Valor Legends Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Rank up your game with the ultimate characters using our Valor Legends Tier List!

With our Valor Legends Tier List, you can easily identify the best characters and strategize accordingly. Our comprehensive list covers all the essential factors that affect a character’s overall strength, including their skills, stats, and rarity. Get ready to elevate your game with the ultimate monster lineup!

Key Takeaways
  • The latest version of Valor Legends (v22.0.147078) features a roster of 40 characters, each with its unique abilities and strengths.
  • Characters are ranked based on skills, stats, and rarity.
  • The top 4 characters are ranked from S to C tier:
  • S-Tier: The most powerful characters excelling in all aspects, leading teams to victory.
  • A-Tier: Strong, with some limitations in abilities or roles.
  • B-Tier: Good, but less versatile and potent than higher tiers.
  • C-Tier: Average, not recommended for battles by experts.

All Valor Characters Comparison


Valor Legends Tier List

SLionel, Eric, Olivia, Margaret, Flora, Yulvyin, Garr, Oche, Suvere, Sinclair, Cardelin, Ramiel, Felix, Sellier
AYesacco, Lucia, Terrence, Ixlott, Diana, Telwihr, Milton, Gisela, Waga, Grigor, Achis, Liv, Doris, Gisella, Renee, Sota, Catarina, Bally, Frode
BBella, Brooke, Darby, Beelzebub, Edwyrd
CRaghnall, Patrus, Renaud, Ayla, Seth, Norton


S-Tier characters are considered the best Valor Legends Characters; they should be your first choice.

Character Pros Cons
Lionel Great survivability in late-game PVE rounds, Healing based on damage, Taunt CC ability Lionel heals only for himself, Requires careful positioning
Eric Huge shields, Provides healing to one ally up to 40% of their max HP, Effective in PVP with huge shields and healing, Can become a tanker at lower health Less effective in PVE due to pure damage in later campaign stages, Low survivability
Olivia Provides team-wide healing, Grants attack speed boost and debuff removal, Periodically grants energy to allies Limited to light faction teams
Margaret Can heal in bulk and over time, Revive ability, Versatile healer Limited to undead faction teams
Flora Provides team-wide healing and debuff removal, Grants attack boost to an ally, Has a “soft” resurrection passive Limited to forest faction teams
Yulvyin Deals high damage, Applies attack speed reduction and counters enemy heals Lacks survivability, Dies upon defeat
Garr Self-healing abilities, AOE damage, Invisibility and drops aggro Lacks a shield, Slightly weaker than Ramiel in late-game campaign
Oche High damage output, Excellent crowd-control ability Requires good stats and limited by crit rate, Depends on artifact and rune attributes
Suvere Versatile support with damage, Anti-CC, healing, and energy manipulation abilities Lacks specialization in any specific role
Sinclair Deals great damage with strong team buff, Debuff dispels abilities, Good healing capacity Limited to light faction teams
Cardelin Better for PVP over PVE, Provides strong shields and self-sustain in PVP, Self-revive ability Less effective in PVE due to pure damage in later campaign stages
Ramiel Good crowd control and immortality, Self-healing abilities, Deals with AOE damage Limited to undead faction teams
Felix Deals high damage to enemy backline with ultimate skill, Effective against priority targets, Reduces enemy ATK with second skill Relies on RNG, Limited utility beyond damage, May struggle in situations needing support or survivability
Sellier Deals great damage, Effective against immortal units, Supports dealing with immortal units May not be as versatile in PVE, Limited utility beyond damage and support against immortal units, May struggle in certain situations where other abilities are needed


A-Tier Valor Legends Characters are second in line to be the best.

Character Pros Cons
Yesacco Provides support and CC, Good as secondary tank in PvP or main tank in Guild War, Decent damage depending on enemy formation Not as tanky as S-tier warriors
Lucia Great for Abyss and PvE, Good for damage amplification More focused on PvE than PvP
Terrence Strong assassin with self-sustain and good damage, Performs well with proper team comps and runes Lacks crowd control, Reliant on team comps and runes
Ixlott High damage potential hero with reliance on chance, Dashes away from enemy abilities, Good for spreading damage Very unreliable due to chance mechanics, Not consistent in Guild War or Abyss, May dash into enemy abilities
Diana Permanently silences the front enemy unit, Easily obtained through Wishlist and Arena Limited to front enemy unit, May not have high damage output
Telwihr High damage output hero with stunning ability, Split ultimate attack Limited utility beyond damage output
Milton High-damage output, Pure damage dealer Requires RNG for full damage, May not always perform well
Gisela Good crowd control and energy drain abilities, Impactful support Limited damage dealer ability
Waga Can heal and shield the lowest HP ally, Grants energy and attack bonus, Great for supporting frequent casting Does not have a good damage dealer ability
Grigor Buffs ally energy, Provides an attack buff, Supports the main healing priest Not a primary healer, Limited healing abilities
Achis Damage share and shielding abilities, High energy gain for the team Low damage output
Liv Petrified chance on arrows, Good damage and crowd control, Potentially useful for PvE Not good at support
Doris Potent crowd-control ability, Sustains well in 1 vs 1 situation, Anti-assassin application Limited damage output, Prioritized for powering up
Gisella Good crowd controller with sheep ability, Energy drain and crit rate reduction, Impactful support Limited damage output
Renee AOE damage, Attack speed reduction, Great for Abyss with a rune combo Less damage output
Sota Stun and good damage, Potential for auto attack with Berserker and Repulse runes Lacks survivability, Less crowd control with rune combo
Catarina Heals and dispels debuffs, Pull ability for better positioning, Synergy with ranger and assassin attacks, AOE damage potential Less survivability compared to Eric or Lionel, May not last as long in battles
Bally Increased power over time, Good damage against low-health enemies, Versatility in playstyle with runes Relies on other heroes to weaken enemies, Not as effective without proper setup
Frode Solid CC abilities, Support skills for damage increase, Attack speed reduction and defense reduction, Versatility in supporting the team May lack damage output compared to other heroes, Requires other heroes for maximum effectiveness


Character Pros Cons
Bella Decent damage output, Significant reduction in enemy attack speed Performance hinges on chance-based mechanics for damage and crowd control, Inconsistent effectiveness due to reliance on chance
Brooke High damage potential with AoE abilities, Chance-based crowd control effects Relies on chance for effective crowd control, Inconsistent performance due to reliance on chance
Darby Potential strength upon ally deaths, Ability to trigger buffs, Crowd-control capabilities Inconsistent performance depending on ally status, Dependent on ally deaths for maximum effectiveness
Beelzebub Crowd control potential with chance-based abilities, Application of DoT effects on enemies Relies on chance for damage and crowd control, Performance variability due to dependence on chance
Edwyrd AoE capabilities, Can inflict debuffs on enemies Performance contingent on chance-based mechanics, Optimal performance in Guild War with limited effectiveness in other modes

C Tier

Character Description
Raghnall Offers crowd control and shielding support but lacks damage output, primarily serving a supportive role rather than a main DPS.
Renaud Capable of dealing damage, but often outperformed by other warriors. Limited survivability in later stages despite possessing self-sustain and defensive passives.
Ayla Provides team buffs and stun abilities but struggles with survivability and isn’t strong enough to be a primary tank option.
Seth Focuses on boosting abilities, effective early in the campaign but becomes less effective later on. Prone to being overwhelmed in battles.
Norton Possesses crowd-control abilities and provides buffs to allies, but lacks durability and consistency in performance, heavily reliant on staying alive for effectiveness.
Patrus Boasts crowd control and damage abilities, surviving in mid-game or Guild War 3v3 battles but falls short as a main tank due to inconsistent performance.

Valor Legends Tier List Ranking Criteria

In our Valor Legends tier list, we have ranked the characters based on their stats, skills, and rarity. Our comprehensive list covers all the essential factors that affect a character’s overall strength, including their performance in attack, defense, and utility. The characters’ roles and limitations are also considered while ranking them.

  • Attack refers to a character’s offensive capabilities, such as their ability to damage enemies.
  • Defense refers to a character’s ability to withstand damage from enemies.
  • Utility refers to a character’s non-offensive or defensive abilities, such as healing, buffing, or debuffing.

In conclusion, Valor Legends is a popular RPG. It has a vast collection of more than 70 characters that players can collect and upgrade. It has just received a delightful update to its latest version, v22.0.147078!

This Valor Legends tier list is a helpful tool for players looking to build the strongest possible team. While the characters in the S tier are the most powerful, it’s essential to remember that team composition and strategy also play a significant role in achieving victory. Players should consider their playstyle and preferences when deciding which characters to prioritize.

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