FF16 The Rising Tide: Best Ultima Eikonic Abilities

Get access to divine power and become the strongest in Valisthea!

The Rising Tide DLC does not end with Leviathan, as it has an extra surprise for players, which allows them to get access to Ultima and his powerful Eikonic abilities that are best used to complete the tough Kairos Gate in FF16. It is really easy to unlock Ultima’s abilities once players complete the main story of The Rising Tide DLC.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of five different abilities that can be unlocked for the Ultima Eikon in FF16.
  • Ultima’s Eikonic abilities unlock after completing the main story of The Rising Tide DLC by beating Leviathan.
  • Almost all of these abilities are extremely powerful and can dominate most fights in the game.
  • Kairos Gate becomes a chore to complete without using Ultima’s Eikonic abilities, as it can get difficult.
  • Author’s Note: I have over 70 hours in Final Fantasy 16 and have finished both of the DLCs in Final Fantasy difficulty, so you can put your trust in the information provided in this guide.

The Best Ultima Eikonic Abilities

Here is a summary of all the best Eikonic abilities of Ultima with their description:

1Ultimate DemiseThe Best Overall Eikonic AbiltiyAllows Clive to pull in enemies towards himself and deal massive health and stagger damage.
2ProselytizeThe Best Spammable Eikonic AbiltiyDeals decent health and stagger damage and can be spammed since it has a fast reload time.
3AscensionThe Best Crowd Control Eikonic FeatIt is a powerful Eikonic Feat that not only grants great maneuverability but also allows you to deal with ganks.

1. Ultimate Demise

The Best Overall Eikonic Abiltiy.
best ultima eikonic abilities ff16 the rising tide
The Ultimate Demise Eikonic Ability of Ultima (Image Captured by Us)

All of Ulttima’s Eikonic abilities are exceptionally overpowered, but Ultimate Demise takes the cake for being the strongest. It not only deals high stagger damage and high health damage, but it also pulls fodder enemies toward the attack, making it good for crowd control as well. I easily defeated complete waves of fodder with a single use of this ability, and that was also true for the Final Fantasy difficulty.

However, there is a drawback to using Ultimate Demise, and that is its really long recharge time. But, the damage that it deals with in a single use makes the ability worthwhile. Since it also deals high stagger damage, I had health-damaging Eikonic abilities on my other slots when Ultimate Demise was my main method of staggering a boss in Final Fantasy 16.

  • High health damage.
  • High stagger damage.
  • Great crowd control.
  • Slow recharge time.
  • Why I Went With This: It allows me to clear individual waves of enemies in the Kairos Gate with a single use of the ability.

2. Proselytize

The Best Spammable Eikonic Abiltiy.
skills in the game
The Proselytize Eikonic Ability of Ultima in FF16 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Proselytize Eikonic ability does not suffer from a slow recharge time, but it does deal less damage than the Ultimate Demise ability overall. However, the lower damage can be compromised by repeatedly using this ability, basically spamming it until the boss staggers or just dies from losing enough health. The fast reload time allowed me to use Proselytize multiple times during a single battle.

It can also act as a good crowd-control ability, but you’ll have to aim it in the right direction to hit as many enemies as possible. Proselytize does not pull enemies toward its hitbox like the Ultimate Demise ability does in Final Fantasy 16.

  • Decent health damage.
  • Decent stagger damage.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Not great crowd control.
  • Why I Chose This Ability: I keep using Proselytize over and over again to quickly stagger a boss and leave it open for my other Eikonic abilities, that is, if it survives the health damage caused by Proselytize.

3. Ascension

The Best Crowd Control Eikonic Feat.
best ultima eikonic abilities ff16 the rising tide
The Ascension Eikonic Ability of Ultima in FF16 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Ascension is currently one of the strongest Eikonic Feats in Final Fantasy 16. It gives great maneuverability to Clive and buffs him up with strong attacks that can easily damage multiple enemies at once. I love using this Eikon to hit multiple enemies with Ultima’s wings, and it feels really satisfying to use additionally. The dodges are also really swift and Ascension proves to be a great ability to turn to when my other Eikonic abilities are reloading.

  • Great movement.
  • Swift dodges.
  • Amazing crowd control.
  • Average damage.
  • Why I Used This Eikonic Feat: I have relied on Ascension multiple times to beat ganks of fodder enemies in the Kairos Gate.

Honorable Mentions

skills in the game
The Voice of God Eikonic Ability of Ultima in FF16 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Here is another one of Ultima’s Eikonic abilities that didn’t make it to my list due to its cons outweighing the pros:

  • Voice of God: It is also a really powerful ability that deals amazing damage and even gives Clive invincibility frames; unfortunately, the Ultimate Demise ability just outshines it.

How To Unlock Ultima

best ultima eikonic abilities ff16 the rising tide
The Arete Stone Located In The Hideaway In FF16 (Image Captured by Us)

After completing the main story of The Rising Tide DLC, visit the Arete Stone at the Hideaway to unlock Ultima’s Eikonic abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

You cannot access Ultima’s Eikonic abilities before beating Leviathan in The Rising Tide DLC. Once the main story of the DLC is complete, you can visit the Arete Stone at the Hideaway. Without spoiling much, a special cutscene plays where Clive gets access to Ultima’s Eikonic abilities.

My Take On Ultima’s Eikonic Abilities

All of Ultima’s Eikonic abilities are extremely powerful, and it really feels like you’re wielding something divine when using these abilities. These abilities also make the Kairos Gate a cakewalk, which poses an otherwise great challenge. Additionally, Ultima’s abilities are so fun to use that I’ve already started another Ng+ run with them.

This concludes my guide on the best Eikonic abilities of Ultima that players can use in The Rising Tide DLC of FF16. I have not only enlisted the best abilities but have also entailed how players can unlock Ultima. I hope that the guide helped you in learning more about Ultima. Let me know if The Rising Tide DLC has been fun for you so far in the comments below!

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