Final Fantasy 16: All Eikons [Complete List]

Discover the power of Eikons, their Dominants, and their significant role in shaping the story and gameplay in Final Fantasy 16

Eikons are a major part of Final Fantasy 16. These powerful creatures, also known as Summons, have a big role in shaping the combat in FF16. When an Eikon is called upon, it gives players a big power boost and new abilities. This means the Eikons can help you win tough fights. Each Eikon has a special person called a Dominant who can control it. The Dominants are important characters in the story of Final Fantasy 16. When you learn how to use Eikons well, they can make your battles a lot more exciting and fun.

Key Takeaways
  • Eikons are powerful creatures, also known as Summons, in Final Fantasy 16.
  • They are able to transform into giant creatures and provide unique abilities to their users.
  • The Dominants are chosen ones who receive the Eikon’s blessing and are able to control and harness the powers of the Eikons.
  • Each Eikon is associated with an element and has a unique Dominant.
  • Eikons have a significant role in shaping the FF16’s combat and story.
  • The known Eikons in FF16 include the following 10 powerful beings:
    1. Phoenix
    2. Ifrit
    3. Shiva
    4. Garuda
    5. Ramuh
    6. Odin
    7. Titan
    8. Bahamut
    9. Titan Lost
    10. Typhon

All Eikons In FF16

Here is a brief overview entailing a complete list of all Eikons on Final Fantasy 16:

EikonDominantElemental Power
PhoenixJoshua RosfieldFire
IfritClive RosfieldFire
ShivaJill WarrickIce
GarudaBenedikta HarmanWind
RamuhCidolfus TelamonLightning
OdinBarnabas TharmrAir
TitanHugo KupkaEarth
BahamutDion LesageLight
Titan LostUnknownEarth

What Are Eikons In Final Fantasy 16?

In Final Fantasy 16, Eikons are powerful beings that can transform into giant creatures and beasts. They are an important part of the game’s world and story. When a person in FF16’s world of Valisthea receives the blessing of an Eikon, they can turn into these giant creatures, bringing unique abilities into play. They are not just a symbol of power but also have a direct impact on the story and gameplay.

Who Are Dominants?

Dominants in Final Fantasy 16 are the chosen ones who receive Eikon’s blessing. This blessing allows them to harness the powers of Eikons and turn into giant beasts during battles. Every Eikon has a unique Dominant and they are key characters in FF16. Dominants can use Eikon’s power in a way that best suits their strategy and gameplay style.

List Of Known Eikons

There are several known Eikons in Final Fantasy 16. Each Eikon has specific Dominant and different abilities. Here’s a simple list of them:

  1. Phoenix: The Eikon of Fire, whose Dominant is Joshua Rosfield.
  2. Ifrit: Another Eikon of Fire, linked with the main character, Clive.
  3. Shiva: The Eikon of Ice, with Jill Warrick as the Dominant.
  4. Garuda: Master of the sky, Dominated by Benedikta Harman.
  5. Ramuh: The Eikon of Lightning, whose Dominant is Cidolfus Telamon.
  6. Odin: A fierce dark-armor knight, with Barnabas Tharmr as the Dominant.
  7. Titan: The Eikon of Earth, with Hugo Kupka as its Dominant.
  8. Bahamut: The king of Dragons, and its Dominant is Dion Lesage.
  9. Titan Lost: An unknown Eikon, appeared in a gameplay showcase.
  10. Typhon: A mysterious Eikon, previously featured in other Final Fantasy titles.

1. Phoenix

Phoenix [All Images Credits: Square Enix]
The Phoenix Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 is known as the Eikon of Fire. This means it is a powerful creature linked to the element of fire. The Dominant for Phoenix is Joshua Rosfield. As a Dominant, Joshua can transform into Phoenix and has control over its fire abilities.

Now, Clive is the main character in Final Fantasy 16. While he is not the Dominant of Phoenix, he still gains benefits from this Eikon. Clive is the older brother of Joshua, so they have a strong connection. This bond allows Clive to use the Phoenix’s fire magic in battles, even if he cannot fully transform into the Eikon like Joshua.

This advantage is useful during gameplay as fire magic can help defeat enemies, particularly those weak against fire. Also, fire magic often has healing properties in the Final Fantasy series, so Clive may also use it to recover his or his party members’ health during tough fights. Remember to use these advantages wisely to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

2. Ifrit

Ifrit Eikon

Ifrit is another Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. This Eikon is known as the Eikon of Fire. It’s like a big, tough monster that can use fire powers. It’s pretty scary to go up against. But here’s where Clive comes in. Clive is the guy you play in FF16. He’s Joshua’s older brother, and Joshua has control over the Phoenix Eikon, another fire Eikon. However, Ifrit is controlled by a different Dominant, not Joshua.

While Clive doesn’t have direct control over Ifrit, he can still get some perks from the Eikon because of his brother’s powers. Clive can use fire magic in battles which is super useful against enemies who are weak to fire. But remember, he can’t transform into Ifrit or Phoenix as their Dominants can.

Still, Clive can use fire magic to hurt enemies and help his friends. So even though Ifrit is a tough monster, Clive’s fire magic can give him a fighting chance. Just remember to use your powers wisely when you’re playing!

3. Shiva


Shiva is an Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, also known as the Eikon of Ice. This powerful entity is linked to the character Jill, who is the “Dominant” controlling Shiva. Jill comes from the Grand Duchy of Rosia and was taken from her home in the north to live in Rosia. She grew up alongside Clive and Joshua.

Eikons like Shiva can grant special abilities to those in Final Fantasy 16. At first, Shiva will only use basic attacks. However, as you earn Ability Points by beating enemies, you can unlock more powerful ice-based attacks from Shiva. It means that as you progress in Final Fantasy 16, Shiva’s attacks become stronger and more varied.

For Clive, it’s been shown that he can use Shiva’s ice abilities. Even though Clive’s main Eikon is Phoenix, in some situations, he might be able to transform into Shiva, similar to Ifrit. Once players unlock Shiva’s abilities, Clive will be able to use these ice skills for the rest of Final Fantasy 16.

In terms of storyline, Jill Warrick is the one who originally inherits Shiva. But from gameplay shown in live streams and trailers, it seems that Clive might get access to Shiva’s powers at some point.

4. Garuda


Garuda is known as the Eikon of Wind in Final Fantasy 16. It’s connected to the character named Benedikta who is the “Dominant” or controller of Garuda. Benedikta is a member of Waloed’s elite intelligencers, and she initially inherits Garuda’s powers. Interestingly, even though Benedikta is the original Dominant for Garuda, gameplay footage and trailers suggest that Clive might end up using Garuda’s powers.

At the beginning of Final Fantasy 16, Garuda can only perform basic attacks. But as you defeat enemies and earn Ability Points, you can unlock more powerful wind-based attacks. These more potent abilities can make a significant difference in battles, particularly against boss enemies.

Clive, the main character, has been shown to use Garuda’s abilities. Although his main Eikon is Phoenix, he might be able to transform into Garuda, just like with Ifrit. Once you unlock Garuda’s abilities, Clive can use these wind powers for the rest of Final Fantasy 16. Some of Garuda’s notable abilities include “Aerial Blast,” which summons a tornado to hunt down and attack enemies, and “Rook’s Gambit,” a counterattack move that increases in strength if it evades an enemy’s attack.

Update: Here is a quick video showcasing the boss fight with Garuda.

5. Ramuh


Ramuh, also known as the Eikon of Lightning, is another key Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. It’s originally connected with the character Cidolfus. Cidolfus used to be a soldier of the Waloed Kingdom, but he left that life behind and is now seen as an outlaw. He’s a man of science, aiming to create a better world for dominants who are often used as weapons.

Clive, the FF16’s main character, can use Ramuh’s abilities. It means Clive might be able to turn into Ramuh, much like he does with Ifrit. Gameplay footage and trailers show Clive battling Ramuh while in his Ifrit form.

Some of Ramuh’s main abilities are “Pile Drive,” which lets Ramuh drive his staff into the ground, electrifying enemies nearby; “Lightning Rod,” which creates a ball of lightning that can chain to other enemies if hit; “Blind Justice,” a barrage of ball lightning that you can lock onto enemies and then discharge for extra damage; and “Judgment Bolt,” a massive lightning strike from the sky that can deal huge damage to a single target.

Cidolfus is the original Dominant of Ramuh. Apart from his dreams of a better world for Dominants, he also owns Cid’s Hideaway, which serves as a hub for players to accept side quests. The connection between Clive and Cidolfus, and how Ramuh’s powers factor into it, seems to be a key part of Final Fantasy 16’s plot and story.

6. Odin


Odin is an Eikon associated with the element of air in Final Fantasy 16. Odin is tied to the character Barnabas, who is the King of Waloed. Barnabas started as a nameless wanderer but managed to unite the eastern lands and formed the Kingdom of Waloed with his control over Odin and his skills with the sword.

Odin is often seen as an armored knight on a spectral steed, wielding a powerful black blade. His Dominant, Barnabas, is known for his love of chaos and battle, making him a dangerous foe in Final Fantasy 16. Gameplay footage and trailers suggest that Odin and Barnabas will have a significant role in the story, possibly as an enemy to Clive.

Some of the specific abilities that Clive can learn from Odin include “Sheathe,” “Gungnir,” “Dark,” “Heaven’s Cloud,” and “Zantetsuken.” Once you unlock these abilities, they will provide Clive with new air-based attacks to use against enemies.

7. Titan


Titan is an Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. This Eikon stands for Earth. It is tied to a character named Hugo. Titan’s big thing is power. It punches the ground or enemies with mighty fists, and this causes a lot of AoE damage. How do you use Titan? Well, like most Eikons, you can summon Titan during boss fights. 

Titan’s strong punches and earth-shaking moves are a real game-changer in these battles. Titan Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 has special abilities, and here are a few known ones:

  1. Raging Fists: It is a fast series of punches. It’s a great way to hit an enemy hard and fast.
  2. Windup: With this move, Titan delivers a strong punch forward. You can hold the button to power up the punch even more.
  3. Earthen Fury: The move causes a mini earthquake. Titan slams both hands into the ground and nearby enemies go flying.

Hugo Kupka is the person who has Titan’s power. He’s from the Dhalmekian Republic. Hugo used to be just a regular soldier, but then he became Titan’s dominant. This gave him a lot of power and respect. He went from soldier to economic advisor. You will see Hugo as Titan fighting against Shiva and Ifrit. 

8. Bahamut


Bahamut is an Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, and this one is all about Light element. It is tied to a character named Dion. When you see Bahamut, you can’t miss the dragon-like form it takes.

You can use Bahamut in boss fights in Final Fantasy 16. This Eikon brings a lot of power to the fight. Just like the other Eikons, Bahamut can make a big difference when the battle gets tough. Bahamut also has special abilities, and here are a few known ones that Clive can learn:

  1. Megaflare: This move sends out a big, bright, explosive blast.
  2. Dia: The ability deals light magic damage to enemies.
  3. Wings of Light: These wings are not just for show. They deal damage to all surrounding enemies.
  4. Flare Breath: It is like a dragon’s fire, but with light. It can burn a row of enemies.
  5. Satellite: The powerful skill deals light damage to all enemies.

Dion Lesage is the one who holds Bahamut’s power. He’s from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Dion is not just any guy, though. He’s the crown prince and the leader of the Dragoons. The people love and respect him. You will see Dion and Clive fighting as Bahamut and Ifrit. The clash of Light and Fire is something to see, and I for one can’t wait to witness it in the final version of Final Fantasy 16.

Update: Here is a quick video showcasing the boss fight with Bahamut.

9. Titan Lost

Titan Lost

In Final Fantasy 16, you encounter Titan Lost, an Eikon associated with Earth. It’s unclear who holds dominance in this conflict. The game portrays a battle between Ifrit and Titan Lost, with Titan Lost towering over Ifrit. During the battle, Ifrit must scale Titan Lost’s colossal body.

Titan Lost is a formidable adversary known for conjuring sharp crystals from its body for attacks and controlling numerous massive tentacles on its back. There’s speculation about Titan Lost’s relationship with Titan and Hugo:

  1. Titan Lost may represent an evolved or alternate form of Titan.
  2. Hugo, who controls Titan, could have a connection to Titan Lost due to their similar names and shared Earth-related powers.
  3. While their abilities are similar, their appearances as Eikons differ significantly, with Titan Lost resembling a living mountain with enormous rocky arms.
  4. Titan Lost might be a supercharged or enhanced version of Titan, setting the stage for a major boss battle in Final Fantasy 16.

10. Typhon


Typhon, an Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, appears as a boss you must confront. In this installment, Typhon has a distinct appearance, resembling a floating half-human figure with long, powerful arms, and it moves ghostly.

During the AX East presentation, Square Enix showcased a battle scene in Final Fantasy 16 featuring Ifrit and Typhon. This scene offers insights into the Eikon battles in the game. Clive, who controls Ifrit, is not present in this scene.

The battle demonstrates the user interface (UI), displaying life bars for Ifrit and Typhon, along with Ifrit’s available attacks. These attacks encompass basic strikes, jumping, fireballs, and wildfire. Ifrit also possesses a special move called Precision Dodge, enabling it to evade Typhon’s attacks. Following a successful dodge, Ifrit can execute an Advanced Counter, which can be incorporated into combos, including the Fireball Burst attack and the Backdraft Finish.

Update: Here is a quick video showcasing the boss fight with Typhon.

This brings me to the end of Final Fantasy 16 Eikons guide where I have listed every single powerful being known so far. I will update the list when the game officially releases and if there are more Eikons in FF16. Before you leave and read the next best thing, you must visit Is Final Fantasy 16 Available On Game Pass, FF16 Release Platforms, and all edition guides & give yourself the necessary information before the game releases. 

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