Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List [Ranking Best Heroes]

Annihilate your opponents by forming the best team in the Tower of God!

Tower of God: Great Journey is an impressive gacha RPG with idle gameplay. The webcomic of the same name inspired the game, which helped it gain immense popularity a lot faster than its competition. The game features a diverse range of dynamic characters, each with its specialty. Hence, it is hard to make the most effective team. But do not worry, we got you! Our Tower of God Tier List assesses the best heroes based on their overall effectiveness and usefulness in combat.

Before you start: If you are not happy with your pulls, you can change them, even though the game’s rules restrict them. Simply log in as a guest account, and go through the tutorial to get your pulls. Now, you can delete your account and keep repeating this process until you’re satisfied with your pulls.

Important: Since this game requires you to build a team, it is important to know the role of every character. Even if a character is strong, it might not go well with the team you have made.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 13 characters in the game with Legendary & Heroic Rarity as of yet, but new ones are being added!
  • There is only a 0.8 percent chance to acquire a Legendary character, so be careful about who to chase.
  • You can acquire a Heroic type character, but you only have a 3 percent chance to do so. 
  • Evan Edrok is the best replacement for Albedla, as some of their skills are quite similar.
  • Albelda is the strongest support unit in the game.
  • Saichi Faker has the best stunning and crown control abilities in Tower of God. 
  • When it comes to physical damage, no one beats White.
  • The Legendary tank Ha Jin Sung has the best defense capabilities. 
  • Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia has the most Magic DPS- stat-wise. 
  • Yeon Yihwa of Emerald Ocean is a good replacement for Xiaxia and also the only limited edition unit.
  • If you are looking for all-rounders, Novick is a great choice. 
  • Kang Horyang is the greatest character starting off!
  • Rachel provides a good learning curve for Magic DPS.
  • Khun Aguero Agnis is not useful, even at the beginning of the game, despite his rarity. 

Tier List Summarized In Table: 

SEvan Edrok, Albelda, Saichi Faker
AWhite, Ha Jin Sung, Urek Mazino, Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia, Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa
BNovick, Kang Horyang
CHatz, Khun Aguero Agnis, Rachel


Strongest characters in Tower of God Tier List

Bow down to the best characters in the Tower of God Tier List. These characters will typically have a Legendary Rarity type, and their strength and skills will prove why that is. They are the best at what they do, and will almost guarantee you a win. 

Evan Edrok

  • Class: Legendary Support character
  • Being one of the strongest support characters in the game, it is extremely hard to get your hands on him. His defense buffs are top-notch and provide direct healing to your allies.
Basic SkillPassive SkillTranscended SkillTR Skill
This skill gives him the capability to help out the ally with the lowest HP by reducing 20-61 percent of damage taken for 8 seconds.His passive skill allows him to increase the life recovery amount of all his teammates by an astounding 35 percent.He has the ability to recover 20-40 percent of allies' health depending upon if he has transcended.Evan's strongest ability allows him to increase attack power for 7 seconds and deal 60 percent magic damage with outstanding range.


  • Class: Legendary Support character
  • She has one of the strongest buffs and abilities to increase the DPS of all her allies. She also has the rare ability to provide continuous healing.
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended SkillTR Skill
It can give a shield of 10-20 percent DPS of all her allies, provided HP is more than 90 percent, Otherwise, she recovers 100-200 percent of the DPS of all her allies.Accelerate the cooldown of all allies by 10-30 percent for 4 secondsHer life recovery of allies gets boosted to 35 percent.It increases the DPS for 7 seconds and gives a shield of 150 percent DPS if HP is more than 90 percent.  If health is lower than 90 then 15 percent of attack power is given instead. Her grants allow her to resurrect the ally with the lowest health with 100 percent HP, granted the ally dies in the next 15 seconds.

Saichi Faker

  • Class: Legendary crowd controller 
  • Saichi Faker, one of the newest editions in the game, holds the S-Tier by a chokehold. His Legendary rarity and specialization in providing crowd control effects and area effects skills make him a formidable character.
  • Most of Saichi’s skills are unknown yet, but we do know that he can bound enemies and stun them for 3 seconds.
  • If he uses Legendary Ignition, he can knock back all enemies, and 2 of them get inflicted by magic damage. 


Second best Tier

If used strategically, A-Tier characters are second to none. Most characters’ powers are unmatched by them, and they are a force to reckon with.


  • Class: Legendary Physical DPS-type
  • With one of the strongest attacking prowess, his skills can inflict the most amount of damage in the game
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended SkillTR Skill
Can deal up to 420 percent (minimum 120 percent) physical damage to all enemies within melee rangeThis skill does everything the first basic skills does except it can also recover 10-40 percent of attack power. He can gain full immunity for 7 seconds and a 60 percent DPS buff at the start of the battle.His transcended skill allows him to upgrade his second basic skill by also inflicting a Silence debuff.Can deal 180 percent magic damage, recover 30 percent of attack power, and also increase (0*60 +0 per character level *0.5)  attack for 7 seconds. It can also apply stealth for 7 seconds.

Ha Jin Sung

  • Class: Legendary Tank 
  • Even though Ha Jin Sung is a very powerful tank, he also has the ability to inflict a relatively decent amount of damage himself.
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended SkillTR Skill
His basic skill allows him to deal 80-280 percent physical damage, also healing 5-15 percent of his own HP.This skill allows him to taunt enemies who are within range for 3 seconds, and inflict 50-175 percent physical damage more than once.His passive boosts his defense by a dramatic 200 points and even provides an additional 25 percent physical damage reduction.His transcended ability grants him the power to get himself a 15 percent damage reduction.He can deal 100 percent physical damage to enemies in range, recover 5 percent of his HP more than once, and increase DPS for 7 seconds.

Urek Mazino

  • Class: Legendary Tank 
  • This character is an extremely popular choice when it comes to tanks. And players are always striving to get him. Urek’s taunting abilities give him the edge over most tanks in the game.
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended SkillTR Skill
This skill can increase 200-400 defense for 5 seconds. This is only a basic yet can stop attacks at very crucial moments in the game.His second skill inflicts a huge 75-262.5 percent physical damage and taunts his enemy for 3 seconds. He can also provide additional damage to the shield.Urek's passive skill boosts his defense by an astounding 300 points, This can help in defending your allies from a major attack.This skill upgrades the first basic skill by giving an additional defense boost. It also boosts the passive skill by giving out a 20 percent damage reduction,It increases normal DPS for 7 seconds and inflicts 140 percent physical damage to his enemy a total of 3 times. He also reduces 15 percent of damage taken for 3 seconds.

Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia

  • Class: Legendary Magical DPS unit
  • er wizardry powers, paired with amazing DPS, make her claw her way into the prestigious A-Tier. Her magical DPS is unbeaten in the whole game; no one comes close.
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive skillTranscended SkillTR Skill
She can inflict 45-157.5 percent magic damage to the enemy closest to her two times.The Commander's second skill inflicts a total of 40-140 percent magic damage 6 times to all enemies in range, and also reduces 3-10 percent defense for 5 seconds.It increases her magic damage by an astounding 45 percent permanently. This makes her the strongest magic DPS attacker in the game.Her transcended ability grants her first basic skill to get a 100 percent magical damage to two extra opponents. Also, her passive skill gets boosted as her magic damage is increased by an astounding 45 percent permanently.The Commander's TR skill allows her to access stealth, increase attacking power, and also deal 75 percent magic damage to all enemies 3 times. 

Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa

  • Class: Legendary Magical DPS unit
  • Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa is a limited-time character Even though Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia is stronger when it comes to magic DPS; Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa is no knockoff. 
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Transcended SkillTR Skill
It allows her to reduce 5 to 20 percent of physical damage of all allies for 5 seconds, and also increase 10-50 percent critical damage resistance.Her second basic skill can deal an astounding 150-525 percent magic damage and knock back all enemies within range.This skill upgrades the second basic skill. It starts to stun all enemies hit by 2 seconds. This makes her extremely OP.Her TR skill increases attack for 7 seconds, and deals 75 percent magic damage to all opponents for a total of 2 times. 


The half decent tier of Tower of God Tier Liust

Reaching the half-decent tier of the Tower of God Tier list, characters start getting worse. These decent heroes do not have the best skills and are not the strongest at their roles. However, they can still prove to be an asset if played effectively. 


  • Class: Heroic close-range physical DPS attacker
  • Novick’s weird mix of tanking abilities and physical DPS makes him a unique character. But because of having the extra tank, he is not so special attack-wise, and his tanking is not that good, either. 
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended Skill
His first skill allows him to deal 50 to 151.25 percent damage 4 times.His second skill deals the same amount of damage but the range becomes 5 times more.His passive ability lets him boost his defense by 100 points, and gives a 30 percent physical damage reduction.This skills boosts his first skill by providing a knock back effect.

Kang Horyang

  • Class: Heroic Magic Tank
  • Perhaps, the only good Heroic rarity Hero that is available so early on. He is a Magic Tank unit, which means he can deal magic damage, but also tank for his allies. However, he is not able to defend himself against physical damage. 
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended Skill
This allows him to rush to the enemy and inflict 100-302.5 percent damage instantly.His second skill allows him to taunt his enemy for 3 seconds, and deal 75-226 percent magic damage.Kang's passive skill allows him to increase his defense by 200 points.This skills is his best one as it boosts all 3 of his other skills by a significant amount,


Below avg tier for tower of god

Welcome to the below-average tier of the Tower of God Tier List. Characters here have abysmal capabilities and will not be of much use. We recommend using other characters if you are currently using these.


  • Class: Heroic Physical DPS-type assassin
  • He works best early game, competing with Kang Horyang. As you progress in the game, his viability dies off, as his stats are below average. He can also deal mad damage, but only if he is transcended. 
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended Skill
His first skill allows him to increase physical damage by just 15-45 percentIt will enable him to inflict a total of 150-453.75 percent physical damage to the opponent with the lowest HP- hence the assassin nature.His passive skill boosts his critical damage by 35 percent. His first two skills get boosted and if you pair that with his passive skill, he can inflict astounding damage.

Khun Aguero Agnis

  • Class: Heroic Magic-type DPS attacker
  • If you to optimize him as much as you can, you should build him on high attack power, so his healing capabilities get boosted. Khun Aguero Agnis perfectly embodies the Tower of God’s C-Tier. 
Basic Skill 1Basic skill 2Passive SkillTranscended Skill
This skill can inflict 75-226.88 percent damage to his opponents that are in range a total of 2 times.His second skill allows him to recover up to 200 percent (minimum 100 percent) attack power worth of HP.Khun's passive skill boosts the life recovery of all his allies by 35 percent.His first basic skill gains more damage and the second one gets a 50 percent recovery effect,


  • Class: Heroic Magic-type DPS attacker
  • All in all, Rachel is a good character to start off with. But that is all she is. Rachel will not be useful to you in the long run, and we recommend finding replacements as soon as you can. 
Basic Skill 1Basic Skill 2Passive SkillTranscended Skill
She can deal up to 302.5 percent magic damage to opponents in range with her first skill and reduce their movement by 15-45 percent for 8 secondsHer second skill deals 50-150 percent magic damage around the targetHer passive skill boosts her magic damage by an astounding 45 percent.This skill gives her ability to slow down enemies through both her basic skills.


Our Tower of God Tier list was carefully crafted based on every character’s skills and viability. We hope this tier list will prove useful to you and help you beat your competition. If you have been a fan of Tower of God before its game was released, we are sure you would be interested to look at cool artwork; click here to see!


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