Quidditch Champions’ Closed Playtest Gameplay Leaked Online

The NDA didn't stop him from streaming the game.

Story Highlights

  • A streamer has broken the NDA and streamed a few minutes of the gameplay from the Quidditch Champions closed playtest.
  • Although the clips have been taken down from his channel, people managed to record them and spread them online for others to see.
  • The gameplay features a quidditch match and the many features coming in the character customization screen.

Update: The leaked footage has since been removed from the relevant platform. 

It’s only been a month after Quidditch Champions—a Hogwarts Legacy spin-off—was announced that a streamer has already broken their NDA and streamed the first few minutes of the gameplay from the title’s closed playtest. Though the clips can no longer be found on their channel, the footage has spread like wildfire on the internet. The clips showcase a quidditch match, the flight gameplay, and some character customization features.

The first clip showcases a quidditch match, and while it looks rough on the ages, it is worth noting that these are from a playtest, so the game still has much room for improvement. We can see from the clip that there is a cooldown on the tackle option and a stamina bar that allows you to boost your speed exponentially temporarily. Moreover, you can call for a pass, similar to what you see in Roller Champions.

The actions and the controls seem to change for different roles in the team, which makes complete sense and allows for more cooperative team play. In addition to that, the game has integrated each position well, as there are clear visual indicators for each ability and how you play. While the above video shows the budger from your side, you can watch the first clip to see how it looks in the hands of another player.

You will first select one of the four roles you want to play; Chaser, Beater, Keeper, and Seeker. Then you can choose from many characters, including some popular characters from the Harry Potter series. Furthermore, you can select from various brooms, pick a broom trail, the goal celebration, and like any other game, your victory celebration. The only thing that affects your gameplay is your role; the rest is only for aesthetic purposes.

Since Harry Potter fans were disappointed not to see Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, Quidditch Champions might just be the one to quench that thirst. It was announced around a month ago and has gained quite an attraction following Hogwarts Legacy’s success. While it may not provide the most immersive experience, the game seems to contain many fun features, but we can only make a proper judgment once it is out.

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