FF16: The Man In Black [Holy Trumpitour Guide]

Explore the encounter and rewards with FF16 The Man in Black, the notorious enemy found in the Lostwing, Sanbreque region of the game.

The Man in Black, also known as the Holy Trumpitour, is a tough enemy in FF16. Found in the area called Lostwing in Sanbreque, this enemy has high damage power and can attack in surprising ways. Beating him isn’t easy, but if you manage to do it, you’ll be rewarded with renown and gil. This challenging character brings an exciting element to the long list of Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways
  • The Man in Black, also known as the Holy Trumpitour, is a powerful enemy found in the Lostwing, Sanbreque area of FF16.
  • His attacks are strong and can cause high damage.
  • He is known for his slow, destructive melee attacks and his flamethrower attack that covers a wide area.
  • The Man in Black also has a unique leaping attack that leaves behind earthen magic that explodes, making it risky to attack him right after he leaps.
  • Defeating The Man in Black is a challenge, but it comes with rewards.
  • If you manage to beat him, you’ll receive 20 renown and 9,800 gil.

Who Is Man in Black In Final Fantasy 16?

Holy Trumpitour in FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Man in Black, also known as Holy Trumpitour, is a significant adversary in Final Fantasy 16, found lurking within the confines of Lostwing, Sanbreque. He is a cannoneer-type enemy, notorious for his high damage output and deceptively slow yet destructive melee attacks.

Holy Trumpitour’s unique leaping attack spews out earthen magic that detonates, making immediate counter-attacks risky. The Man in Black’s flamethrower attack is his deadliest, covering a wide area for several seconds. This formidable figure is not only a challenging fight but a memorable addition to the lore of FF16.

How To Find The Man in Black

Fast Travel At Lost Wing [Image Captured by eXputer]
You can find FF16 The Man in Black in the newly abandoned Lostwing, which is closer to Sanbreque, you can select Sanbreque on the Map of Lostwing, which is towards the far right. You will see a waypoint there known as Lostwing. 

If it’s not labeled as Lostwing, check the local map and select the Lostwing Obelisk. Once you reach Lostwing, go up the stairs and enter the Church. Inside, on the Left side of the Entrance, you will see a ladder leading down. 

Holy Trumpitour Location [Image Captured by eXputer]
Go down through the ladder, and you’ll arrive at a Door that leads to the Cellar Passage. Follow the stone corridor of the Cellar Passage, and at the end, you’ll reach an open area where you’ll encounter the Holy Trumpitour, who is actually the Man in Black. The Holy Trumpitour is a Rank-B Enemy and is at level 36.

Quest Start Condition

It shouldn’t be surprising for the players to fight with Human enemies in The World of Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16 Since they can also be a big Threat. Players can encounter lots of battles while progressing through FF16. And one such in the Holy Trumpitour is known as The Man in Black in FF16. But before you can face the Holy Trumpitour, Clive must finish a couple of Side Quests i.e. “For Great Justice” and “For Great Justice II”.

Complete “For Great Justice II” first [Image Captured by eXputer]
To begin these quests, talk to Quinten in Lostwing. If you have not completed them yet, start there. Because you have to finish these before you can get to The Man in Black. If you have already completed them, let’s start our journey with finding the Man in Black.

Holy Trumpitour Boss Fight

Holy Trumpitour boss fight [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Man in Black has an enormous Size and at first sight, you might get frightened of that, but being a threat to the player for the size it imposes that FF16 The Man in Black is a slow Enemy, which gives an edge point to Clive over the size, since Clive can use fast Attacks and can dodge Attacks easily. 

It is best to use your particular Eikonic Build Abilities over the Enemy. Titans Eikon Feat can be very helpful in Combat with this Enemy, and these Eikon Abilities can also help you to get close to the Enemy. After you become familiar with the Attack Patterns of the Enemy you can easily dodge these Attacks just keep an eye on the moves.

Some of the Enemy Attacks that may be Harmful to Clive are the following: 

  • If the Enemy is far away it can use a Flamethrower that is able to cover a large area with fire.
  • To Avoid damage from this Attack, just move backward and to a side that is not covered with fire. 
  • The Holy Trumpitour can also use melee Attacks to give damage to the Clive.
  • These Attacks can be used when you are closer to the Enemy, so be careful when closer.
  • And while Dodging the melee Attack don’t be too quick to dodge since its melee Attacks take some time to prepare.
  • Another move called Recoil involves the Enemy smashing into the ground which will create a burst of stones in some range of Area in which Clive can get hurt.
  • This Attack happens in Cycles of Three, so be careful when Dodging and get to the side or behind an object to avoid getting hurt.
  • When the Enemy uses the Rocketeer move, it will charge at Clive repeatedly in cycles to cause damage.
  • In this Attack Dodging alone will not be enough So you can use Titans Titanic Ability to stop the Enemy completely and can also create a counter Attack. 


Man in Black Hunt rewards FF16 [Image Captured by eXputer]
After you have fought and won the fight against The Man in Black you will be awarded XP, AP, and some crafting materials: 

In Final Fantasy 16, the Man in Black, or Holy Trumpitour, is a strong enemy that players can find in Lostwing, Sanbreque. He’s tough to beat because of his powerful attacks, including a wide-reaching flamethrower attack. Despite the challenge, it’s worth trying to defeat him. This win not only gives you good rewards but also proves your skills in the game.

This brings me to the end of FF16 the Man in Black guide as I have mentioned every single aspect regarding the  Holy Trumpitour. I assume you now know everything about this Hunt. Well, if you do, then I recommend you also read: Final Fantasy 16: BEST Bahamut Eikonic Abilities, BEST Shiva Eikonic Abilities, Best Secrets, and all Curiosities guides.


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