Final Fantasy 16: How To Dodge Attacks

Unveil tactics for effective dodging in Final Fantasy 16, with Regular and Precision Dodges enabling evasion and counterattacks.

Final Fantasy 16 brings a game-changing addition to its combat mechanics: the innovative dodge system. Using the R1 button, players can execute Regular and Precision Dodges to evade enemy attacks and gain strategic advantages. From initiating counterattacks to mitigating high-damage threats, these new dodge mechanics offer players a dynamic and immersive battle experience like never before in the Final Fantasy series.

Key Takeaways
  • The R1 button initiates dodges, offering both Regular and Precision Dodge options in Final Fantasy 16.
  • Regular Dodge enables simple evasion without additional bonuses.
  • Precision Dodge, although more difficult to execute, slows down enemy movement and allows for counterattacks.
  • Dodging is crucial due to the high damage potential of enemy attacks in FF16.
  • Following a successful Precision Dodge, players can choose between a Melee attack or a Precision Counter Shot.
  • For high HP enemies, a Cinematic Evasion Dodge can be triggered to deal increased damage.
  • The Ring of Timely Evasion, equipped during the story-focused mode, helps Clive to dodge certain attacks automatically.
  • Mastering dodge mechanics requires practice and an understanding of enemy attack patterns.

Master the Dodge mechanic in FF16 by watching this video:

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How To Dodge In FF16?

Precision Dodge [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, the R1 Button on your controller is your best friend, because you are going to need this Button in every combat to Dodge Attacks. To Dodge an attack in FF16, the player will press R1 Button to Dodge the attack and depending on the motion and timing of the player it will result in the following two outcomes:

  1. Regular Dodge
  2. Precision Dodge

Both Regular and Precision will avoid the attack of the Enemy but Regular Dodge will only avoid the attack and does not grant any special bonus, whereas if you have perfect timing the Precision Dodge will slow down the target’s movement speed and gives the player a chance to launch a counter-attack, 

However, it is not very common for players to perform a Precision Dodge early, it will require quite some practice and time to master it. But the extra damage is worth the effort.

Dodging has become an important skill in Final Fantasy 16, because of the highly health-consuming attacks. The players will have to learn how to dodge these attacks from enemies to remain safe. Dodging allows players to keep safe from enemy attacks that could possibly kill Clive. 

Important: Keep an eye on the movement of your opponent, if you can somehow understand the attack patterns, you can clutch & dodge the incoming strikes accordingly.

How To Counter After Dodge?

If you succeeded in achieving the Precision Dodge, a confirmation message will appear on the right side of your screen, and after the appearance of the message on the screen you will be given a choice to perform either of them, 

  1. Melee attack 
  2. Precision Counter Shot 

Both are types of counter-attacks, players can choose to do a Melee attack by pressing the Square Button which will lead them to a Precision counter or Melee attack. Or the player can perform a Precision Counter shot by pressing the Triangle Button

One thing to note is that players have quite a few choices of options to use on the opponent, which is also a plus point for the player. In some situations, mostly when dealing with enemies with high HP, players will also have the choice to Dodge the attack by performing a Cinematic Evasion. 

How To Do Cinematic Evasion Dodge In Final Fantasy 16?

Cinematic Evasion FF16 [Image Credits: eXputer]
To perform Cinematic Evasion Dodge players will have to quickly press the R1 Button while in combat with the Enemy. After dealing the Enemy with a certain amount of damage a small sequence begins, in that sequence a prompt will appear that will ask the player to press R1. The player will have to be quick to press the R1 Button as that option will appear for a very short time.

Upon successfully pressing that Button the Cinematic Evasion will occur and the Enemy will be momentarily stunned, and the damage you inflict on it will progressively increase with each hit, reaching a maximum of 150%.

The best way to perform a Dodge track is by pressing the R1 Button before receiving any hit and it can be achieved through immense practice and gaming skills. Then follow the attack with one of your Eikonic abilities, Magic, or with the best Weapons to give a powerful hit back to the Enemy

How Does Ring of Timely Evasion Help In Dodging?

Ring of Timely Evasion [Image Credits: eXputer]
If you are dealing with large Enemies in Boss fights or battles, you can switch to story-focused mode and equip the ring of Timely Evasion. This special ring helps Clive to Dodge the Attacks automatically by reacting to the attack swiftly.

One thing to note is that this Ring will Dodge only specific Attacks that can be evaded and not all Attacks can be evaded using this Ring of timely Evasion.

Final Fantasy 16 has introduced a new level of complexity and strategy with its dodge mechanics. Things are no longer just about evading, mastering the R1 button offers a depth of combat not seen before in the series. Regular and Precision dodges not only keep you safe but also set up counterattacks, adding an extra layer of strategy to each encounter. Even in the most high-stakes boss fights, the Ring of Timely Evasion assists in dodging certain attacks.

I believe I have listed every possible useful information about Final Fantasy 16 how to dodge attacks & anything else related to evading incoming strikes & keeping Clive alive. I strongly recommend you also read Final Fantasy 16: All Eikons, How To Beat Benedikta, Characters, and Trophy List guides.


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