Touhou Lost Word Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Our Touhou Lost Word Tier List assigns each character a ranking based on how well they do in combat.

A strategic turn-based gacha game called Touhou Lost Word was created by NextNinja in 2020. The game’s setting is a world in which there has been a “lost word accident.” In Touhou Lost World, you must have the best character to win. Hence, to help you choose the best character, we’ve created our Touhou Lost Word Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • Touhou Lost Word features more than 70 characters for its players, out of which a team of 6 is to be formed. 
  • Touhou Lost World characters are ranked based on their skills and power and how comfortable they are to employ. 
  • The top characters in Touhou’s Lost Word are Marisa, Toyohime, Yuuka, Tenshi, Remilia, Sagume, Tewi, and Aunn. These finest game choices are a smart option for journeying the field with reliable offense and defense. 
  • On the other hand, characters considered not so helpful due to their below-average skill ratings include Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire, Seiran, Nitori, and Daiyaousei
  • Choosing the best character is a must to excel in Touhou Lost Word.

Here’s a summary of Touhou Lost World Tier List:

Touhou Lost Word Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-TierMarisa, Tewi, Toyohime, Tenshi, Yuuka, Remilia, Aunn, Sagume, Suika, Youmu, Koakuma, Ran, Yuyuko, Murasa, Doremy, Reimu, Kosuzu, Kaguya, Shou, Hatate, Shion, Medicine, Reimu, and Yorihime
A-TierMamizou, Kokoro, Seiga, Merlin, Meiling, Nemuno, Koishi, Eirin, Suwako, Lyrica, Mokou, Rumia, Kanako, Sakuya, Yuugi, Alice, Yatsuhashi, Shizuha, Flandre, Chen, Lunasa, Minoriko, and Benben
B-TierLuna Child, Satori, Kogasa, Hina, Patchouli, Reisen, Akyuu, Ringo, Komachi, Aya, Sanae, Momiji, Byakuren, Yukari, Kasen, Cirno, and Lily White
C-TierSeiran, Sunny Milk, Clownpiece, Star Sapphire, Joon, Daiyaousei, and Nitori

In Touhou Lost World, you’ll play as the main hero and travel across numerous realms to win the game and recover the lost words to stop such catastrophic harm. A special task force is formed to discover and gather all the missing words.

What Is The Touhou Lost Word Tier List?

This Touhou Lost Word Tier List Tier List includes each character from Touhou Lost Word. Use it to identify which are most beneficial. All of them are mentioned on the list based on how powerful each one is in the game.

With S-Tier being the finest and C-Tier being the poorest, each combatant is rated from S and C. Therefore, let’s begin.


Touhou Lost Word Tier List S-Tier

S-Tier Friends are always a smart option. You can count on these Friend’s skills and power capacity because they are the finest in Touhou Lost Word.


Yuuka Kazami helps you out in two ways: first, she hits hard using the All-Targeting Last Words. Secondly, she comes prepared with a variety of All-targeting Magic Cards for usage in the arena, farming, and event-driven first-time clear bonuses for Seal Crystals.

She doesn’t have much utility and has subpar breaks. But she still has enough power in her strikes to be beneficial.


Tenshi Hinanawi can do a lot of damage rapidly. She doesn’t have a lot of useful abilities. The only one that stands out is P0 Earth, mostly on a Basic Shot. Though she strikes so badly that it’s difficult to care too much.


As the person, Lady Yagokoro trusted with the Abundant Temple for Wealth and Equality. Toyohime excels in her capacity as a healer. She also grants the team attack boosts so they can continue and fight the opponent with the strength befitting a Lunarian.

Hence her function goes beyond providing many great healing and barrier repairs. She excels in every function, contributes to a wide range of recent works, and will probably definitely continue to do so in future battles.


Tewi is an incredibly strong DEF Down support with a devastating final nuke. Getting the most out of her requires some caution because a large portion of her utility stems from talents that must be employed with care.

She also has trouble with 2 or 3 boss stages. Even though she shines at one enemy event farm and can enable several main plot boss farms, any player will be more than pleased to have her despite those little imperfections.


The Witch of the Scarlet Dreams, Marisa Kirisame, is a remarkably strong and adaptable unit that may very well have the best long-term worth in the whole game and our Touhou Lost Word Tier List.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

She can do everything thanks to a combination of a devastatingly potent All-targeting Last Word that provides enormous damage for both farming and tougher fights, the two All-targeting Magic Cards, a tonne of team assistance, and unmatched access to Elemental Break.


Youmu, the mysterious and powerful Sword Master, is a terrifyingly potent nuker with absurdly high Slicing and the Last Word that ranks among the greatest damage producers both for farming and more difficult encounters.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

She contributes breaks to the squad. However, she hits so powerfully that it just doesn’t matter, speeding up even time.


Suika Ibuki is an astonishingly potent unit. She has excellent team assistance, including Yin and Yang Defense Down, Yin Attack Up, as well as Precision Up.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

Additionally, the All-Last Word does excellent penetration at 1 Power and scales nicely with more Spirit Power. She also has some good Barrier Breaks, including a basic shot that can be repeatedly fired that delivers 1 Fire Break for 0 Power.


Sagume excels in terms of team usefulness and offers remarkably all-encompassing assistance. She may greatly assist the squad because of her strong barrier breakdowns and superior damage.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Aunn Komano exemplifies the ideal Support Friend by putting it all in the line to maintain the other team members. She possesses a wide range of abilities, including help with attack, defense, and accuracy.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Remilia may have sacrificed it all in the L80 reality, but she keeps working to make amends and take control of the situation. She certainly holds up as the first Relic character in the game. Remilia can compete with the best of the bunch since she has the power to deal significant damage and help the Yin and Yang attackers.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Doremy is a vindictive attacker with a potent All-targeting Last Word, which deals decent damage in both quick battles and scales well in more difficult battles. She also offers additional Earth & Star breaks and help for Yang’s DEF DOWN. That being said, she is highly dependent on getting a Killer to deal her damage.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Murasa is a really strong unit. She is one of the finest characters in the game due to her strength. She is a formidable force because of how rapidly she can increase her damage and speed. Murasa utilizes her skills because of her strong Slice values.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Yuyuko may be little, but she deals serious damage. She’s your gal for farming or tougher battles alike, with certain Water Breaks and a tiny bit of Agility help for her allies.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Ran Yakumo is a fairly powerful farmer due to her rather powerful All-target Last Word. When it comes to harder fights, her access to elements is sorely lacking. However, she’s still good – her damage is on the higher end of things.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Koakuma, whose name translates to “Little Devil,” is a powerful character that carries Yin & Critical Defense Down support, does a huge amount of damage alone, and has some good Break potential. An excellent unit for tougher battles and a capable farmer.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


With a significant number of Agility buffs to complement her Slice bullets and an equally remarkable number of Accuracy boosts that can be readily shared with other Friends, Hatate Himekaidou comes as swiftly as she can in the fight.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Shou is a vindictive attacker with a P0 Sun as well as a Pagoda Tank who is ready to pound your adversaries. She isn’t a particularly excellent All farmer, but thanks to her Human killer, she can become a successful Solo farmer on certain one-boss levels.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Kaguya can maintain the Evasion for such a long time that it would be a reasonable choice! The fact that it is Ultra Festival and she has exceptionally high Yang attack and Agility numbers also helps.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


The Piercing (defense buff disregarding) damage on Kosuzu’s Last Word is her biggest selling feature. She is a desirable buddy to farm 2-7-1 because of this. Do bear in mind that it has a significant impact on her Farm rating.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Reimu from the F1 Realm has undoubtedly lived up to her reputation as an Epic Friend who has presumably been to and through several planets. Her strikes, whether they be physical or magical, are incredibly powerful, and she has incredible resistance to the Wood as well as Sun elemental bullets.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Yorihime has it all, including Spirit Power gain, critical attack, and critical defense debuffs to help her Killers, Yang ATK boosts, Accuracy support, and more. Even better, the majority of these boosts either apply to the entire group, or additional Friends can benefit from the debuffs.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Medicine Melancholy is one of the closest things to a wild card this game offers. She shines in boss farming and challenging battles. She can full break any foe that isn’t resistant to poison, which is uncommon because of her plethora of poison barriers or the last Word having a lot of poison on it.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Shion’s two tasks are to deal a lot of Yin and Yang Defense down and burn barriers to your opponent and to eliminate one opponent with a very strong Solo Last Word.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Touhou Lost Word Tier List A-Tier

Below S-Tier, under which the combatants are primarily solid and have little else to offer, is Touhou Lost Word A- tier list. They are incredibly helpful and fulfill crucial duties, but they don’t do much else.

Friends who only have really strong damage will probably land in this tier since moving up requires additional skills like having team utility and breaking.


Meiling was formerly the game’s weakest link. She has now been boosted to the level of becoming one of the most powerful. She is one of the best choices for event farming, and she is also able to farm Chapter 3 Act 1 alongside Tewi.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Merlin is a reliable frontloaded Solo-targeting nuker with good Yang Defense down & Accuracy support. Her only significant weaknesses are mixed damage (which lowers her potential relative to other Solo nukers) and middling Breaks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Seiga Kaku’s primary objective is to dash past the adversaries, continuously reduce their Dexterity and Yin Defense, and then turn around to use the Last Word finisher while her Agility boosts are still active. This occasionally becomes difficult due to the backloaded form of her spells.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Kokoro is a capable healer with a broad range of abilities who can deal out some unexpectedly potent damage. A P0 Break with her Focus Shot is one of her 12 Earth Breaks, which she also owns. She is a strong all-around friend who contributes significantly.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Mamizou is the best anti-Yin tank thanks to her incredibly strong Evasion UP, Focus UP, with Yin Defense UP values. The tanuki has lots of tricks up her sleeve to fend off those bothersome Yin attackers when you combine this with some amazing Breaks, such as a P0 single aiming Earth Break on a spammable standard shot.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


However, that’s about it for Lyrica as a Support Friend. She offers a wide range of helpful qualities through her Skills and Ability. Once it comes to breaking, she often performs poorly, and the Single-targeting Last-Word is similarly unremarkable.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Suwako Moriya is here to perform three tasks: party, curse her adversaries with Yin Defense Down, and obliterate them with a potent Solo Last Word. She is a buddy you just can’t go wrong with because she is both a competent farmer and a potent challenge unit with the ability to break certain barriers.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Due to her continued defensive posture, Eirin from the Eternal Night Event has gone all-out with her offensive medication and harm.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

You can anticipate that this doctor will fortify herself using defensive buffs by administering Poison and Blind to herself whilst applying the same oddities to enemies to keep them sick rather than curing her comrades.


Except for the Solo-targeting Last Word, Koishi only strikes very hard in bouts she has a chance to build up. She has relatively little team functionality and is a mediocre farmer on levels that are favorable to solo players. However, Koishi is your gal if you do ever need to have a single, meaty target dead or just Water Breaks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Nemuno is a straightforward youkai with straightforward tasks. Applying two Paralyze Walls to all adversaries and punishing one adversary with a backloaded Single targeting Last Word. She isn’t a speedy farmer, and the fact that her kit is backloaded makes her less appealing than the competitors, but she’ll get your job done.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Yuugi’s activities are to attack a single target hard and provide your Killer buddies CRIT attack up. She also offers some respectable breaks, most memorably The All-targeting Star at P0 on a straightforward stroke.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Marisa Kirisame, a greedy damage dealer using four All-Spell Cards, guides fresh entrants hard with her remarkably strong Card, Master Spark. Unfortunately, as the early game finishes, people start Max Limit Breaking their Friends.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Kanako is a monster, delivering massive damage and even increasing the team’s CRIT attack and Yin attack while debuffing the adversaries’ CRIT Defense. Her breaks are decent, but she excels at Metal.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Rumia is a solo-targeting nuker who offers some assistance to teammates who gain from having blind barriers placed around them. Although rather limited, it offers good assistance when a unit gains. In contrast, she strikes single targets forcefully while bringing certain Breaks (even Blind Breaks) with her.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Fujiwara no Mokou can both produce and shatter Burn Barriers on any foe who isn’t immune to them, making her a Solo Last Word damage generator with above-average Break potential.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Since she doesn’t have to bother about resistance, she makes for quite an effective event farmer. Her biggest problem is that she only has damage to provide in tough battles, not even elements.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


With several restrictions, Flandre Scarlet is a Companion with a devastatingly potent Solo Last Word and considerable offensive utility. She has very little Break potential and needs a lot of Accuracy-Up help since her Last-Word is so imprecise.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Shizuha is a decent supporter. She contributes a special Spirit Power support for the entire squad, accuracy support, the opportunity to utilize Paralyze Barriers, and great accessibility to Wood and Metal. She is, regrettably, plagued with minimal overall damage.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Yatsuhashi can do decent damage, provide some team boosts, and bring additional Wood or Sun Breaks. That’s pretty much it. Her equipment is simple and ineffective.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Alice Margatroid thrives as a Friend who focuses solely on providing Precision and attack-up help to her comrades. Due to her relatively low personal damage, absence of elemental skills, and need for rounds to prepare for farming reasons.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Benben is a straightforward yet somewhat weak combatant with some solid Breaks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Minoriko provides a plethora of healing, barrier restoration, barrier breaks, and an all-targeting Spell Card kit (and Last Word). She has modest damage and little offensive team assistance, but her strengths far exceed her weaknesses.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Lunasa is essentially ordinary, and she has average Break potential (with the notable P0 Water on a basic shot), a backloaded (and sadly inconsistent) Solo targeting Last Word, and respectable but not exceptional healing skills that are hampered by a shortage of Barrier restoration.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF



Although characters listed in the Touhou Lost Word Tier B-Tier list are good, their kits severely restrict how much they can tackle outside of their intended scope. Friends that get replaced by newer and better Friends typically end up in this area.


Patchouli Knowledge’s major claim to fame is her tremendous element spread, possessing access to each element, including the extremely strong Moon and Sun ones, meaning she can shatter at least two, if not three, barriers on almost any monster in the game.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Although Hina Kagiyama was unable to overcome her fate of only possessing Solo-targeting magic cards, she nonetheless has rather situational value with a Yin Last Word and the ability to reduce every opponent’s evasion.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


With a surprising number of Water breakers, Kogasa may be quite useful in reducing the enemy’s barrier count, assuming they are vulnerable to Water. Having said that, she is fairly lackluster in comparison to other units.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Satori Komeiji is known most often for her Single-targeting Last Word, which does modestly high damage with little setup. She also has slightly better than average accessibility to Fire Breaks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

The remainder of her equipment is inadequate, and she can’t hit the heights that the other Solo nukers could in long bouts. Thus she’s simply mediocre overall.

Luna Child

Luna Child’s primary duty is to hit you hard with a Single Last Word, while her second job is to offer you some decent but far from exceptional accessibility to Moon Breaks. Unfortunately, she falls short of the true power players, placing her in a rather middle-of-the-road position.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Flower Aya has high usefulness and shattering power. She gives undetected accuracy help to her squad, as well as a good assortment of debuffs and two Blind anomalies. She excels in shattering because of the P0 shatter technique and a vast range of breaks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Komachi Onozuka’s primary purpose is to boost herself to use all of her Single-target Last words, as she doesn’t have much else cooking for her. The elemental breaks are either insufficient or too expensive to get in Spirit Power, and the remainder of her kit offers little to surprise in general.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Ringo’s goal is straightforward, to offer plenty of Yang attack, Yang Defense, and Dexterity for the group, allowing her to flourish with inferior partners while faltering with stronger ones. Aside from that, her Single-targeting Last Word isn’t particularly powerful, and the Shatter potential is limited. She’s only here for buffs and Dango.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Akyuu is a situational unit that is difficult to place on a squad since the bonuses she gives only affect a small subset of units. However, once she is relevant, Akyuu is extremely powerful owing to the potency of CRIT ATK mixed with how difficult it may be to get.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Reisen Udongein Inaba distinguishes herself by getting access to Moon elemental attacks and being able to defeat the first main story fight at a lower level than anybody else. She can also utilize two Paralyze walls to all adversaries, which is useful for Accuracy and works well enough with Discharge attackers.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Kasen Ibaraki is a self-centered damage provider with a Single Last Word built on one thing: striking hard. Either hitting rather hard on turn one, making her a decent farmer (if confined to Solo-friendly levels), or hitting incredibly hard if given enough prep time.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Yukari is not well adapted to farming owing to the absence of impact from the Last Word on 1 Power, and her protective utility is essentially irrelevant in shorter battles.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Byakuren is a tank that can cheat certain earlier levels of a Scarlet Devil Tower and delivers a decent quantity of Sun Breaks at Three for Three Power from her first Spell Card. Aside from that, her damage is modest, she provides little uptempo offense utility, and she lacks defensive utility when matched with the other tanks.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Momiji Inubashiri is concentrating on strengthening her Perspective while diminishing the Focus of her teammates to defend everybody with her powerful Yin DEF.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

Unfortunately, she does not provide much else to combat; her defenses do not protect against Yang attacks, and her damage production and smashes are quite low.


Sanae, who goes by the nickname Oracle, has a lot of strength because of her incredible dispersion of Star & Wood breaks, a lot of debuffs on the adversaries’ CRIT Defense and Evasion, as well as overall general assistance in the type of offensive boosts and healing.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

She is a friend who refuses to quit until the work is done, thanks to a passive who recovers 20% of her Health every round.

Lily White

As a Healer, Lily does the bare minimum to be deemed functional in the job. Recovering 1 block to all teammates after using her Last Word to assist them in going the additional mile to see combat through. Her firepower is otherwise poor, she has little offensive utility, her element access is simply adequate, and her Focus down actively kills her team.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Cirno functions as a cheap wild card barrier buster that she can then dissolve with the Disintegrating All-target Last Word 90% of the time.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF



The “Not Useful” characters are placed in the Touhou Lost Word C-Tier List. Friends who are extremely out-of-date or who are of little to no utility are placed here. They may have a single specialized usage aspect, but it is just so little and easily missed that they cannot be classified higher than this.


Joon is a crapshoot that looks up to be a weak unit overall. Even with her selfish boosting, her damage production is roughly average. Regarding usefulness, Joon has a supporting Spell Card that delivers some good team boosts. These tools, while valuable, are outperformed in practically every way by another unit.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire’s objective is to smash one boss a little too hard and shatter several barriers along the road with a little below-average Solo Last Word.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Clownpiece’s main roles are to attack hard with a backloaded Solo aiming at Last Word and inflict Blind Walls on all your enemies. She’s not very good at farming relevant plot card stages, but she’s nothing exceptional.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

Sunny Milk

Sunny Milk’s access to Sunbreaks is limited, the Last Word is solitary and provides minimal damage, her total damage output is modest, and the gimmick of reducing enemy Accuracy is ineffective.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Seiran gives you a mediocre quantity of the Moon and Earth breaks, and that’s about it. Her debuffs aren’t particularly useful, her damage is weak, and she doesn’t do much else.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Nitori Kawashiro does not have many advantages. She only carries Single targeting Water and Metal elemental Spell Cards with 1 break at 0 Power and 1 additional break at P2 and P3.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF


Daiyousei is, sadly, this Touhou Lost Word Tier List’s poorest healer. Barrier restoration, the most effective kind of healing, is unavailable to her. Her secondary spell card is utterly useless, and her Last Word has been the poorest in the game, with no barrier breaches.

HealthYang ATKYin ATKAgilityYang DEFYin DEF

Touhou Lost Word Tier List Criteria

It took a lot of time and effort to create the Touhou Lost Word Tier List so that it may benefit all beginning and expert players by providing largely unknown game characteristics. Our group rated each event-based option and also the game’s outcome.

Likewise, professional players with rich experience were asked to judge each “friend” fairly and objectively. We believe that the Touhou Lost Word tier list will be sufficient for you to enjoy the game fully. What are your top picks among the Friends in Lost Word? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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