Final Fantasy 16: Torgal’s Lore & How To Use

Explore Torgal's role and unique abilities in Final Fantasy 16, aiding Clive Rosfield through his epic journey in the world of Valisthea.

Torgal, a trusty wolf companion, plays an essential role in Final Fantasy 16, shaping the experience of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield. Initially mistaken for a dog, Torgal is revealed as a resilient and loyal wolf, crucial to the unfolding narrative. Through companionship and combat, Torgal proves to be a significant ally, offering both support and brute force in the face of danger.

Key Takeaways
  • Torgal is not a dog, but a wolf in the Final Fantasy 16 game.
  • He is the faithful partner of Clive Rosfield, one of the main characters.
  • Torgal was initially confused for a dog because of his cute appearance in the game’s trailer.
  • He has gray fur, yellow eyes, a long tail, and a metal brace on his left leg.
  • Torgal was found as a young pup by Archduke Elwin in the Northern Territories and was given to Clive and Joshua Rosfield.
  • In Final Fantasy 16, players can’t control Torgal directly.
  • Instead, they can give him commands using the directional pad.
  • The commands for Torgal are the following
    1. Sic (attack)
    2. Heal (heal Clive)
    3. Ravage (group attack).
  • Torgal helps Clive in battles, both following direct commands and using his own judgment when no orders are given.

Here is a short video entailing how to use best Torgal in FF16:

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Who Is Torgal In Final Fantasy 16?

Torgal companion [Image Credits: IGN]
Torgel is not a dog but a wolf who becomes a faithful partner of Clive Rosfield later in the story. This was confirmed by the official Final Fantasy 16 Japanese Twitter account. Many fans were confused when they first saw Torgal in the trailer of Final Fantasy 16. Most players of the Final Fantasy series wondered who Torgal was and what role he had to play in this game. Whether he is a dog, a hound, or some other animal, all these questions and more on Torgal will be covered in this article. So, continue reading this article to know more about this cute-looking animal.

Back in that trailer, Torgal was shown as a little puppy which his keeper loved. Looking at  Torgal’s cute appearance and puppy eyes, many believed he was a dog, although, in some shots of the trailer, his adult form looked similar to a powerful wolf.

Torgal Wolf – Clive’s AI Companion [Image Credits: FFXVI Twitter]
However, the Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account has ended all these beliefs and assured all their fans that Torgal is a wolf. Moreover, when the English Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account shared the description of Torgal, it didn’t mention him as a dog, confirming that he’s a wolf. He is similar to the real-world gray wolf having gray color fur, big yellow eyes, and an extra long tail. He also has a metal brace on his left leg.

What Is Torgal’s Story?

Torgal was a young puppy who wandered on the outskirts of the Northern Territories. He was an outcast accepted by the Rosfield household when he was young. Archduke Elwin found this cute boy while he was on a mission in the Northern Territories. This young hound was then handed over to the sons of the Archduke of Rosaria—Clive and Joshua Rosfield.

However, their union was short-lived as they were separated because of a devastating Night of Flames event. After many years Togal was reunited with Clive Rosfield as they joined forces to battle against the powerful opponents across Valisthea.

How To Control Or Use Torgal?

Torgal Controls [Image Credits: IGN]
The hound can’t be controlled directly. You can only direct him through the directional pad. With that said, it sometimes uses its own brain while in combat. The commands you can give to Togral are Sic, Heal, and Ravage, each with its own purpose and use. They can be utilized by pressing the corresponding button.  


Torgal attacking via commands [Image Credits: IGN]
Sic is Torgal’s basic attack skill that damages a single enemy. He will normally target the same enemy that Clive is focusing on. This fast attack is good for dealing more damage to enemies that are already hurt. If you use Sic right after Clive dodges an attack or finishes his own attack combo, Torgal will perform an even stronger Sic attack. Using Sic on a knocked-down enemy can lead to a special powerful attack called Punishing Sic.


Understanding Torgal’s Heal skill is crucial, especially for players who rely heavily on Clive to deal damage. Whenever Clive gets hurt, a part of his health bar will turn grey. This represents the health that Torgal can heal. When you use Heal, Torgal will howl and create an area around him that slowly heals Clive and other allies. However, it’s important to note that this healing effect can only restore the grey part of Clive’s health bar.


Ravage is Torgal’s group attack skill. It’s similar to Sic but slower and can hit multiple enemies at once. The added advantage of Ravage is that it can knock down smaller enemies, giving Clive a chance to heal or perform powerful attacks on them. Like Sic, using Ravage after Clive dodges an attack or finishes a combo will result in a more powerful attack.

Torgal As Clive’s AI Partner

Torgal – AI Partner [Image Credits: IGN]
There comes a time when Torgal has to assist and fight alongside his master, Clive, during his battle with strong foes. Whatever directions his master gives, he follows. However, he also uses his own discretion when Clive does not give any orders. Together as partners, they will rout many enemies during their difficult journey.

Clive’s faithful hound never shies from the fight. The great thing about Torgal as a fighting partner is that he can fight and help his master mend his wounds. Moreover, this animal is surprisingly helpful and ferocious in the gameplay and even saves Clive’s life many times during his dangerous encounters with his foes.

Moreover, he will be a great help to Clive as he is super handy when it comes to delivering extra damage against enemies through his claws and jaws. Also, you can offer him treats like a yummy snack which he would gracefully accept.

In conclusion, Torgal stands out as a loyal and fierce companion to Clive Rosfield. With his distinctive abilities – Sic, Heal, and Ravage – Torgal is more than just a sidekick; he’s a valuable ally who can make a significant difference in battles. Understanding and utilizing Torgal’s capabilities fully can provide players an edge, enhancing their journey through the compelling world of Final Fantasy 16. While you’re here, you should visit Final Fantasy 16 How To Use Limit Break, FF16 Trophy Guide & List, How To Beat Benedikta, and All Eikons guides. 


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