The BEST Accessories In FF16 [Top 15]

Learn everything there is about the best accessories to use in FF16 as well as their effects and how to obtain them in-game.

FF16’s best accessories fill in the gap of the RPG aspect of the game, as these gear items can provide different types of unique buffs and effects for Clive to aid him in the battle system. You can freely equip three of these accessories at any given time, and the effects can range from them boosting your specific Eikon abilities to even helping you farm experience or ability points easily. However, out of all of these accessories, knowing about the best ones can help make all the difference in the combat of Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Accessories in FF16 can provide useful benefits in gameplay as they not only provide buffs but can also alter your playstyle.
  • These accessories can be found through various means, mainly through treasure chests, merchants as well as even through the Patron’s Whisper vendor.
  • A few of the different types of accessories include the following:

  1. Accessories such as the Crimson Tassels and Genji Gloves can provide damage buffs which are essential against the tanky enemies of Final Fantasy 16.
  2. There are also ability-focused accessories, such as the Breath of Earth and Favor of Flame, which can boost the damage of your Best Eikon abilities.
  3. Accessories such as the Berserker Ring can alter your playstyle, where you may perform an entirely different evasion technique.
  4. Lastly, you may be inclined to use unique ones like the Talisman of Priming, as it boosts the duration of your Lionheart Tonics for Limit Break.

The Best Accessories In Final Fantasy 16

Crimson TasselsIncreases limit break generation amount by 3% when dealing damage.26000 Gil13000 Gil
Genji GlovesIncreases overall damage dealt to enemies by 5%N/A50000 Gil
Cobalt TasselsIncreases Limit Break generation amount by 6% when taking damage24000 Gil12000 Gil
The Breath Of Earth (Windup)Reduces Upheaval cooldown time by 3.5 secondsN/A7900 Gil
The Will Of Fire (Rising Flames)Reward for defeating Benedikta Harman in the ‘Headwind’ main story questN/A5000 Gil
The Favor Of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone)Increases the Scarlet Cyclone damage by 8%N/A5250 Gil
The Breath Of Lightning (Judgment Bolt)Reduces Judgment Bolt cooldown by 9.0 secondsN/A17500 Gil
Berserker RingTemporarily increases attack proficiency with each precision dodgeN/A25000 Gil
Ring Of Timely AssistanceAuto-command Torgal's attacksN/ACannot be sold
On Fortune and HeavensIncreases EXP earned by 15%5500 Gil2750 Gil
Wages Of WarcraftIncreases ability points earned in normal encounters by 20%15000 Gil7500 Gil
Talisman of PrimingIncreases Lionheart tonic duration by 30 secondsN/A15000 Gil
Dire Wolf JessIncreases combo damage by 5%N/A5000 Gil
Adamantite GauntletsIncreases maximum HP by 500N/A50000 Gil
Channeler’s WhispersAutomatically charges magic spells and maintains the charge until cast.20000 Gil10000 Gil

1. Crimson Tassels

ff16 crimson tassels
Crimson Tassels (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases limit break generation amount by 3% when dealing damage.
HOW TO GETPurchasable at Charon’s Toll shop during the “Cid the Outlaw” questline
PRICE26000 Gil

Starting things off with the Crimson Tassels, which will be available to purchase from Charon’s Toll inventory during the Cid the Outlaw quest. This quest, without spoiling anything, will essentially be the quest that will unlock the 2nd half of the main game, so you can best be sure to acquire it fairly into the mid-game events.

In my opinion, and after having nearly 40+ hours of experience with FF16 (PSN: Liontamer55460), this is an accessory I don’t take off now unless I want to switch builds for Clive. Limit Break is an essential component that you unlock later in the game, which can immensely help you deal enormous amounts of damage to bosses or tough enemies, and increasing its generation even by 3% makes the difference quite noticeable in-game.

2. Genji Gloves

ff16 genji gloves
Genji Gloves (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases overall damage dealt to enemies by 5%
HOW TO GETEarnable reward from the Patron’s Whisper once you reach 2365 Renown

The Genji Gloves are unlocked way late into FF16, but these are almost as good as any of the other best accessories as they provide a 5% damage boost for Clive. It is unlocked via the Patron’s Whisper, which is essentially a reputation-based vendor in the Hideaway that tracks renown based on quests completed and other side content.

While the effects are certainly simple enough, it is still a viable accessory that gets the job done if you want an attack boost against the tough encounters in the late-game events of Final Fantasy 16. Furthermore, if you manage to get another copy of the item in NG+, you can increase the damage boost to 10%.

3. Cobalt Tassels

ff16 best accessories
Cobalt Tassels (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases Limit Break generation amount by 6% when taking damage
HOW TO GETIt will be available for purchase at merchants and at Charon’s Toll once you reach the Hawk’s Cry Cliff area.
PRICE24000 Gil

Similar to the Crimson Tassels, if you’re looking to maximize the potential of Limit Break, then you can pair the Cobalt Tassels with its former counterparts.

This accessory will provide a 6% generation to Limit Break when you take damage from enemies, and while it is best that you play the maximum of your potential and dodge attacks, it is still a great accessory if you can tank damage and subsequently use Limit Break as much as possible. By crafting a +1 Cobalt Tassels in NG+, you can increase the effects to 12%.

4. The Breath Of Earth (Windup)

ff16 best accessories
The Breath of Earth (Windup) (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
EFFECTSReduces Upheaval cooldown time by 3.5 seconds
HOW TO GETIt is a reward for completing the “Getting to Work” sidequest instructed to you by Mid.

The Titan Eikon’s Windup has been my favorite ability to use ever since I first got it, so having an accessory that can reduce its cooldown uptime is certainly pleasing, to say the least. Windup has high damage and stun properties, so it is great not only for boss fights and elite mini-bosses but also against normal trash fodder targets. The quest itself is initiated by helping Mid with her three different assignments.

5. The Will Of Fire (Rising Flames)

ff16 best accessories
The Will Of Fire (Rising Flames) (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSAcquired as a reward for defeating Benedikta Harman in the ‘Headwind’ main story quest
HOW TO GETIncreases Rising Flames damage by 10%

Rising Flames is one of the first Eikon abilities you ever acquire in Final Fantasy 16 during the prologue with the blessing of the Phoenix. It has fantastic single-target damage, one that players can use till the endgame encounters with ease for optimal DPS. The 10% damage boost is quite noticeable, and even I myself had The Will of Fire accessory equipped for a long time before swapping my Eikon ability builds.

The best part is you can get it fairly early on in the story, as the Benedikta boss fight takes place in the beginning sections once you finish the prologue. Lastly, once you get another one in NG+, you can reinforce the Will of Fire accessory to +1, increasing the damage boost to 20%.

6. The Favor Of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone)

ff16 best accessories
The favor of fire (Scarlet Cyclone) (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases the Scarlet Cyclone damage by 8%
HOW TO GETIt can be found inside a chest in the Highwind main quest

Scarlet Cyclone, along with Rising Flames, is another Eikon ability that you will start off with in Final Fantasy 16. The Favor of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone) allows you to increase its total damage output by 8%, which is highly beneficial early on; this will be your main ability to use for both stagger bar damage to bosses and other elite enemies. So hence why it lands in my list of the best FF16 accessories.

Be sure to keep a close eye out for the accessory, as it is unlockable via a chest located in the castle section of the Highwind questline. Upgrading it to +1 with another copy will double the damage to 16%.

7. The Breath Of Lightning (Judgment Bolt)

ff16 best accessories
The Breath of Lightning (Judgment Bolt) (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSReduces Judgment Bolt cooldown by 9.0 seconds
HOW TO GETIt can be found in a chest during the “Fire in the Sky” main quest in the Crystalline Dominion.

Judgment Bolt is essentially the ultimate ability of the Ramuh Eikon and deals superb damage, whether it’s a boss fight encounter or for clearing away trash fodder targets in crowd control situations.

Having access to a reduced cooldown can certainly help you increase its viability in order to use it more in combat. The chest location will be fairly in your way in the quest itself, so make sure not to miss it when getting across the area towards Bahamut.

8. Berserker Ring

ff16 berserker ring
Berserker Ring (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSTemporarily increases attack proficiency with each precision dodge
HOW TO GETEarnable reward from the Patron’s Whisper once you reach 85 Renown

The Berserker Ring completely changes your precision dodge as Clive does a slide-like evasion and, upon doing so, grants him a brief damage-boost status.

While this can certainly cancel out those counterattack strikes, it is a personal preference if you want to use this accessory since it can drastically impact your ability build and overall playstyle. The attack boost is great, but for later sections in the game, especially in late-game, you’re better off using any other of the best ff16 accessories.

9. Ring Of Timely Assistance

ff16 best accessories
Ring of timely Assistance (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSWhen equipped, pet commands are executed automatically, and Torgal‘s actions will adapt to Clive’s. The Ring of Timely Assistance’s effects are included in the Ring of Timely Strikes.
HOW TO GETIt is available to players right from the beginning of the game in your gear inventory menu.
SELLING PRICEIt cannot be sold

The Ring of Timely assistance is one of the four available helpful accessories provided by the developers which essentially makes it so that you have to put in too much effort for the combat. Now while I would suggest that you learn to get better at your own pace, this ring is different from the others as it simply allows you to issue auto-commands to Torgal so that he can perfectly launch his attacks amidst the fast-paced battles.

These can be great as the in-game AI-controlled Torgal will attack at the precise moment of your combos and abilities. While you are better off learning the input timings yourself, it doesn’t hurt to use the Ring of Timely Assistance to give yourself an extra hand.

10. On Fortune And Heavens

final fantasy 16 accessories
On Fortune and Heavens (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases EXP earned by 15%
HOW TO GETAvailable for purchase from merchants and Charon’s Toll in the Hideaway during the “Cid The Outlaw” main quest.
PRICE5500 Gil

The On Fortune and Heavens allow you to gain 15% experience points from all sources of activities within FF16, making it one of the best to use for farming EXP easily.

It quite honestly makes the pre-order bonus items seem redundant as that only offers you a 10% exp boost, and it hardly takes time before you acquire the On Fortune and Heavens instead. Overall, this accessory can greatly help you make EXP farms easier to reach the max level in FF16 without any hitches.

11. Wages Of Warcraft

ff16 wages of warcraft
Wages of Warcraft (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases ability points earned in normal encounters by 20%
HOW TO GETAvailable for purchase from merchants and Charon’s Toll in the Hideaway during the “Cid The Outlaw” main quest.
PRICE15000 Gil

Unlike experience (which is tied to the character level only), Ability Points are completely different as they allow you to purchase, upgrade and master the various Eikon abilities for Clive. Towards the end-game of FF16, you will need to farm tons of these ability points in order to acquire almost every ability of your preference, so it goes without saying that equipping the Wages of Warcraft will make it easier to farm AP during encounters.

12. Talisman Of Priming

ff16 talisman of priming
Talisman of Priming (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases Lionheart tonic duration by 30 seconds
HOW TO GETEarnable reward from the Patron’s Whisper once you reach 1360 Renown

The following accessory, known as the Talisman of Priming, will increase your Lionheart tonic’s duration by 30 seconds. These Lionheart tonics are essentially consumable potions that will gradually fill up your Limit Break bar over the course of the battle.

This is possibly the best accessory to use in FF16 if your playstyle revolves around using Limit Break, and it may even come in handy for NG+ in the Final Fantasy difficulty mode. It is worth stating that the Lionheart tonics can be easily purchased from merchants across Valisthea for 250 Gil, so be sure to carry them around at all times if you plan on using the Talisman of Priming with your build.

13. Dire Wolf Jess

final fantasy dire wolf jess
Dire wolf jess (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases combo damage by 5%
HOW TO GETEarnable reward from the Patron’s Whisper once you reach 295 Renown

The Dire Wolf Jess is another one of the best accessories of FF16, which can be obtained via the Patron’s Whisper vendor after you have reached a renown threshold of 295. Simply enough, it increases your overall combo chain attack damage by 5%, and if you’re a skilled player who’s mastered the ins and outs of the FF16 battle system, then you can be sure that this accessory will help you a lot.

Furthermore, just remember that combo chains count when you trigger attacks in between Clive’s melee and magic burst combos. If you manage to get another copy of the accessory in your NG+ playthrough, then you can reinforce the Dire Wolf Jess to grant you a 10% combo damage boost.

14. Adamantite Gauntlets

ff16 adamantite gloves
Adamantite Gloves (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSIncreases maximum HP by 500
HOW TO GETFound in a floating treasure box during the “Footfalls In Ash.” A main questline in the Kingdom of Waloed

The Adamantite Gauntlets are found way late in terms of the progression of FF16. This accessory increases your total Health Points by 500, which can be greatly useful for certain endgame encounters and boss fights.

Just be sure not to miss it as you approach the Reverie in the Kingdom of Waloed’s Footfalls in Ash questline. You must simply check the out-of-the-way area near the map-marked objective to acquire it from a floating ancient reward cache.

15. Channeler’s Whispers

ff16 best accessories
Channeler’s Whispers (Image credit: eXputer)
EFFECTSAutomatically charges magic spells and maintains the charge until cast. The accessory effect will not trigger unless the ability “Charged Magic” is learned.
HOW TO GETAvailable for purchase from merchants and Charon’s Toll in the Hideaway during the “Cid The Outlaw” main quest.
PRICE20000 Gil

Lastly, it brings us to the Channeler’s Whispers which are honestly one of the unique accessories on the list as it allows you to charge up your magic spells without having the need to do it yourself by holding down the input button. But keep in mind that regardless of equipping the accessory, it will not work unless you have actually learned the ability to use Charged Magic spells.

It is incredibly useful because these spells can launch your opponents into the air, making it a great utility tool to keep your combos in flow rather than ending it. It is almost similar to the timely rings, which can provide helpful gameplay support if you’re uncomfortable with the combat.

This concludes our guide to the FF16 Best Accessories, and if you want similar reads, then I highly suggest checking out the Best Weapons guide, which details some amazing swords for Clive, such as the Braveheart. Be sure also to tackle the Hunt Boards that allow you to monsters such as the ferocious Grimalkin in order to exploit rich materials such as the Scarleitite.

If you have any other questions related to the guide or with any of the best accessories in FF16, then please be sure to let me know in the comments section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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