Skullgirls 2nd Encore Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Here is my take on Skullgirls 2nd Encore Tier List after experiencing all fighters in the game!

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is a visually stunning and highly praised 2D fighting game set in the Dark Deco universe. The game offers a 17-character roster, each with distinctive gameplay mechanics and personalities that cater to both casual and competitive players. Not all fighters perform equally, and therefore, this Skullgirls 2nd Encore tier list aims to rank all characters for players.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 17 characters in Skullgirls 2nd Encore.
  • S-Tier: Dominant and top-tier fighters with exceptional combo potential and evasion game.
  • A-Tier: Effective fighters with amazing combo strings with strong air and ground control.  
  • B-Tier: Average characters with a steep learning curve. 
  • C-Tier: Weaker and less competitive fighters with limitations in combo chains, mixups, and cancels.

All Skullgirls 2nd Encore Characters Ranked

Here is a complete ranking of all characters and the best playstyle they perform at in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. 

Serial NumberCharacterTier Best Playstyle
1Big BandS-TierPowerful Counterattacker
2AnnieS-TierVersatile Mid-Range
3CerebellaS-TierGrappling Powerhouse
4PeacockA-TierProjectile Zoning Expert
5BeowulfA-TierHigh Damage Grappler
6Ms. FortuneA-TierMobile Offense
7DoubleA-TierBalanced Characters For Beginner
8FukuaA-TierAdaptable Space Controller
9ValentineB-TierMobile Mixup Specialist
10FiliaB-TierFast Mixup Specialist
11ParasoulB-TierCharge Mixup Queen
12UmbrellaB-TierSetplay Grappler
13Black DahliaC-TierWeaponized Illusionist
14PainwheelC-TierAerial Berserker
15ElizaC-TierBalanced Hybrid
16SquiglyC-TierMidrange Pokes
17Robo-FortuneC-TierProjectile Zoning Expert


Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Tier S

The S-tier characters are absolute monsters in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. The hit-hard and remembering combos are not that difficult compared to fighters from the lower tiers. I highly recommend you pick these fighters if you want to destroy your opponents without much effort!

Big Band

Big Band, a tall and powerful fighter, comes with a slow yet punchy playstyle. With super impressive damage potential, he possesses solid defensive options like parrying attacks, but his vulnerability and size require careful moveset planning.

  • Powerful attacks cause substantial damage.
  • Capable of parrying for a strong defense.
  • Giant size creates a threatening combat presence.
  • Big Band’s Large size makes him vulnerable.
  • Big and slow, limits crouching.
  • Slow speed demands precision in attacks.
  • Playing entails risk, and one needs to understand opponents’ moves.


Annie, with versatility in her moveset, excels in mid- and close-range fights. She has impressive damage and nimble evasion due to her small hitboxes. However, Annie’s Star Power, while enhancing in-fight opportunities, introduces a risky opportunity as opponent attacks can drain the meter.

  • Annie’s versatile moves suit many situations.
  • Strong in close combat.
  • Small hitboxes aid evasion.
  • Risky Star Power use.
  • Finding openings is tough.
  • Some features need the meter.
  • Annie excels mid-close range, less in the long.


Cerebella, one of the best grapplers in Skullgirls 2nd Encore, boasts high damage output and excellent range. Assists increases her team value, but her aerial mobility and solo power are limitations, requiring reliance on others for assistance in challenging situations.

  • Cerebella excels in grappling.
  • High-damage attacks.
  • Impressive reach, and control fights.
  • Assists in adding team value.
  • Limited air mobility, vulnerable to aerial attacks.
  • Struggles solo.
  • Heavily relies on teammates.


Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Tier A

A little hard to master, but the A-ranking Skullgirls 2nd Encore fighters perform very closely to the S-tier ones. They do have a bit of a learning curve that you need to master. Remembering combo strings, when to cancel and dodge incoming attacks is not much of a challenge as well for these fighters. 


Peacock excels in projectile zoning, effortlessly putting opponents at a disadvantage with her versatile moves. Her dodging capabilities, including a double jump and cancellable airdash, allow her to avoid danger skillfully.

  • Peacock excels in projectiles.
  • Double jump aids maneuverability.
  • Seamless moves for zoning advantage.
  • Controls match pace effectively.
  • Limited reversal options, vulnerability.
  • Few strong normal attacks.
  • Success relies on planning.


Beowulf, the powerhouse wrestler, excels in devastating attacks by using a chair but sacrifices speed. This fighter is no doubt a skilled grappler, but he has a few weaknesses and a steep learning curve.

  • Beowulf deals significant damage.
  • Impactful, effective throws.
  • Taunts build up powerful attacks.
  • Lack of speed hinders maneuvering.
  • Powerful attacks require precision.
  • Struggles against ranged opponents.
  • Taunts expose him to attacks.

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune is a formidable offensive powerhouse. Her close-range threats include unreactable overheads and a rekka series, but her gameplay reaches its peak when she detaches her own head, enabling oppressive block strings and mixups and balancing her defensive capabilities.

  • Ms. Fortune excels in close-range offense.
  • Best movement options: double jump, run, airdash, and forward-jumping DP.
  • Weak against mid and long-range opponents.
  • Detaching her head exposes her, making her vulnerable.


In my experience, I find Double as a robust and powerful character, best for beginners in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. Armed with a set of normals for any situation, she wields excellent zoning tools from Parasoul’s Luger, coupled with effective jump-ins and assists for straightforward yet impactful mixups.

  • Double is a well-balanced character.
  • An excellent selection of normals provides options for various situations.
  • Great at zoning capabilities.
  • Assists open up opportunities for effective mixups.
  • Double is more susceptible to hits due to big-body character.
  • Double’s reversals are either unsafe or provide limited rewards.


Fukua excels in space control with air normals and fireballs, utilizing unique set play through clones once she lands a hit. Her versatile mixups, midrange strength, and ability to control space make her a well-rounded character, though she faces challenges with stubby normals, health drain from held clones, lower damage output, and slow, somewhat unreliable reversals.

  • 2LK for hit confirms, staggered lows, clones for mixups, close-up pressure.
  • Limited mobility; varied fireball trajectories, effective air buttons, double jump.
  • Adapts to defense or rush down; shadow clones, safe moves, mix-ups, high-damage confirms.
  • Fast, versatile fireballs, challenging to contest.
  • M Shadow assist, Dart specials for projectiles, H Drill for lockdown; versatile DHC options.
  • Limited range, requires precise positioning.
  • Drains health for mix-up potential and safety risk.
  • Relatively low overall damage, especially in high-damage combos.
  • H Drill slow, only strike invincible, needs DHC for midscreen conversion.
  • Level 3 is powerful but high-cost.


Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Tier B

All of the B-ranking fighters in this Skullgirls 2nd Encore tier list are average at best. Some of these fighters have the potential to destroy characters from the higher tiers. But you will need to remember every move and learn the perfect timing to execute combo strings.  


If you ask me, I will outright tell you that Valentine is the most mobile character in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. She has amazing air normals and powerful combo mixups, especially with the input-delaying Orange Vial.

  • Valentine stands out as the most mobile character
  • Extensive range of movement options, particularly in the air.
  • Strong resets with effective mix-up combos.
  • Valentine’s damage increases by using Purple Vial, especially at Level 3.
  • Grounded backdash, airborne, and airdash cancellable.
  • Airborne backdash allows exit to safety after air normals.
  • Valentine’s assist selection lacks variety.
  • No meterless reversal options
  • Metered reversals (Scalpels, EKG) have notable weaknesses.
  • No safe DHCs, requiring vials or 5 bars for combo DHCs limits team play.
  • Valentine’s powerful combos and mixups face challenges due to character-specific jank.


As far as my experience goes, I believe Filia is a rushdown pixie character that stands out as one of the fastest in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. She is excellent at utilizing her nimble mobility and low-to-the-ground air dash for brutally fast mix-ups. 

  • Filia is one of the fastest with diverse movements.
  • A strong reset game keeps opponents guessing.
  • 5-frame jab, meterless DP, multiple reversals, airdash, and jHK offer strong defense.
  • Possess extremely fast and multi-layered mix-ups.
  • Characters with better projectiles or range can wall Filia out.
  • Filia ranks among the lowest-damage characters.
  • Short overall range makes pokes challenging.


Parasoul, a flexible charge character, excels in both space control and mixup/pressure gameplay. Utilizing tears as mines to influence opponent movement, she maintains ground and air control with quick dashes and strong air normals.

  • Her combos provide strong ground control.
  • L Napalm Shot is a plus on the block.
  • Parasoul dominates the air with potent normals and an air Napalm Toss.
  • Grounded overheads, instant overhead, and fast dash enhance Parasoul’s mixup and pressure game.
  • Combos with Egret Charge reliably carry opponents to the corner.
  • Parasoul lacks quick air actions
  • Predictable air landing makes her vulnerable.
  • A tall air hitbox exposes her to pressure and resets.


Umbrella, a unique setplay/grappler hybrid, employs deadly bubbles and high-damage grabs to control the combat. With some of the best Ravenous buttons and anti-zoning tools, she excels in close-quarters combat. 

  • Consistently deals high damage, especially factoring in hunger states.
  • High-reward potential from meterless command grabs.
  • Slow step dash, no double jump or air dash hinders full-screen approaches.
  • Needs to transition to Ravenous for direct encounters.
  • Reliable options to escape pressure are limited to mashing 2LP, 2LK, or 2MK.


Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Tier C

C-tier Skullgirls 2nd Encore fighters are not worth investing time in. Even if you find these fighters to have cool looks with amazing potential, it is just too much effort for a little payoff to master these characters in the game! I suggest you can find better fighters from the higher tiers than these

Black Dahlia

While I do not prefer picking Black Dahlia, I can confidently tell you that she showcases diverse combat skills while being armed with a sword, firearm, and whip. Morphing her arms into blades, discharging energy blasts, teleporting, and creating illusions, Black Dahlia combines weaponry and supernatural abilities.

  • Morphs arms for close-quarters, energy blasts for ranged attacks.
  • Brief teleportation enhances mobility for surprise attacks.
  • Creates illusions to disorient enemies.
  • Ranged fighters can be hard to beat for Black Dahlia.
  • Teleportation exit animation leaves her vulnerable to incoming attacks.


Painwheel’s 8-way flight provides exceptional maneuverability and cancel abilities, complemented by unique Hatred Guard armor on her normals, dealing back-absorbed damage. Painwheel excels with high damage output, Hatred Install for momentum shifts, and armor-breaking capabilities.

  • 8-way flight enhances neutral, allows mid-flight assists, and enables unique strings.
  • Even without Hatred Install, Painwheel maintains high damage.
  • Substantial damage during combos.
  • Buer Reaper and Buer Thresher make Painwheel effective.
  • Struggles against multi-hitting moves on defense.
  • Low meter gain in and out of combos, especially during Hatred Install.
  • Prone to auto-correct, facing the wrong way.
  • Flight ceilings and limited flights hinder zoning options.
  • Large buttons, but struggles to combo at max range.


Eliza is a versatile fighter with a balanced playstyle, shifting between rushdown and zoning. Even though she is a C-tier fighter, I believe Eliza excels in space control, pressure, and mixups, with access to Sekhmet’s armor, healing abilities, and effective assists. 

  • Excellent reach for effective space control.
  • Sticky airdash pressure allows for effective mixups
  • Crossups and high/low options.
  • Armored Sekhmet controls neutral, extends combos.
  • Eliza’s tall posture and hurtboxes make her easily clipped.


My experience in Skullgirls 2nd Encore ranks Squigly as a midrange character who capitalizes on opponent mistakes with great pokes and unique tools. However, her resource-reliant playstyle, charging difficulties, poor defense, and a somewhat linear approach pose challenges for players who want to main this character.

  • Extremely dodgeable fighter with small hitboxes.
  • Far-reaching low pokes, disjoints, safe normals, effective air-to-air.
  • Stancels enable hurtful combos, especially with charged specials.
  • Unique special freezes the screen and drags opponents toward her.
  • Meter-hungry playstyle, charged specials need the meter.
  • Difficult to find safe charging gaps in some matchups.
  • Lacks reliable reversals outside of charged DP
  • Lacks a dedicated anti-air normal.
  • Slow speed, linear approach, struggles with pushblock.


Robo-Fortune, with instant beams, head drones, a Catastrophe Cannon, and exceptional mobility, proves a slippery and formidable opponent. However, her back-loaded damage, resource-dependent mix-ups, and limited range are big downsides.

  • Instant fullscreen lockdown limits opponent movement.
  • Unique resource, powerful Mine reversal.
  • Fullscreen unblockable super with high damage.
  • Fast ground dash, small jumping hurtbox, double jump evades easily.
  • Limited poking, counter-poking effectiveness.
  • Combo damage increases with Catastrophe Cannon.
  • Most normals are relatively small.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore Tier List

The characters in Skullgirls 2nd Encore do not have numbered stats and the combo chains, movement speed, ground, and air control are some of the deciding factors I took into consideration while curating this list

That is everything you need to know about Skullgirls 2nd Encore Tier List. Ranking fighters for 2D games is always a difficult task and the ranking is always subjective. Now you know about my thoughts and character placement in each tier, I suggest you also check other tier lists such as The Finals Gadgets Tier ListPixel Piece Fruit Tier ListMW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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