Final Fantasy 16: Joshua Rosfield [Role & Voice Actor]

Learn everything there is about Joshua Rosfield, his role in the story of FFXVI, his voice actor and his relationship with the characters

Among many of the detailed and brilliantly written characters, FFXVI’s Joshua Rosfield plays an integral role in the story, one that may surprise you, to say the least. He is not only the younger brother of our protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, Clive Rosfield but also the dominant of the Phoenix Eikon. Learning about his character, voice actor, and relationship links with the other characters will ensure you don’t miss any story beats related to him.

Key Takeaways
  • Joshua is the second-born son of Elwin Rosfield, the ruler of Rosaria as well as the Dominant of the first flame, Phoenix, in Final Fantasy 16.
  • As a young child, Joshua admires his brother while trying to live up to the expectations of his Father to carry on his legacy.
  • Along with Jill Warrick, they act as younger siblings to Clive, but unfortunately, his Mother dislikes the older brother.
  • The English Voice actor of Joshua is Logan Hannan, and in the Japanese dub, Natsumi Fujiwara.
  • Despite not having too much practice, he is able to freely cast his Phoenix abilities to fight back and has an ultimate ability in the Eikon state, which fully heals him.
  • In the Prologue, Joshua ends up going into a traumatic state and ends up fighting the Second Eikon of Flame, Ifrit, in a grueling battle.
Important: Spoilers related to the Prologue are discussed below in the character guide, so caution is advised before proceeding onwards.

Who Is Joshua In FFXVI?

ffxvi Joshua
Joshua Rosfield (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Joshua Rosfield is the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Elwin Rosfield, in FFXVI. At a young age and with pure, noble blood running through his veins, he was immediately chosen to carry on the lineage of his Father. During the Prologue, Joshua is 10 years old and leads the charge on opposing nations with his Father as the Dominant of the Phoenix, the first flame Eikon.

As a kid, Joshua is timid and shy around others but wholeheartedly adores his older brother and our hero of FF16, Clive Rosfield, who acts as his first shield, vowing to protect his innocent little brother from any kind of harm at all costs. But moving on, let’s discuss a few of his key narrative moments as well as tie-ins with other notable characters without spoiling too much aside from the prologue section.

Relationship With Characters

ff16 joshua
A young Joshua along with Jill and Clive (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

During the intense yet climactic prologue, we learn more in-depth about Joshua and his affiliation with the following characters:

  • Anabella Rosfield: The Mother of both Clive and Joshua, she wants the utmost for Joshua to succeed as the next ruler in the Rosfield bloodline; however, on the flip side of things, she is resentful of his older brother.
  • Clive Rosfield: The second son of the Archduke, Elwin, Clive acts as Joshua’s first shield, pledging a vow to guard the family’s primary Dominant against any danger. Furthermore, Joshua’s Eikon of the Phoenix has also granted a blessing to Clive, meaning he can wield a portion of the Phoenix’s abilities.
  • Jill Warrick: She was raised in the Rosfield family after Elwin had found her in the Northern territories, and now she’s like a sister to both Clive and Joshua.

Eikon Abilities

ff16 Joshua abilities
Abilities (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Joshua inherits the powers of the Phoenix, but despite being at such a young age, he hasn’t mastered the abilities in his human form. However, in his true Eikon form, he can shoot massive flame rays at his target as well as has access to superb high-flying mobility and amazing ultimate ability. The special abilities of Joshua’s Phoenix during the prologue in both human and Eikon form are known as the following:

  • Attack (R1): The close-range attack of Joshua in his human form where he does a diagonal slash at the target using his flame-engulfed sword.
  • Magic (R2): A long-range attack where you can launch a fireball toward the enemy, but this also causes Joshua to be exhausted for a couple of seconds.
  • Curaga (L2): Lastly, human Joshua’s other unique ability is to cast Curaga, which will heal your companion, and it only ever is useful during the prologue section to heal Sir Wade.
  • Flames of Rebirth (Ultimate): In his Eikon form, Joshua is able to withstand a powerful attack that can otherwise kill him and in turn, will regenerate his full health in FFXVI.

Who Is Joshua Rosfield’s Voice Actor

Logan Hannan voices the young version of Joshua in the English dub of FF16, who is well-known for his roles as Hugo De Rune from A Plague Tale: Innocence and Requiem. Meanwhile, in the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara, who is notable for her roles in Anime media such as Spy X Family and Great Pretender.

Events In The Prologue

ff16 eikons
Joshua’s Phoenix vs. Ifrit (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

During the prologue, the Rosfield family travels to Phoenix Gate for a skirmish only to be infiltrated and backstabbed by the soldiers of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Joshua and his Father try to flee and retreat, but ultimately, the latter gets brutally murdered in front of the young boy’s eyes. So with no one to aid him in this traumatic state, Joshua goes into an emotional rage and transforms into the Phoenix.

At the same time, while Clive is dealing with other matters in the area, he notices Joshua and gets struck with a vision of a strange being as well as a hooded man. It ultimately transforms him into the Second Eikon of Flame, Ifrit. Now with having no control over himself, Clive battles his little brother as the two ferociously change blows until Clive gets the better of him at the end of it all and seemingly murders his brother right there and then.

However, this wraps up my guide to FFXVI’s Joshua and his character overview. I would strongly suggest that you experience Final Fantasy 16 yourself from that point on so as not to spoil the events that lead up to Clive avenging his brother. But hey, aside from that, I have to ask you what Edition of FF16 you are picking up.

Did you get a chance to experience the Demo? Because the best part is that you can transfer your save data over to the full game if you decide to purchase it. For now, this concludes the guide; I hope you enjoyed reading it, and here’s to entering a brand-new world as Clive and his trusty hound Torgal in FF16! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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