Final Fantasy 16: How To Fast Travel [Obelisks]

Final Fantasy 16 introduces Fast Travel, enabling quick navigation through Obelisks, enhancing your gaming experience.

What Is Fast Travel In Final Fantasy 16?

The fast travel feature in FF16 enables us to travel to certain points in the semi-open world quickly instead of traveling on foot. The game has various waypoints, and Fast Travel can be used to access these waypoints. Initially, as you unlock Fast Travel, you won’t be able to access all waypoints using it. The number of access points increases as you further progress in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16 allows players to swiftly navigate the semi-open world instead of traveling on foot.
  • It’s particularly useful due to the game’s fast-paced combat, aiding in reaching mission locations quickly.
  • The system operates through Obelisks, ancient stone structures marked with blue gemstones, functioning as waypoints on the map.

Watch our short video & grasp the idea of fast travel mechanic in FF16:

YouTube video

How To Fast Travel In FF16

  1. Activation and Functionality: Obelisks are activated upon player interaction, adding a new fast travel point to the map. These points allow players to warp back to the location of the activated Obelisk at any time during their gameplay.
  2. Appearance: Obelisks are recognizable by their ancient-looking design and the luminous blue gemstones adorning them. The gemstones glow more intensely as players approach, making them easily noticeable.
    Using Obelisk to fast travel in FF16 [Image Credit: eXputer]
  3. Availability: The fast travel feature becomes available relatively early in Final Fantasy 16, typically after completing tutorial sessions and progressing through the main storyline.
  4. Unlocking Fast Travel: To unlock the fast travel feature, players must progress through the game’s main storyline until they meet certain objectives. These objectives may include meeting key characters like the Archduke and Clive’s father, who will eventually suggest utilizing fast travel.
  5. Utilizing Fast Travel: Once the fast travel feature is unlocked, players can access it by opening the mini-map, selecting the desired Obelisk location, and holding the designated button (e.g., ‘X’). This action allows players to quickly teleport to the chosen location.
how to fast travel in Final Fantasy 16 [Image Credit: eXputer]
This marks the end of my Final Fantasy 16 Fast Travel guide, and I have written all the useful information regarding fast travel, Obelisk & how to move fast from point A to Point B. Learning about fast travel is surely important but so is Final Fantasy 16: How To Use Limit Break, All Dominants, Eikons & Eikonic Challenges. So make sure you read these guides as well. 


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