is a slight possibility and not guaranteed
  • Potentially limited range of abilities

Half Ork

Half-Orks in Voxlblade are fierce and strong warriors with a passive ability that adds an additional 0.05+ physical damage type to their weapon.


  • Brute strength and high damage output
  • Versatile with both swords and axes


  • Bad temper can lead to impulsive actions
  • Limited abilities compared to other races


This tier list has the least favorite races of this Voxlblade Race Tier List.

Dragon Blooded

Dragon Blooded in Voxlblade are a mighty race with strong resistance and protection.


  • +0.5 Warding and Protection.
  • Heat and cold resistance.


  • Their draco blood is gradually losing its strength.


The Voxlblade Race Tier List is an invaluable resource for gamers seeking to dominate the virtual world of Voxlblade. Bursting with complexity and perplexity, this list evaluates each race’s defenses, attacks, powers, and weaknesses, presenting a tiered ranking system from S to C. Nonetheless, with the Voxlblade Race Tier List as a guide, gamers can unleash their full potential and claim victory over their opponents. 


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