BEST Valkyrie Connect Tier List [2022]

Role-playing games are simply ruling the gaming world, so they are eXputer’s tier list section! After curating the much demanded Shindo Life Bloodlines tier list, here’s the Valkyrie Connect tier list to fuel your interest for yet another action-packed adventure RPG. 

Valkyrie Connect offers a great harmony between Norse mythology and anime aesthetics while putting up the hugest cast of characters that’s undoubtedly worth your attention. A total of 600 different heroes are kept at players’ disposal, whether they play single-handedly or in multiplayer mode. 

We understand the sheer amount of heroes in Valkyrie Connect might have brought you to the edge of your seats, and making the best choice seems more daunting than expected. So hold back your excitement till we tour you through the tier ranking of the game’s most potent characters. 

Our Valkyrie Connect tier list focuses on PvP content that’s fundamental to the high-level gameplay of Valkyrie Connect. However, we have also presented a separate ranking of the PvE heroes. So let’s not make you wait anymore and get into it! 


S Valkyrie Connect units
Valkyrie Connect Tier S Characters 

The S-tier of our Valkyrie Connect tier list houses all the top heroes. They are absolute beast units with extraordinary utilities, stats, and synergy across every level and any team. Attack and defense capabilities are also superb, allowing tier-S units to take down any enemy.  

Valkyrie Connect HeroElement Type
Sloth Scion VelfellEarthRanged
Holy Night SortishiaLight Magic
Vindicator Seraphiel    Light Magic
Omnicatalyst SortishiaOther Magic
Dragon Girl NuutFire Melee
Vindicator Managarm    OtherRanged
Catalyst AlfanaLightMagic
Catalyst Sortishia    LightMagic
Awakened Shalltear Bloodfallen    LightMelee


A Valkyrie Connect units
Valkyrie Connect Tier A Characters

These are outstanding heroes with minor weaknesses that make them unfit to rank at the top of our Valkyrie Connect characters tier list. Overall, the A-tier units can still inflict massive damage to your foes and have better-than-average stats across all levels. 

Valkyrie Connect HeroElement Type 
Vindicator Gefion    DarkMagic
Star Saint Noa    OtherMagic    
Titan-Attacking Dielle    OtherMagic   
Vindicator Fotma    EarthMelee    
Bird God Xingfu    FireMelee    
Wave Daughter BylgjaOther Magic
Vindicator Borr    LightMagic
Infected Sif    DarkMelee
Terrible Tornado    Earth Ranged
Catalyst Verosa    FireRanged
Awakened Vampire Lord Evileye    FireRanged
Awakened Levi    LightRanged
Awakened Narberal    LightMagic
Awakened Esquire    LightRanged


B Valkyrie Connect units
Valkyrie Connect Tier B Characters

Tier-B units are nice heroes with some teeny-tiny lackings that hinder them from matching the top-tier names of Valkyrie Connect. Nevertheless, you still can’t ignore their potential to smash down the adversary. Tier-B units require good maintenance to continue their strength. 

Valkyrie Connect HeroElement Type 
Shrine Girl Kanna         EarthMagic
Omnipotent ViliOtherMagic
Vindicator Thrym    FireMelee
Vindicator Valtus    LightMelee
Creation God Izanagi    LightMelee
Tortoise God Guangmei    EarthMelee
Catalyst Melveryn    DarkRanged 
Awakened Mavis Vermillion    LightRanged
Summer Scion Frigg    LightRanged
Sunlight God Sol    LightMagic
Catalyst Vili    LightMagic
Jolly Caroler Miku    DarkMagic
Catalyst ElineigeWaterRanged
Albedo    DarkMelee
Red God Frey    FireMelee
Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir    DarkRanged
Vindicator Hrimthurs    WaterRanged
Time Knight Chrossy    OtherRanged


C Valkyrie Connect units
Valkyrie Connect Tier C Characters

The C-tier fellas of our Valkyrie Connect tier list aren’t terrific but not bad either. They perform as suitable mid-tier game units with average qualities to manifest during battles. Replace the tier-C units as soon as you get someone from the top tiers of our list. 

Valkyrie Connect HeroElement Type 
Fairy Cenia        EarthMagic
Awakened Valkyrie Miku    EarthMagic
Imperial Knight Viola        LightMelee
Judging God Forseti    LightMelee
Catalyst Bergelmir    EarthMelee
Awakened Roveria    Melee    WaterWaterMelee
Raindropper Paso    WaterRanged
Dark Beast Tamer Luce    DarkRanged
Sun God Asuka    FireRanged
Catalyst Morphea    OtherRanged
Mistletoe Wielder Mistel    EarthRanged
Star God Kaworu    DarkMagic
Awakened Bewitching CS Mage Lucy    WaterMagic
Deceased God Izanami    DarkMagic
Catalyst Sanngrid    DarkMelee
Valkyrie Herja    DarkRanged
Awakened Lustful Succubus AlbedoDarkRanged


D Valkyrie Connect units
Valkyrie Connect Tier D Characters

These Valkyrie Connect units can hardly be employed in a situation. Most of the tier-D units are definitely not worth the effort required to unlock them, as they are either too weak or slow. We recommend using them only when you have nothing else left to pick from. 

Valkyrie Connect HeroElement Type 
Gatherer Aludra        FireMagic
Evileye    DarkMagic
Prison Empress AvenciaDarkMelee
Awakened Ulin    WaterMelee
Erza Scarlet    FireMelee
Saitama    LightMelee
Vindicator Celestia    LightMelee
Musician Musika    WaterRanged
Pirate Lorone    OtherRanged
Acrobat Kururu    WaterRanged
Boar God Kubira    EarthRanged
Dark Star Helblindi    DarkRanged
Sunny Summer Noa    OtherRanged
Spirit Master Gaia    LightMagic
Valkyrie Rota    WaterMagic
Dual Horn Raspi    DarkRanged

Valkyrie Connect PvE Tier List 

PvE Valkyrie Connect
Valkyrie Connect PvE Tier List

Now that you are done going through the best names for the PvP meta of Valkyrie Connect, here is a complete hierarchy of heroes for PvE:

 Valkyrie Connect PvE Units
SS (Extraordinarily potent for PvE) Kimono Maker Tsumugi, Sunny Summer Noa, Byakuya Kuchiki, Lust Scion Authumla, Peaceful Mediator Elineige, Virtuous Guard Lindworm, Gallant Wolf Lupus, Catalyst Lodur, Nine-Tailed Tamamo, Sorceress Rumi, Nozel Silva, Raindropper Passo, Catalyst Morphea, Savior Kaworu, Savior Selene, Savior Volfa, Dark Pursuer Alfana, Gentle Creator Takamimusubi, Ghostly Cenia, Savior Buri, Angelic Hel, Catalyst Ractinia, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Vampire Lord Evileye, Vindicator Gryffine, Truelove Freya, Summer Sands Celestia, Restoration God Umukahime, Divine Creator Kamimusubi, Savior Asuka & Eva New Unit-02a, Illusion Scion Esquire
S (Excellent)Mari & Eva Unit-08, Catalyst Melveryn, Honest Thief Mikagura, Sun God Asuka, Catalyst Shinji, King, Terrible Tornado, Axe Maiden Elicia, Summer Scion Frigg, Acrobat Kururu, Snowy Bell Reim, Time Knight Chrossy, Oath God Var, Lightning God Raika, Wise God Snotra, Mari & Fafnir, Water Wolf Hati, Spirit Master Allion, Spear Knight Geirrod, Moon Bunny Mikane, Eve Horn Raspi, Catalyst Mari, Fortune Fox Fu-Mei, Tamer Aemyna, Summer Parasol Raspi, Jubilant Dielle, Beloved Bowman Etios, Shining Moon Kaguya, Demiurge, Lethal Bikini Sasha, Poetry God Bragi, Dark Star Helblindi, Cannon Master Canon, Mavis Vermillion, Apocalyptic Rei, Cannon Mama Eleanor, Chemist Famir, Misato & AAA Wunder, Vindicator Managarm, Vindicator Gratias, Kagamine Rin, Gloxinia, Innocent Maiden Ciel, Mecha Marksman Schutz, Elf Queen Quarys, Envy Scion Misato, Catalyst Sveid, Misery Magus Ipsum, Mad Pumpkin Mogthrasir, Vindicator Levina.
A (Great but have minor drawbacks)Envy Scion Esquire, Musician Musika, Match Girl Elena, Catalyst Elm, Savior Rei, Dual Horn Raspi, Savior Dinavia, Dark Beast Tamer Luce, Melveryn <10th Angel>, Mistletoe Wielder Mistel, Final Weapon Ultima, Squirrel Girl Ratatoskr, Fox Spirit Izuna, Wandering Observer Kari, Night Conjurer Luka, Valkyrie Radgrid, Lethal Bikini Risa, Gambler Ranco, Renji Abarai, Raven God Huginn, Dancer Nagisa, Magus Ipsum. 
B (Average) Alchemist Matisse, Wave Daughter Hronn, Disc-Bearer Mona, Kyudoka Mizuki, Bomber Pallone, Summer Seas Kaguya, Flower Girl Flora, Empress Miku-boda, Teasing God Byleist, Zeref, Catalyst Vios, Cool Summer Radgrid, Valkyrie Svipul, Vampire Killer Vendetta, Raven God Muninn, Vindicator Hrimthurs, Spellsword Dielle, Valkyrie Rei, Seraph Reginleif, Phoenix Vidofnir, Hunting God Hodr, Valkyrie Hrist, Valkyrie Verdandi, Adventurer Granfelt, Mermaid Marmalade, Disaster Box Dora.
C (Just fine) Mai Shiranui, Wondrous Alice, Dreameaters Livy & Lo, Sweet Summer Urd, Bowman Etios, Kimono God Vali, Hange, Panda Girl Levin, Gunslinger Wolfgang, Royal Guard Siluria, 6th Angel, Feline Defender Clawdia, Fate God Vali, Succubus Liciela, Cannoneer Canon, Noble Noebel, Ninja Momiji, Falconer Arnaud, New Year Ymir, Megurine Luka, Madoka Kaname, Ken, Thread User Luviria, Assassin Risa, Kagamine Len, Godmother Yvette Sea Dragon Ofnir, Red Hood Souffle, Mechanical Ines, Mechanist Geneir, Mami Tomoe, Hunter Bertha, Traveling Trader Corona, Infantry Mermaid Lorelei, Smiter Medjed, Harpy Mele, Archer Lucio, Great Archer Lyrist, Spirit Bird Hraesvelgr, Sacrificed Neviria.

There you have it, the ultimate Valkyrie Connect tier list of the game’s best characters in both meta. The game packs some powerful units for you to have fun with, but that alone doesn’t mean easy triumph, and a player’s skills will still matter the most. 

That said, don’t compromise on giving your best to get to the end game. As per the game mechanics, units will either be rewarded/ unlocked as you step up the level ladder or can be accessed by trading diamonds.

In the end, we also invite you to check our vast array of matching articles like the Clash Royale tier list, Dislyte 3 Stars tier list, Grand Summoners tier list, and a lot of others. 

Valkyrie Connect Tier List Ranking Criteria 

After investing a lot of time experiencing Valkyrie Connect ourselves, we have come up with the character hierarchy for both PvE and PvP meta. This is how we think the Valkyrie Connect cast’s best units stand against one another in the game. 

Because not every unit was made part of the ranking doesn’t mean they were skipped. Instead, every single constituent that makes up the extensive character pool was weighed before we finally put forth the definitive Valkyrie Connect tier list for you. 

For heroes that are not part of our list, we either consider them not fit for most players or just units that rank lower than F-tier in terms of PvP. Nevertheless, most characters for the PvE content are still considerable, so we ranked them all.

Why Trust Us

Exputer has been curating the most up-to-date rankings for a long time now. While doing this, our team dedicatedly focuses on making the tier list as helpful as possible with just one aim: helping readers with enough information to know how to begin their favorite game and get to the endpoint in no time. 

For the Valkyrie Connect tier list, we not only experienced the game ourselves but also looked into what long-time specialists and newbie gamers think about each unit. As tier lists are a subjective matter, it’s okay if you get to see your favorite names lurking in a lower tier. 

This is not to say that they are utterly useless. It’s just that a hero that might seem perfect to you might not seem the same to another. Therefore take the hierarchy with a pinch of salt and rest the final decision with you. 

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