Anime Punching Simulator Codes [Working 2023]

Everything you need to know about getting Anime Punching Simulator Codes in June 2023.

No matter how professional you may be, getting free items, such as weapons, coins, and even boosts, never hurts anyone. These all will help you throughout your gaming journey in Anime Punching Simulator. This guide entails all the details on how to get your mitts on Anime Punching Simulator Codes, where to redeem them, and how to get more of them.

Key Takeaways
  • The Anime Punching Simulator Codes are used to give strength to the players and help them gain various boosts, energy, and gems.
  • To redeem these codes, start the game on Roblox, click on the chat icon and enter the code, click on redeem and you’ll receive the reward.
  • There are a bunch of Active Anime Punching Simulator Codes and most of them provide you with a specific 2x boost as a reward.
  • You can find these active codes instantly after the release by following the Twitter of the developer, AtanHeroX.

List of Active Codes

  • Last checked on: June 1st, 2023.

We all know the pain felt when a list of codes doesn’t differentiate between active and inactive codes, so we decided to help you! This list only includes active Anime Punching Simulator Codes in June 2023.

SORRYFORLATEValid for 2x Gems Boost
THX70MValid for 2x Practice Boost
65MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
140KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
200KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
60MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
190KFAVSValid for2x Energy Boost
130KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
55MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
180KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
125KFAVSValid for 2x Gem Boost
160KFAVSValid for 2x Practice Boost
50MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
110KLIKESValid for2x Practice Boost
DARKBLOXValid for 2x Energy Boost
SONTYValid for 2x Energy Boost
EMPERADORMAXIValid for 2x Energy Boost
TGOHValid for 2x Energy Boost
JUSTZACKValid for 2x Energy Boost
105KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
150KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
40MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
75KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
110KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
JAKEPUDDINGValid for 2x Energy Boost
NECROBRValid for 2x Energy Boost
JOHNSVENValid for 2x Energy Boost
30MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
100KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
70KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
KINGISAQTValid for 2x Energy Boost
PLIQUEValid for 2x Practice Boost
OPMValid for 2x Practice Boost
MEQUISValid for 2x Gem Boost
SAOValid for 2x Practice Boost
80KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
90KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
100KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
130KFAVSValid for 2x Practice Boost
BRONZERBRValid for 2x Practice Boost
TAVIOZERAValid for 2x Practice Boost
65KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
22MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
FAIRYValid for 2x Energy Boost
OPENSAMUValid for 2x Energy Boost
55KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
50KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
20MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
80KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
GonGonLindaoValid for 1250 Energy
tigretvgemsValid for 2x Gem Boost
TigreTvValid for 2x Energy Boost
16MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
45KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
70KFAVSValid for 2x Practice Boost
HUNTERValid for 2x Practice Boost
14MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
DreamzinhoValid for 2x Practice Boost
40MLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
HEROValid for 2x Practice Boost
35KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
50KFAVSValid for 2x Energy Boost
10MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
30KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
8MVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
BOLINHOBLOXValid for 2x Energy Boost
25KLIKESValid for 2x Practice Boost
VAGNERGAMESValid for 2x Practice Boost
15klikesValid for 2x Practice Boost
4MVisitsValid for 2x Practice Boost
2MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
10KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
5KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
1MVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
MASTERValid for 1250 Energy
500KVISITSValid for Free Rewards
250KVISITSValid for 2x Energy Boost
80KVISITSValid for 2x Practice Boost
1KLIKESValid for 2x Energy Boost
ReleaseValid for 250 Energy

List of Expired Codes

  • At this time, there are no expired codes for Anime Punching Simulator.

How To Redeem Anime Punching Simulator Codes?

Now that you have all available codes in your back pocket, we have to put them to good use by redeeming them. Follow the steps below to redeem your codes.

redeeming anime punching simulator codes
The screen displayed when redeeming codes for Anime Punching Simulator
  1.  First of all, Launch Anime Punching Simulator on Roblox.
  2.  Click on the Chat icon on the left-hand side.
  3.  Enter your code into the text box.
  4.  Press Redeem.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

The biggest reason why codes appear not to be working is a spelling mistake, so make you double check before pressing redeem. All Robox codes are case-sensitive, so also keep this in mind when typing in a code. We recommend copying and pasting the codes directly from above, and this will help eradicate the chance of human error.

There are other mistakes that most people make, and we have listed them on our Game codes guide page. 

If the issue persists, try turning the game on and off. This will launch you into a newer and hopefully updated server where the code should work. The age-old trick of turning it off and on again really does work wonders.

However, if, even after all this, the codes continue not to work, they might just be inactive. This is not something to worry about; more codes for Anime Punching Simulator are released ever so often, and you are bound to get a working code in no time.

Where To Get More Codes?

If all the codes above seem to not be working, which is not happening any time soon, we have still got you covered. We recommend following the Twitter of AtanHeroX, the developer of the game. New Anime Punching Simulator Codes are released here, and you will be the first to know.

What Is Anime Punching Simulator?

Evident from the name, it involves a lot of punching, to say the least. You will be punching throughout the game to gain Energy and using the Energy to gain Gems. The whole purpose of the game is to get boosts, travel to other islands, and see who can have the strongest fists of them all.

What Are Anime Punching Simulator Codes?

The codes help you gain boosts, Energy, and even gems. These can be used to strengthen your player. The codes are released regularly, and they are a quick way to gain a lot of perks if you are in a rush.

Final Thoughts

That is it for now, and this is all the information we have regarding Anime Punching Simulator for today. More information and new codes are added regularly, so bookmarking this page may benefit you. You can also check out Anime Defense Simulator Codes, Anime Fruit Simulator Codes, and Anime World Tower Defense Codes. These games are pretty similar to this one, carrying on the Anime theme. 

Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this one.


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